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Isis Anya Neferet

"Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads."

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a character in “Return to Reality”, as played by peace_of_mind7





|{Full Name}|
Isis Anya Neferet


November 22. 1992




The Hippie

Isis personally holds no qualms towards other species and actually wants to learn from them (especially the nature based creatures). She joined the cast of 'Back to Reality' because she saw this as an opportunity to branch out and learn something new.

{“I like this place and could willingly waste my time in it.” }
― William Shakespeare


Courteous: Often
Risk-Taking: Occasionally
Ambitious: Typically
Curious: Usually
Self-Controlled: Usually
Nurturing: Typically
Trusting: Never
Honest: Sometimes
Loyal: Generally
Affectionate: Usually
Romantic: Sometimes
Flirty: Occasionally
Sympathetic: Sometimes
Altruistic: Occasionally
Optimistic: Occasionally
Observant: Generally
Logical: Typically
Social: Usually outgoing
Emotions: Fairly controlled

The hippie, the tree hugger, the witch; Isis has heard it all, but that's not all there is to her. She is a bright young emissary with a love for the world. Very motherly in nature, Isis immerses herself in the world of herbal remedies and healing, wanting nothing more than to use her gifts to help and not hinder. Although she is aware that her powers are strong and deadly, she makes an effort to do the right thing with them. However, our little emissary has a bit of a mean-streak and believes in the philosophy: an eye for an eye. So, it's best not to get on her bad side. Luckily, she has a rather long fuse and is able to practice patience. Overall, Isis is a sweet girl with a good head on her shoulders, but she isn't perfect, not by any means. She battles with herself and her abilities. Activities like jogging, yoga, and meditating aids her in the fight to maintain control over the rage her abilities elicit. If that control is broken, her powers have the ability to cause chaos and possibly end her life.

{“The earth has music for those who listen.” }
― George Santayana


|{Place of Origin}|
Cairo, Egypt


Born in the poor district of Cairo, Isis Neferet has always been the provider for her family. Her brother, Geb was under her charge while her mother tended to the family's herbal shop where natural remedies and the sort could be purchased. Being an emissary, Isis learned the magnitude of her abilities through her time at the shop. She was taught the basics of natural magic and medicine. No, she isn't a witch doctor, but she knows how to concoct a cough medicine out of berry root and rosemary. That being said, she was an asset to her community and was praised for it. Her mother was known as 'Mother Nature' in within the district and she was the one to go to since the hospitals primarily favored the rich, and Isis under her mother's wing; staying by her side and assisting when needed.

She discovered the dark side of her abilities when she was merely thirteen. She and Geb were engaged in a petty argument that would normally be hashed out and forgot within a twenty minutes, but a fire ignited in Isis, causing her to lash out and without meaning to she broke Geb's arm by blasting him back against a tree. After that, Isis learned that her powers had side effects. Her mother taught her ways to control the inevitable rush of anger; daily exercise, constantly meditation, and many more. And though, Isis is engaged in said activities, she still feels that negativity throbbing inside of her...sometimes threatening to break free and wreak havoc.

|{Family Tree}|

Absasi Neferet | Mother | 49 | Living
Geb Neferet | Brother | 18 | Living

{“Nature does nothing uselessly.” }
― Aristotle, Politics


Her powers create a ball of wrath within her that she has to control daily. However, she is still a ticking time bomb.

She has a crescent birthmark on the small of her back.

She is a vegetarian.


Character Dialogue || #E2A76F
Character Thought || #518DC5

Face Claim || Kat Graham

As portrayed by peace_of_mind7

So begins...

Isis Anya Neferet's Story


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"The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything."
― Albert Einstein


{ In collaboration with ibecameinsane }

For the newbies, their first time seeing the United States is through tinted glass. Flown to the states from
their home countries, the new cast members are gussied up for their big debut and called one at a time to
be interviewed on worldwide television. The lights are blinding, the set is stifling, and the pressure to
impress the crowd is anything but effortless. Meanwhile, the returning cast members wait in the green room
to be called on stage. Ushered on stage onto a four person couch, they’re coaxed into sharing what they’ve
done since season one. They sit together with smiles plastered on their faces as though they’re old friends
when in truth some of them cannot stand one another. Once they’ve been given enough of the limelight,
they’re all ushered into a private jet and flown to the Isles of Scilly.

The streets are filled to the brim by the curious spectators. Unknowing bystanders, which were few and far
between, were confused by the spectacle while others have flown for all corners of their providence just to
see this event unfold in person. Slowly, the vehicles make their way through the crowded road. As the
limousines closer, the flashes of the cameras of the paparazzi intensified. While most entered the luxurious
premises without too much difficulty, others were faced with the usual complications that came with the fame.
Some fanatics pushed themselves against the vehicles screaming the returning cast's names while others tried
to catch a glimpse of the newbies. As usual, the security crew handled the situation accordingly in order to
proceed promptly with the schedule.

They’re in the house gathered into the living room by the producer who captures their attention with a clasp
of his hands as he stands in front of the fireplace. "Alright everyone, tonight marks the first night of season two. We’ve got
our veterans over here-…"
he gestures to the couch on his left where all but one sit and then to his right where they
huddle around as much as possible, "…-and our newbies. For those who don’t know me, my name is Claude Fauré. You may
address me as anything you see fit. Once I assign you to a bedroom, you will be given a roommate and we’ll begin filming. Now-…”"

He goes through the list, telling each member of the cast where they’ll be staying before he pockets his cellphone
and gives them a look of warning. "“The cameras will be rolling at all times. I reiterate: at all times. Some moments may not
make the final cut but everything will be on film. Because the goal of this season is to prove that different species from different
Providences can in fact live in harmony, I would like to respectfully request that you hold yourself at some level of decency."
With one
last grin he snaps his fingers, ushering the cameramen into the room. "Now, you’ll have about half an hour to get your
things settled before the cameras start rolling so use them wisely."


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The whole thing was simply just getting on her nerves. Now Fen isn't one to complain or show her negativity, rather when she did in the past a stern look from her grandparents would be all it took to get her to quiet down but to think that everyone around her didn't even say goodbye when she was about to leave, not even a glance at her direction which surprisingly hurt. As Fen thought back to the day before, a loud squeal of frustration left her mouth for the lack of support she had. Why couldn't they just forget about their differences in opinion to wish her good luck, after all she was going the United States which is probably nothing like China and that thought made the butterflies in her stomach worse.

"Don't even get me started on Father." she mumbled under her breath. When a limousine appeared just outside her house Fen couldn't help but widen her eyes in shock because all of a sudden it seemed like reality had hit her in the face. Before she could even utter a single word her father had already left the house for the market without even a hint of acknowledgment. It wasn't a great start to the day as she slipped into the vehicle and waited anxiously to get to the Shanghai Pudong International airport. The flight was long seeing as she was basically travelling to the other side of the world and her positive attitude was replaced with regret. Perhaps it would have just been better if she stayed back at home, obviously her father knew what was best for her even the 3 hsien leaders warned her of misfortune if she went and throughout all her life she has never gone against an elder before. No one has really, yet the curiosity for knowledge changed her mind. How could anyone just want to stay where they were? There was a whole other world out there and China was just a little piece of it filled with only one group of monsters.

