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Xaria 'Xary' Hellier

Captain of the Jolly Roger

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a character in “Return To Neverland: Rebirth”, as played by xarysin





Image"Never underestimate the selfish desires of others."Image

Image . B A S I C S . Image Image Image

FULL NAME Xaria 'Xary' Hellier
(Note: No longer used and most do not know it)

MONIKER Captain Hook


AGE Appears 26/Actual: 312


PRONOUNS she/her

ETHNICITY Caucasian (English/Irish)

BIRTHPLACE Nassau (formerly Charleston), New Providence Island-1689

ROLE Captain of the Jolly Roger

HEX #420b22

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Image Image
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Image . A P P E A R A N C E .


HAIR Deep red


WEIGHT 140lbs

PHYSIQUE Average and fit

SKIN Tanned and freckled

SCARS None due to regenerative abilities. Missing left hand, now replaced with an iron hook.

DESCRIPTION Xary, now Hook, is a woman of average height with a smaller but toned form. Her small bust enables her to appear more fluid between male and female, not ever having the desire to be society's version of feminine. She demands her crew to call her Sir. Her almost waist-length hair is a deep ginger red with a gentle natural wave but is left free and unkempt. Her clothing choice is always for practicality and comfort. Loose cotton shirts from her birth period under linen vests, pants, and a jacket, held securely to her form with a leather belt around her natural waist. On her left hip is her sword, used to dispatch countless souls. Beside it hangs a backup dagger, one that she formerly held in her left hand before Pan took it. Leather knee-high boots and a worn leather hat complete the proper scoundrel attire.

Image Image
Image . C H A R A C T E R .

DEMEANOR Cold, introspective, calculating, apathectic

FEARS Loss of power, dying

DISLIKES The sound of ticking, the Lost Boys Clan, Mermaids, Sea Urchins, things you need two hands to do, and Pan.

LIKES Dark spiced rum (even though she cannot get intoxified), smoke, duals, cards, dice

STRENGTHS Swordplay, sailing, scheming, apathy

WEAKNESSES Apathy, Pan, money, power

TALENTS 300 years of practicing with her sword has made her almost unstopable.

PERSONALITY Xary has always struggled with apathy. In modern times, she would probably be diagnosed with sociopathic tendencies. She could form relationships but she never really felt the type of emotions or love she's heard others describe. Her selfish desires are always at the forefront, not caring how her actions may adversely affect others. Since she was cursed with immortality and lost her hand to Pan, things have gotten much worse in regards to her personality. Anger and resentment are what currently remains.

Image . A B I L I T I E S .

Hydrokinesis-Xary can create, shape, and manipulate water, inorganic compound with liquid, gas (steam, water vapor), and solid (ice) states, including changing them from one state to others. After hundreds of years, soaking in the magic of the island, she is learning to use water-related weather such as storms.

Regenerative Immortality-Hook was 'cursed' with regenerative immortality, surviving and quickly recovering from anything you throw at them while at the same time they are capable of resurrecting themselves instantly after death. While Xary doesn't think this is a curse in the least, the curse is paired with the ability to be completely self-sustaining, free from all bodily necessities. She has no need to eat or sleep which has caused her to slowly lose her humanity, her mind ever-darkening and stewing in the power that the magic of the land. She no longer feels the need to love and has lost any shred of empathy she may have had.

Enhanced Human Condition-Xary possesses capabilities, attributes, and aspects at an enhanced level, beyond that of the average member of their own species (not to be confused with the peak of their own species). Her aspects (E.g. beauty, charisma, character, and physique) attributes (E.g. physical and mental condition), and capabilities (E.g. potential, feats, skills, and abilities, be it natural or supernatural) would be beyond that of an average human. In human terms, this entails that an enhanced human would have an enhanced mental and physical condition, incredible judgment, knowledge, creativity, imagination, and other cognitive and brain-related abilities as well as being able to lift weights and output strength, and being immune to nigh-fatal damage and harm and performing at peak performance without tiring for long periods. Because she has been on the Island for hundreds of years, her abilities surpass those who've been there shorter periods.

Image . H I S T O R Y .

Xaria 'Xary' Hellier was born in 1689 on the newly acquired and contentiously fought over New Providence Island. By 1706, Charleston, now Nassau, was conquered by the privateers Benjamin Hornigold and Henry Jennings, expelling English rule. The island was now free as The Republic of Pirates. Dressing a boy and going by Jack, she started her own privateer career first on land by being an errand boy for the crews coming and going. Soon he was trusted enough by most to be eyes and ears for them, listening for signs of mutiny, for leads, or anything else of value. Xary, as Jack, was accepted on a ship at the age of 18 where she was able to learn the ropes (literally) and gain her swordsmanship abilities. Years passed and she had finally earned her stripes among her peers to the point that she was able to drop Jack and be a female amongst men. It wasn't always easy but she was a natural with her sword and showed just as much gall and bravery, if not more, as her male counterparts. Eventually, she was able to start her own venture as captain of her own schooner, The Dark Maiden.

In 1715, at the age of 24, The Dark Maiden crew was part of a successful joint venture to take down a Spanish galleon laden with gold and treasures from the Americas. In their share of the loot, Xary found a small leather journal with a pocket watch lashed to it. But it was not just a chronometer. She discovered the back opened up to reveal a strange-looking compass. The compass's needle did not point north but never wavered from its direction. The journal was written in Spanish, a language she did not speak but there was one phrase that caught her eye, written in multiple places, "Aqua de Vida". A map was drawn inside indicating a point in the Caribbean almost directly east of Nassau. There were no known islands at the point on the journal's map but that didn't mean there wasn't one. Out of sheer curiosity, not truly believing the legend, she had her crew sail into the open waters.

When they arrived, there was in fact no land to be seen but the compass did begin to turn if they passed the point on the map, directing them back to that spot until Xary noticed a slight shimmer over the water. When the ship passed through the anomaly appeared before them, as if from nowhere, an island. Excited by the idea that the Fountain of Youth may be real, the crew searched the island but with no luck. There were signs of other magic though. They realized they could go days without sleeping nor eating. There were strange pixie creatures. Their energy felt almost boundless. They came to the realization, the island was the 'fountain'.

They learned to travel back and forth between realms with the compass to use their newfound strength and resiliency to hunt and raid other ships but they found the magic never lasted and they would have to return. Time was strange, though, among the other high strangeness of the place. Sometimes they could be gone a week and only a day would pass in the mundane realm or they would be gone only a day to find ten years had passed for those outside the island. They had all the riches they could dream of, as well as the power, but they'd always find themselves back at the Island, the magic constantly calling them back like a siren.

The endless cycle became maddening for some, though. Now rich beyond their dreams, some of the crew wanted to live out a real-life that would eventually come to an end, death. On one trip to the new world in 1920, most of the crew abandoned the ship and their captain, taking their wealth to live a mortal life. Not all the crew left but there were not enough crew remaining to man the ship back to the Bahamas. They were stuck until they could find a new, unsuspecting group of people to go back.

coding x mombie | fc x Clara Pagat | hex x #420B22

So begins...

Xaria 'Xary' Hellier's Story