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Aiden Young

"I'm a majestic fucking Gryphon, who the hell are you?"

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a character in “Return to Reality”, originally authored by Cloud, as played by RolePlayGateway



{"I'm a majestic fucking Gryphon, who the fuck are you?" }
Are You Gonna Be My Girl | Jet || Fancy | Iggy Azalea || Fire | Kasabian || Moves Like Jagger | Maroon 5 || In The Summertime | Thirsty Merc

|{Full Name}|
Aiden Rhys Young

Ads, Aid, Love Muffin, Stud, Twat
"You can call me anything you want baby."

March 17th

"Majestic as fuck."

"This piece of ass is for everyone."

"Layabout, slugabed, good-for-nothing... dear old dad has an endless list of names for my 'occupation'."

The Misfit

Aiden's all for integration, why not? Where's the fun in being constantly surrounded by a bunch of catty Gryphons? As for the show, he thinks it's a bit of a laugh. He came out of round one semi-famous with a string of groupies wanting to sleep with him, he's only too happy to see what rewards round two will hold.

{"We're young. We're supposed to drink too much. We're supposed to have bad attitudes and shag each other's brains out." }
-Nathan Young

|Blunt| |Insensitive| |Sarcastic| |Disrespectful| |Extrovert|

“I’m a sweet, adorable pussy-cat, who wouldn’t love me?”
Aiden is... a pain in the ass. He knows it and he thrives in the attention it brings. Blunt, sarcastic, and generally unwilling to consider other people's feelings, Aiden says what's on his mind the moment it appears. He has no filter, and seems to enjoy making people squirm or uncomfortable with his often crass jokes. Joking seems to be his default way of communication, in fact most people would struggle to remember a moment when Aiden was being truthfully serious. For Aiden, comedy is both his offense and defense mechanism. He can take as good as he gives, and would probably respect a person more for having the balls to mouth off back to him. That being said, he loves joking with the quiet, shy ones. Seeing them blush or figuratively shrink in their shoes only makes him laugh all the more. While his humour may come across as intentionally hurtful, Aiden honestly doesn't intend to hurt people. Sure, he likes getting a rise out of them, but he'd never purposefully insult someone to make them cry. In Aiden's mind his jokes are meant to be enjoyed by all. He'd never turn his quick tongue on an individual as his father once did on him. Joking is one thing, bullying is completely another, and while many might consider Aiden's jokes often falling on the wrong side of that line, he's quick to back off if he sees someone truly upset... mostly.

Of course, Aiden isn't just a comical genius (or ass). He has other qualities that might endear him to people. He can be charming when he wants to be, temporarily shutting off his worst jokes and making an effort to be pleasant. He considers himself quite a ladies/men's man. While he often over-exaggerates his talents, when he puts his charm on he can be very compelling. Fame hasn't hindered his efforts to get laid either, and he's riding high on his fifteen minutes for as long as it will last him. He has a soft spot for cats and small birds, often stopping to pat stray cats or help wounded birds. If he could get off his ass and do some work, he's always thought that he'd like to be a veterinarian. One of the only talents he has that isn't entirely related to his heritage is his aptitude with animals. He's got a naturally gentle touch and a kind way of speaking to them that usually comes as a surprise to anyone listening. He's naturally a bright young man, especially on the science and maths side of things. If he could stay settled for long enough to pay attention there's no doubting he could achieve his goal. The only problem is his complete lack of direction and motivation. Aiden would rather spend all day on the couch or rely on others, over being forced to work hard himself. Hopefully age will mature him slightly, but that in itself is still to be seen.

|{Habits | Mannerisms | Oddities}|
Swears. A lot \\ Dives at eagles whenever he's flying "They're pricks man." \\ Enjoys sleeping in the sun \\ Hates being dirty \\ Will pat any cat he comes across \\ Enjoys chirping at small birds (when alone)

|{Talents | Strengths | Skills}|
Flying \\ Enhanced Agility, Balance, Bite, Flexibility, Jump, Lung Capacity, Reflexes, Senses, Strength "I'm enhanced all over baby, if you know what I mean." \\ Night Vision, Telescopic Vision \\ Quick Thinker \\ Good With Animals

|{Flaws | Weaknesses}|
No Filter \\ Blunt \\ Disrespectful \\ Lazy \\ Lacks Motivation \\ He can be rather skittish around loud noises \\ Insensitive \\ Irresponsible

Sleeping \\ Joking \\ Eating \\ Flying \\ Watching TV \\ Playing Video Games \\ Trolling the internet

{"Who has time for modesty? I'm fucking fantastic.” }

Swear Words Making Crass Jokes Shocking People Cats Flying Drinking Smoking Sex Small Birds Sparrows Sleeping in Naps in the sun Being Clean "Cleanliness is next to godliness." Sarcasm Eating Reality TV Summer Warmth Watching drama unfold His Mother Grandfather Gryphon "Old grandpappy may be senile, but he's always a good laugh." Trolling Cartoons Television

{"It's very dangerous to wave to people you don't know because what if they don't have hands? They'll think you're cocky.” }
-Mitch Hedberg

Eagles "So fucking pompous" Bullies His Father Being Dirty 'Proper' Manners Being woken from a nap Rising before the sun Hangovers Hearing lectures from his parents Being told to 'get yourself together' Finishing a bag of snacks Vegetarians "Where's the fun in eating grass all day?" Losing the TV remote Loud noises

{"Carpe Diem Motherfuckers.” }




|{Place of Origin}|
Sedona, Arizona

"Here comes the sob story."
Aiden Young was born in a wealthy community of Gryphons. As with all of their species, Aiden's parents valued pride, honour, and dignity. Gryphons, with the tail, body and back legs of a lion, and the head, forelegs and wings of an eagle, have always been considered a powerful, majestic creature. The fact that they take half their anatomy from the King of the Beasts and the other half from the King of the Birds, has done little to downplay most Gryphons' self-importance. Aiden's community of Gryphons was one of the oldest in the country, which his grandfather still referred to as 'The New World'. Aiden's father, Richmond Young, was the head of the flock. Powerful, strong, a natural leader, and with a wing span to rival any, Richmond Young was everything a Gryphon should be. His son, however, was not.

From the moment he was born Aiden seemed to stick out like a sore thumb. He was the last of his age to fly, the last to get his adult feathers, his feathers were the wrong colour, his beak was too short... the list was endless. His mother was certain he'd grow into his Gryphon form, and it is true, he eventually did become as good looking a Gryphon as his father was (better if you were to ask Aiden). Yet, the years of being a misfit had stuck and Aiden's personality had been formed from it. Lazy, disrespectful, and possessing no filter, Aiden was everything his father was not. As his only son and heir this did not sit well with Richmond. He never missed a chance to criticise on his son's failings, criticisms he hoped would propel is son into action. Aiden merely grew a thick skin and ignored his father.

Aiden applied for the reality show knowing it would irritate his father. He didn't dream he'd actually get in. He didn't change anything about himself on the show, and knew that every thing he did would be watched by his fuming father. Of any Gryphon to be selected for the show, Aiden always had a laugh that it was him. The misfit who was anything but what a Gryphon should be. After the show his minor rise in fame had it's ups and downs. His father didn't want to speak with him anymore and Aiden found himself thrown unceremoniously out of home. Yet, with the amount of groupies that came calling for the sarcastic gryphon, a place to himself proved quickly advantageous. He's now looking forward to a second season, hoping to solidify his place in reality history and come out with a life time supply of pussy and cock.

|{Family Tree}|
Henry Young | Grandfather | 674
Richmond Young | Father | 234
Catherine Young | Mother | 104

|{Happiest Memory}|
"Hands down the time I fucked a trio of Sphinx triplets. I'll tell you, those girls had claws."
Despite what he might say, Aiden's happiest memory would probably be the first time he flew over Sedona's famous red sandstone formations.

|{Saddest Memory}|
"I've got Daddy issues."
Before Aiden had built up a protective wall, his father gave him a look that seemed to convey his complete feelings of disgust and disappointment in his son. No young boy wants to be a disappointment in their father's eyes. That one look almost killed Aiden.

{"There's only one thing young ladies should be inserting in themselves... and that's knowledge.” }
-Nathan Young

First thing's first, I'm the realest (realest)
Drop this and let the whole world feel it (let them feel it)
And I'm still in the Murda Bizness
I could hold you down, like I'm givin' lessons in physics (right, right)
You should want a bad bitch like this (huh?)
Drop it low and pick it up just like this (yeah)
Cup of Ace, cup of Goose, cup of Cris
High heels, somethin' worth a half a ticket on my wrist (on my wrist)
Takin' all the liquor straight, never chase that (never)
Rooftop like we bringin' '88 back (what?)
Bring the hooks in, where the bass at?
Champagne spillin', you should taste that

I'm so fancy
You already know
I'm in the fast lane
From L.A. to Tokyo
I'm so fancy
Can't you taste this gold?
Remember my name
'Bout to blow

I said, "Baby, I do this, I thought that you knew this."
Can't stand no haters and honest, the truth is
And my flow retarded, each beat did depart it
Swagger on stupid, I can't shop in no department
To get my money on time, if they not money, decline
And swear I meant that there so much that they give that line a rewind
So get my money on time, if they not money, decline
I just can't worry 'bout no haters, gotta stay on my grind
Now tell me, who that, who that? That do that, do that?
Put that paper over all, I thought you knew that, knew that
I be the I-G-G-Y, put my name in bold
I been working, I'm up in here with some change to throw

I'm so fancy
You already know
I'm in the fast lane
From L.A. to Tokyo
I'm so fancy
Can't you taste this gold?
Remember my name
'Bout to blow

Trash the hotel
Let's get drunk on the mini bar
Make the phone call
Feels so good getting what I want
Yeah, keep on turning it up
Chandelier swinging, we don't give a fuck
Film star, yeah I'm deluxe
Classic, expensive, you don't get to touch

Still stunned, how you love that?
Got the whole world asking how I does that
Hot girl, hands off, don't touch that
Look at it I bet you wishing you could clutch that
It's just the way you like it, huh?
You so good, he's just wishing he could bite it, huh?
Never turn down money,
Slaying these hoes, gold trigger on the gun like

I'm so fancy
You already know
I'm in the fast lane
From L.A. to Tokyo
I'm so fancy
Can't you taste this gold?
Remember my name
'Bout to blow

Who that, who that, I-G-G-Y
That do that, do that, I-I-G-G-Y
Who that, who that, I-I-I-G-G-Y

Who-who-who-who that, who that, I-G-G-Y
That do that, do that, I-I-G-G-Y
Who that, who that, I-I-I-G-G-Y

{“Accept who you are. Unless you're a serial killer.” }
-Ellen DeGeneres

He has a tattoo of a smiley face on his ankle


Character Dialogue || #D6AD03

Face Claim || Robert Sheehan

So begins...

Aiden Young's Story


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"The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything."
― Albert Einstein


{ In collaboration with ibecameinsane }

For the newbies, their first time seeing the United States is through tinted glass. Flown to the states from
their home countries, the new cast members are gussied up for their big debut and called one at a time to
be interviewed on worldwide television. The lights are blinding, the set is stifling, and the pressure to
impress the crowd is anything but effortless. Meanwhile, the returning cast members wait in the green room
to be called on stage. Ushered on stage onto a four person couch, they’re coaxed into sharing what they’ve
done since season one. They sit together with smiles plastered on their faces as though they’re old friends
when in truth some of them cannot stand one another. Once they’ve been given enough of the limelight,
they’re all ushered into a private jet and flown to the Isles of Scilly.

The streets are filled to the brim by the curious spectators. Unknowing bystanders, which were few and far
between, were confused by the spectacle while others have flown for all corners of their providence just to
see this event unfold in person. Slowly, the vehicles make their way through the crowded road. As the
limousines closer, the flashes of the cameras of the paparazzi intensified. While most entered the luxurious
premises without too much difficulty, others were faced with the usual complications that came with the fame.
Some fanatics pushed themselves against the vehicles screaming the returning cast's names while others tried
to catch a glimpse of the newbies. As usual, the security crew handled the situation accordingly in order to
proceed promptly with the schedule.

