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Elizabeth Florence Brown

Achieve the goals you set, because that is what they are there for

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a character in “Return to Reality”, as played by mermaidlegend




|{Full Name}|
Elizabeth Florence Brown

Flo, lizzy, Browny, Brown, Florence,izzy

July, 18, 1991




The Brave

She is not afraid of a challenge, and wants to achieve the purpose they are all here for to coexist and get to know each other

{"Whenever you want to achieve something, keep your eyes open, concentrate and make sure you know exactly what it is you want. No one can hit their target with their eyes closed.โ€ }
-Paulo Coelho, The Devil and Miss Prym

Courteous: Often
Risk-Taking: Always
Ambitious: Always
Curious: Sometimes
Self-Controlled: Often
Nurturing: Often
Trusting: Sometimes
Honest: Sometimes
Loyal: Often
Affectionate: Sometimes
Romantic: Never
Flirty: Never
Sympathetic: Often
Altruistic: Always
Optimistic: Always
Observant: Often
Logical: Always
Social: Often
Emotional: Sometimes
Generally, a very determined and tough girl

  • Looks up when she thinks, Looks left when she lies
  • Stares at clocks when she has nothing to do/or is bored
  • Taps her finger when she is worried

  • Great singing voice that can charm anyone that hears it
  • Flying, because she has wings
  • Understands Latin and Greek
  • Breath underwater
  • Fast swimmer
  • Mind Control
  • Water control

  • Bronze daggers
  • Earplugs
  • Electricity
  • Water pollution
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Swimming
  • Singing
  • Songwriting

{"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.โ€ }
-Mae West



|{Place of Origin}|
United Kingdom
Elizabeth's family is one with a long history, both the Browns and the Rosses had many traditions, their family however didn't have any rules about blood purity which was why elizabeth's were partially Greek on her mother's side. However, up to her mother and father's generation, their family decided to change a bit from the original family traditions so moved to London away from the original family castle next to the ocean (though they still own it).
Her older brother, William loved her a lot and in return Elizabeth loved him too, but he was kidnapped when she was just 3 years old, so that was when her family adopted Marcus. Elizabeth was not that close with Marcus, though they both treated each other with respect, he was always the perfect kid in the house but that didn't replace the misery from William's absence.
Growing up Elizabeth loved reading and writing and dreamed of becoming a writer which she did. At the age of 15 her mother promised to buy her ice cream but never came back because she died in a car accident, her father was always busy with business, so she was sent to live with her Uncle and Aunt. Her uncle and aunt had two twins, Philip and Philippa, those two were very naughty kids like younger siblings to Elizabeth. So she just grew up like a normal kid without parents until today working hard towards her dreams.
20 years since William's kidnapping, he returns the family home with a fiancรฉe, Andrea Reid however because of her Basilisk identity and their family's belief on how different species can not coexist, at least not in the same household, but Elizabeth was determined to prove that it is possible, by joining Return to Reality.
|{Family Tree}|
Grandfather: Joseph Brown
Grandmother: Jessica Brown(Nรฉe: Hunter)(deceased)
Father: Scott Brown

Grandfather: William Ross(deceased)
Grandmother: Elizabeth Ross(Nรฉe: Fernando)
Mother: Florence Brown(Nรฉe:Ross) (deceased)
Uncle: David Ross
Aunt: Maddison Ross (Nรฉe: Bronte)
Cousins: Philip Ross, Philippa Ross

Older Brother: William "Billy" Brown
Future Sister in Law: Andrea Reid

Step Brother: Marcus Walter

|{Happiest Memory}|
When she is chosen for Return to Reality

|{Saddest Memory}|
Her mother's death

{"Friendship is born at that moment when one man says to another: "What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . .".โ€ }
-C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves

(Secrets may be included here. At least two.)
โShe had crush on Marcus when she was youngerโž
โShe always refused to sing when going to parties because she was scared the humans will kill her for being a Sirenโž
โThe real reason she moved out after her mother's death was that her father had an affairโž


Character Dialogue || #0e6c7d

Face Claim || Amanda Seyfried

So begins...

