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Spike Days

"Why separate what was meant to be together?"

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a character in “Return to Reality”, as played by ShykKedid



{"Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun.” }
- Randy Pausch
Be Brave || I'm Alive || Theatre || Anybody || Almost || Crash


|{Full Name}|
Hanna "Spike" Days
October 21st, 1990 {23 Years Old}
Professional Gamer
The Wildcard
Spike loves meeting other monsters and learning what they can do. She, personally, hates segregation because it limits peoples choices and the people they can meet. And, Spike being the social person she tends to be, finds it suffocating. She can't help but give the show props for what they're doing, even if it is a reality show that will have drama just for being a reality show.

{"I don't care what other people think as long as I am happy.” }
- Sebastian Vettel

|Wayward| |Cheerful| |Social| |Queer| |Optimistic| |Ambitious|
In short, Spike is a outgoing, sociable young lady who doesn't worry about what's in front of her and may be a bit eccentric.

Spike is one of those people to whom has many odd quirks that may mesh oddly with her over-all character, thus being unpredictable. Two of her very out-and-open quirks is her belief of karma and extraterrestrial (alien) life. She will outwardly express her concern for others regarding doing the right thing, or, and I quote, "Karma will come back to get you!" Not to mention she is one of those girls who will agree men are stronger than woman. Though, this might be because she rather a guy do all the guy stuff (i.g. take out the trash, drive the car, etc.) while she sits in front of the TV playing video games...she may be a bit of a hypocrite as well. Now, when she gets bored - which happens whenever she's alone for a long time and already played through every game she owned, read every book in her possession, and has absolutely no where to go - she does math. She'll count every ceiling and floor tile or light, multiples it by how many rows of said item there was, divides by the lucky number eight, and subtracts infinite times pie. She might as well read a matrix.

Being the up-beat professional gamer she once was, Spike does, of course, have her fair share of habits, not even half of which are just nervous habits. Those habits are as follow: Raging. Raging is a big one that is used endlessly in the gamer world. It usually happens in games when said gamer dies, usually, or needs to start a level (or the whole game) over for various reasons. It usually consists of said gamer screaming/yelling (usually) profanities at the computer/TV screen and can sometimes lead to said screen and/or game being broken. Of course, being a professional gamer and being around the Minecraft block more than once, Spike suffers from Rage-Fits from the above reasons. Some other habits/mannerisms include tapping her foot when not moving for so long, humming various, nameless songs, having certain profanities permanently sketched into her vocabulary, biting her bottom lip when thinking or doing something on her own, and sometimes repeating what she says.

Like most people, Spike has many hidden, and maybe some un-useful, talents. Some that may not come up in everyday chit-chat would be juggling; spot on impressions of Yoda, Gollum, and Jar Jar Binks; and, of course, being able to put both of her ankles behind her head at the same time. Now, onto some more useful and talked about talents: she can, of course, play multiple instruments. The guitar, piano, and the slide whistle are the only three instruments she can play, unless you count her singing voice as an instrument. She's also skilled with a skate-bored, but that's usually obvious. Skills are a whole other thing though. She can't cook (unless it's something as in microwavable food or cereal), but she can write and was blessed with beautiful, readable handwriting in which she writes short, funny, and powerful poems.

With every good character comes great strengths and even greater the weaknesses. The expression of having great strengths and even greater weaknesses applies to every one. But in this case, we have Spike. Some mental strengths include her ability to have her mind on many things at once, but still being focused on the utmost important task of them all, by her standards. And because of that, she may abandon said discussion altogether to focus on the mental one inside her head, which brings us the randomness that unpredictable people have. Which brings up the all to common phrase (especially in our society) "Wait, what were we talking about again?" And the similar expression; "Wait, what are we doing?" It's similar in physical aspects as well. She may be a phoenix stuck in a cycle to being reborn, but she wont remember who she was before, she wont even be the same person. Her gender could even possibly change, yet alone her sexuality! And though, she doesn't need to fear death itself, she does fear death, tragedy, and sickness for her loved ones.