As soon as Fen's plane landed and she was out, a group of people rushed to her in mere seconds leaving her in a daze. They nudged her into another car and the sound of hurried conversations and beeping from phones was all that could be heard though Fen was too busy starring through the window, eyes wide open at the mere sight of New York and how awfully big it really was. Before she could even ask a question she was yet again nudged out of the car and taken to a studio all too soon. Fen got handed an outfit which she tried to put on with rapid speed as it seemed that no one had time for any delays. Walking out without even a minute going by she was pushed gently onto a chair where the make-up artists began their job.

"這是所有太" she thought to herself as she followed along with everyone. Everything was going too fast for her liking but before she knew it she was yet again being transported presumably to the house where she sat now on a couch, her eyes skimming across the room noticing a wide variety of people including the veterans who seemed all friendly enough but most importantly she was just so curious about everyone. Even though Fen was in a bit of a daze, she listened to Claude Fauré as he listed the roommates, whilst biting her lower lip she heard her name being called out alongside another, Isis Neferet her new roommate.


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As everyone began to disperse Fen stood up realizing it would be best if she went over and got herself settled into her room where she hoped to find her roommate. Looking around the living room she noticed how grand it was, well everything in the house was exceptionally fancy from the candle lit chandelier to the huge golden mirror which settled right above the fireplace. It was quite worrying because she didn't want to break anything so she had to be extremely careful whilst living here. Her legs led her out of the living room to where she found the stairs leading to the six different bedrooms.

"Room number 6, huh my lucky number as well" she whispered to absolutely no one as she walked along the corridor to the last door. Wondering whether to knock or not just in case her roommate was already in, Fen simply pushed the door gently then seeing that it was empty walked in completely, leaving the door slightly open.

"This is nothing like my bedroom back home" Fen exclaimed, her eyes scanning the large room. Though in Shanghai her room was fairly big, this seemed too extravagant so it would take her some time just to get comfortable and used to the new setting. Taking the bed nearest to the window Fen plopped her suitcase on top, unzipping it to reveal its content. Since she was going to be here for some time the young hsien made sure she had her important items with her including a few of her all time favourite books which she put aside to sort out later, her wushu stick {棍}which was in its own box for practice and a few other bits and pieces.

Rather than finishing with her unpacking, she lazily zipped her suitcase and propped it besides her bed. She was much more excited and somewhat nervous about meeting her new roommate Isis but since she was curious to find out more about other species it was the wait that kept her to some extent bored. Finally after what seemed too long Fen went to the window where she sat down and grabbed the nearest cream pillow. She starred out where her thoughts went back to the first time she was told that she'd been accepted to the show. It wasn't surprising how everyone was against it seeing as the Hsien population had a growing number of problems, especially since there was rumours about it separating the 'real Hsien' and the 'human Hsien' who were just ordinary humans with immortality.
Closing her eyes Fen felt her skin absorb the sunlight greedily as she waited patiently for Isis.


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It goes without saying that Isis isn’t prepared for what’s to come. She thought she was…she expected the bright lights and cameras, but that’s as far as her expectations got. After kissing her mother and younger brother goodbye, she set off to a world so foreign from the one she’s come to know and let’s just say she was already getting the jitters. Having never been on a plane before, never rode in a limousine a day in her life, and there were so many people staring at her. Yeah, she knew that millions upon millions were going to be watching her on a weekly basis, but she never thought about seeing them crowd around her like this. Bright flashes, a torrent of faceless voices, and an Advil later, Isis is sitting on a couch with her eyes fixed on her first live Gryphon. She’s in awe of it all because she would have never predicted that she’d be in a room with so many different species. As Claude gave his explanations of how things were going to happen, Isis finds herself taking in all of the different faces. There’s so much variety it makes her both giddy and nervous.

With so many personalities and races under one roof there is so much room for error; so many ways to fuck up and lose control of her inner monster. She knows the risks associated with this show and knows that she is putting herself on the line, but it’s worth it…at least that’s what she told her younger brother, Geb when he begged her not to sign up for this. Despite his discomfort, Isis wanted to teach him that there was so much out there just waiting to be explored and so many people to learn from. He was skeptical, of course, but Isis was determined which is why she’s sitting here now; bright eyed and bushy tailed and scared out of her fucking mind.

Her gaze moves to the veterans and she recognizes all four of them. Dracen and Spike seemed to be the nicest of the bunch if her memory of last season is correct. Eleniel was the bitch and judging by the way she just hissed at Aidan…Isis doesn’t doubt it, and speaking of Aidan, he seems to be more of a handful in person than on her television set. She wonders what it will be like seeing him every day. There’s only one way to find out…

Before she knows it, it’s time to unpack and get settled in. In her mind, she begins running over her objectives:

1. Find your room
2. Find your roommate
3. Make her like you
4. Don’t mess up

Easy enough, right? So that’s what she does. With her ruby red bottom lip worrying between her teeth, Isis delves further into the unknown; looking for room number six. She’s beyond glad that she finds it with little difficulty since it would really be embarrassing to wander around the villa for hours on end. As soon as she enters the bedroom the first thing she does it appreciate the sheer luxury of having a room this big. Sharing it wasn’t going to be a problem seeing as she and Geb have been sharing a room since she was fourteen, but never has she had a bedroom like this…and she’s so thankful it’s ridiculous. After a long moment of awe, she finally realizes that she isn’t alone in this room. A beautiful petite Chinese girl is there; sunlight beaming on her and casting shadows on her angular face in a way that Isis can only describe as angelic…and Isis suddenly feels inferior and really freaking rude as if she’s intruding on a private moment. Our little emissary sucks in a breath of air and tries not to sound as nervous as she really is.

“Um, hello,” she greets her roommate, offering a friendly smile and a small wave. “You must be my roommate, Fen. My name is Isis. It’s nice to meet you.”


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In collaboration with peace_of_mind7

Fen was too deep in her thoughts to hear someone come into the room but felt as if she had a pair of eyes on her. It was only when Isis spoke that she finally opened her dark brown eyes, turning her head to look over at her. Tilting her head Fen smiled brightly at the girl and at the same time she stood up, feeling frankly quite embarrassed. Oh now I look weird, great she thought, mentally slapping herself on the head.

“Um, hello, You must be my roommate, Fen. My name is Isis. It’s nice to meet you.”

"Yup, that is I," she bowed slightly. Even though it wasn't a tradition that was carried out especially within the younger communities but as someone who had a traditional upbringing a lot of the things she was taught stemmed out from ancient China.

Since she was so excited about meeting different species and learning about them, Fen had to bite her tongue from spewing out nosy questions which could have been seen as rude. Seeing as she was tagged 'clumsy with her words' it wasn't surprising that she didn't have a good filter system in her head. Realizing that she was simply just stood there yet again in deep thought, she coughed quietly and ushered Isis to come inside further.

"Oh I hope you don't mind but I took the bed nearest to the window, sunlight is a part of my diet so..." Fen babbled, pulling on her earrings.