Elizabeth Florence Brown's Story


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"The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything."
โ€• Albert Einstein


{ In collaboration with ibecameinsane }

For the newbies, their first time seeing the United States is through tinted glass. Flown to the states from
their home countries, the new cast members are gussied up for their big debut and called one at a time to
be interviewed on worldwide television. The lights are blinding, the set is stifling, and the pressure to
impress the crowd is anything but effortless. Meanwhile, the returning cast members wait in the green room
to be called on stage. Ushered on stage onto a four person couch, theyโ€™re coaxed into sharing what theyโ€™ve
done since season one. They sit together with smiles plastered on their faces as though theyโ€™re old friends
when in truth some of them cannot stand one another. Once theyโ€™ve been given enough of the limelight,
theyโ€™re all ushered into a private jet and flown to the Isles of Scilly.

The streets are filled to the brim by the curious spectators. Unknowing bystanders, which were few and far
between, were confused by the spectacle while others have flown for all corners of their providence just to
see this event unfold in person. Slowly, the vehicles make their way through the crowded road. As the
limousines closer, the flashes of the cameras of the paparazzi intensified. While most entered the luxurious
premises without too much difficulty, others were faced with the usual complications that came with the fame.
Some fanatics pushed themselves against the vehicles screaming the returning cast's names while others tried
to catch a glimpse of the newbies. As usual, the security crew handled the situation accordingly in order to
proceed promptly with the schedule.

Theyโ€™re in the house gathered into the living room by the producer who captures their attention with a clasp
of his hands as he stands in front of the fireplace. "Alright everyone, tonight marks the first night of season two. Weโ€™ve got
our veterans over here-โ€ฆ"
he gestures to the couch on his left where all but one sit and then to his right where they
huddle around as much as possible, "โ€ฆ-and our newbies. For those who donโ€™t know me, my name is Claude Faurรฉ. You may
address me as anything you see fit. Once I assign you to a bedroom, you will be given a roommate and weโ€™ll begin filming. Now-โ€ฆโ€"

He goes through the list, telling each member of the cast where theyโ€™ll be staying before he pockets his cellphone
and gives them a look of warning. "โ€œThe cameras will be rolling at all times. I reiterate: at all times. Some moments may not
make the final cut but everything will be on film. Because the goal of this season is to prove that different species from different
Providences can in fact live in harmony, I would like to respectfully request that you hold yourself at some level of decency."
With one
last grin he snaps his fingers, ushering the cameramen into the room. "Now, youโ€™ll have about half an hour to get your
things settled before the cameras start rolling so use them wisely."


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Actually, years mean nothing. It's what's inside them.

~ Simon Van Booy


It'd be a lie to say nothing notable happened in Spike's life since being off the show. In reality, a lot happened. And, unless you want to sit through hours upon hours of talking about gaming, here's the load-down. After leaving the show at the end of the season last year, Spike went on to, maybe not bigger but better things. Her channel made thousands of new viewers, making it even closure to the top of YouTube's Let's Play channels and making her eligible to become a partner and get sponsors. Upon all that, she was invited to many different cons where she even did a few autographs here and there. If that wasn't enough on her now more famous than uniquely average name, she was one of the voice overs in a small, but uniquely amazing, indie game called Cry. Not to mention the few premiers, cons, and cos-plays she went with Dracen. So, yes, Spike's vacation from the show was rather eventful. But she was more than happy to return and have another season recking havoc and making friends with Dracen. Now, the hardest part for Spike is moving back. She lived in a pent house apartment studio. By time she was done packing, she was surprised she had wooden floors. Of course, she took her gaming PC and gaming laptop. Her JVC Everio GZ camcorder plus her backup Canon Vixia HF camcorder. Not to mention countless other equipment like mic's, headsets, games, and clothes and other stuff like that. All she really left in the apartment was the furniture, appliances, and her very precious HD TV and HD computer monitors.

Going out to the car for the ride to the airport, Spike was more than ready. Last time, she was unprepared for what's to come and a bit out of it. But today, she woke up early and had two cups of coffee and a pop full of nothing but sugar. She wasn't just ready. She was born ready. The ride to the airport was just as boring to Spike as it would be anyone else. She spent most of her time playing Pokemon: Crystal on her old Game Boy Advance, attempting to watching The Neverending Story on her laptop, and reading up on her Batwoman comics. Reaching the airport and getting to the plane was both a pleasure and a pain in the ass. She exchanged a few greetings here and there to familiar faces, but eventually she squeezed through the crowd and got on the plane. The flight went just as the car ride to no prevail and she made it to the studio. Yada, yada, yada and Spike basically tells a slightly longer, yet quicker with her quick way of talking, version of what was just written above.