{"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” }
- Confusius




|{Place of Origin}|
Orlando, Florda

Born into a family full of Phoenix, Spike was always raised the phoenix ways. Of course, she didn't take to likely to it all. Her mother in particular wanted her to be, what Spike believed, a perfect clone of herself, all snobby and pristine. But Spike was never like that. She was smart and into gaming, like her father. She became a gamer and con-goer thanks to her father, who was really into superheros. But one "superhero" in particular that caught Spikes eye was Ms. Jean Grey, The Phoenix. Oddly enough, this ended her in gaming. She got a gaming computer and filmed herself playing various games. From RPG horror games like Mad Father to simple, sand-box games, of course, like Minecraft. She then started going to Cons, testing out the new games, and gaming competitions. This landed her as one of the people who gets to test games for developers before the games actually come out. Thanks to this, she was one of the first people to have Let's Play's out on YouTube as soon as the game comes to market, obviously gaining her a lot of views.

|{Family Tree}|
Alexandra Morgania-Days | Mother | Phoenix | Currently Living
Henry Days | Father | Phoenix | Currently Living

|{Happiest Memory}|
When she was seven and realized she was the same species as that awesome bird from Harry Potter.

|{Saddest Memory}|
When she was about to win a platforming game competition and feel in a pit of lava on her last life.

{"If you reveal your secrets to the wind, you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees.” }
- Khalil Gibran

Though she can change into a flaming bird at will, she, herself, still has a bit of trouble at it and opts out
Knows that her mother doesn't except her "choice of lifesytle" and partially joined the show just because of that.
Tries to abstain from eating meat due to moral conflict, but can't help herself around bacon.


Character Dialogue || #d45200

Face Claim || Hayley Williams

So begins...

Spike Days's Story


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"The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything."
― Albert Einstein


{ In collaboration with ibecameinsane }

For the newbies, their first time seeing the United States is through tinted glass. Flown to the states from
their home countries, the new cast members are gussied up for their big debut and called one at a time to
be interviewed on worldwide television. The lights are blinding, the set is stifling, and the pressure to
impress the crowd is anything but effortless. Meanwhile, the returning cast members wait in the green room
to be called on stage. Ushered on stage onto a four person couch, they’re coaxed into sharing what they’ve
done since season one. They sit together with smiles plastered on their faces as though they’re old friends
when in truth some of them cannot stand one another. Once they’ve been given enough of the limelight,
they’re all ushered into a private jet and flown to the Isles of Scilly.

The streets are filled to the brim by the curious spectators. Unknowing bystanders, which were few and far
between, were confused by the spectacle while others have flown for all corners of their providence just to
see this event unfold in person. Slowly, the vehicles make their way through the crowded road. As the
limousines closer, the flashes of the cameras of the paparazzi intensified. While most entered the luxurious
premises without too much difficulty, others were faced with the usual complications that came with the fame.
Some fanatics pushed themselves against the vehicles screaming the returning cast's names while others tried
to catch a glimpse of the newbies. As usual, the security crew handled the situation accordingly in order to
proceed promptly with the schedule.

They’re in the house gathered into the living room by the producer who captures their attention with a clasp
of his hands as he stands in front of the fireplace. "Alright everyone, tonight marks the first night of season two. We’ve got
our veterans over here-…"
he gestures to the couch on his left where all but one sit and then to his right where they
huddle around as much as possible, "…-and our newbies. For those who don’t know me, my name is Claude Fauré. You may
address me as anything you see fit. Once I assign you to a bedroom, you will be given a roommate and we’ll begin filming. Now-…”"

He goes through the list, telling each member of the cast where they’ll be staying before he pockets his cellphone
and gives them a look of warning. "“The cameras will be rolling at all times. I reiterate: at all times. Some moments may not
make the final cut but everything will be on film. Because the goal of this season is to prove that different species from different
Providences can in fact live in harmony, I would like to respectfully request that you hold yourself at some level of decency."
With one
last grin he snaps his fingers, ushering the cameramen into the room. "Now, you’ll have about half an hour to get your
things settled before the cameras start rolling so use them wisely."