“No, it’s fine. I don’t mind at all,” Isis replied, tucking dark locks behind her ear as she placed her bags at the foot of her new bed.

It was something she was simply terrible at, small talk. Back at home she never had to seeing as everyone knew everyone plus Fen had no idea what Isis was or how she should talk, should she be speaking formally? Surely not. Her eyes quickly scanned her new roommate from head to toe trying to figure out how old she was. Come on Fen of course you're older, she should be formal to me....but we're not in China anymore so act normal.

"Right well I suppose we should get our self more acquainted seeing as we'll be roommates and all, I'm Fen Zhang from China, a Hsien." She informed whilst making her way to her bed where she took a seat hoping Isis would do the same. It would take her some time to adjust though getting a friend or two early on would certainly help and anyway Fen assumed that Isis would be a good start seeing as she seemed friendly enough although time would tell.

Isis made her way towards her own bed and sat down on the mattress, facing her roommate with that friendly grin on her face. Her green eyes widened with interest as she was told Fen’s species. “I've read about your species. ‘Feathered Folk’ I think the book said. I’m just an emissary from Egypt. I can’t turn into a majestic creature, but I can brew a decent cough medicine.”

Fen laughed waving her hand as if to dismiss the idea of Isis being just an emissary. "I highly doubt it, I've done my reading though it's hard to find good books about anything related to other species," she rolled her eyes, sighing gently "our community is dead set on segregation so I hope you'll let me know about, well everything!" Her enthusiasm wasn't held back this time but rather Fen was too excited to hold it in.

"Plus the whole turning into a majestic creature isn't all that amazing as it sounds, it takes a great source of power and we have to be one with nature to actually transform so not many of us youngsters have been able to convert fully though partially yes." But secretly Fen had gone through the transformation surprisingly quite early on but only her grandfather knew about it seeing as he witnessed it but promised her to keep it a secret 'just in case.'

"But from what I have read you're based around nature as well so this is simply perfect!"She spoke happily crossing her legs as she did. "What's Egypt like? Fen asked curiously, of course reading about the country and actually hearing about it from someone who lived there was two different things and if she was to make the best out of this experience then expanding her knowledge was necessary.

Isis grinned, tucking her brown legs underneath her as she grew more comfortable. “I am,” she nodded. “Emissaries use what nature has to offer to make a majority of our potions and perform spells. It’s what we thrive on.” It went without saying that Isis liked Fen so far. She had been afraid that her roommate would be bitchy or racist or worse, but Fen seemed to be a really good person. She had hit the jackpot! When asked about her home a warm smile stretched across her face. She missed it already and it hasn't been an entire day yet. “Egypt is home,” she stated simply. “I know it’s not the answer you were looking for, but that’s the best way I can explain it since it’s the place I've lived all my life. It’s just home. The city is huge, the lights are bright, and the people are busy, but overall it’s beautiful. What about you? I’m anxious to know what you think of China.”

While Isis was answering her questions Fen made mental notes. It was so interesting how both of them were nature based but it was used differently though to some extent they had their similarities. "Oh I see it must take a lot of practice to get things right no?" Making potions and performing spells was something Fen wanted to do now though of course it wasn't within her power to, perhaps just learning about it may quench her thirst.

"Hsien' are also nature based, we need it really to keep our immortality so the minerals from the soil or sunlight from the sun helps us, much like plants,"She chuckled at the thought, "But rather than perform spells, it's more like we can aid Mother Nature like the T'ien Hsien are celestial immortals who have quite a lot of power and control for things like the weather, though of course it depends on how balanced you with nature." It was only when Fen was explaining that she realized how difficult it was so she hoped she made sense.

Egypt sounded amazing and also she could obviously see Isis' love for her home by her smile. Even now thinking back to her home in Shanghai, she couldn't help but have bittersweet feelings because she missed it greatly though it didn't seem anyone would miss her. Going against her father and the elders had their consequences which was why Fen just had to suck it up and enjoy herself.

"China is different from well I believe here from what I'm assuming, though I live in Shanghai which is city based but a lot of the time I live with my grandmother who's in a village not that far."She smiled sadly, her grandmother was the only one who supported her decision to go to America so it meant a lot to her. "It's busy all the time, everyone is a bit of a workaholic so the traffic is dreadful but it's really pretty at night with all the lights though the people are quite strict."

“It doesn't sound much different from Cairo really,” Isis said. “I guess all big cities are the same to a degree.” Isis ran her fingers through her dark locks. She spotted that smile, noting the sadness plaguing her pretty face. She tried to lighten the mood. “Want to see some magic?”

Fen immediately grinned widely at the suggestion. ”Really?” she questioned.

“Yeah,” Isis beamed, feeling quite good about herself from seeing the happiness return to her roommate’s kind eyes. “Watch this.” She closed her eyes, shifting onto her knees and sitting back on the heels of her feet as she channeled her abilities. She could feel the warmth of it swirling and crashing like waves in the pit of her stomach. The windows burst open as Isis took a deep cleansing breath. A gust of wind swirled around her, lifting her hair and making her smile in the process. When her eyes opened they were stark white, her green irises nowhere to be seen as she willed the breeze towards Fen, shifting it to playfully flow through her black locks and caress her skin gently. With another breath, she willed the breeze out of the room, shutting the window behind it. Isis blinked, her green irises slowly reappearing and making her look less intimidating.

While witnessing what Fen imagined to be an amazing example of a raw connection with nature, she noticed Isis' eyes to be stark white which she found quite cool. She watched the gust of wind swirl around Isis before coming to her, flowing through her hair and instinctively she took a deep breath as her own skin was now covered in goose bumps, a natural reaction to a creature like herself.

Before long the breeze slipped out of the room being ever so kind in shutting the window behind.
"That was amazing Isis, I wanted to greedily soak up all that wonderful energy up from the breeze!" she exclaimed rather loudly due to happiness.

“I’m glad you liked it,” Isis grinned. “If you ever need more breeze energy I’m willing to help.”

Fen found both the suggestion and the act as a symbol of friendship because not anyone would show their raw self without feeling comfortable with the person or at least had an emotional reaction. Standing up she held up a finger suggesting to wait for a minute, she wondered where she'd put the packet of seeds that she got from a shop in the airport.
The bagshe finally thought taking out her small backpack and opening the right side pocket where she grabbed the packet that was filled with Arborvitae seeds. Returning back onto the bed she ripped the top open and picked out a seed, leaving the packet besides her before placing that very seed onto the palm of her hand.

Closing her eyes Fen took a small breath in and focused on her body which was rich in nutrients that would be taken in automatically from the soil on the ground to the sun, all which were the necessities for a plant to grow. Her skin began to almost glow as little unnoticeable particles seemed to seep out of it and into the seed that was now glowing.
In a matter of minutes the seed as if it was in soil absorbing the sun was growing in Fen's hand to a natural full grown flower. Slowly calming her body and disconnecting the contact she had made with the seed now turned flower she reopened her eyes and handed over the flower to Isis. Her skin returned back to normal but her eyes seemed diluted by the sudden task.