They’re in the house gathered into the living room by the producer who captures their attention with a clasp
of his hands as he stands in front of the fireplace. "Alright everyone, tonight marks the first night of season two. We’ve got
our veterans over here-…"
he gestures to the couch on his left where all but one sit and then to his right where they
huddle around as much as possible, "…-and our newbies. For those who don’t know me, my name is Claude Fauré. You may
address me as anything you see fit. Once I assign you to a bedroom, you will be given a roommate and we’ll begin filming. Now-…”"

He goes through the list, telling each member of the cast where they’ll be staying before he pockets his cellphone
and gives them a look of warning. "“The cameras will be rolling at all times. I reiterate: at all times. Some moments may not
make the final cut but everything will be on film. Because the goal of this season is to prove that different species from different
Providences can in fact live in harmony, I would like to respectfully request that you hold yourself at some level of decency."
With one
last grin he snaps his fingers, ushering the cameramen into the room. "Now, you’ll have about half an hour to get your
things settled before the cameras start rolling so use them wisely."


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#, as written by Cloud



Aiden Young grins as he walks onto set, the bounce in his step obvious as he passes film crew, producers, make-up artists, and the rest of what makes up the Return to Reality ensemble.
"Hi there Darrel, Nora. How's it been Cheryl?" Aiden winks and waves as he steps through, indifferent to the fact that those he greets are not in fact named 'Darrel', 'Nora', or 'Cheryl'. Aiden is almost 80% certain he remembers them from the first season, although he never bothered to learn their names. A young woman at the end of the corridor catches the Gryphon's eye and Aiden makes a beeline for her. She has a clipboard in one hand and is busy scrawling across her time sheet.
"Aiden Young. Pleased to meet you." Aiden purrs, placing a hand on the wall and peering down at her. "So, shall we now, or later?" He asks, giving the girl his best smile.
"Shall we what?" The girl replies, blinking up at Aiden, "Oh right, the Gryphon." She checks her clipboard quickly before pointing down the hallway. "You'll be wanting room 105. Make-up, then photo-shoot and then interview."
"No, I meant..." Aiden begins, before realising that the young woman's attention has already moved on to other things. With a sigh Aiden takes his leave, knowing that richer pastures must certainly await further down the line.

Of course, his swagger quickly returns. It's rarely down for long. Pocketing an apple from one of the snack tables, Aiden meanders down the corridor, eventually passing into room 105. An older man stands by the mirror, an apron filled with beauty products at the ready. This same man was the artist who was in charge of Aiden's make-up during the last season.
"Jesus, you've got fat." Aiden says with his usual carelessness. He takes a bite of his apple and plops himself down in the make-up chair. "All right chubs, make me beautiful." Behind him the make-up artists bites his cheek, but does not respond.

Thirty minutes later Aiden is on stage, a wide grin plastered on his face as he sits beside his fellow veterans. He is his usual blithe self, making inappropriate jokes and winking at audience members. He and the presenter play off each other as he's interviewed, while the audience seems equal parts amused and appalled at the uncensored language Aiden uses. Oh, he doesn't go into intimate detail of his exploits, but his comments are their usual mix of comical and lewd. And then, all too soon the interview is over and the cast are being ushered into the airplane.

The jet lands and the cast are pushed into limousines. The grounds of their reality home appear, although a wall of fans and paparazzi make their going slow. Aiden is tempted to open the limo's sun roof, but he decides that that is too much effort. Instead he stays seated and waits for the limo to come to a complete stop outside their luxurious house. He mentally applauds the producers for their choice of location. The house looks like it could house an army, so he has no doubt that a group of young reality stars will find the residence perfectly adequate.

A smile greets his face as he takes a seat in the lounge. His eyes inspect the newbies, while his ears partially listen to Claude. He casts a wink towards Eleniel as their names are read out. It appears the two 'friends' will be rooming together for the first week. About to make some crude comment about the pair sharing a room he is held off as he catches a particular sentence from Claude,
"...request that you hold yourself at some level of decency...
An impish expression plays across his face. Aiden could guarantee that he would hold himself to some level of decency... although it was likely to be a very low level. As if to prove as much, as soon as Claude stops talking Aiden leans across the couch towards Eleniel.
"Well, this is fabulous. Two lovers reunited. I'll be gentle if you will." He jokes, raising his eyebrows suggestively. He knows what response he's likely to receive, yet Aiden finds it hard to resist. It's in his nature to poke and prod, teasing and flirting even with those he knows could bite his head off with a glare.


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As soon as she could hear the limousine approaching from miles away, the fiery Urulóki had already begun to roll her eyes in annoyance. She had almost forgotten how quiet her former lifestyle was prior to when she entered Return to Reality. Now, her life consisted of endless pestering from the paparazzi even when her job had nothing to do with the showbiz, or anything nearly as pompous as the other Veterans, she was a doctor with a knack for the business world for goodness sakes. Of course, being the usual hot head she was, she had no problem whatsoever in taking care of the maniacs who had a hard time understanding she wanted to be left alone.

At first she had a clear mission in mind, either call out to other Fire Drakes or do everything in her power to help so that the segregation would not be as strict for her to search for them herself. The Fire Drakes or Urulóki had nearly become extinct and, since most emigrated centuries before she had been born, she would do everything she could to find more of her kin. However, now that she knew segregation had a long way to be eradicated she could care less to do as much as even attempt to get along with those she found worthy of her time. In truth, she wasn't quite exactly sure as to why she wanted to back to the show but she could not lie being in the show had it's benefits. After reading a lengthy letter from Claude, the executive producer, whom after knowing how much Eleniel hates technology opted to use a method to which she was more comfortable. The eloquent monster had managed to convince her to make a comeback along with other three veterans.

The limousine had arrived and Eleniel walked through the set with an air of superiority, assuming her role immediately. It would not be a lie to say she enjoyed being The Bitch, Elleh had no problem accepting it was also a part of who she was. Immediately, Alexandria briefed her for the activities they would have while she prepped her up for the photo shoot. "You haven't changed a bit. How fortunate of you to have such a fitting role." The younger monster said with a touch of sarcasm after explaining the schedule. Eleniel crossed her long legs and the red-haired monster then began to brush her hair. "Is that so Medusa?" she questioned, in when in her own eyes she believed she had changed. "I do have to admit it makes things easier for me." Eleniel said somewhat amused. "I'd say the same but you certainly seem different." Eleniel said sharply before she took a pause and continued, "Perhaps you thought Claude would let you in this time as The pretentious whore?" Eleniel said remembering seeing her before in the casting interviews. Alexandria immediately feel silent as she continued to brush her hair perhaps with more force than it was needed.

"They are waiting for you-..." said Bain shortly after the small showdown between Alexia and Eleniel.

"Let them." Eleniel said almost immediately. Bain immediately gave her the eyes showing discomfort. After noticing Eleniel would not listen to his silent pleas he finally gave in. It was unusual for Eleniel not to be punctual but then again, she wasn't particularly in the mood to be questioned or taken pictures of. "Suit yourself..." he finally said before he took it into his own hands to apologize to the crew.

The photo shoot did not take long, fortunately, Eleniel did not have to do much and unlike most of the cast she did not have to do poses or even smile for that matter. Shortly after, she was interviewed and as usual Eleniel spoke with supremacy. Instead of focusing in herself and what she had been doing off cameras, she spoke of the Fire Drake in general.

Finally, they had arrived to the luxurious house where they would be spending most of their time where she met the newbies for the first time. Not wanting to take a seat next to either the veterans or the newbies she remained standing up casually near Claude. She stared at everyone with a critical gaze, and before her mood could be ruined any longer she picked a cigarette from her pocket. Immediately she lit her the head of the cigarette with a small fire ball from her mouth. Eleniel blew out a blast of smoke through her nostrils appearing like the dragon that she was. As soon as she gave another look at the newbies she noticed one in particular who gazed back at her and winked at her comfortably. Another puff of smoke followed and her immediate reaction was a raised eyebrow with a death stare.

As soon as Claude gave his mini speech an announced who would be paired with who Eleniel was almost huffing in anger. Fucking. Hell. She immediately thought, now taking a seat not knowing what she'd say to the man in one of her outbursts. This was, without a doubt, Claude's payback for her being late for the photo shoot and the interview. Eleniel then burnt the cigarette with her hand destroying evidence it had ever even been in her hand before she saw Aiden leaning closer to her and giving his witty and flirtatious line. Eleniel immediately clenched her fist before she stared at Aiden with a dirty look. "I'll be anything but gentle, I can promise you that much." She snapped before she left the couch and headed towards their room and made her claims on to what would be hers being the territorial monster she was.


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#, as written by Cloud



The flight to the USA is long and Rose spends the majority of it either sleeping or chatting with the attractive flight attendant. The flight attendant reminds her of her ex-boyfriend Hunter. Perhaps it's the eyes that do it, or the colour of the hair. It certainly isn't the figure, seeing as her ex was male and the flight attendant is every bit a woman. Of course it might simply be the potential that seems to brim under the young woman's skin. Rose knows if she asks the flight attendant about any hobbies that she'll most likely receive singing as an answer. It was the same for Hunter. Rose helped lift Hunter up to stardom, accompanying him to gigs throughout Ireland. He would was set to tour the world when madness and eventual death took hold. But, that is in the past and Rose is only too happy to look forward to the future. As her plane lands sometime later the flight attendant wishes her luck with the show, and slips her a small piece of paper with her name and number on it. Rose smiles as she walks away, tucking the paper away.

Roisin Callan can't help but grin excitedly as she walks on stage for her interview. She waves happily at the audience who cheer her on, as they have for the cast members before her. Sitting down with the interviewer the first thing Rose has to do is correct the pronunciation of her name. She does so with a smile, making a joke of it. Irish names are difficult to get right, especially for foreigners. Usually she goes by Rose, which is what the interviewer happily calls her rather than try and twist his tongue around her full name. Rose has to admit that she likes being the centre of attention. She simpers and pouts when needed, this isn't the first time Rose has been around this kind of atmosphere after all. Her various lovers over the years have always garnered attention, and she has always been there on the sidelines. Of course, Rose merely mentions that she acts as a muse for her lovers, omitting the price most pay. That knowledge isn't too well-known out of Ireland.

Once the interview has finished Rose and the other cast members are taken to a private jet. The trip is over fairly quickly, at least compared with her flight from Ireland. The limo passes through streets crowded with curious onlookers, eventually entering the house's grounds. The group make there way into the living room, where Claude begins to speak to them. For the veterans this is probably old news, they've already done this before after all. As for Rose, and perhaps her fellow newbies, the speech is new. She listens intently, nodding as Claude emphasises that the cameras will be constantly rolling. As he reads out the roommates Rose glances over to the young man that she will be sharing with, HyunSoo. Rose knows all the veterans as well as a fan of the first season can, and knows the newbies only from their interview.

Across from her Rose notes Aiden's comment to Eleniel, and the other girl's dirty glare and snappy rejection. The Gryphon doesn't seem too phased by it though. He merely sits back on the couch with a wide grin, quirking his eyebrow at Rose when he sees her looking, "She loves me, she just likes to play hard to get." He says with a cocky wink.
"I can see that." Rose replied with a sarcastic smile of her own.
Aiden Young is exactly as he appeared in the first season, that much is strikingly obvious. While he was never Rose's favourite member of the original cast, she did always find his jokes funny. She has no doubt that he will make this season entertaining too.

"Well, this should be fun." Rose says to no one in particular as she stands and faces her new roommate, "I'm Rose, looks like we'll be bunking together.".


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#, as written by Castle


If anything was clear, it was that Eleniel was not one to play. Exhaling, he untied the kerchief that had been fastened around his palm. Jericho glanced around one last time at the other newbies. He could go on and try to interact, but it just wasn't worth it. He'd have a chance later on. However, Dracen lingered around the edges of his mind for a while. There were only two men amid the veterans. He could have been the one that had been bouncing around all day, or the one with the big lips and curly hair. He figured he'd find out eventually, and with that he began heading off to find his room.