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"For last year's words belong to last year's language and next year's words await another voice. To make an end is to make a beginning."
― T.S. Eliot


If you really want to hear about it, the first thing you'll probably want to know is where Dracen was the night before the first day of shooting or that he spent all that night on the phone with his manager clearing his schedule or how heartfelt his goodbye with his father was and all those meticulous details.There's no reason for it, if you want to know the truth. When the limousine pulls up in front of his house just after the sun breaches the horizon, Dracen leaves nothing but his car behind. The drive to the airport—if you must know—was long, long and uneventful. In fact, he spent most of it texting friends and coworkers or belting out lyrics to whatever song he recognized on the radio. He flew first class to New York and by the time he reached the studio, it was nearly noon. Walking in with McDonald's in hand, Dracen allowed himself to be pulled in all different directions as producers, make-up artists, and stylists fussed around him. He continues eating his nuggets even as he's pulled into a dressing room and handed an outfit to change into. His utter nonchalance about the whole thing is so completely contrasting compared to how he was at the start of the first season that's it's almost amusing. Abigail, his makeup artist, says as much when she enters the room.

"Who are you and what have you done with my dorky little bundle of sunshine?" she jests, setting up her kit as he tugs on the long-sleeved shirt he was given.

Dracen smiles, "I'm not all that different, Abby." In hindsight, perhaps, but the wyvern wasn't the scrawny little whelp of a lad he was a couple of years ago. Now that he has experience under his belt, he moves about the routine of a television star with an effortless fluidity. He sits back in the makeup chair as Abigail runs her fingers through his hair. Yes, hair. He has that this season.

"Says Mr. Rise to Fame-..." Abigail says, running a little gel through his hair and tousling it, giving it the sought after 'just crawled out of bed' look. She moved about the chair, making a few touch ups here and there but otherwise not caking him with foundation as she would anyone else.

There's a knock on the door and a stage-hand lets herself in, "Ten minutes, Mister Mallory."

"We know, we know-..." Abigail groans, shooing the stage-hand out the door with a wave of her hand. She turns back to Dracen and groans, "Pushy little interns"

"What's in ten minutes?" Dracen asks, his eyelids fluttering as Abigail combs his eyebrows.

"Photoshoot." she replies, "It's mandatory, I'm afraid-..." With a soft lead of her fingertips, she tips Dracen's head back and give him a warm smile. "You may be all grown up now but you know how they want you to act, don't you?"

"I have to play The Spazz, I know." he answers, eliciting a long suffering sigh, "Not that it'll be that hard. I always end up making a fool of myself one way or another, don't I?"

Abigail offers a comforting smile and pats his cheek, "You'll be fine, sweetie. Just go out there and be your lovable, goofy self."

And he does. As always Dracen delivers when it comes to portraying a hyperactive spazz. During the photoshoot he throws himself about the set, having fun with different poses and leaping into the air. When he modeled clothes he was never given this kind of freedom, but it came with becoming an actor. Next, the interview, and what fun that was. Perhaps the only thing that puts a smile on his face is the chance to see Spike and even then they don't get to talk much. Still, he sits beside her on the couch as he tells the live studio audience what he's been up to since season one let out. He listens and smiles, his grin causing his amber eyes to glow in the spotlight, as Spike talks about her own misadventures. Of course the two of them kept in touch since the show let out so he's heard all these stories. Regardless, he hasn't seen her in over a month so you can't blame him for missing his little flame-haired companion.

They sit beside one another on the plane and prattle on like old friends do, moving around in his seat in a completely animated way throughout the trip. They finally reach the Isles and are separated in three different limos. In the first is the veterans, lounging about lethargically as they drive down winding roads to get to the house. He has his head in Spike's lap, sprawled out in a tangle of awkward limps until they pull up in front of the impressive manor. Inside, they're ushered into the living room as their belongings are taken upstairs. He listens as Claude speaks, smiling as he talks because it's just so reminiscent of his first time on the show. As he assigns roommates and bedrooms, Dracen hears his name paired with a newbie he doesn't know. Not that he cares, mind, he's always open to meeting new people. He cannot wait to find out more about this Jericho Remington.


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Actually, years mean nothing. It's what's inside them.