That grin morphed into a curious smile as Fen reached into her bag and pulled out a packet of seeds. Watching intently, Isis witnessed one of the most beautiful displays of magic that she’s ever seen. She took the flower gratefully, studying it with interest in her bright eyes. It was absolutely amazing and she was so glad that Fen decided to share this moment with her.

Smiling happily Fen motioned towards their bedroom door, "Should we go check out everyone else?

Isis only looked up when Fen suggested that they meet the other people in the house. Truth be told, she had already forgotten everyone else. Placing the flower into her hair, Isis stood up and straightened her sundress. “After you.”

Fen nodded as she made her way out of their door where she and Isis both walked downstairs in search for the other residents.


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As Fen walked alongside her newly made friend Isis, she wondered whether the rest of the cast mates would be as friendly as Isis was. Classed as being pretty lucky for getting a sweet roommate the thought of potentially being around big personalities who were all different species made her both curious and anxious. Being here was in a way to do with gaining knowledge that she would have never been able to get otherwise. China was huge on segregation so there was limited books she could read that described other species apart from Hsien.

Her stomach grumbled quite loudly causing her to laugh quietly to conceal the embarrassment. She hadn't eaten anything since yesterday afternoon due to the nerves, plus having dinner with her father would have been terribly awkward and she'd only be hurt more.

"I'm just going to pop into the kitchen to see what I can find. she explained to Isis. With that she waved goodbye and made her way to the kitchen after what seemed like an hour of simply getting lost.

Whistling to herself she walked in, unaware of the other individual in the kitchen aside from her. Fen shouldn't have been surprised by the beautiful architecture seeing as it was obvious that the whole house was stunning but while she released a sigh of disbelief her eyes scanned the area. This all must have been quite expensive she thought, biting her lip as she took a further step forward.

It wasn't until she smelled one of her favourite Chinese tea that Fen came upon the realization that perhaps someone else was in the room with her. Since she had just been standing there without much of a noise, the presence of another being wasn't really recognized due to Fen focusing on the kitchen exterior. But now she felt her ears becoming warm like they did when she felt put on the spot plus leaving a good first impression was key in making friends or at least getting along with others.

Looking at brown haired woman who was sipping on her tea, she couldn't help but feel slightly intimidated as she recognized her to be Eleniel, a veteran from the first season with a strong personality that she herself had seen while watching the show. From up close Eleniel really was quite beautiful and the thought of pissing her off was something Fen would rather not do, after all making an enemy wasn't on her 'to-do' list during her time on the show.

"Um, hi...nice to meet you." The young Hsien finally said, smiling warmly.


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{In Collaboration with ibecameinsane}


So far so good. Isis has managed to make a friend without making a fool of herself and she was more than grateful for that. Tucking a dark strand of hair behind her ear, Isis followed Fen down the stairs and into the living room. During their descent, she thought about how easy this might actually be. Never would she have thought that it would be so simple to interact with a species that was not her own. When she stepped foot into this house, she had no idea what to expect, but now there was a twinkle of hope shining inside of her. It made her feel as though she'd been right when she told Geb that it's possible to coexist with people that were different. If Fen was this sweet, she could only imagine how her other housemates would be.

"I'm just going to pop into the kitchen to see what I can find." Fen stated, punctuating it with a small wave. Isis didn't want her go, but she didn't voice her distress lest she risk sounding clingy. Instead of latching onto Fen like she wanted to, Isis offered her best smile and waved her a farewell of her own. As soon as her lovely roommate was gone, she allowed her smile to fade away and uncertainty to claim dominion over her exotic features.

Alone, Isis began to wander, allowing her legs to just carry her to God knows where. Ironically, she found herself outside, feeling the cool breeze caress her skin as she trekked down the path. She took a deep breath, the familiar sent of lilacs tickling her nostrils and soon she was faced with a plethora of them along with peonies and sunflowers and was beautiful. The garden was laden with life ranging from the bright and beautiful to the herbal and healthy. She's never seen anything so beautiful in her entire life. Awed, our little emissary meandered down the path, basking in the array of fragrances and textures. She was already thinking of various medicines she could make with all of these choices at her disposal. However, her train of thought was derailed when a male voice reached her ears. Turning her head, her eyes fell on none other than the Dracen Mallory. To her, he was one of the most memorable people on the season's show aside from Aidan. She related to his 'spazziness' when she tuned in every week and it just felt a little surreal to see him in person...talking to flowers in a strange tongue, no less.

Amongst the dim fluorescent lights, Dracen’s eyes shine like gilded glow sticks as his gaze travels over the wilted petals. His hands follow suit, lithe fingers hovering over dried out leaves and fragile stems. There’s starvation in these plants he can feel; the soil so desiccated that his own throat constricts and dries out in empathy. For a moment, his brows furrow in anger. No self-respecting gardener would let their plants get this dehydrated. Claude was right to fire that douchebag-… he thinks, crouching down in front of a hydrangea bush. Glowing hues glisten ever brighter as he summons all of his will and whispers, ”Lul Naram Veyr.” the words leaving his lips like golden dust that shroud the plants in a thin and sparkling veil. The flowers bloom around him, rejuvenated and vibrant. Dracen smiles at the effervescent vibrance of the flowers, completely enthralled by the sight—so much so that he doesn't notice that he'd no longer alone. ” Til, pah pruz. Frolok vir malbrii hi los.” he says, cooing over the plants and they quiver excitedly at the sound of his voice.

"Um..." Isis piped up. "Hi?"

Startled, Dracen jumps back and flails as he does, his head snapping to the side to catch sight of a young woman he's never seen before. She's beautiful really, but Dracen was never one to deny a compliment to someone who deserved it. And she's just standing there. Oh my God. She saw me talking to plants. She probably thinks I'm such a freak. Embarrassment is evident in the shaky smile plastered on his face. "Uh-...hey” he replies, rubbing the back of his neck. ” I uhh-...please don't think I'm weird? I'm a-...I'm a Wyvern. A Nature spirit? I talk to plants, it's kind of my, you know, thing.” He shakes his head and shuts himself up before he can make himself out to be an even bigger weirdo. Offering his hand to her, his smile turns more genuine, "My name's Dracen Mallory. You must be one of the newbies.”

Isis takes his hand, shaking it as a soft smile stretches across her face. "I know you...I mean, I don't know you, but I've seen the show and so I've seen you...on it?" She laughs at herself for being so starstruck. "I'm sorry, now I'm being weird. I'm Isis Neferet, the emissary." Pulling her hand away, she anxiously tucks an imaginary strand of hair behind her ear, her gaze shifting to the hydrangeas that Dracen was previously conversing with. "I'm sorry for interrupting your conversation with the hydrangeas. I'm sure it was stimulating."

"More for them than me-..." Dracen quips before tossing a gaze over his shoulder to check on them. His shout was slowly fading but that didn't worry him, the effects would last long enough to keep them nourished until he could return tomorrow and water them. Turning his attention back on the young woman, his smile broadens, "...-but trust me, you're not bothering me. I'd actually like the company. You know, if that's alright. I probably weirded you out back there speaking in tongues."