The house was large, much larger than Jericho had really even thought about, but it was built for twelve people, so sooner or later it wouldn't seem so big. The young Basilisk turned a few corners, finding the kitchen and dining room, and soon the stairs. He went up to search for the bedrooms, which were all lined plainly in rows. Bedroom two, Jericho reminded himself. It obviously didn't take long at all to find it. The room was grand, much nicer than he would have thought in the first place. On top of that, it was comforting to see his things had made it safely. He chose the bed nearest the door, and pulled his suitcase onto the blue lounge chair. He decided he'd unpack later.

Jericho pulled out his box of cigarettes and a lighter and threw them lazily on to the nearest night stand. He spotted something else. Packed neatly in the corner of his suit case was one of those historical fiction books June had been nagging him to read. Master and God by Lindsey Davis. Attached to it was a note that read:

"I thought you should take this as
something to ease your mind at night.
Please treat it well and have a good time. =P
Sincerely, June"

Jericho cleared his throat. Pulling the note from the cover, he placed it between the pages. The Basilisk sat on the side of his bed and flipped through the book thoughtfully. It was best now, to wait for his roommate to arrive.


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#, as written by Castle

{In collaboration with the lovely Cloud}

Jericho made his way down the stairs at a moderate pace, knowing he had little time before the cameras would start rolling, he thought it best to get outside as soon as possible. A few of the cast members had remained on the main floor, including big-lips, the one he’d originally thought might be Dracen, but that didn’t stop him. He took a cigarette carefully out of the carton and gave it a few taps. Soon enough he was out the front door, and alone. The Basilisk had thought very little about how exhausting all this interaction was, leaving him dying for a smoke.

At least now he was gladly out, lighting a “well earned” cigarette in his opinion. It wasn’t until now that he really understood how isolated they were out here. Buried in cameras, but caught in the middle of nowhere. He drug the hair out of his face with his free hand, gratefully feeling the nicotine kick in.

Aiden gave a cat-like stretch on the sofa before pushing himself to his feet. Half the cast members had drifted upstairs to their rooms, while the rest were still hanging around the lounge. While Aiden might have enjoyed teasing Eleniel some more, self-preservation was telling him to hold off for a while. So, rather than head upstairs he set his feet towards the outdoors.

There he spotted one of his fellow cast members. His name eluded Aiden, as the names of most of the cast did too. The only thing he was sure of was that the newbie was some kind of snake monster, although what exactly also escaped him.
"Oi, Snake boy. Spare me a cig?" Aiden asked, coming to stand beside the newbie.

Jericho’s stare drifted toward the sound of a new voice. A make-believe frown spread across his face. “Snake boy?” Exhaling whatever smoke still remained inside his lungs, he lobbed the pack over to Aiden. The expression washed away in a matter of seconds. “What does that make you?” Jericho cocked his head to examine man beside him, evidently at a loss for what he was.

Aiden caught the packet with one hand, pulled a cigarette out with the other, and then threw the pack back. "I'm the cat's pajamas, darling." Aiden replied, his usual smirk on his face. "Although I guess if you're after technical terms, I'm a Gryphon. You know, half eagle, half lion. King of the sky and land. I'm a pretty big deal." Aiden explained, flapping his hands like wings to emphasis his words. Glancing down at his unlit cigarette he held it up towards the basilisk, "Got a light, snake boy?"

”You sound like high maintenance to me,” Jericho dissented, putting away the box. He withdrew the pocket lighter and lit the proud Gryphon’s cigarette. “If you’re such a big deal, what title would you prefer?” The Basilisk asked sincerely. “‘Cause I rather like the sound of the name Twat. Letting his own cigarette hang from his mouth Jericho slid the lighter away and adjusted the dark purple kerchief now wrapped around his wrist, pushing it beneath his sleeve when it was to his liking.

Aiden took a drag on his cigarette, listening to the other boys comments with a smirk on his face. Insults usually slide right off him, and this isn't the first time Aiden has been called Twat, it's actually one of the kinder titles he's heard.

"Ouch, that one almost hurt." Aiden said, his words dripping with sarcasm. He turned towards the Basilisk, leaning his shoulder against the wall, "If you're after a more intimate name you can call me Aiden." The Gryphon suggested, winking at his smoking companion.

”Alright, Aiden it is.” Jericho glanced back at Aiden as if he didn’t see the wink at all. “Jericho,” he said after taking another long puff, allowing the silence to drag on for a while. The Basilisk let the smoke out through his nose this time, opening his mouth for its release feeling like too much work. “And you’re the only ‘king’ around here.” He added, returning the wide smirk with his own crooked smile. ”I’m a Basilisk, so not only am I a snake, but I’m a king of a lot of snakes.” Jericho said this as a joke for the most part, the idea of being a snake ruling a ton of other snakes sounding pretty lame in that instant. ”So you ought to look out.”

Aiden laughed loudly, "What are you going to do Jer, slither into my bed and bite me?" Aiden asked. He took a final drag on his cigarette, before flicking it to the ground and stomping it out. "Help! Snake King is sending an army of reptiles to ravage me." He teased with his usual careless, mocking tone.

”Well, at the least I could very well bite you,” snake boy replied coolly, “if the situation called for it.” Jericho smiled faintly again, dropping his cigarette and stepping on it. Comparing himself to others wasn’t something he was good at, so he snickered along with Aiden.

"Calm down slick, didn't your mother ever teach you that biting was bad?" Aiden replied with his usual twist of humour. He glanced behind him briefly, aware of the sudden increase in noise inside. He assumed the cameras weren't far from rolling.
"Although maybe that's how you get your kicks, biting good-looking young men like myself. Aiden added with a laugh, "That's a bit perverted, don't you think? I mean, at least ask first." His tone was still mildly mocking, but he'd also put on a reprimanding tone, one that his father often used when talking to him. Of course, like most things he said he wasn't serious, but he liked seeing if he could get a raise out of people.

“Me? Perverted? Never.” Jericho placed a hand over his heart and tried his best to look blameless, which did actually very little. ”Sorry to say my mum wasn’t there to tell me nipping at little boys like you was wrong.”

Letting his arm fall to his side, he rolled his shoulders back to gain a little more height. ”Awful lot of talk about biting, why ask when it sounds like you’re offering,” Jericho riposted incisively, raising his brow at Aiden. His weight shifted, realizing that their free time was coming to an end.

Aiden was rather surprised that the sulky basilisk had some humour in him. He'd certainly not got this impression from watching his interview earlier that day. Then again Aiden hadn't actually been paying attention to any of the interviews, his eyes had been drawn to the attractive twins eyeing him up from the audience. With such attention it had been easy to miss whole interviews with the newbies.

"Why would I offer to be bitten? That shit would hurt." Aiden retorted, scrunching his nose up. "I don't know what you're into buddy or what customs your people have, but here in America we don't go around biting people." Aiden added. He snorted, cocked a smile, and pointed a finger at his face, "'Sides, I'm too pretty to be bitten."

Jericho snickered again. ”Dunno if pretty is the word I’d use.” He rolled his eyes dramatically. ”But ‘ey, whatever helps you sleep at night, Twat.” Snake boy gave Aiden a wink that looked to be in delayed-return of the one he’d previously received, but nonetheless a fine wink. With that, he head towards the door without another thought.

Aiden raised his eyebrows at Jericho's words, "No need to be rude." He muttered, setting his feet in the opposite direction. This Gryphon was in the mood for a swim. He hadn't seen a pool, but he assumed any place this fancy had to have it. Besides, the world was crying out for some bare-chested Aiden (or so he assumed) and he wouldn't deny his loyal fans.

Back inside, Jericho was greeted with the view of the lovely architecture, as well as even more cameramen than before.

Holy hell they’re multiplying.


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A quick walk around the Italian Villa had quickly revealed to Aiden's sharp eye that his new, temporary residence was every bit as luxurious, if not more, than the first season's house. It was, as Aiden thought to himself, the perfect abode for someone as dignified and beautiful as he was. One minute later he was standing in front of the pool. He pulled his shirt off, his shoes, socks, and jeans quickly followed. While the Gryphon may have enjoyed a nude swim, he knew from experience that not everyone appreciated his bare buttocks like he did. So his underpants stayed on.

He could just imagine the look on his father's face if the very first scene of his son was partially blurred due to nudity. Not that he expected his darling dad to be watching. Gryphon senior had cut all ties to his exuberant son shortly after the first season. The words 'embarrassment', 'disgrace', and 'get out before I throw you out' had been thrown around with murderous intent. Aiden had replied with his usual witty humour, assuming that whatever punishment his father handed out would be only temporary. Aiden was his only child and heir after all, which had made it that much more shocking when no apology came. Of course, Aiden had gotten over the disappointment fairly quickly and in his usual style. If you asked him now he'd tell you that it was his idea to leave home anyway.

Standing on his tiptoes, arms stretched above his head, Aiden gave a smug smile before leaping into the pool. His dive was surprisingly graceful, although his grace was partially ruined when he surfaced and squirted a mouthful of water into the air. Allowing himself to float on his back Aiden closed his eyes, his hand making the odd stroke to keep up floating on the surface. His mind wondered over all the new and old faces of the cast, comparing and hypothesizing over who might sleep with him. Honestly, he would sleep with any of the housemates without hesitation, and he was certainly going to make it his goal to have some fun with the group on and off screen.
The red-headed Irish girl had caught his attention, although she looked too high maintenance for a lasting relationship. Dracen had improved since the first season, Aiden thought it was most likely because he'd grown his hair out. He wondered idly if what he'd heard about sirens was true? He made a mental note to ask Eliza... Elizabeth... whatever her name was if she could seduce men with her voice - in which case he would ask for a demonstration. And then there was darling Eleniel, who had the honour of sharing a room with Aiden. Well, he wasn't going to let that opportunity slide, no matter how much she might frighten him.

A scuffing of shoes drew Aiden's attention back from his cast mates and his eyes flew open to find a young man watching him from the edge of the pool. He was one of the crew, although judging by his apparent youth and aura of confusion Aiden assumed he still wasn't completely comfortable in the showbiz world, even behind the scenes. A large name badge on his chest read 'Ewan'. Aiden pushed himself into a vertical position and, on finding that he'd drifted into the shallow end, planted his feet and stood with the top half of his body above water. Aiden's hands came up to cover his exposed nipples.

"Were you staring at me? Are you some kind of pervert?" Aiden said, finding delight in the way his words made the young man squirm. As their eyes made contact Ewan blushed, glanced nervously down at his feet, then at his hand (which held a clipboard), then back at his feet.
"No... I... No... I'm not a pervert." He stammered, "I was just..."
"Ravaging my body with your unholy eyes?" Aiden supplied, making his tone as insulted and offended as possible.
Ewan shook his head quickly, apparently alarmed at the accusation.
"I was coming to... to tell you..." Nerves seemed to get the better of the him. Even though his mouth was still moving noise wasn't being produced. If Aiden could feel sympathy for anyone but himself, he might have felt something for the shy young man.
"Why don't you go and sniff some of the girls' panties?" Aiden suggested, "Or at least stop ogling me like I'm just some pack of meat. I've got feelings you know." The sarcastic reply seemed to be lost on Ewan. The young crew member merely blushed harder, did an awkward turn, almost tripped over his feet, and made a hasty retreat.

Aiden let out a jubilant chuckle before letting himself sink back under the water. A minute later he pulled himself out and began to partially dry himself with his shirt. He pulled his jeans back on and slung the now damp shirt over his shoulder. He would head inside now and possibly change into some dry clothes. If he were lucky he might even be able to catch another cast mate.


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#, as written by Cloud



There is nothing quite as invigorating, at least in Aiden Young's mind, as knowing that the first shot the world will see of him is a glorious shot of his bare chest. Provided they don't edit it out. The cameras start to roll as Aiden makes his way inside, his bare chest readily displayed for any searching camera. His very recent 'fun' with Ewan has further buoyed his spirits and given his step that extra little 'pizzazz'. He smiles and grins to no one in particular as he struts through the lounge. This is the world he was born to conquer, with camera's locked on him he thrives in the spotlight.