~ Simon Van Booy


It'd be a lie to say nothing notable happened in Spike's life since being off the show. In reality, a lot happened. And, unless you want to sit through hours upon hours of talking about gaming, here's the load-down. After leaving the show at the end of the season last year, Spike went on to, maybe not bigger but better things. Her channel made thousands of new viewers, making it even closure to the top of YouTube's Let's Play channels and making her eligible to become a partner and get sponsors. Upon all that, she was invited to many different cons where she even did a few autographs here and there. If that wasn't enough on her now more famous than uniquely average name, she was one of the voice overs in a small, but uniquely amazing, indie game called Cry. Not to mention the few premiers, cons, and cos-plays she went with Dracen. So, yes, Spike's vacation from the show was rather eventful. But she was more than happy to return and have another season recking havoc and making friends with Dracen. Now, the hardest part for Spike is moving back. She lived in a pent house apartment studio. By time she was done packing, she was surprised she had wooden floors. Of course, she took her gaming PC and gaming laptop. Her JVC Everio GZ camcorder plus her backup Canon Vixia HF camcorder. Not to mention countless other equipment like mic's, headsets, games, and clothes and other stuff like that. All she really left in the apartment was the furniture, appliances, and her very precious HD TV and HD computer monitors.

Going out to the car for the ride to the airport, Spike was more than ready. Last time, she was unprepared for what's to come and a bit out of it. But today, she woke up early and had two cups of coffee and a pop full of nothing but sugar. She wasn't just ready. She was born ready. The ride to the airport was just as boring to Spike as it would be anyone else. She spent most of her time playing Pokemon: Crystal on her old Game Boy Advance, attempting to watching The Neverending Story on her laptop, and reading up on her Batwoman comics. Reaching the airport and getting to the plane was both a pleasure and a pain in the ass. She exchanged a few greetings here and there to familiar faces, but eventually she squeezed through the crowd and got on the plane. The flight went just as the car ride to no prevail and she made it to the studio. Yada, yada, yada and Spike basically tells a slightly longer, yet quicker with her quick way of talking, version of what was just written above.

For the most part, Spike was quiet as everyone told their stories of what they did since being gone. There was a laugh here and there, an sympathetic 'Awh' around some parts. But, for the most part, she was quiet. Then, off the they went to head on to the place they'll call home for the next season. She was excited for two reasons instead of one this season. One, she gets to live with her best friend Dracen again! No more month long waits of needed interaction. And two, new people! From other countries! Spike just knows she's going to love meeting new people, monsters, from other countries. She can't wait to see them let alone hear their accents.

Once at the house and in the living room, face to face with the newbies, Spike tilted her head, only half listening to Claude as he talks about how they're going to be filming all the time and whatever. Spike couldn't care less. She makes YouTube videos, even if most of them is just Let's Plays with her facecam, for basically a living. Being in front of cameras is just natural. Of course, she perked up and listened to whom her roommate shall be. "Elizabeth. That's a pretty name." Spike couldn't help to think, looking over the newbies. She wondered who Elizabeth was.

Standing up from the couch after Claude finishes speaking. She stretches a little, starting to feel a bit tired now after such a long and eventually boring day. Then she looks to the newbies, a smile forming on her face. "So, which one of you noobs is Elizabeth?"


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"Friendship is born at that moment when one says to another: "What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . .""
― C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves


{ In collaboration with SkykKedid }

Dracen was beginning to get restless in his seat once Claude left the room, sticking close to Spike as she addressed the newbies. Was he excited about meeting new people? Of course he was. If there was ever a crowning moment for his movement to end segregation, it was this. And yet, in hindsight, he had all the time in the world to get to know them. As conceited as it sounds, getting to know the newbies now without the camera rolling would be counter-productive. Dracen wants to get to know them—wants to ask about their culture, their lifestyle, what law dictate their providence in comparison to the United States. He wants to know all of that and more just-...not right now.

"We'll get that sorted later." he says as he stands, tugging on her wrist for her to follow, "Come on, I want to check out the backyard before the cameras are rolling."

"Alright then. See ya' later, newbies!" Spike says over her shoulder with a smile and a wave to the newbies before following after Dracen.