"I think intrigued is a more appropiate term," Isis reassures him with a friendly grin. "What was that anyway? It's like they were enjoying whatever it was you were saying."

"It's Dovahzul-..." Dracen replies, "A language passed down through every Wyvern bloodline. My old man says it helps us channel our power, let's us speak to the environment. It's good for almost anything: talking to plants, controlling the weather, even calming down animals. But I like that I can give these flowers the strength they need to flourish until I can hydrate them."

Another nature based species. It's like Christmas! Isis' eyes sparkle with interest as he lists the effects of his natural abilities. She almost envied him for it. "Wow," she beamed, resisting the urge to clasp her hands together and jump with excitement. She had to contain herself and be cool. But as soon as she calls her mom, she's going to definitely fangirl. "That sounds amazing. Say something in Dovahzul." She says eagerly before catching herself and reeling her excitement back in. "Please?"

Dracen beams at the emissary's excitement. He almost feels bad considering he hadn't asked her anything about herself. "Zu'u dreh ni mindok fos hi laan zey wah saag." he says, looking much too proud of himself. Not because he could do it, mind you, but because of what he'd said. Though incredibly sarcastic, the lopsided grin didn't last long before his expression changes almost completely, revealing a smile of immense gratitude and relief. Not only were they getting along without thinking he was some kind of menace to society, but she actually thought his powers were cool! No one ever asked him to speak Dovah, not even when they caught him using it on plants and animals. It was all so-...surreal. "You know, no one's ever taken an interest in my species before. People don't really consider us to be dragons since we're seen as big softies. It's-...nice to be acknowledged, you know? So-...thanks."

Isis listened to the words effortlessly flow from his lips and although she has no idea what he's saying, she likes the way it sounds. She doesn't know what it is about the way it sounds, but it makes her want to know more about this species. How they came to be? What's the history behind this strange tongue? Where the hell can she learn it? Oh her mother is going to get an ear-full tonight. Her bright grin softens, however, when Dracen displays gratitude for her curosity. "Lucky for you, I have a fascination for the unknown. It's the reason I'm here, really. If it wouldn't trouble you...I'd like to learn more about your species. Maybe you can teach me how to speak a little bit of Dovah, just enough to impress my family back in Egypt."

"Absolutely! Here-..." Dracen grabs her hand and leads her to a rose bush that seemed to be suffering the same fate the hydrangeas had. His smile is infectous, splitting his face in half as the corners stretch from ear to ear. He's more excited than he's ever been. Even flying for the first time couldn't compare. What fun was having all this power when you had no one to share it with? "I'll teach you a shout of mine." he says, falling to his knees in front of the bush. "Pops said his mother referred to it as the 'Call of Nature'. When I was growing up I thought if I used it I could make someone piss themselves but my dad didn't think it was funny. He put me straight though, told me I could use it to bring plants to life and encourage them to grow." With an encouraging smile, he tugs her down beside him and gathers some soil, showing it to her. She's an emissary-... he muses, ...-it's safe to assume she knows a thing or two about nature. "The soil's all dried up, see? There're no nutrients in it at all. With the right words I can coax it a little, put enough in there to keep the flowers alive for a while."

If she was excited before, she was over the moon now. Screw keep your cool when given an opportunity like this. She's smiling so hard that her cheeks ache from it and thought they hurt, she can't stop. Dracen was far nicer in person than on television and she was happy to add him to her growing list of new nature based friends. Without hesitation, Isis follows him to the rose bush, furrowing her brows at the disgraceful condition they're in. She stares at he soil, tempted to use a quick spell to fix the problem, but she was being a student right now, learning the ways of the Wyvern. She looks up from the soil, her emerald eyes twinkling with fascination. "Show me?"

With a nod Dracen turns his attention to the soil, his eyes glowing once more as he taps into his spark. This 'spark', as he calls it, is something every Wyvern has—what everyone has, he'd wager. Walking around disguised as humans leaves their true forms bottled up more often than not, leaving each species a harbinger of something bigger. At least, that's how Dracen sees it. He'd made a half hour long video on his channel about it and it's what he focuses on whenever he puts power behind his words. Words like, ”Lul Naram Veyr.” Just as before, his breath leaves him in whisps of some substance similar to the fairy dust you see in every Peter Pan movie. In seconds the soil darkens falls from his hands like water, healthy and rich with new found nutrients. He smiles, satisfied, and turns his glowing eyes to his new companion. ”For Wyverns, a shout is how we use our power. We utilize our language as a siphon, almost. Three words usually do the trick, but they must relate to your intent in some the 'Call of Nature'. We use it to rehydrate the earth, make it flourish. In English 'Lul' means flora, 'Naram' means swell, and 'Veyr' means bloom."

Isis watches intently as the whisps of light swirl from Dracen's lips to the soil in his palms, nurturing it. She's in awe as the dirt darkens and crumbles out of Dracen's fingers. "Lul Naram...Veyr, she repeats, tasting the words with a grin. "I got it. It's kind of like a spell." Her hand touches the moist soil, feeling the difference on her fingertips. "Your species would be really beneficial for my people. Emissaries need nature and to have your kind nurture and preserve the earth like that would give us ample resources. Your species is just amazing, Dracen." She means it, being an emissary was all fine and dandy, but to have the power to do so much for nature was a blessing. "What else can you teach me?"

”Anything you want really. I can even let you ride me sometime-..." Dracen pales after a beat, his eyes widening and his cheeks flushing a brilliant crimson as the double entendre hits him like a frieght train. ”Uhh-..that's not what I meant! I meant, like, ride on my back while all scaley and stuff not-.... Oh my God-..." he shuts himself up, moving down the line of flowers and using his shout on the daffodils. ”Anyway, embarrassing misinterpretations aside, I think you're right. When I heard we'd be getting magic users this season I hit the books for a while, learned more about your race. Don't sell emissaries so short, Isis. They're amazing. Really. And just think-..." he pauses, reviving another patch of flowers, ”If Wyverns and Emissaries got together we could totally fix this whole global warming fiasco. It doesn't take a scientist to see that the earth is dying, you know? I can feel it. My entire species can feel it-..." he whispers another shout and looks to Isis, steamrolling on, ”You can probably feel it too. All we need is this stupid segregation to end so all the different species can interact, join together in a way that benefits the world as a whole-..." he sentence ends on a chuckle as he stops himself, [color=#7D3938]”Sorry I'm-...I'm rambling." After rejuvenating the sunflowers, Dracen turns to Isis, offering a meek smile as an apology. ”I must be talking your ear off. Uhh-...maybe I could teach you some phrases in Dovah? Make it up to you-...?"

Isis' brows raise to her hairline as soon as Dracen speaks and suddenly she's looking at him with wide eyes. It's only when she's reassured that he didn't mean for the offer to be vulgar that she smiled, even chuckled a bit to alleviate the tension there. "It's fine. I know what you meant, Drace. Don't worry about it. I'd love to ride your back." She's right beside him as he rejuvenates the garden with his shouts. And she's listening to him, smiling and silently musing over his passion for the subject. It pleased her to know that his stance on segregation wasn't just an act for the camera; Dracen was being honest and real with her. She respected him for that. "It's okay, Dracen. I think it's great that you're so passionate about this. And I agree with everything you said one hundred percent. We really need to bring everyone together and show them that it's possible to coexist." Isis smirked, nudging him with her arm. "I'll still take that lesson though."