For the most part, Spike was quiet as everyone told their stories of what they did since being gone. There was a laugh here and there, an sympathetic 'Awh' around some parts. But, for the most part, she was quiet. Then, off the they went to head on to the place they'll call home for the next season. She was excited for two reasons instead of one this season. One, she gets to live with her best friend Dracen again! No more month long waits of needed interaction. And two, new people! From other countries! Spike just knows she's going to love meeting new people, monsters, from other countries. She can't wait to see them let alone hear their accents.

Once at the house and in the living room, face to face with the newbies, Spike tilted her head, only half listening to Claude as he talks about how they're going to be filming all the time and whatever. Spike couldn't care less. She makes YouTube videos, even if most of them is just Let's Plays with her facecam, for basically a living. Being in front of cameras is just natural. Of course, she perked up and listened to whom her roommate shall be. "Elizabeth. That's a pretty name." Spike couldn't help to think, looking over the newbies. She wondered who Elizabeth was.

Standing up from the couch after Claude finishes speaking. She stretches a little, starting to feel a bit tired now after such a long and eventually boring day. Then she looks to the newbies, a smile forming on her face. "So, which one of you noobs is Elizabeth?"


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After being ushered out of private jet from her hometown near London, United Kingdom Elizabeth has to admit it's a bit scary being here, after all her parents didn't want her to come at all. However, her blast of determination didn't stop her, she wanted to show her parents that species could co-exist and her brother, William didn't make a wrong choice about Andrea Reid because of her Basilisk identity.
She spent most of her time on the plane trying to catch up on some sleep to prevent her from being too jetlagged when she arrived. However, the music from the entertainment system was very tempting to her, so though she tried sleeping there was part of the plane ride that was dedicated to the music.
After being led into a house all the participants were gathered in the living room as the producer stood up to announce something. To be honest Elizabeth didn't really pay attention to what he was saying, she was distracted by the set up of the living room. She saw the producer gesture towards 3 people sitting on the couch, Elizabeth knew they looked quite familiar as she has seen some episodes of the previous season but she didn't really pay attention to which veterans they were. "and our newbies. For those who donโ€™t know me, my name is Claude Faurรฉ. You may
address me as anything you see fit. Once I assign you to a bedroom, you will be given a roommate and weโ€™ll begin filming. Now-โ€ฆโ€
As he continued, Elizabeth knew she had to listen up right now as she heard "Elizabeth Brown and Spike Days in room #3" ... Now thinking back she had heard that name before from somewhere, but clearly they didn't know each other, she looked around it clearly wasn't Chinese girl next to her, though she wished it was, since she looked pretty friendly, but then who else could it be?
She continued to hesitate and tries to find her way around, looking for her roommate, but she wasn't sure who Spike was anyways, so she decided it would probably be a good idea to look around the house and then find her room, hopefully by then her roommate will be there.
She decided it would be a good idea to look around in the dining room and then the library. The library seemed to have a big collection; it would be a good idea to drop by to do some reading sometime but right now she looked at the clock pretty much everyone was no longer left in the living room, so it should be a good time to go to her room.
As she walked down the hall, she looked at the numbers on the door until she reach the one marked #3, right it hereโ€ฆand she is ready for whatever is to come inside. She pretty much plotted out what she was going to do; she is just going to walk in there and introduce herself like what she always does.


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Standing in front of the door to bedroom number three, also known as the door to the room Spike will be staying in for awhile with someone she doesn't know, Spike took her time getting her thoughts together. There could be a few things to happen. She could end up becoming good friends with her, like she did with Dracen. Or she could not become good friends, but friends either way as is Spike goal - to become friends with most everyone this season. Getting whatever worries she had out of her system, she opened the door.

Just as nice as last year, Spike thought, a content smile spreading over her face. She saw her bags sat next to a wall, beside them a set belonging most likely to her roommate. Seeing the bags and knowing she's going to need to login soon to see if she got any messages from her outside people, she wrinkled her nose slightly, sticking the tip of her tongue out. If there was one thing Spike dreaded, it was unpacking. She dragged one of her suitcases over to the bed furthest the door and opened it. It was filled with the usual clothing, makeup, hair supplies, and the many converse shoes she owned. Grabbing a few pairs of converse out, she arranged them on the floor by the bed by color, creating a type of converse rainbow. Leaving the rest of the contents in the suitcase, she pushed it to the end of the bed and grabbed the two other bags. One a rather large suitcase holding her laptop, PC, a variety of video games, and a the wires and extra wires of charges, headphones, microphones, headsets, and other things. The other was a smaller, yet fairly sized bag that held her cameras.