Long legs carry him quickly up the stairs, however he slows as he reaches the landing, spying the camera at the end which is tracking his every movement. 'Don't make eye contact... pretend like the cameras are invisible...' Aiden knows the rules as well as anybody, but when has he ever followed the rules just because he was told to? As he approaches the camera Aiden throws his damp shirt on the ground. A wide grin takes root on his face and the man behind the camera is becoming visibly nervous as the young griffin approaches.

Stopping where the shot will be able to capture most of him Aiden stares straight into the camera lens.
"Good morning, good evening, and good night. A very hearty welcome to all my beautiful fans watching around the globe." He winks into the lens, ignoring the camera man's urgent miming actions to stop, "Thank you for tuning into the second season of Return to Reality, or, as I like to call it The Aiden Young Show. We have some wonderful surprises in store for you this season and I look forward to experiencing it all with you." Aiden likes his lips, a cheeky smile full of naughty promises playing across his face.

By this stage the camera man is having a frantic, whispered chat to one of the bigwigs and Aiden knows his one-on-one screen time with the audience will soon come to an end. So he decides to pull out the crowd pleaser. Hands on his waist, feet spaced slightly apart and his hips pushed forward towards the camera slightly, Aiden nods 'downstairs'. "In case you're wondering boys and girls, it's as big as it looks..."
His words are cut off by the camera man who has finally turned his device off. The crew member is obviously flustered, apparently he had not been prepared for the full Aiden effect. Aiden pats the man on the shoulder,
"Don't worry Carl, we can finish what we started tomorrow." With those last 'comforting' words Aiden turns into his room, leaving 'Carl' partially stunned behind him.

As soon as Aiden enters his room he sees that Eleniel has already laid claim to the furthest bed. The thought crosses his mind to move her things, but eventually what little commonsense he possesses talks him out of it. Instead he plonks himself on the unclaimed bed, crossing his legs at the ankles and cushioning his head against the headboard with his arms. The room isn't too shabby at all, not that Aiden expected any worse from the show's owners. Of course, the only thing the room is lacking in is entertainment. With Eleniel absent and no cameraman to terrorize - Aiden suspects the one on the landing would have followed him into the room - the room is unsurprisingly full.

With a sigh Aiden pushes himself off the bed, rolling onto and landing on the floor with cat-like grace. One of the many perks of being a griffin, he has balance to rival the top gymnast. Springing to his feet the young man quickly riffles through his small bag, finds an acceptable top and pulls it on. As much as he'd like to walk around topless all day, he also likes the warmth an extra layer provides. Back out of his room, past the camera minus Carl, down the stairs, through a series of rooms and into the kitchen.

Two people sit at the kitchen bench, Jericho and one of the other newbies. Aiden pays no mind to either monster, his mind is now on more important things: Food and alcohol. He opens the first pantry, eyes quickly scanning for anything that looks appetizing. Alas, this one seems overwhelmed with baking essentials. Aiden closes the pantry door with a loud thud before moving onto the second, which fares no better. Finally, after riffling through several more cupboards, a bag of chocolate chips is hanging between his teeth and a second bag of snacks is in one hand. With his free hand he proceeds to open to fridge door, gazing in for any signs of anything vaguely alcoholic.

"Bloody hell, who do I have to blow to get a drink around here?" He exclaims seeing naught that catches is attention, although the sentence is slightly mumbled by the bag between his teeth. Finally, he grabs a soda can with his free had before closing the fridge door and turning to stare at the other cast members. "Jer, other person." He nods to each as he greets them before, without another word, leaving.

The griffin navigates his way through the house to the room with the largest TV screen and best couches. Slumping into the couch Aiden let's his food fall beside him on the seat and places his soda within arm's reach. The remote too is not far and he flicks on the massive television, surfing through the channels until he's found something mindless to watch. However, it appears the show he has just tuned into is ending - the credits roll within a minute of him sitting down. Yet, the next television show to come on suits Aiden just fine, it's the first season of Return to Reality and as everyone knows, Aiden is always happy to see himself in action. So the griffin settles into the couch, prepared to spend the next hour of the episode congratulating himself for an excellent first season.


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|{In collaboration with the amazing Castiel Told Me To}|


Jericho, invisibly delighted to surprise the lady, continued to sit patiently, allowing himself the time to observe her further. It was rather amazing how long Fen had stuck around. He had at least expected her to make some sort of gesture that could have meant she wanted to take off, yet he didn't catch any. A breeze flew past as several rushing camera men made their way by to catch what may have been happening. Ultimately paying no mind, the Basilisk had overheard her murmurs, his smile gradually fading. Letting it pass without any additional mention, the girl seemed to snap out of her trance.

"I'm from China and you're from...England?"

The thought to say he was from South Africa had definitely crossed Jericho's mind, it would have been a simple tease, but it was still too much effort for someone like him. "Yep." The English boy nodded only slightly, but sooner than later came a tall, curly haired Gryffin. Who, at first, had not acknowledged Jericho nor Fen, only to make an inappropriate remark, and then rummage around for what looked like snacks and alcohol. Jericho himself had barely kept track of Aiden, picking at his fingers as if was none of the Gryffin's business what he was talking about with his new friend. It was only when Aiden had finally addressed the two, that the Basilisk had lifted his head to preform a pleased, self-satisfied simper.

Fen nodded, glad that she got his origin right because let's face it she found it somewhat annoying when people thought Japanese, Chinese and Koreans looked the same. Just when she was about to open her mouth to say something, a fellow monster walked into the kitchen. Wondering whether to say anything to him she ended up remaining quiet. It was only when Aiden acknowledged them that she quickly gave her name as the idea of being called 'other person' didn't seem too charming. Fen watched as he finally left the kitchen, her focus returning back to Jericho.

"So, what made you want to come onto the show?" She questioned, small talk was really not her forte. However now that a few cameramen were around them she speculated whether anyone would feel comfortable with a camera in front of their face but then again everyone around the world were probably just curious, just like she was while watching season 1.

Giving a theatrically exasperated sigh, he let his head fall back on his shoulders. It seemed like June was popping into his life far too often, and he was sick of thinking about her. "My sister," he finally replied. Jericho hadn't wanted to remain on topic, but given his ironic humor, he couldn't help but make one last comment. "Though, it's very likely the only reason I got the part was because none of the other bottom feeders in our territory wanted anything to do with it." One of things that likely gave away Jericho's species - well, one thing that was really just noticeably creepy - was his ability to go without blinking for long periods of time. As far as he was concerned, this was normal. Blinking too quickly or as frequently as human might gives, off the vibe of inferiority where the water creatures rein, so even in the eyes of other species, the habit continued on.

It was sheerly out of politeness that Jericho favored to return the question with his subtle charm, snaking his hand into a front pocket, while staring emotionlessly at Fen. "I'm a Basilisk," he finally stated, rather unnervingly off-topic considering the current subject. Jericho could have smelled her curiousity from miles away, but really who wouldn't have been on a show like this.

Fen laughed quietly at Jericho's dramatic answer while she pulled her hair to one side. It seemed like family was also an issue to him though obviously the topic wasn't to remain longer. She raised an eyebrow almost questioning his statement towards his own species. Finally he had given away his identity, a Basilisk. She had read about his species though of course with only a small amount of books that was available to her.

"So, if I challenged you to a staring contest I'd most likely lose right?" She grinned cheekily.

Jericho smiled in return. "I wouldn't be one to know the strengths of a Hsien, but if you'd like to give it a shot, be my guest," he joked. The Basilisk got to his feet, stretching his arms out and yawning. There was a brief pause, as he got a bit closer, but really only to lean against the kitchen island. "What's the weather like in China?" Jericho finally asked, keeping his c. "Generally, what's it like in China?"

Fen shrugged casually, her grin widening in response to his statement. "I'm sure I could cheat my way into winning but then again so could you." After all she also didn't know that much about the Basilisks.

The topic of China made her briefly think about home and her close minded father, she even considered whether anyone back home would actually be watching the show, though it was highly doubtful. "China's weather is something of a bother, it's usually too hot or humid and hardly ever cold and chilly because the winters are so short...we have these 3 cities nicknamed 'the three furnaces' which I tend to stay away from."Even though she should be used to the extreme warmth, Fen always like to go away to the mountains where at least the cold was somewhat apparent.

"China likes isolation, I mean I hardly know people who would want to go out of China if they had the chance so let's just say that I probably might not be welcomed back home." While she laughed because Fen disliked being so serious, the matter was probably true because even the elders had told her leaving would be like a sign of betrayal.
"And what about England? From what I've watched it seems to raining all the time, no?"

Rolling his eyes, Jericho nodded lazily. "Almost ten months out of the year," he replied. "Hardly any summer, and what is summer feels too hot because of what we're used to. Snow's rare too." Jericho liked the idea of some place warm -- warm for at least a full season. "China doesn't sound too bad." There was a part of him that almost didn't want to go back to England.

"Sounds great though, I'd love to get away from all the dreadful heat!"Her eyes gazed upon the cameramen for only a few seconds out of mere curiosity. Most people who'd watch the show would be watching for the fights or dramatic moments, not the basic interactions or getting to know stages.

"If we could swap then I'm sure you'd find living in China a pain, all the customs and traditions not to mention we are all very formal people!"

"Sounds like a plan," Jericho met her gaze, a faint half smile lingering along his lips. He marveled the idea of living someplace dry, even if it might as well been only a pipe dream. It seemed like this was his best chance to go unpack, he'd already met four people and that seemed like enough to start off the show -- in his head anyway.

Jericho shifted, and his smile grew to a warm, artificial grin. "I think that's my queue." The Basilisk said, referring to pretty much nothing at this point, other than the silence and absence of footsteps that leaked into the large kitchen. "It was a true pleasure to meet you, Miss Fen." Standing straight, Jericho easily rounded the island to place himself like a chess piece in front of the Hsien. The thought of kissing her hand had clearly crossed his mind, the phone calls of fury from his sister when something like that shows up on her television. His grin was fueled further by the idea, but instead, he offered a handshake with that clever look of deception plastered across his pale face.

Fen smiled warmly, quite surprised by the Basilisk and how well the conversation had gone. "And you too Mr. Jericho." She spoke playfully. It was obvious by her relaxed posture and cheerful manner that she was now used to him and therefore was more inclined to be feel comfortable. The Hsien accepted the handshake, "Correct me if I'm wrong but this is a sign of a peaceful future in this show regarding us," Fen added as a side note.

"That's one word for you."


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|{ In collaboration with Cloud }|


Bidding Jericho farewell, Dracen takes his leave with a parting smile. His father had sent him a text during his conversation with the Basilisk to which the wyvern sought to respond before the parental unit became agitated. Retelling the events of his night with the touch of his thumbs, he meandered downstairs, dodging the cameras as he went. It was a rather difficult feat when you were only paying half attention, but he managed to get it accomplished. By the time his father wished him a good night, he'd wandered into the entertainment room. It didn't surprise him when his gaze fell on another individual—after all, this house was full of people—but it was the person sitting there and watching TV that did it. Aiden? he mused, almost bewildered by the sight. Dracen had always thought Aiden to be the guy to roam the house on the first night bugging anyone he could get his hands on, but this? This was unexpected.

"Well isn't this a pleasant surprise-..." Dracen says with a grin, his voice almost whimsical as he acknowledged the gryphon. "And to think I had you pegged as the social elite."

Most people say the camera adds ten pounds, but Aiden sees no evidence of the excess weight as he observes himself on the big screen. Aiden believes that there is something magical about watching yourself on television. He unashamedly laughs along with every joke his first-season self makes, occasionally glancing at the lone cameraman in the room as if to say ’aren’t I fucking brilliant?’. The cameraman, of course, keeps glaring at Aiden from behind the lens, which Aiden simply ignores. He highly doubts that this is award-winning footage, so there’s no point pretending like Harry, or Kirk, or whatever the hell the guy’s name is isn’t here.

Thankfully for the cameraman a set of footsteps announce the arrival of someone else to entertain the gryphon. Aiden turns in his seat on the couch as Dracen enters the room, a grin on the young wyvern's face.

"Darling, I am the social elite and as such they come to me." He replies with his usual cocky humour. Aiden pats the seat on the sofa beside him, raising his eyebrows in a rather suggestive manner as he adds, "Won't you come and join me? We can catch up on old times, maybe create some new memories." He adds a sleazy wink in for good measure.

