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Return To Neverland: Rebirth



a part of Return To Neverland: Rebirth, by Saracen_Rue.


Saracen_Rue holds sovereignty over Neverland, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Neverland is a part of Return To Neverland: Rebirth.

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Deirdre Galloway [0] Peter Pan
Xaria 'Xary' Hellier [0] Captain of the Jolly Roger
Ciaran MacLeod [0] Pirate in the Jolly Roger crew

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#, as written by xarysin
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(Continued from above link)...

Xaria Hellier
Captain Hookx|x#420b22

Ciaran MacLeod



Pan's words ran through the Captain's mind,"Two weeks ago...I went to check on her. It was too late by then. I don't know what did it for sure but, it wasn't normal. Faeiries don't just get sick, and then...die. No Faeiry in history has just fallen ill before, right? Something is happening that none of us know. For all we know, it could be nothing, or it could be a sign for us to stop being at each other's throats, for five god damn minutes. We're only in this mess because of just that, differing ideals. I came here to try and help you. But, if killing me where I stand now, is what you so wish, then so be it. I'm not fighting you anymore. So go ahead. But just know, dying always will be such an awfully big adventure."

Hook narrowed her eyes as Pan got to the end of their speech. She sucked some air through her teeth and began to pace casually. She spun her sword in her hand, glancing over at Pan as she walked back and forth before them.

"Pan.. Puck.. Trickster.." She spoke those names with small pregnant pauses in between before pointing the tip of her blade back at Pan, stepping up close. "Different ideals? What, pray tell, would them be? 'Cause I distinctly rememba' 'avin' the same ideals once upon a time. Until you got soft, tha' be." She bore her teeth a bit as she spoke the bit about being soft.

Xary yelled over her shoulder, "Ciaran! Fetch some irons!".

"Aye, Captain!" Ciaran practically leaped down to the lower-deck to grab shackles as soon as the order was given.

The Captain cast her gaze over the top of the cliffs, scanning for any signs of an ambush. "If ya ain't here ta fight and yer willin' ta die fer this new cause.." Xary looked to Pan, ".. then ya shouldn't 'ave any objection ta bein' in shackles." Xary tilted her head, peering out from under the brim of her worn hat with a wicked smirk.

"Cuff the girl playin' faefolk too!" She barked towards the crew.

Ciaran stepped behind Pan, prepared to apply the cuffs.