Setting the bags carefully on the bed, Spike grabbed her last bag, a black and white checkered backpack, and threw it on the bed. It held mostly sentimental stuff and whatnots that she didn't think she could go long with out. Unzipping the backpack, she pulled out two items she smiled when she saw them: one a "life size" Pikachu plush, the other a Yoda plush wearing a Darth Vader mask - it was a bit of a laugh between her, some geek friends, and early watchers of her channel -. She sat the two stuffed toys near the top of the bed by the pillows before sitting down herself almost in the middle of the bed. All she needed was one minute of silence before all went to hell when the cameras start rolling, all she'll be fine. She sat there, looked over the room, wondered momentarily where Elizabeth might be, starting thinking about ice-cream, decided she was hungry for bacon, and then decided it was time to contact her gamer pals.

Turning to face the end of the bed, she crossed her legs, reaching for the suitcase that held her beloved laptop. Unzipping it, she opened the top to reveal a nicely taken care of Alienware 14 gaming laptop along side a, also well taken care of, Titian Z gaming desktop and a maze of unidentified wires. Carefully, she picked up the laptop, sitting it in front of her and starting it up. A minute or two later, and it was up and running. She dawned her TactX headset before logging on to Call Of Duty. She did what she always did, setting up everything before picking a map and inviting her friends. Once all on, it was time for a little bit of catching up.

"Hey guys!" Spike said once she was all loaded up and the game started.

"Spike! How's it going so far?" Sissy asked in her usual luting voice. Spike ran into a building and up to her favorite room - in the game of course - and crouched in front of the door, waiting to shoot someone as they come by.

"It's been a bit of a haze so far, but, then again, the cameras aren't rolling yet." Spike replied with a small smile, even though Sissy couldn't actually see her face. Seeing a person walk in front of the door her character was looking at, she shot at them with all she had.

"Hey, hey, hey! Don't shoot me! I thought we were friends!" Jeffry's voice yelled through Spike's headphones and made her jump a little too hard.

"Sorry, sorry! Stop yelling! I didn't know it was you!" Spike yelled into the mic, equally as loud, then turned her volume down before looking at Jeffry's character, which is what they always do when they play. Jeffry did the same. "You look so old!" Spike added, laughing a bit too hard.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. And're wearing that fucking mask again! Why do you always get that skin!" Jeffry said, sounding pissed as always, which just drew more laughter out of Spike as she started shooting at people from the window.

"Guys! Where are you guys?" Sissy whined. "Dance! Dance for me!" Jeffry said, Spike could hear the gunshots from the game. "Stop!" Sissy squealed, "You're gonna kill me!" Jeffry's laughter sounded strangely maniacal. A sly smile stretched across Spike's face as she drew out her sniper, positioning herself right behind Jeffry's character. Without warning, Spike pushed her right trigger and shot. At that, Jeffry's laughter stopped and Spike's began.

"What the fuck!? Spike?! Why!?" Jeffry's whinny voice started in through the speakers.

"Because, you were killing an innocent lady, and, if you know me, I can't let a villain harm a poor innocent lady!" Spike said in her "hero's voice" with her hero smile on her face, though her friends could not see it. And, though sounds of rage were all heard from Jeffry, shy giggles were heard from Sissy.

"You guys wanna get on Skype now?" Jeffry asked. "Sure," "Alright," Sissy and Spike said simultaneously before busting out into a fit of giggles. Sometime between giggles, she made it to Skype and all three friends were on video chat.

"So, you got any friends yet, Spikey?" Jeffry asked, lighting his cigarette. By the looks of it he was in his kitchen, which was more yellow then white like it was suppose to be.

"Well...I haven't really talked to anyone else yet.โ€ Spike said, rubbing the back of her neck. Her two, usually quite loud friends, were silent for a moment.

โ€œWhat about your roommate!? Have you met them at least?!โ€ Jeffry yelled hysterically, throwing his arms up and nearly knocking over his webcam.

โ€I'm waiting for her to come to the room,โ€ Spike said with a shrug. โ€œBesides, I don't know who she is yet, so searching would come to no prevail,โ€ she added, showing off her intelligence like her and her friends usually do.