Huffing a laugh, Dracen ducks his head, rubbing the back of his neck as if he wouldn't give the gryphon the satisfaction of seeing him enjoy his narcissism. He can't help himself from scooting over when Aiden beckons him, though he's not entirely sure why. Much like Spike, interactions with Aiden—whenever he had them—always came easy. Dracen wouldn't exactly consider them friends, not really. He doesn't really know the gryphon enough on a personal level for them to be considered 'besties.' Suffice to day, Dracen enjoys the gryphon's company more so than others. He tolerates Aiden's ostentacious and somewhat abrasive demeanor because, to him, it's endearing. Their witty repertoire was always well-matched, most of it borderline homoerotic in context at least ninty percent of the time. Dracen couldn't tell you how many blogs he found on Tumblr dedicated to "Draden", a ship committed to seeing him end up with the gryphon. He actually followed a few, to be completely honest. Not that he would ever tell Aiden that. Oh the teasing that would ensue-...

"Is that what you're watching?" Dracen asks, his lips pursed ever so slightly as he turns his attention on the screen. Sure enough, there's season one, filmed in all of it's reality show glory. He leans into the gryphon almost subconsciously, watching as he sees himself walk into the room buzzcut and all. He groans, resisting the temptation to cover his face with his hands. "Omigod, is that what I looked like? Uhh-..I look like such a geek."

Dracen takes the proffered seat before his gaze is understandably drawn to the television. Aiden grins as Dracen questions his choice of show, the wyvern really shouldn't be so surprised that Aiden would enjoy watching himself. The on-screen Dracen appears, sporting a killer hairstyle. Aiden snorts at Dracen's comment regarding his style back in the first season, before patting the other cast member reassuringly on the shoulder.

"Don’t worry, only the whole world saw you looking like a nerd.” Aiden replies with a grin. He isn’t really trying to be reassuring, as that typically isn’t in his nature. But he’s not too concerned that he’s hurt Dracen feelings either, since the other young man has proven himself quiet competent at managing Aiden’s comments in the past. Dracen is actually one of the few veterans that Aiden enjoys trading banter with as the wyvern is easily able to match Aiden.

"But hey, you’ve definitely improved. I’d totally bang you now.” Aiden muses a moment later. Truth be told, he would have 'banged' Dracen back when his hair was in its buzzcut, he doesn’t discriminate someone just because they had a terrible haircut. How shallow would that be?!

As predicted, Dracen doesn't take the comment to heart, responding only with a sidelong glare that's practically oozing facetiousness. He totally breaks when Aiden nonchalantly says that he'd 'bang' him. His whole body moves with the laugh, his mouth gaping in as a small flush colors his pale cheeks from the exertion. When it dials down enough for him to speak, he hums, pulling himself together with an expression of fraudulent gratitude. "You have no idea how much that means to me, dude." he giggles, giggles, "No seriously, it's my goal in life. I've finally struck your fancy. I can die happy."

Aiden grins broadly at Dracen's words, "Just doing my part to make the world a happier place." He replies with a shrug that seems to say 'What can you do?'. Then Aiden drapes his right arm across the back of Dracen’s portion of the couch. A smug smile splits Aiden’s face as he turns his gaze on the wyvern, "So, should we bang now, or bang later?” He asks, continuing the joke. "Why not give old Frank something to gag about?" He adds, jerking his thumb across at the cameraman.

One of the many perks of being a supernatural monster, or at least a Gryphon, is the superb sense of hearing the species has. Aiden has no problem making out the cameraman's increasingly heavy breathing from across the room. The cameraman, whom Aiden has decided to call ‘Frank’, is hyperventilating at the scene unfolding before him. His lens is firmly locked on the pair, no doubt dollar signs are flashing in his eyes as he imagines catching the two getting involved.

Something tells the wyvern that gagging isn't what the cameraman would be doing. That is, if his own enhanced hearing and sense of smell is anything to go by. What has Dracen unhinged is the fact that he'll have an audience, not that Aiden had offered in the first place. It doesn't really come as a surprise to him, all things considered. He's comfortable with his sexuality. One of the great things about being bisexual is that you have more options. And Aiden? Oh he's definitely an option.

Relaxing into the gryphon's advances, Dracen leans in, his whiskey-colored eyes practically iridescent with mischief. "Not in front of Frank," he jests with a smirk, "You can bang me later."

Aiden gives an exaggerated sigh, "You see what you're doing Frank?" Aiden proclaims to the cameraman, "Ruining my sex life, that's what." Aiden clarifies. Frank, by now has caught on to the joke and has once again returned to glaring at the monsters for breaking the fourth wall.

Aiden eases back into the couch, crossing his feet and resting them on the coffee table. "I'm gonna hold you to that." He assures Dracen, a smirk playing across his face.

"Oh please do," Dracen retorts with a look of nonchalance encompassing his features, "I aptly encourage it actually." For the first time since he got to this manor on the Sicilian Isles, Dracen is completely still. He hasn't fidgeted in his seat or tapped his foot or rubbed his hands together. All of his quirks and bad habits were completely forgotten as he flirted with the gryphon. And, let's be honest, that's what he was doing; shamelessly flirting with the gryphon he's had a secret crush on since the end of season one.

There’s something very enjoyable about trading flirtatious banter with someone who can take as good as they give. Aiden is enjoying himself with the wyvern. Aiden’s never had a problem talking, in fact it’s probably one of his biggest assets (or distraction, depending who you talked to), yet it comes even easier when speaking with Dracen.

"So, what’s it like walking the red carpet?” Aiden asks, "Do all the fans shout ‘We want the D’? I totally would.” He adds, picturing hundreds of shrieking fans screaming the words. Of course, in Aiden’s mind ‘D’ is clearly not short for Dracen, but rather something else.

Dracen laughs, "Not all of them-..." he says, "I've had some crazy run-ins at conventions and stuff like that though." And the term 'crazy' was an understatement. Propping his feet up beside Aiden's, the wyvern crosses his arms over his chest, easing into the conversation like it were second nature. "One fan brought a picture of you and me to sign. Look-..." Pulling out his phone, he scrolls through his camera roll and stops on a picture of himself at ComiCon holding up a photo of himself and Aiden, all dressed up on the red carpet, embraced in a way that would make all the Draden fangirls squeal. Aiden hugged Dracen tightly from behind in the photo and above his head was a crudely drawn speech bubble that read, "I'm horny.".

Aiden’s face burst into a wide grin, quickly followed by unbridled laughter as Dracen shows him the picture. He leans forward slightly to get a better view of the fan-made picture, using his hand to turn Dracen’s phone slightly so that the screen was pointing directly at him.

"That is brilliant.” Aiden proclaims once he’s had a decent inspection of the picture. He leans back once more into the couch, the grin still stretched across his face. "I saw a drawing online of us baking a while back. I think all you were wearing was an apron, and I was shirtless with whipped cream on my nipples.” Aiden still remembers clutching his stomach and laughing his head off at that one.

And Dracen laughs right along with him, clutching his phone tightly as his whole body moves with the uncontrollable giggling. "Oh dude-..." he sighs, still fighting off giggles as his face flushes deep crimson. "Do you still have that? Seriously, I want it. I need to put it up on, like, all of my social networking sites."

Aiden shakes his head, "I don't have it, but it was online so you can probably just search for it." He suggests. He leans back on the couch and pulls out his own phone from his jean pocket, swiping across the unlock it. Quickly he opens a tab a begins his search with 'Dracen and Aiden fan art'. His phone takes a moment, before loading a plethora of fan pictures. Aiden's eyebrows shoot up as he gazes from image to image.
"Well fuck me." he mutters, "Looks like we're even more popular as a couple than I thought."

His thumb scrowls through the images. He taps the first to gain his attention and offers it to Dracen with a grin on his face, "It's not the baking one, but it's still fucking hilarious." Aiden says. The picture in question shows the two lying in a field of flowers, naked and partaking in what appears to be some intimate fornication. Well-placed daffodils covered any private areas.

Dracen leans in to see, almost eager. He's seen a few himself with Tumblr being what it was, but what he sees on Aiden's screen is just absurd. In a totally awesome way-.... Bursting out into laughter, their shoulders collide, and the wyvern almost snorts with the force of it. His spiked auburn hair brushes against Aiden's cheek they're so close, but Dracen simply cannot help himself from falling over with how hard he's laughing. "Omigod-..." he gasps, "Oh my God, I can't breathe." he pitfalls into another surge of laughter, covering his face as he feels his face heating up. When it finally dies down he's still leaning up against the gryphon unashamed, tilting his phone to get a better look at the picture. "Alright, now here's the problem I have with these things," he says, turning his head to look into the camera, "Not that your art isn't good, it's fantastic-..." his amber eyes drift to Aiden as he confesses, "...-but in all the ones I've seen of us, you're always giving," looking back at the camera, he gives the crowd an incredulous look, "And if anyone's receiving-..." he returns his gaze to the gryphon with a shit-eating grin, cheeks flushed beyond belief.

Aiden can honestly say he can't remember a recent time where he's had this much fun. Well, alright, teasing the socially inept Ewan had been an earlier highlight of his day, but this hands down trumped that. He joins Dracen in laughing at the photos, his body shaking as the laughter rolled out of him. He collects himself briefly as Dracen addresses the camera, only to begin sniggering as Dracen's concerns over who is giving to whom are revealed.

"The fans call it like they see it." Aiden tells him, clapping a hand on the wyvern's shoulder, "They know who's taking and who's giving." Aiden places his other hand on Dracen's thigh, raising his eyebrow suggestively and biting his lip, "Although, I'm not above giving them some new material if it means that much to you." He declares teasingly before throwing a glance at the camera and adds for the fans' benefit, "You'd all like that, wouldn't you?"

With a cocked brow, Dracen smirks at the gryphon's advances, knowing full well it's just for show the moment Aiden's eyes meet the camera. He ignores the way the hand on his thigh makes his heart pound just to save face. He's determined not to lose, not against Aiden. They've been going to long in this little battle of wits for his crush to get in the way. "Dude, I would top you so hard." he says on a grin, "Don't act like it's the other way around."

Aiden chuckles at Dracen's reply, "We've just gotta let nature take its course. And nature is clearly saying I'm on top." Aiden argues teasingly, letting his fingers tap lightly against Dracen's leg. Aiden has to admit he's rather enjoying how close the two are sitting, and not just because he knows how much their fans will scream when they see this. "Besides, the more manly one always gives and obviously..." Aiden pulls his hand from Dracen’s leg and sweeps it down his own body, indicating clearly just who he thought was the more manly one.

"Oh bull crap!" Dracen says with a lopsided grin. Without preamble, the wyvern surges forward, pinning the gryphon on his back by his shoulders. Straddling him, Dracen smiles triumphantly, sitting back on Aiden's lower abdomen, "Who's more manly now?"

"Help! Frank, call the police. I'm being attacked. Don't just film is Frank, defend my honour! No one will ever want to marry me if I'm not a pure virgin." The sarcasm rolls easily off his tongue as Dracen pins him down. Truthfully, he's fighting not to laugh, and quickly losing. "Congratulations Dracy, you've got me between your thighs. Now what?" Aiden responds, his voice purring as he teases him, " If you're going to give you have to know what to do next. Let me give you a hint, it involves taking my pants off."

With a scoff, the wyvern pushes off of the gryphon with a smirk, standing in front of the couch with his knees a mere inch from the cushion. "Unfortunately for you dude, my dad watches this show, so no hanky-panky on screen." He'd be lying if he said Aiden's teasing didn't have an effect on him but he'd be damned if he was going to show it. Putting his acting skills to work, he feigns coy indifference, leering down at the gryphon with a wolfish grin, "It works out in your favor really, I don't think you could handle what I have in store for you."

Aiden would be lying if he said he wasn't disappointed when Dracen got off him. Propping himself up on his elbow he glances up at the now standing wyvern. "My dad watches too, which is why doing this stuff is so fantastic." Well, no, Aiden's father didn't watch the show, or if he did it was just to check that Aiden bringing shame to his family and ancestors - which unfortunately he always was. But, Aiden isn't about to push Dracen just to piss his father off, besides, believe it or not if the two monsters actually did take their teasing a step further Aiden would not want an audience for it. Call him old fashioned but he preferred having sex with no hulking camera lens baring down on him.