His smile is warm as he's nudged. In hindsight, it's nice to know there are kindred spirits outside of the States that want this whole segregation thing to end. With how poor of an impression he seemed to make with Jericho, having Isis here and actually enjoying his company certainly reassured him that he was standing up for the right cause. ”You bet. I'll start you off with something easy, you know, get you used to the pronunciation. Ahnok-..." he says. ”...-means hello" and he sounds it out for her, ”Uh-knock."

"Uh-knock," she echoes, her lips forming stretching abnormally as she attempts to pronounce the word. It was even harder with her accent, but she managed. " that?"

”Just like that!" he replies, practically beaming, ”Good job! Alright. Okay uhh-...oh! Goodbye. That's Guur, like a growl almost. Grrrr-...."

Isis grinned before giving it a go. She even decided to be playful as she pronounced the word, she scratched at the air a little and made a "scary" face. "Grrr!"

Dracen laughs, his whole body moving with it as it bursts out of him. It wasn't even that funny, or you'd think if you hadn't seen Isis' face.”Hey, no need to mock us." he retorts, chuckling, ”We're a growly race. I suppose I could teach you some other greetings though. Pruzah vulon is goodnight. Pruzah feyl is good morning. Pruzah avond is good evening." He sounds them all out for her until she gets it right, practically singing her praise at how fast of a learner she is. A moment of comfortable silence passes between them as the light of his shout dies out, no longer shrouding the various petals in a soft golden glow. Dracen looks away, reassured that they'll be fine for another night, and bumps his shoulder into Isis', ”I should write up a study guide for you, Isis. It'd be just like learning French or Spanish-..."

"Are you going to give me pop quizzes too?" Isis quipped, grinning up at Dracen.

”Hey, I might." he jests. ”I know this is probably a stupid question you mind helping me out with the garden? I could use an extra set of hands and I'd love to see you work your magic on some of these plants. No pun intended."

"Sure," Isis beamed, looking at Dracen with amusement dancing in her bright orbs. "I'd like that." They carry on like that, plotting out what they could do to make the garden ten times better. The two newfound friends take their leave, heading into the house with smiles on their faces as the cameras roll.


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There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth;
not going all the way, and not starting.

~ Buddha

{In collaboration with peace_of_mind7}

Spike, still sitting in the library reads through the book in a bit of a daze, not quite sure what she was reading at all. It might have been a Sherlock Holmes book with all it's suspense and all that seemed to be going on. But just like listening to music while playing a video game or doing work, she wasn't really all that into it. The library had a certain feel about it that could put anyone at ease. It sure calmed Spike down from the events of the cameras rolling and such. Plus it's always good to take a break from her video games every once in a while. But, of course, Spike can't go too long without playing one of her precious video games. Bored of the book, she closed it and sat it beside her on the couch as she sat up while reaching into her back pocket and pulling out her GameBoy, hoping to possibly beat her high-score.

With Spike's luck, or should we say karma, was in a little bit of wack apparently as the devise dies almost as soon as she switched it on. "Of course you'd die at a time like this," she said to the GameBoy, setting it beside her as well. Instead of going back to the abandoned book, she sat there and looked around the library, taking it all in.

As soon as Isis stepped foot back into the house, the cameras were rolling and in her face. It bewildered her, really; having something large and bulky glaring at you wasn't something she expected...okay, maybe she did, but not like this. She glanced at Dracen, giving him a wary look before looking away from the camera. If she remembered correctly,you weren't supposed to do that...right?

Tucking her hair behind her ear, Isis tried to act normal--whatever that was--as she meandered into the living room. She turned to Dracen with that friendly smile back on her face. "Hey, I'm just going to look around for a bit, get familiar with the place, you know." In truth, she was getting the hell out of there before she makes a fool of herself. Yeah, she knew what she was getting herself into, but she wasn't mentally prepared for that. Maybe later...but not now. She needed to meditate first. She needed to find a quiet place...and just like that her prayers were answered when she opened a door to find a rather large library. A bright smile settled onto her face as she ventured inside. It was the perfect place to be alone-...her train of thought stopped completely when a flash of red caught her eye. Turning, she saw Spike lounging about, looking as if she were contemplating the meaning of life.

"I'm I interrupting?" She was beginning to realize that she was getting good at that.

Taking a deep breath of the nice air that was strange to smell in a library, no matter how clean, Spike looked to the ceiling. Nice high ceilings. She loved high ceilings for some reason. Maybe it was the open space or the illusion of being in such an open space like the out doors. Pulled from her thoughts by a voice, that was clearly woman, Spike looked over to see - to her hearts desires - a rather beautiful girl that she vaguely recognized as one of the newbies.

Seemingly instantly, a grin shot across Spike face, her past expression of thinking seeming to completely disappear.

"No, no. You're not interrupting anything at all," Spike started, smiling her semi-famous friendly smile that she does ever so often. "You're one of the newbies, right? I'm Spike!" She added, causally standing and stepping toward the other girl a few steps, stretching her hand out ever so causally to shake.

Isis smiled back, grateful that she wasn't being kicked out. She remember Spike from the show. She had been one of her favorites next to Dracen because of her fearlessness; a quality that Isis wished she possessed. "I've seen you on the show last season," Isis grinned, shaking Spikes hand. "I'm Isis, the emissary."

Spike couldn't help herself but giggle slightly. She's always hearing people say they've seen her on TV or on her channel, and this, though practically the same, was different in a way. "Right, right," Spike said, rubbing the back of her neck after shaking hands. Was she becoming shy or nervous? Nah. "An emissary?" Spike perked up a little. She's never personally met an emissary like this. Or, at least not one that would just come out and say it. "Wow, that's cool!" She added, smiling with a bit of excitement. "I'm a phoenix, but I take it, since you've watched the show, you already know that?" Her smile turned into a bit of smirk as an eyebrow played upwards a little. "So, what can an emissary do, exactly?" Spike added, tilting her head a little before catching herself. "Er...uh, if you don't mind me asking, that is." Manners, Spike, mind you manners.

"I don't mind," Isis replied, once again tucking her hair behind her ear. "Primarily, emissaries are just consumers of nature. We take something and make it something new. For example, energy from a breeze can be used to levitate objects and certain plants and berries can strengthen spells and potions. You may know emissaries better by the term 'wiccan', I guess. People call us various names depending on the culture."

"Whoa..." Spike couldn't think of what else to say. Oh, how she longed to be as amazing as that. "That's really amazing," She added, her eyes seeming to haze over in some form of wonder. "At least you can do cool useful stuff. What can a phoenix do?" Spike said, turning and walking to the couch, shrugging her arms up slightly. "We can turn into flaming birds of destruction and be reborn in our ashes!" She said it with a bit of an hysterical voice before her face cracked into a grin, with...a hint of a flirt? "But, really, you sound fucking amazing!" She sat on the couch, crossing her legs as she did so. "If you don't mind me asking, why'd you join the show? I know the usual to stop segregation, but for most people there's a little bit more something personal," Spike said, trying her best not to trespass into forbidden territory too fast while also testing the waters to say. "I hope I'm not offending you or anything," She quickly added with a nervous smile and laugh.

