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Ashton Byrne

"I'd love to steal your pot o' gold."

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a character in “Return to Reality”, as played by Paintpoint




|{Full Name}|
Ashton Benjamin Byrne
”Ashton B. Byrne, at your service.”

Ash or Ashy
”Call me Ashy or nothing at all.”

October 30th
”I’ll let you guess the year.”

”Aye, I don’t want to hear your jokes, I’ve heard them all before.”

”All colors of the rainbow.”

Bar owner
”I can’t believe you don’t recognize me. I own the Lucky Leprechaun bar. A little pub in Dublin that's been in the family for a few centuries.”

The Trickster
”What can I say? It’s in my blood to be sneaky.”

”I hate all the segregation and hate that’s always circulating around. Especially in the bars, you don’t know how many fights I break up because one species has it out for another. I just wish it’d stop. I’m hoping Return to Reality will help end that and bring patrons to my pub.”

{"Kiss me like you want to be loved.” }
-Ed Sheeran

|| Cunning | Mischievous | Trickster | Eccentric | Optimistic ||
Ashton is wacky and always talking at a hundred miles per hour, jumping from topic to topic and leaping out into strange tangents. You'll hardly ever find him sitting still for more than a few seconds before he's off running around. He's always doing something to hold his attention, whether it be sporadically dancing or talking somebody's ear off or behind the scenes scheming his next trick. Ashy can be very cruel and crude when it comes to tricking people, one of his favorite things to do, and doesn't know when he's crossed the line. The leprechaun has been known to be kleptomaniac and take things that aren't his and hoard them away with the rest of his stash. He loves people and being around them, always looking for an opportunity to jump in and crack a joke. Ashton was born to make people laugh and is very intelligent when it comes to reading a person. If Ashton isn't hanging out with a group of people he's usually running around corridors and causing mischief and mayhem as he goes.

{"You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on.” }
-Dean Martin



|{Place of Origin}|
"I was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland."
Ashton was born on October 30th to Aileen and Alroy Byrne, unfortunately his mother succumbed to heavy blood loss and died the morning after he was born. Growing up without his mother didn't deter the leprechaun in the least bit, each year after his birthday he'd go visit her grave with his father, but otherwise wasn't affected by her death. Sometimes, late at night, he'd sneak through the living room and hear the soft cries coming from his father who spent many late nights in the kitchen milking a whiskey. At the age of ten Ashton was already going to the bar after school and working for his father, ducking around the drunk patrons and picking up plates and bottles to take to the back and wash up. When he turned sixteen Ashton dropped out of school and began working full time at the Lucky Leprechaun. He spent nearly 24/7 at the bar but it was his family's pride and joy, handed down from generation to generation. Side by side he worked with his father until the old leprechaun vanished one day. Ashton was devastated by his father's disappearance, but he had a business to run, so he stayed with the Lucky Leprechaun and became the primary owner. To this day he still does not know of his dad's whereabouts.
|[color=#Color]{Family Tree}[/color]|
|| <a href="">Alieen Byrne</a>| Leprechaun | Deceased ||
|| <a href="">Alroy Bryne</a> | Leprechaun | Unknown ||
|{Happiest Memory}|
"On my fifteenth birthday my dad took me down to the fisherman docks and took me out on a fishing vessel for three days. Oh it was the most fun I've ever had, though I don't miss the smell of all those stinky sardines."
|{Saddest Memory}|
"Aye I suppose the saddest thing I can recall is when my wolf hound, Ty, got hit by a truck while we were walking to work. It was so sudden and jarring and there was absolutely nothing I could do to stop it. Being so helpless, watching as a life is taken, it fucked me up."

{"A word to the wise ain't necessary - it's the stupid ones that need the advice.” }
-Bill Cosby

Ashton has a stash of gold and other stolen trinkets he's collected over the years, it is safely guarded but always nearby.
As a leprechaun if he is caught or his pot of gold found he is obligated to offer three wishes in exchange.
Ashy is an alcoholic.


Character Dialogue || #330099

Face Claim || Ed Sheeran

So begins...

Ashton Byrne's Story


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"The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything."
― Albert Einstein


{ In collaboration with ibecameinsane }

For the newbies, their first time seeing the United States is through tinted glass. Flown to the states from
their home countries, the new cast members are gussied up for their big debut and called one at a time to
be interviewed on worldwide television. The lights are blinding, the set is stifling, and the pressure to
impress the crowd is anything but effortless. Meanwhile, the returning cast members wait in the green room
to be called on stage. Ushered on stage onto a four person couch, they’re coaxed into sharing what they’ve
done since season one. They sit together with smiles plastered on their faces as though they’re old friends
when in truth some of them cannot stand one another. Once they’ve been given enough of the limelight,
they’re all ushered into a private jet and flown to the Isles of Scilly.

The streets are filled to the brim by the curious spectators. Unknowing bystanders, which were few and far
between, were confused by the spectacle while others have flown for all corners of their providence just to
see this event unfold in person. Slowly, the vehicles make their way through the crowded road. As the
limousines closer, the flashes of the cameras of the paparazzi intensified. While most entered the luxurious
premises without too much difficulty, others were faced with the usual complications that came with the fame.
Some fanatics pushed themselves against the vehicles screaming the returning cast's names while others tried
to catch a glimpse of the newbies. As usual, the security crew handled the situation accordingly in order to
proceed promptly with the schedule.

They’re in the house gathered into the living room by the producer who captures their attention with a clasp
of his hands as he stands in front of the fireplace. "Alright everyone, tonight marks the first night of season two. We’ve got
our veterans over here-…"
he gestures to the couch on his left where all but one sit and then to his right where they
huddle around as much as possible, "…-and our newbies. For those who don’t know me, my name is Claude Fauré. You may
address me as anything you see fit. Once I assign you to a bedroom, you will be given a roommate and we’ll begin filming. Now-…”"

He goes through the list, telling each member of the cast where they’ll be staying before he pockets his cellphone
and gives them a look of warning. "“The cameras will be rolling at all times. I reiterate: at all times. Some moments may not
make the final cut but everything will be on film. Because the goal of this season is to prove that different species from different
Providences can in fact live in harmony, I would like to respectfully request that you hold yourself at some level of decency."
With one
last grin he snaps his fingers, ushering the cameramen into the room. "Now, you’ll have about half an hour to get your
things settled before the cameras start rolling so use them wisely."