"Hit me with your best shot bub." Aiden adds before pushing himself up until he's eye level with Dracen, his knees standing on the couch. "But we all know who is going to rock whose world."

Rolling his eyes heavenward, Dracen huffs a chuckle and watches with an almost fond look in his eyes as the gryphon stands on his knees to face him. For once, he doesn't pay any mind to the camera. Instead, he gives all his attention to Aiden and wouldn't he just be ecstatic to know that. He has half a mind to give the gryphon a little preview on just what was to come if they ever actually took their words to heart but he decides against it. It's only night one. He'll play hard to get for now. "And when I rock yours there'll be no need to thank me." Dracen retorts with a smirk, "Although if you want to send a fruit basket I'd be totally cool with that. Maybe a really nice Eatable Arrangments bouquet-..."

Aiden smirks at Dracen's retort. The gryphon is clearly enjoying the argument and is pleased to have someone to match wits with. Plus, it also helps that the wyvern isn't too bad on the eyes either. "Honey, the only thing i'll be sending you is an apology card, After I'm through with you, you're not gonna want anyone else again." Aiden feels like snapping his fingers for emphasis, but restrains himself and merely tilts his head in a cocky nod. "I'm that good baby."

"Don't write a check your ass can't cash, Aiden." he retorts, raking his eyes over the gryphon's front almost lecherously. "I'll have you so whipped you'll be making me breakfast in bed." Anyone who knew him could see his predatory facade as just that, a facade. Like he told Jericho, he was a lover not a fighter-...but he was a damn good lover. "I'm that good, baby." Mocking the gryphon, the wyvern grins, almost preening with self-pride.

"Or whipped on my nipples." Aiden replies, grinning as he remembers the fan-made picture he had earlier described to Dracen. Although technically, if Dracen had Aiden whipped, than Aiden couldn't have his own whipped-self on his nipples. But, that was all semantics and Aiden wasn't too bothered with all that. "You know what, I think I'll start calling you Daisy... 'cause I have an incredible urge to plant you right here. If you know what I mean." Aiden replies, pursing his lips and sending Dracen a sultry kiss.

"Good one-..." he hums, having caught the reference to the fanart with a quirked brow. Dracen's eyes fall to the gryphon's shirt and he gives a little tilt of his head as he reaches out to pinch the fabric. "You know that shirt is very becoming on you." the wyvern says. He lifts his gaze and drops his hand, his whiskey eyes glistening in light of his crooked grin, "But then again if I was on you I'd be coming on you too."

"Oh, you're a quick one." Aiden replies, the smirk seemingly permanent on his face as he trades lines with Drace, "You'd better have some decent moves to back up those big words.You know what they say, actions speak louder than words."

Dracen's smirk broadens, "Oh don't worry, Aidie, you'll get what's coming to you. I mean, I'm no weather man but you can expect a few inches tonight." He punctuates it with a wink, looking utterly pleased with himself.

Aiden lets out a laugh, leaning back to sit on his feet momentarily as he does, "Looks like little Dracy has well and truly grown up," Aiden says, mock condescendingly. He pushes himself up again until he's eye level once more with Dracen, "Although you are looking a little pale. You look like you could use a pick-me up. How about some vitamin D.” Aiden uses his hands to indicate just what he means by ‘D’, and sends a wink Dracen’s way too. This gryphon is all class.

"Cute," Dracen chuckles, and this point his cheeks hurt from grinning so much. "Cross my heart, I've missed this. No joke. It almost makes me want to put all of our sexual tension aside so I can really get to know you." he says, but the tone of his voice bodes trouble. "Hey, are you into science? 'Cause I'd like to periodically do you on my table."

"I suppose some background information wouldn't hurt." Aiden replies with a casual shrug, giving a brief sigh and tuning down his large grin somewhat. "Where are you from?" He asks, although before Dracen can answer the smirk reappears on Aiden's face and with a lick of his lips he adds, "Are you from a chicken farm? 'Cause you sure know how to raise a cock." Aiden can't help but snigger at his own joke.

Even though there might be video evidence that proves otherwise, Dracen will forever deny that his gaze fell on the gryphon's mouth as his tongue swept over his bottom lip. Seriously, he'll deny it until the day he dies. Quick to react, the wyvern sighs in mock relief, grinning ear to ear as he holds up a hand, "Thank God," he laughs, "I thought you were going to use the Tennessee bit." Sitting, he sends Aiden a wink, "Wouldn't want your knees to start hurting. You'll be putting them to good use later."

AIden chuckles as he rearranges himself on the couch, tucking one foot under himself and turning so that he was facing Dracen. "I'm so touched that you care." Aiden says, holding a hand to his heart, "But hey, do they teach wyverns their ABCs? 'Cause I wanna give you the fourth letter of the alphabet." Aiden can't wipe the grin off his face, "That's D by the way. D for my dick."

"I got it." Dracen chuckles, "But yeah, I know the alphabet. I don't mean to brag but I'm actually very educated. As a matter of fact, I just got a job as an astronaut." he smirks, "They sent me to explore Uranus." Mocking Aiden, Dracen goes, "That's a euphemism, by the way. It's a planet but it's also your anus."

"And here I was thinking you were a simple drill sergeant, because you make my privates stand to attention." Aiden retorts smoothly, "Me? I'm not an astronaut, I'm just a simple guy with simple tastes. Although, I am pretty good at cooking. You hungry? Cause omelette you suck on my dick." Aiden wiggles his eyebrows before quickly glancing across at Frank, "I hope you're getting all of this Frank, it's TV gold."

At that last comment, Dracen bursts out laughing, hiding his face as Aiden addresses the cameraman. "Not that last one, dude." he says on a laugh, "That was just awful."

"They're all fucking awful." Aiden replies with a derisive snort, "That's why they're so bloody brilliant." He shifts his leg out from under him and shuffles back on the couch slightly, "Although, I do hope they're not just empty promises. I really would like to see you exploring my anus later." He adds with a sensual wink.

Honestly, Dracen can't help but agreed. Puns are by far his favorite thing. In his opinion, the worse they are, the better they are. As Aiden winks at him, Dracen's smile softens to something almost fond. "They're not empty promises, don't worry." he ensures, "Soon enough you'll be on your back screaming my name, but first I have to play hard to get."

"I thought we'd sorted this already, I'm the top. Which means you'll probably be the one on your back screaming my name." Aiden retorts, "Or here's a compromise, we can both scream each other's name."

"And be versatile?" he asks, considering it. He shrugs, "I'm alright with that." Almost on instinct, Dracen checks his phone for the time and groans at how late it is. Pocketing the device he meets Aiden's gaze, a little at war with himself on whether or not he should go. "Well I'm exhausted-..." he huffs a laugh as he stands, "I suppose I should get used to that, huh?"

Aiden's disappointed when Dracen stands, seeming to signify the end of their conversation, but given that this is only day one of the reality show Aiden knows there will be plenty more opportunities for the pair to continue their flirtatious banter. "Once you've got some stamina you won't always be so exhausted after a round with me." Aiden says with a cheeky wink.

"Good to know," he chuckles, opening his arms wide as he clasps his hands open and shut, "Give us a kiss goodnight, then."

Aiden gaves an fake exasperated sigh, as he might to an insistent child. "Alright, I suppose you've earned it." He says, pushing himself off the couch. Whether Dracen meant the sentence as a joke or not, Aiden doesn't really care. Instead he swoops in, planting a surprisingly tender kiss on Dracen's lips. He pulls away slightly, replacing his lips with a finger, "And that's all you're getting until you've made me an honest man." Aiden teases, before eventually removing his finger.

He'd expected a hug. Really that's all he was expecting. He had no idea Aiden would actually kiss him. Dracen's eyes widen almost comically as he feels the gryphon's lips against his own. His heart pounds and his face goes beet red. All of his nonchalance dissipated in an instant. As Aiden's finger slips from his lips, Dracen stammers, "Y-yeah-..." he ducks his head shyly, rubbing the back of his neck as he huffs a laugh, "I'll hold you to that." Meeting the gryphon's gaze he side-steps, hooking his thumbs towards the door as he backs up towards it, "I-...I should go." And he almost makes it, the poor guy, before the heel of his foot catches against the leg of the coffee table. Dracen stumbles and falls, flailing as he descends to the ground before picking himself up off the ground. "You didn't see that." he says, pointing a finger at him, "I walked out of here and it was badass. You're practically smitten with me right now."

Of course, as he ascends the stairs, he stumbles again. So much for walking out like a badass.

Aiden watches Dracen leave the room, fighting back the urge to laugh as the guy trips over the coffee table. It's pretty adorable actually and Aiden salutes Dracen out of the room with a quick wave of his hand. "Badass, got it." He repeats to himself, grinning at the obvious lack of badassery that has just occurred.

Once Dracen has left the room Aiden falls back into the couch, "He's totally into me." Aiden remarks to Frank, who merely glares at him in response. Aiden barely seems to notice Frank's glare, nor is Aiden aware of the wide smile on his face. Whistling cheerfully to himself, Aiden relaxes back into the sofa, exceedingly pleased with how the first day has gone.


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The Isles of Sicily; one of the few territories in Ellium that isn't plagued by oppressive segregation. Populated by non-magic humans, it is a nesting ground for equality, adorned with beautiful beaches, rolling hillsides, and floral plains. Consortio Manor lays nestled on a mountainside, overlooking a beach that has been closed off for the use of the cast members. After a week of filming, Claude decides that you and your fellow cast mates deserve a bit of a break while they edit the first episode. Turns out this "breaks" doesn't translate the same to you as it does him. Instead of being free from the cameras in their entirety, Claude limits the amount of cameramen to two instead of the ten they have readily available. Gathering your bathing clothes, you and your cast mates set out to the beach for a day in the sun.

Crashing against the shore, small waves wash the night's debris onto the land. Untouched golden sand covers the floor as far as your eyes can see. Soothing, a gentle sea breeze rustles through your hair. Abandoned, nothing there apart from a few sea gulls pecking at the rubbish left by yesterday's visitors. The blazing sun beats down on the smooth, weathered rocks of the cliff side. The crisp seaweed pushed onto the rocks by the waves, lay baking at the sea's edge, occasionally moving with the tide. The clear blue sea's waves rattle the tiny pebbles embedded in the golden sand. The foam from the waves cover a small child's forgotten sandcastle, bringing it down with a dull crash. Closing off the edge of the beach is a cave, the entrance hidden from view, punctuating the extensive length of the shore side. Islanders mingle and gather far off in the distance, their presence inaudible even to the the creatures they're so far off.

Here marks the next week of filming Return to Reality. What impression will you make?


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#, as written by Cloud



{| In collaboration with ibecameinsane |}

Aiden Young had always been a fan of the beach, the rolling waves, the glorious sand, the sun beating down from above, and, best of all, the half-naked bodies everywhere. The Gryphon had been thrilled to hear that the cast's first trip out would be to a local beach, his only disappointment had been in finding that they would not be sharing the sandy dunes with the locals. He had hoped to be able to strut his stuff in front of his human fans, but now he would have to make do with his fellow cast members.

Not that he was 'strutting' at the moment. His lanky frame is currently stretched out on the sand, sun beating down on his bare chest. Tiny droplets of water roll off his skin, evidence that he has recently taken a dip in the water. He isn't exactly asleep, but he has sunk into a comfortable drowsy state, and is, possibly for the first time this week, not making an excessive amount of noise.

Walking parallel to the shoreline, Dracen scans the beach for Aiden only to find the gryphon laying in the sand. Whisky eyes follow the subtle ridges in his abdomen as he approaches, admiring the olive glow on his skin. He makes an effort to compose himself with every step he takes, putting on his devil-may-care debonair. Watching his shadow as it moves along the sand, Dracen pivots so it doesn't hit Aiden's face, leaving him otherwise undetected until the last possible second. Just as his presence is realized, Dracen falls to his knees, both of them on either side of Aiden's waist before he sits his rear right on the gryphon's groin. He's grinning ear to ear, both hands on Aiden's abdomen as he cocks his head to the side, completely blotting out the sun. "What're you doing?"