"Just turn into a flaming bird of destruction?" Isis chuckled. "I'd kill to be that majestic." She sat down beside her just in time to catch the flirty grin. Blushing, Isis absently played with a strand of her hair. This wasn't something she was used to, but she liked it. She only looked at Spike when her question sunk in. "I came to prove a point. My brother, Geb is all for the segregation of species and I thought I'd lead by example that it's not hard to coexist. So far, I've been proven right. Everyone I've met so far has been really nice, you included." Isis bumped her with her thigh in a playful manner as she got more comfortable. "What about you? Aside from the standard 'fight segregation' reason?"

Spike didn't say much but smile, nod, and the occasional "a-huh," until she started to notice someone getting comfortable. "Oh, really?" Spike said, her smile growing a slight glow of a smirk before she giggled a bit as Isis bumped her. So far, she was defiantly starting to like these newbies.

Her smirk fell as Isis' question hit her ears. Spike wasn't really sure if she ever went over this question with anyone yet, but it wasn't really all that much to talk about. "Well, I came to represent the gamers and nerds so they have a say in this shit-" Spike! Stop it with all the damn cursing! Spike stopped herself. "Er..stuff. Sorry, I'm trying to cut down on my cursing," She said, slightly embarrassed before brushing it off and continuing. "Plus, I think I joined the first time just to stick it to my mother. She's not the most supporting person," Spike paused leaning back on the couch and letting her legs slid out from under her. "I rejoined to meet of with some of last years contestants, and because my fans were practically begging me to rejoin. They can't get enough of me," Spike smiled with mock of proud, chuckling slightly. "Plus, I wanted to meet some new people from around the world, like you," She said with a smile, poking Isis gently in the thigh. "Where you from again?"

Isis liked Spike, more than she thought she would. The fiery phoenix was more friendly in person than on the television and Isis was glad. So far, her first day was ideal. "I didn't say, did I?" Isis said as if it just dawned on her. Smirking, she narrowed her eyes at Spike, challenging her with her green gaze. "Guess. I think my accent gives it away."

Spike raised an eyebrow, a bit confused - she admits - at first until Isis' challenge dropped from her pretty lips. "Aw, damn. But I'm no good with accents!" Spike said, in a bit of a whiny voice before laughing a bit. "Alright," She added just as quickly, taking the challenge and sitting up. This is where Spike would come off to any normal person as a bit odd and/or over the top.

Shifting on the couch, she faced Isis, her eyes narrowed slightly as she looked the girl over. This also, of course, gave her an excuse to check the other girl out, and let me tell you, Spike was pleased at what she saw. The girl was attractive, very attracted, in Spikes mental book of attractive ladies. She couldn't even help the smirk that was dripped in flirtatious vibes stretch across her face before she brought herself out of Isis' eyes and back to reality.

"Huhmm..." Spike hummed suddenly, tilting her head. "Er..uh...India? Spain? Egypt? Is it...Egypt?"

It was a foreign feeling, being looked at like that. She could feel the vibes practically beaming off of her. It was in her aura and it made Isis blush brilliantly. "It's Egypt," Isis nodded with a grin. "Cairo, if you want to get technical. I'm surprised it wasn't your first guess. My name is the goddess."

"Yes!" Spike yelled, jumping up with her hands in fists in the air. It was as if she just won a championship of some sorts. Laughing a bit, she sat back down and listened to the last Isis had to say, which made her giggle a little. "Well, I try not to judge people by their names. Take me, for example. My parents named me Spike. There's no god or divine being or whatever named Spike," She laughed a little. She, honestly, had no idea why they named her Spike, but she loved it. "And, Isis, that's a pretty name. Goddess suites," Spike added, a small smile stretched across her face. She was really picking up on her flirting with speed, just like last season.

"Spike suites you," Isis reassured her. "It's edgy and has the whole 'I'm a powerhouse' vibe to it." And that's when the compliment hit her and a nervous giggle left her...since when does she ever giggle? "Thank you, Spike." She said, meekly. "That's really sweet of you." She didn't think that highly of herself, but she wasn't going to just smack down a free compliment.

Spikes smile grew wide as she made Isis giggle. She just loves making that happen. "You're welcome," Spike said, her smile having a bit of calmness to it now that the ice has been broken. "So, how's it like where you're from?"

"Very hot, very busy, and very big." Isis said with a shrug. "It's just a big city with busy people.

Spike nodded slightly. "No difference there, I guess,"

Time flies as the phoenix and the emissary get closer to one another. Laughter can be heard in the supposedly quiet area and Isis doesn't even care that the cameras are coming in and filming the interaction. She's too busy enjoying Spike's stories and jokes to care.


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The Isles of Sicily; one of the few territories in Ellium that isn't plagued by oppressive segregation. Populated by non-magic humans, it is a nesting ground for equality, adorned with beautiful beaches, rolling hillsides, and floral plains. Consortio Manor lays nestled on a mountainside, overlooking a beach that has been closed off for the use of the cast members. After a week of filming, Claude decides that you and your fellow cast mates deserve a bit of a break while they edit the first episode. Turns out this "breaks" doesn't translate the same to you as it does him. Instead of being free from the cameras in their entirety, Claude limits the amount of cameramen to two instead of the ten they have readily available. Gathering your bathing clothes, you and your cast mates set out to the beach for a day in the sun.

Crashing against the shore, small waves wash the night's debris onto the land. Untouched golden sand covers the floor as far as your eyes can see. Soothing, a gentle sea breeze rustles through your hair. Abandoned, nothing there apart from a few sea gulls pecking at the rubbish left by yesterday's visitors. The blazing sun beats down on the smooth, weathered rocks of the cliff side. The crisp seaweed pushed onto the rocks by the waves, lay baking at the sea's edge, occasionally moving with the tide. The clear blue sea's waves rattle the tiny pebbles embedded in the golden sand. The foam from the waves cover a small child's forgotten sandcastle, bringing it down with a dull crash. Closing off the edge of the beach is a cave, the entrance hidden from view, punctuating the extensive length of the shore side. Islanders mingle and gather far off in the distance, their presence inaudible even to the the creatures they're so far off.

Here marks the next week of filming Return to Reality. What impression will you make?