Checking the time and how much closer it was getting, Spike said her far wells to her friends. She didn't want to start the first day of filming on a computer like she had last time. But, her roommate wasn't yet present, so she might as well pass the time doing something. Closing the computer and pushing it away slightly, she took out her Gameboy Color. Oh, how she loved the 'classics', in this case Pac-Man. She sat back on the bed and began playing her game, hoping that her roommate comes in to kill the boredom that's surely to come.


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It's pretty simple, pretty obvious: that people's first impressions of people are really a big mistake.

~ Vincent D'Onofrio


{In collaboration with mermaidlegand}

If you've ever played Pac-Man, you'd know that it is a fairly hard game to play. And, if you're the type of gamer as Spike is, you try your best to get every single little dot, along with every berry and eat every ghost at least once. Just like any game, Pac-Man starts off easy, but gets harder as the ghosts get both smarter and faster. This, my friends, is the perfect ingredients for a Rage Quit.

"Goddamnit, you stupid ghosts!" Spike yells at the GameBoy in her hands, her face struck with rage. "I was right there! I had that goddamn berry!" She adds, just as loud, and throws the GameBoy to the end of the bed. She seems to scold the GameBoy - or at least the cartridge in the GameBoy - and crosses her arms over her chest.

Just as Spike was yelling at her GameBoy, Elizabeth entered the room. It took her awhile to realize what was going, as for a second she thought Spike was talking about her. "This must be Spike Days," she thought, "wait no duh who else would it be?" Elizabeth walked into the door dragging her luggage behind her "You must be Spike, nice to meet you. I am Elizabeth, you can call me Liz or Lizzy which ever you prefer."

Spike looked up after a moment, realizing someone came in. It would be a lie if she wasn't in the least bit surprised to see a pretty girl, but then again it seemed like the show always got pretty attractive people. Standing, Spike held out her hand to shake as a smile came across her face.

"Hey, nice to finally meet you, Liz," Spike said happily, her rage from the video game seeming to disappear almost entirely, no matter how much she still raged in the back of her mind.

Holding up her hand, Elizabeth gave Spike a great hand shake and responded "It's great to finally see you as well, you seem awfully familiar, you are one of the Veterans right?" For a moment, she thought back about how you can't judge a person by their look, Spike to be honest looked tough, indeed very tough, and rage from the video game seemed to have scared Elizabeth off a bit. However, after officially meeting her like that Elizabeth could tell that she will definitely get along with her roommate.

"That's right, a Veteran I am," Spike said, laughing slightly and nodding as they shook hands, her smile fading the slightest bit. It wasn't that she didn't like being back from last season, but Veteran? Really? They couldn't pick a different word? "So, did you watch the show last season?" She added, sitting back on her bed and crossing her legs, looking up at Elizabeth with curious eyes and a smile.

"Well, to be honest, I did watch a couple of episodes for fun when I had nothing to do. To be honest I thought it was interesting, but then I didn't watch enough to remember everyone's names, after all it does take quite an effort sometimes and I am not that good with names," Elizabeth explained. For some reason, she really wished she did finish the whole season, just so she knows the show well enough if other people asks her. Sometimes to be in the show you must know the show, but it's not the case this time. "So what made you decide you wanted to join the show again?"

Spike nodded slightly as Elizabeth spoke. She had some questions about where the girl came from and how it was there. She wanted to know what species the girl was and if she ever met another specis. But, you can't start up a conversation with a person about technical stuff like that. It could be considered as rude to some, or a bit of an intrusion to others.

"Thank god you didn't watch many. To be honest, last season I had more than a few Rage Quits that, I can't lie, did embarrass me a bit," Spike said with a bit of a laugh. "And, yeah, I decided to come back because my YouTube subscribers practically begged me to return when I told them about being asked to come back," Spike nodded, looking up slightly and thinking back to her that weekly vlog on her channel. The thought made her let out a huff of a laugh. "So, where you from?"

When Elizabeth heard that Spike had a YouTube channel, she thought it was very cool. She had seen some of the videos on YouTube but had not seen Spike's. "Oh that is very cool, how you have a YouTube channel. I do sometimes watch videos on there, you should tell me your channel url and I'll definitely subscribe to it," she said with a smile.