Aiden hears the footsteps in the sand, but in his drowsy state passes them off as a cameraman come to get a close up of Aiden's naked chest. He doesn't open his eyes to check though, and is therefore surprised when the cameraman takes a seat on his crotch, pulling him quickly to wakefulness. An eye cracks open, revealing that in fact his surprise visitor is none other than his favourite housemate. A lazy smile grows on his face and the gryphon opens his other eye to get a better look at the young man sitting on him.

"This is a nice surprise." Aiden replies, ignoring Dracen's question for now, "A bit rapey, but I can't say I'm complaining." Aiden shifts slightly, just enough to make himself somewhat more comfortable without pushing Dracen off. He rests his arms under his head, using them to slightly elevate his head so he can get a better view of the young monster above him. His eyes travel leisurely down Dracen's body, admiring the view unashamedly.

"Would've been an even better surprise if you'd taken these off first." He adds, a sly smile on his face as Aiden removes an arm from behind his head and reaches forward to gently tug on the rim of Dracen's swim trunks.

As Aiden smiles, Dracen's own grows impossibly bigger; he's positively elated just knowing that he made someone happy just by being there. Once rape is mentioned, the wyvern's face falls in incredulous adoration. Though his smile is soft and almost fond, his eyes just scream scepticism. Why would he complain when I'm literally on his dick? he thinks, and it's an accurate thought. Then Aiden shifts, bringing a soft blush to his cheeks because he can feel everything in the gryphon's shorts. His blush only intensifies when Aiden appraises him and he has to fight the urge to cover himself. Settling for sitting back on his heels, Dracen crosses his arms over his chest, cocking a brow when Aiden tugs the hem of his trunks. "Oh I bet-..." he says with a smile, "Unfortunately for you, this isn't a nude beach."

Aiden grins up at Dracen, thoroughly enjoying watching the blush spread across his face. He's not sure what has brought on this new, assertive Dracen. He still remembers the stumbling mess Dracen had been at the start of the week when Aiden had kissed him, and now this. Whatever or whoever has caused this change, Aiden sends them a mental 'thank you'.

"Ain't that a pity." Aiden pulls his arm back, once again resting it behind his head. He's trying to play it cool himself, hiding his excitement at Dracen's unlikely arrival behind a cocky grin. He pushes himself up on his elbows so that he's closer to Dracen before adding, "Although I doubt anyone would complain if you did strip. We're all friends here. Besides, they'd blur all your naughty bits on the telly." On the word 'naughty' Aiden glances directly at Dracen's own crotch, before returning back to his face, the smile turning into a grin as he waits for his reply.

Whisky eyes follow the gryphon's movements attentively, seeing the wheels turn in head topped with curls up until his crotch is given Aiden's undivided attention. It's harder than you'd think, concealing a blush, and Dracen doesn't know how he manages. Nevertheless, the simple shift in the other man's gaze unhinged the poor wyvern, derailing his train of thought only a moment before he gets himself back. Resisting the urge to lean forward, he puts some distance between them just so he can think properly. It's rather pathetic, in Dracen's opinion, just how hard it is for him to hold himself back. I knew I had a crush on him, he thinks, , but this is starting to get ridiculous. You'd think him smitten, really. If anything that's what adds fuel to his cockiness. He'll prove himself wrong. This was a crush, nothing more.

Although his little inner turmoil seemed to have gone on forever in his own mind's eye, he replied to Aiden a bet after he stopped speaking, thinking on his feet with a coy smirk on his face. "You wouldn't complain-..." he says, "All of my other friends don't want to see me naked." Did I just imply that we were friends? What?

"Of course I wouldn't complain. I'd love to see you running around butt naked" Aiden replies with his usual teasing smirk. Aiden has to chuckle at the conversation. Dracen and Aiden may have spent most of the first season playfully flirting, but it was nothing like this. This season had seen their flirtations hit a whole new level. First the innocent kiss good-night, now the crotch sitting... what would be next? Grinding on each other naked? At that enticing thought Aiden quirks an eyebrow. Truthfully, he'd sleep with almost anyone, but there is no denying that the thought of getting intimate with the wyvern is certainly more appealing than most. It isn't just that he finds Dracen pleasing on the eye, he's also rather fond of their playful banter.

Once again Aiden readjusts himself, this time pushing up onto his hands so that he and Dracen are almost face to face. "But, if you're too shy to strip here, you can wait until we're alone." His voice is a gentle purr as he addresses the wyvern, a sultry smile spread across his face "I'd love a private show."

"I wouldn't be a wyvern of my word if I didn't give you one, remember?" It's almost effortless—his reply—yet completely foreign to him. He's never been this forward with anyone before. Not that he had all that much experience, mind you. With Victoria he took things slow, got to know her, met her family, waited a year before they ever became intimate. Then again, they were actually dating. Dracen can't imagine a world where Aiden would want to date him exclusively. It wasn't even about his immense self-loathing and low self-esteem; Aiden simply wasn't the kind of person to settle down. As nice as it would be to have Aiden for a boyfriend, Dracen wasn't getting his hopes up. Still, he doesn't let his insecurities show. Instead he buries it with a smirk and false confidence, "Name a time and place and I'm all yours."

Aiden's eyebrows rise in an expression of pleasant surprise, but he doesn't skip a beat as he replies, "Alright, midnight tonight at the gazebo. " Aiden rests his weight on one hand, lifting the other up and gently tracing a finger down Dracen's chest. "I'll be the one in the Hawaiian shirt trying to hide a boner."

Dracen will deny until the day he dies that his breath hitched even a little as Aiden touched his bare chest. Clearing his throat, he manages a chuckle just to save face, "A hawaiian shirt? That might just be a boner killer for me."

"You've obviously never seen me in a Hawaiian shirt." Aiden replies, "I've been told it's very... stimulating." Aiden winks as he pronounces 'stimulating'. It's clear by the way he says it, and because this is Aiden talking, that he does not mean stimulating in terms of the brain.

The wyvern huffs a laugh, "Well we'll see, won't we?" Before he convince himself otherwise, Dracen closes the space between them, meeting Aiden's lips for a brief moment in a soft kiss. When he pulls away, his finger replaces his mouth, mocking the gryphon with a boastful smirk. His voice is low as he talks and his gaze never falters from Aiden's own, "I'll meet you at the gazebo but we won't do it there, I'll take you to a place the camera can't follow. Deal?"

It is very rare to find Aiden speechless, but as Dracen kisses him words escape the gryphon. It isn't just that Dracen's boldness surprises him, but the kiss itself seems to halt his tongue, at least temporarily. As Dracen replaces his lips with his finger, Aiden again wonders what has caused this sudden change in the wyvern. However, Aiden has little time to dwell on that thought as Dracen informs Aiden the pair will be sneaking off to a camera free hideout.

Whatever doubts Aiden may have had about Dracen not following through with his promise are eradicated. Aiden's voice returns quickly and with it his usual cocky humour,"You've got yourself a deal Dracy, although I hope you're not taking me to a secret sex dungeon where you'll ravage me... or perhaps I do hope that." He says despite Dracen's finger placed on his lips. Titling his head to the side he pictures being 'ravaged' by Dracen.

"Sorry to disappoint-..." Dracen replies with ease, taking the hand that had kept Aiden from speaking and threading it through thick curls. "...-but there's no sex dungeon. See that cliff over there?" he averts his gaze to the end of the beach were a cliff dips off into the ocean and large rocks hide the cave behind it only to bring it back, meeting Aiden's gaze with promiscuity in his whiskey hues. "There's a cave. It's too precarious to film in there and it's deep enough to conceal us if we're followed."

Aiden follows Dracen's gaze, noting the cliff in question. He raises a questioning eyebrow at Dracen, "You seem familiar with this cave. I hope my little Dracy hasn't been taking other cast members up there." Aiden says, a falsely concerned note in his voice, "All this time I've been thinking we have a special connection and you've been rooting someone else in your sex cave. Who is it? Just tell me so I can have closure." Aiden's tone may be bordering on soap opera style betrayal, but his eyes are glittering with humour. He's teasing Dracen, of course, and it's pretty obvious to anyone listening that he's not being serious. Even if Dracen had been having secret rendezvous with the other cast, Aiden probably wouldn't have cared, especially not with the promiscuous glimmer in Dracen's own extraordinary eyes. Aiden wonders if Dracen realises how rousing that look in his eyes is, especially when adding the fact that Dracen is still essentially sitting on Aiden's crotch.

Dracen lets his hand fall from Aiden's hair into his own lap, giving the gryphon his patient attention as he puts on a show of false abhorrence and dread. It's bittersweet, actually. There's a part of him that yearns for that kind of attachment, for Aiden to actually care if he was sleeping around, but that inkling is immediately superseded by the knowledge that Aiden probably couldn't care less. "Oh you'll be the first-..." ...-for a lot of things. "I only know about it because Benjy told me." He leans in and kisses him again—purely because he can't help himself—but this time he doesn't pull away. His eyes stay locked with Aiden's own as he speaks against his mouth with a smile, "Don't worry, your little Dracy's been nothing if not faithful."

This time the kiss doesn't take him by surprise. He lets himself enjoy it, his lips opening invitingly. He listens with one half of his brain, while the other is focused on the feeling of Dracen's lips moving as he's talking. Once the wyvern's done Aiden pushes forward, resting his hand lightly on the nape of Dracen's neck. Dracen may have initiated the kiss, but Aiden sure as hell wasn't going to let him finish it there. He slips his tongue into Dracen's mouth slowly, gently pushing the pair past soft kisses and into the more sensual French kissing. The hand on Dracen's neck draws him closer, while Aiden's other hand comes to rest just above Dracen's hip and draws their bodies closer together.

Aiden's kiss takes him just as much by surprise as it did a week ago but this time, the wyvern doesn't flounder. It began like last time. Their lips locked and Dracen froze, his eyes wide in surprise as Aiden remained in his element. Then something new happened. As Aiden placed a tender hand on the nape of the wyvern’s neck, he began to slowly and tenderly brush his tongue across his lips. Dracen never thought he would be the first one to ask for this, and scolded himself for thinking that was it. But just in case, he opened his lips a little wider. To his surprise, Aiden took it as an invitation and slipped his tongue inside, sliding it along the wyvern’s own in a gentle caress Dracen wouldn’t have expected from the gryphon. It didn’t take long at all for Dracen to get over the initial shock and when he did, his hands slide up the length of Aiden’s chest, stopping at his shoulders to grab and hold onto. He'd done this with Victoria a few times, but it never gave him this much contentment, but he rushes that though out of his mind the moment it comes. Instead, Dracen lets himself indulge, falling into the rhythm of their heated osculation. His hands move along the gryphon’s shoulders, palming the back of his neck with both hands as he tilts his head, their tongues engaging in a dance with no music. It’s too addictive for him to even think about pulling away, not even when his lungs burn for air.

When he finally does break the kiss, his cheeks are left rosy from air deprivation and he’s panting against Aiden’s lips, his eyes clouded as they fall on the gryphon’s lips.

As their tongues intertwine Aiden lets his hand drop from Dracen’s neck to explore the smooth muscle of his back. The touch of Dracen’s hands prowling up Aiden’s chest send delighted chills across his skin. As they move along his shoulders and then to the back of his neck, his own hands respond by pulling Dracen’s body even closer. The pair sink into a pleasurable rhythm, lips open and tongues interlacing, and Aiden basks in the way the two seem to move together, the enjoyable pressure of Dracen’s hands on his bare skin, and the growing confidence of his partner.

Aiden is determined to continue their fervent embrace, and only reluctantly allows Dracen to halt the kiss. He’s left gasping for more, but concedes that a break is needed. He takes a moment to catch his breath too, before a smile appears on his face. His eyes glimmer with his signature, mischievous look as he slowly leans forward and gently bites on Dracen’s lower lip. He pulls on the wyvern’s lip slightly, and then teasingly retreats before the two can fall once again into a repeat of their breathless kiss.