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{In Collaboration with ShyKedid}


Isis bends over at the knees, scooping up sand with her petite palms. It slides through her fingertips and she smiles at the way it feels. Slowly, she draws a smiley face with her finger in the sand just because she can. It's her first time ever being at a beach, and so far, she's enjoying the heat of the sand caressing the heels of her bare feet, the wind blowing against her long brown legs and allowing her white sundress to flutter almost elegantly, and the cool spray of sea water against her arms. She lifts her gaze, taking in the crystal blue waters ahead, watching the waves roll and crash against the sandy surface. It's most likely the most beautiful sight she's ever seen in her life. She's content with just this; the sun's light warming her skin and the loud roar of the tides surrounding her. The waves barely reach her toes and she cautiously dips them into the water before squealing. It's much colder than she thought it would be, that's for sure. Adjusting her sun hat so that it won't get blown away by the wind, Isis sucks up the intial shock and takes another curious steph into the freezing depths. It takes a minute for her to grow accustom to the foreign sensation, but when she does she feels as if she's accomplished something.

It took awhile, but eventually Spike found the one she was looking for. It was a sight. You'd never know how different it was seeing someone in their own little world enjoying the beach in a picture next to real life. In real life, it has a lot more feeling.

Quiet as she stepped in the warm sand, stopping just before where the tide ended, Spike tilted her head slightly, squinting as the sun decided to irritate her eyes for what seemed like the first time today. "Hey, you having fun?" She questioned half-jokingly, the residue of a smirk coming through in her smile.

Caught up in her triumph, Isis doesn’t notice Spike heading her way and is only aware of her presence when her voice reaches her. She jumps, eyes widening as she grips her chest as if to stop her heart from popping out of her ribcage. When she realizes that it’s only the fiery phoenix greeting her she relaxes and laughs at herself. “I’m sorry…I didn’t see you there,” she says, taking her hand off of her chest. “Yeah, I’m having the best time actually. This place is gorgeous.” She looks out at the waves once more and grins wider. “It’s my first time at a beach.”

Spikes eyes widen slightly as Isis jumps, but she can’t help but raise an eyebrow at the girl before letting out a huff of a laugh at her explanation. Of course, she can't help but recall herself jumping at the appearance of one very hyper, scatter-brain that she sees as a brother coming out of nowhere. Spike nods slightly as she listens to Isis speak, catching every word that falls she those beautiful-wait. She's never been to a beach before? “Really?” Was the only thing Spike managed to let out, confusion taking over her facial features. She'd expected the other to be to a beach – any beach – at least once.

Isis simply shakes her head in response before turning her full attention to the other girl. “Never,” she shrugs, sinking her toes into the sodden sand. “I just never got the chance, I guess.” She bites her bottom lip, peeking up at Spike from underneath dark lashes. “So, you can see why I’m really excited to be here.” Clasping her hands behind her back and toeing the sand, she regards the fiery gamer with a friendly smile. “How about you? I saw you building sand castles with Dracey. It was cute.”

She can't help but smile slightly at the comment, even blush slightly. She wasn't one to blush every time someone said something was cute, but this was different. “Yeah, I've been lots of times.” Pausing, Spike looked up to the sun in the skies. ”I especially like the sun and how warm it gets the sand,” She glanced at Isis from the corner of her eye before laughing slightly and turning back toward her.

Isis quirks a brow. Had she just made Spike…blush? That’s surely a first. A whisper of a smirk stretches her lips as she takes a step towards her. While the phoenix isn’t looking, Isis’ green irises dissolve, rendering her eyeballs completely white as she wills droplets of seawater to raise into the air and come towards her. The liquid swirls before launching at Spike and splashing against the small of her back. Blinking, Isis’ eyes shift back to their natural evergreen shade as she looks away, pretending that she had no part in the mischief.

Jumping slightly at the sudden cold water hitting her back. Spike curses under her breath, scolding the ground behind her as if it were the culprit of the unlawful crime. ”Fucking water,” she mumbles, the chill from where the water hit slowly making its way up her spine. Of course, there's no way she could have possibly known the culprit, but the girl can have her suspicions. She raises an eyebrow at her companion, now closer than before, and gives her a small, smirky, knowing smile. ”Now you're really having some fun, aren't ya'?”

Isis’ smirk cannot be hidden as she looks Spike’s way. “Maybe a little,” she says, eyes flashing white once more as she summons more water to attack Spike. She giggles, soaking Spike without lifting a finger. “Okay, now I’m having fun.” She says, hovering a ball of water over her palm and regarding Spike playfully through glazed orbs.

”Shit,” was all Spike could muster before she was soaked head to toe and freezing for the moment. Without thinking, she shook her head, water splattering around. There's not much she can really do in her defense. It's not like she has any control over water, and she's not about to turn into a bird of fire and do something dangerous. So, instead, she opts to stepping into the wadding water and grabbing Isis by the waist, pulling her down with her forcefully, yet gently. ”If I'm getting wet, you are too!” She says playfully, splashing water the other girl’s way.

Her smirk immediate dies and her eyes shift back to green the moment Spike attacks her. She goes down with a squeak, water soaking her to the bone. It’s freezing and she squeals, but the initial shock morphs into laughter as she tries to get back up. Her hat flies off of her head and drifts to sea, but she doesn’t much care because Spike is splashing her and she’s laughing as she uses her hands to shield her face. Her dress is clinging to her form, the material becoming see-through and subtly revealing the colors of her bikini underneath. Soon, she’s retaliating, splashing Spike back. She returns the foul play and hops onto Spike’s back, clinging to her and refusing to let go. “Dead weight,” she muses, pushing wet locks out of her face.

Spike is smiling wide and laughing as they splash back and forth, and that smile turns into a grinning smirk as Isis hops on her back. She's even tickled slightly by how much fun she's having just fooling around in the water. Twisting around, Spike manages to turn to face Isis, her face possessing a wolfish grin as she pushes Isis onto her back until she's on top of the other girl. A small soft smile mixed with the hints of a smirk sets on her lips and a raised eyebrow. After a moment of just hovering over the girl, her hands placed firmly in the sand just above Isis' shoulders, she can't help but let out a little laugh, not thinking this would happen. ”So, how much fun you having now?”

What happens next is something that Isis doesn’t expect. Before she knows it, he back is against the wet sand with the waves just reaching their lower halves. She’s catching her breath as she watches the sunlight bend around Spike from their compromising position and her breathing hitches slightly. Turning her head, Isis blushes. “A lot,” she replies, coyly. She giggles nervously, unsure of what to do with herself at the moment. “Most people would find this position scandalous.”

She can't help the growing smirk on her face as she looks down at Isis, noticing the blush make its way across the other girls face. ”Scandalous, eh?” Spike says, an eyebrow raising slightly. Pausing just a moment, unsure if she really wants to move or not, she decides the former and rolls off the other girl. ”How's that? She adds, now sitting in the sand herself, looking down at Isis. A moment later and she's laying on her back herself, looking up at the sky with her hands tucked underneath her head and one knee bent in the air in the most casual and relaxed state she's been all day, besides the moment before she woke up this morning.

“Less compromising,” Isis breathes, glancing over at Spike. It’s a wonder how Spike manages to stay so composed while she’s still recovering from all of that. That’s one thing she envies about the phoenix; her confidence and cool. It’s something she’s longed to have for years. Nevertheless, she lays there, soaking up the sun as she builds up the courage to lace her fingers with Spike’s as they lounge and catch their breaths. Her cold fingers slide between those of the woman beside her and she sends her a soft smile as the cool waves lap at their legs.