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Ciaran MacLeod

Pirate in the Jolly Roger crew

0 · 109 views · located in Neverland

a character in “Return To Neverland: Rebirth”, as played by xarysin




Image "When I stab you, Love, you'll feel it." Image


Image . B A S I C S . Image Image Image

. m o n i k e r ( s ) . C, MacLeod

. g e n d e r . cismale

. a g e . 27/313

. s e x u a lx o r i e n t a t i o n . hetero

. o r i g i n . London, England

Image Image
Image Image
Image . A P P E A R A N C E .

. e y e s . Light green

. h a i r . Black

. h e i g h t . 6'1"

. w e i g h t . 170lbs

. p h y s i q u e .Lithe but muscular

. s k i n . Tanned

. s c a r s . None due to regenerative magic

. d e s c r i p t i o n . Ciaran is a classic tall, dark, and handsome type. His hair, straight and black, is usually kept short and left to its own devices. He keeps a decent amount of stubble on his face at all times. He, like his Captain, prefers to dress in the clothing of his original time, usually always in black. Leather pants, boots, belts on top of billowy shirts with a sword at his hip and a dagger or two hidden upon him. His frame is tall and lithe but quite fit. He loves to use his eyebrows expressively and usually has a small sly grin.

Image Image
Image . C H A R A C T E R .

. d e m e a n o r . Can be serious when he needs to be but is usually playful mood, even if that means being a total dick.

. f e a r s . One day feeling the weight of his conscience. Being torn limb from limb by those who dwell within the water.

. v i c e ( s) . Smoking, gambling, drinking, pushing people's buttons

. d i s l i k e s . Children and being bored.

. l i k e s . Beautiful women, fighting

. s t r e n g t h s . Good with a sword but better in hand-to-hand combat.

. p e r s o n a l i t y . C, like his captain, is motivated by power and money. Money no longer being something of use in their current prison, power is what he likes to wield and shove in other's faces. He loves to push buttons and try to get a rise out of people or generally act like he's above it all, frequently getting himself in trouble with his superiors. He wants OUT of Neverland to enjoy the pleasures of the world again but in turn, doesn't want to give up the newfound powers and immortality.

Image Image
Image . A B I L I T I E S .

. a e r o k e n i s i s . C can manipulate air, the common name given to the layer of atmospheric gases and various compounds (mostly oxygen and nitrogen) to create bursts of wind, create dangerous waterspouts, create small atmospheres without air, and has learned to create bursts of air under him to move him through the air for a moment (he cannot fly).

. d e f e n s i v e . i m m o r t a l i t y . C is able to shrug off virtually any kind of physical damage, simply preventing most forms of damage, and appears to be physically invulnerable.

. e n h a n c e d . h u m a n . c o n d i t i o n . possesses capabilities, attributes, and aspects at an enhanced level, beyond that of the average member of their own species (not to be confused with the peak of their own species). His aspects (E.g. beauty, charisma, character, and physique) attributes (E.g. physical and mental condition), and capabilities (E.g. potential, feats, skills, and abilities, be it natural or supernatural) would be beyond that of an average human. In human terms, this entails that an enhanced human would have an enhanced mental and physical condition, incredible judgment, knowledge, creativity, imagination, and other cognitive and brain-related abilities as well as being able to lift weights and output strength, and being immune to nigh-fatal damage and harm and performing at peak performance without tiring for long periods.

Image . H I S T O R Y .

Ciaran was born in London in 1688 to an Irish mother. Sailing had been a goal of his since he was a child but he had grown up with a foul taste in his mouth for the law. He wanted to get to where the privateers were. He bought himself a commission with the royal navy with the plan to abandon his post for a privateer ship as soon as he could. Once he was able to get himself to Nassau, he found a crew that would take on a greenhorn. After years of piracy he ended up on the Dark Maiden under Captain Hellier.

He was the one who found the journal and compass in the spoils of a raid and turned them over to his Captain. This moment haunts him still. He loves the power the magic of the island afforded him as well as the resilience but in turn, he finds himself now trapped in a virtual cage at the hands of the fairies, trapped in an endless loop with no end in sight.

coding x mombie | fc x Colin O'Donoghue | HEX x #208148

So begins...

Ciaran MacLeod's Story