"Don’t you think we should save something for tonight?” He asks suggestively, raising an eyebrow as his eyes trace the shape of Dracen’s mouth. His left hand is tracing lazy circles on Dracen's lower back, while his right moves back to rest on the nape of Dracen's neck.

Dracen can still feel the phantom touch of Aiden's hands on his skin. They're breathing in each other's air, caught in an intimate closeness that seems rather out of character from two mere acquaintances. He tries not to let himself think that it's because that's not what they are, that they know each other better, but he doesn't grant himself that luxury. He barely knows anything about the gryphon except for that he's prone to one night stands and he wants to bang him. Other than that, Aiden's a complete mystery.

Regardless, when the gryphon smiles Dracen is left entranced, and those fanfiction green eyes aren't doing him any favors either. He's rendered completely helpless when his bottom lip is taken hostage and tugged. It sends a shiver up his spine, one he tries to conceal by gripping Aiden tighter. Those lazy circles aid his focus, giving him something to hone in on as he's blatantly teased and appraised by the gryphon. "Y-Yeah-..." he stammers softly, "We should-...definitely." Funny thing is, he doesn't get up from the gryphon's lap. He remains rooted to the spot, his eyes falling to Aiden's lips unconsciously as he simply stays.

Aiden's smile only grows as Dracen stammers out a reply. As much as he's enjoying the assertive, confident Dracen - and he is really enjoying this side of the wyvern -, he can't help but find the flustered Dracen that sometimes appears adorable and somewhat endearing. Not that he'd let on as much, it's simply encouraging to know that Aiden's actions can cause such a reaction in someone else.

Aiden smirks, his hand moving slowly lower until it's resting against the fabric of Dracen's shorts. He hooks his thumb over the hem and continues the lazy circles, well aware that his hand is extremely close, if not on Dracen's butt. While he does this he leans in closer until his lips are aligned with Dracen's ear and, in what he believes is a sultry whisper, says, "Although if you're interested we could always pop up to the cave now for a little fun." Aiden suggests, gyrating his hips slightly to indicate what he means by 'fun'.
Aiden isn't altogether serious. Yes, if Dracen agreed Aiden would jump at the chance to go, but given that it is broad-daylight and a cameraman is filming them intently, Aiden doubts that they could get away unnoticed. Still, the suggestion gives Aiden the chance to get close to Dracen and, not one to miss an opportunity, he lightly lets his tongue tickle Dracen's ear before pulling back, a devilish grin on his face.

Dracen's eyes widen slightly, the hairs on the back of his neck standing to attention as Aiden's hands travel downward. His fingertips caress the slope of his ass and it leaves the wyvern beet red as a result, frozen in his spot as Aiden leans forward just to whisper in his ear. Dracen grips Aiden's shoulders tightly, using him as an anchor to regain his focus. It's almost for naught when he feels that tongue at his ear and his back arches into the gyration, his eyelids fluttering as he bites his lip in an attempt to conceal a moan. His blood runs like ice water in his veins and Aiden's driving him crazy. He's also blocking Dracen's face from the sole camera on the beach, much ot the wyvern's relief. His father would give him Hell if saw what he was up to. Exhaling a shaking breath, Dracen leans back, unaware of the increased weight he's putting on Aiden's crotch as he replies, "Keep it in your pants until tonight, babe. Delayed gratification and all that-..."

If anything Dracen's reaction makes Aiden want to throw him on the sand and do it right then and there, cameraman be damned. The firm grip on his shoulders, the shaky breath, and the fact that Dracen's ass is still exceptionally close to Aiden's groin... really, Aiden considers himself a saint for holding off as well as he is doing. But hold off he does, instead making do with letting his fingers trace shapes on Dracen's lower back.

"Don't you worry, sugarbun," Aiden replies, adding in 'sugarbun' in response to Dracen's use of the endearment 'babe'. "I can go all day and night. Tonight I'll show you what it's like to make love to a real man." A smile splits his face as Aiden remembers their chat earlier that week regarding who would give, "We can finally end that argument of who'd be on top." He adds.

"I-..." he blanches, torn between wanting to tell Aiden about his lack of sexual experience with a man or not. Dracen doesn't want to seem like a virgin while Aiden's probably bedded plenty of guys since last season. He decides to throw caution to the wind, deciding that if Aiden had a problem with it then he wasn't worth his time anyway. Still, it's not exactly an easy thing to admit. "I mean, I-...I haven't exactly been with a guy before. I'm-...I'm not a virgin but I haven' know...with a dude." If Dracen was red before, he's practically glowing now, skin hot with embarrassment as he averts his eyes.

Aiden is surprised at Dracen's admission. Perhaps somewhat naively he'd simply assumed that everyone had got as much 'ass' as he had after the first season. Not that Aiden has been swimming in sexual meetings, but he'd hardly call himself a newbie to it. Still, he doesn't mind Dracen's inexperience too much. Aiden would happily direct the wyvern when needed. If Dracen is as good in bed as he is making out, Aiden was sure that their night would be extremely enjoyable.

"You're a V-plater? So you've never..." Aiden pulls his hands up to mime penetration, "... in your bum?" The question is as delicate as one might expect from Aiden, and he continues on with as much class as always, "Your dude-virginity is in good hands. 'Sides, guess we know who's going to be on top now."

Dracen gives him an incredulous look as he mimes with his hands, one that resembles that of a parent scolding a child. It's almost laughable considering they're still very much intertwined and he's still very much in his lap. Regardless of how he's looking at him, there's still fondness there. It's detectable in the heavenward roll of his eyes and the way he emotes his face, smiling softly and cocking a brow. "That's what I was implying, yeah." he remarks, before he looks at Aiden in genuine curiosity, "So do I have to, you know, bring anything? I'm not exactly sure how that works."

"Leave it to me." Aiden replies, letting his hands fall to Dracen's thighs, "I'll bring the rubber, you just bring your ass." He gives Dracen his best, sleazy wink, before letting his hands wander up and around the wyvern's thighs to grab a hold of his butt. "Although if you want mood lighting, sensual music in the background... whatever, I'm all for that." He adds, semi joking.

"I'll be in charge of the mood lighting then," he replies with ease, trying with all his might to ignore the hands on his ass. "I'll bring candles," he winks, "Very classy,"

"I'm all about the class." Aiden replies, laughing at how obviously false his statement is. Even so, with or without the candles, Aiden is already looking forward to tonight. It's not just because he's hopefully going to get some action, but also because the pair will be doing it out of the ever present view of the army of cameramen that reside at the house. Aiden is hardly camera shy, he'd happily walk around the house butt naked if he thought he could get away with it, but he was sensitive enough - just - to know that Dracen might not be so keen for a bunch of cameras trained on him as they did the deed.

"How many fangirls do you think will die if they find out? What was it they called us? Draden? Aircen?" Aiden asks a moment later. He's sure after the beach episode airs the Draden movement will become an unstoppable force.

"Draden-..." he corrects with a smile, "...-but I don't know. I'll keep tabs on all of the Draden fan blogs I'm following on Tumblr and give you an estimate."

"You follow them?" Aiden asks, raising an eyebrow. He remembers their talk about the fan art and such on their first day, but as he searches his memory he's sure that Dracen hasn't mentioned it before. The next question seems a predictable follow-up to the last, "Why are you following them?"

Dracen blanches, his mouth falling open in sheer shock. Oh great job, dumbass. Now he probably thinks you're this weird stalker, he scolds himself, Nice work freaking him out before he even gets in your pants.. He flounders, sputtering a bit as he tries to gather his thoughts, "Oh-...pffft, you know for, like, uh-..." he stammers, "" And just to put the cherry on top to that already outstanding argument, Dracen adds, "Sh-Shut up, okay!" with rosy cheeks and shifty eyes.

Aiden feels the smirk on his face grow larger until its an all-out grin. Dracen isn't doing a good job of arguing his case, stuttering that he followed the 'Draden' blogs for science before reverting to the classic 'Shut up'. Aiden removes his hands from Dracen's backside and brings them up in the international symbol of I give up.
"Okay buddy, you got me there." He says, sarcasm dripping with every word. "I should have known science was involved."

"Don't patronize me," he remarks without missing a beat, chuckling a bit to ease the tension. "I'll have you know I'm very in touch with my fans and they're interests. Their interests just happen to involve us fucking-..." Then he shrugs as if it can't be helped, stifling a laughter that he's been holding whilst simultaneously missing having the gryphon's hands on him.

"Well if it's for the fans, who are we to deny them their hearts' desires?" Aiden replies, "Although you know they won't be able to see us in your little sex cave." Aiden smirks and leans closer, "We could always make a sex tape and 'accidently' release it? For the fans of course." He's only half joking. He'd be up for making a sex tape, but he'd do it for himself, not for fangirls shipping Draden.

Having gained some of his confidence back, Dracen takes Aiden's lips between his fingers, pinching them shut as he cocks a brow, "Babe if I'm going to let you bone me, you'll have to work on your bedside manner." he grins, preening and looking entirely full of himself, "You'll have to get used to keeping our sexual exploits a secret until you want to date me."

Even with his lips held shut by Dracen's fingers, you can't mistake the smile playing on his face. Aiden thinks his bedside manner is fine, in fact it is the next best thing after his stunning good looks and huge package... at least in his own eyes. Of course, without the ability to speak he's unable to remind Dracen that his bedside manner is one of the many qualities that the wyvern undoubtedly loves about him, according to Aiden at least. Instead he's forced to merely make sultry eyes at the wyvern while waiting for the ability to speak again.

Meeting the gryphon's flirtatious gaze, Dracen cannot help but smile, seemingly reading his thoughts with just a glance. There wasn't a doubt in his mind that Aiden had himself convinced that his bedside manner was top notch. It brings a chuckle to the wyvern as he decides to tease the gryphon a little, "Want me to let you go?"

Aiden doesn't know if he's enjoying being the one being teased or not. It's certainly new to him, being on the receiving end of someone's witty humour without being able to retaliate. However, despite this he's enjoying himself, perhaps helped by the fact that it's Dracen holding his lips hostage and not some random asshole he can't stand. So Aiden plays along, nodding in reply to Dracen's question.

"Well then give us a kiss." he replies with a grin, letting go of Aiden's lips in anticipation.

Aiden's patience is rewarded and his lips are freed at the price of a kiss. He's happy to pay and leans forward until his lips are hovering tantalisingly close to Dracen's. Of course, Aiden knows how to tease too and before he closes the last remaining centimetre, he pauses.
"Say please."

He doesn't. Instead, he surges forward, initiating another kiss with a soft moan. Dracen sinks into the kiss, indulging in the way their lips move against one another's for a brief moment before he pulls away with a smirk, "Don't want to anymore." he replies, "You've got a lot to make up for, babe."

Aiden shouldn't really have been surprised when Dracen ignored Aiden's request, instead choosing to close the gap and steal a kiss anyway. If that isn't rude enough, Dracen pulls away before Aiden has gotten his fill. "I'll make it all up to you tonight sweetie-pie." Aiden replies, snorting in amusement at the baby-names, "I'll make it up to you so much that you'll be screaming my name and asking for more." As if to emphasis his words Aiden's hands slide back around Dracen's waist, drawing him slightly closer.

"Well as much as I'd love to stay on your dick all day-..." Dracen jests, "I promised an emissary I'd let her see my dragon form so I must bid you farewell for now."

Aiden grins, "Alright then love, have fun. I'll be seeing you tonight." Aiden gives Dracen's buttocks one last encouraging squeeze with his hands before letting them fall onto the sand. "Don't forget the candles."

Dracen gives Aiden a look as he's felt up, leaning in to leave the gryphon with a sweet, parting kiss, "I won't-..." Standing, the wyvern offers a wave goodbye and a soft smile, "I'll see you later." He turns on his heels then, jogging over to the oceanside where his friends lay in the sand, their hands linked. It makes him falter a bit, almost enticing him to stay and let them share an intimate moment, but he's already said goodbye. Instead of jogging over excitedly, he walks, giving them a little extra time before he interjects.

Aiden watches Dracen leave, admiring the view as the wyvern jogs away. "I've still got it." He sighs as he flops back onto the sand, the grin on his face widening as he pictures the night to come.