To Respond to Spike's question, Elizabeth replied with "I am from Britain, my family lives near London. I used to live in a small town there. How about you? I know you are from the States, but where specifically?"

Spike couldn't help but smile at Elizabeth's interest in the channel. True, Spike always seems to find people interested in it, especially since her channel has grown considerably well since first starting, but it's still nice to meet someone interested. Just as it's nice to run into fans who state that watching the videos "Changed [their] lives!"

"Sure, the username is SpikeGames. Most of the videos are Let's-Plays, but if you look further back to around the time of last season, you'll see some of the crazy videos I took with some of last seasons people. Plus I do a weekly vlog for the channel every Sunday." Spike said, smiling and ended with a nod. "And me? I'm from the sunny state of Florida. Orlando, Florida, to be precise." Her small smile turned into a grin. Of all the places Spike would like to go one day, one place she couldn't go without was the beautiful Orange state of Florida with all it's amazing sun, not to mention Universal Studios Orlando Resort.

"Wow, that should have been amazing. I would want to visit somewhere like Florida someday," To be honest, Elizabeth doesn't really know where Florida is as she didn't really spend time looking at the map of the US, but then she didn't want to disappoint Spike. "So what Species are you? That is if I am allowed to ask," To be honest, Elizabeth wasn't sure whether she was allowed to ask directly just like that, but she was pretty curious, and couldn't think of another way to find out.

Spike nodded slightly then decided to answer Elizabeth's question. "I'm a Phoenix. A bird of fire and rebirth!" Spike said, trying to sound as epic as possible but giving up for her short burst of laughter. "What epic creature are you?"

"I am a siren, to be honest quite the opposite of you. We are basically mermaid-like but yet bird-like creatures that work with water and we are all pretty much are good singers," Elizabeth replied, unsure of whether other species outside of UK would know about Sirens.

"Good singers, eh?" I'd like to hear you sing, Spike couldn't help but think the second part, an eyebrow raising ever so slightly, before she realized what she was implying, even though she's the only one that knew she thought the second part. "I mean...hey, you wanna play a game?"

"Alright, so what do you propose?"

"I was thinking Magic: The Gathering," Spike said happily and with a smile, going to her bag and pulling out the cards, which she had a lot of. "I might do Let's Plays of video games, but I like card games just as much."

Spike took out her usual deck and handed the spare deck to Elizabeth before sitting on the ground and setting everything up. The battle to proceed will be filled of powerful spells, monstrous creatures, and two evenly matched and well put together decks of cards set on the floor of the girls new room. The only thing Spike can hope is that she wins and beginners luck doesn't help out her new roommate, though that wouldn't be so bad. At least Spike got another new person to play the game.


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๏ผฏ๏ผฎ๏ผฅ ๏ผท๏ผฅ๏ผฅ๏ผซ ๏ผฌ๏ผก๏ผด๏ผฅ๏ผฒ

The Isles of Sicily; one of the few territories in Ellium that isn't plagued by oppressive segregation. Populated by non-magic humans, it is a nesting ground for equality, adorned with beautiful beaches, rolling hillsides, and floral plains. Consortio Manor lays nestled on a mountainside, overlooking a beach that has been closed off for the use of the cast members. After a week of filming, Claude decides that you and your fellow cast mates deserve a bit of a break while they edit the first episode. Turns out this "breaks" doesn't translate the same to you as it does him. Instead of being free from the cameras in their entirety, Claude limits the amount of cameramen to two instead of the ten they have readily available. Gathering your bathing clothes, you and your cast mates set out to the beach for a day in the sun.

Crashing against the shore, small waves wash the night's debris onto the land. Untouched golden sand covers the floor as far as your eyes can see. Soothing, a gentle sea breeze rustles through your hair. Abandoned, nothing there apart from a few sea gulls pecking at the rubbish left by yesterday's visitors. The blazing sun beats down on the smooth, weathered rocks of the cliff side. The crisp seaweed pushed onto the rocks by the waves, lay baking at the sea's edge, occasionally moving with the tide. The clear blue sea's waves rattle the tiny pebbles embedded in the golden sand. The foam from the waves cover a small child's forgotten sandcastle, bringing it down with a dull crash. Closing off the edge of the beach is a cave, the entrance hidden from view, punctuating the extensive length of the shore side. Islanders mingle and gather far off in the distance, their presence inaudible even to the the creatures they're so far off.

Here marks the next week of filming Return to Reality. What impression will you make?