Perhaps it was the familiar setting or the looming presence of constant surveillance that had his mind going a mile a minute. Despite how much he may or may not have matured during the break between seasons, it would seem as though he was reverting back to his role without his consent. He was beginning to think as he once did, taking in little details from every corner of visible space, his mind reeling with thousands of thoughts at once. The sheer intensity of it was almost daunting, scary even. Maybe that's why he clung to Spike much as he did, taking her arm and lacing it with his own as he walked her to the gazebo outside. She was just as much a part of his season one facade as she was how he is off camera.

"So did you bring your camera gear with you?" he asks as they step under the shingled roof. Sprawling himself out on the couch, Dracen looks at her with a sidelong glance, his head facing upward as if he were looking at the stars. "Because, I gotta say, I wouldn't be the only fan disappointed if you just stopped making videos."

Stepping out of the house, Spike looked around the yard then up to the sky. It was just as nice as last season, not to mention the gazebo. Spike just loved gazebos to no end for almost no reason in particular. Walking into the gazebo and taking a seat, she watched Dracen as he talked, tilting her head ever so slightly. His question, though, almost made her laugh.

"Of course I brought my gear!" She said, shifting slightly in her seat. "I wouldn't just stop making videos because I joined the show for a second season."

With a grin that almost threatened to split his face in two he replied, "Oh thank God, you had me worrying for a second. Oh!" Dracen sits up suddenly, his eyes wide as his smile gets impossibly bigger. "You know what would be totally cool? I mean, you don't have to agree to it, it's your channel so you can do what you want, I'm not going to tell you how to do things-..." as his voice came out in a rush he paused, mentally slowing himself down so he doesn't trip over his own tongue as he's prone to do. "If you have a multiplayer game you want to do I could be a guest star? Maybe? I mean, I won't be any good but I always love gaming with you so why not hit two birds with one stone? What d'ya say?"

As Dracen talks, one of Spike's eyebrows slowly raise as a grin forms on her face. She can barely help herself from laughing. "Of course, dude!" She nearly yells. "I brought all the multiplayer games I owned just for this reason. And I'm sure my many subscribers would love a little guest star action from you, of everyone," She ends with a few laughs, mentally going through a list of all the multiplayer games she brought.

"Yes! I mean uhh-..." shrugging off his cry of excitement, he stammers, "Thanks Spike, I really appeciate it. Seriously, I can't wait." His eyes drift off for a moment before another thought pops in his head and he seemingly loses all filter, voicing it before he can really dwell on it. "Random thought—and this is like a general thing—we could play multi-players so much more if we could actually, like, live in the same apartment without the whole inter-species thing getting in the way. I mean, I still live with my pops. I've got all this money coming in and no where to spend it because I'm too lame to live on my own. We could totally pull a How to Train your Dragon and sneak me into your place so I could move in with you instead of living in South Cacalaki." he sighs, long suffering, "But I digress. Hey, you still living in that super cool condo?"

Spike laughs at Dracen's cry of excitement. It always makes her smile when seeing someone so excited to play video games. It makes her feel like she's doing something right. At the next thing to come, Spike tilts her head to the side, watching Dracen speak. He's got a point. "Nah, I moved into this big pent house studio thing now. It's way more open and gots room for all my gear. But, you gotta point there," She pauses a moment before a smile comes to her face. "Hey, isn't that why we're here on the show?"

"Mhmm-..." he nods, "Supposedly this season is supposed to be about how species from different Providences can come together and live in harmony without the threat of-...I guess war? I don't know. Anyway, I'm all for it. I don't want to live in a world where I can't grow old with my best friend in a studio apartment just because she's a phoenix. I want to be able to come home to you ranting over campers, if I wanted to. I mean, right? Even the continents are segregated. It's ridiculous."

Despite all seriousness, Spike can't help but to giggle here and there. It's not the topic itself that's funny, but it's the way Dracen puts his words together and expresses himself that is funny. "Yeah. It's crazy," She pauses for a moment to gather her own thoughts. "I mean, we were all put here for a reason, right? Like, why separate what was made to be together? Sure, there's going to be some people who don't get along, it happens. But some could become truly close friend," She pauses again, smiling at Dracen. "Like us, buddy. We just gotta stick it to all those haters and make friends or more these season!" She ends her inspirational little speech with laughter.

"Yeah!" Dracen throws his fist in the air, his smile so wide and bright that it could give the Cheshire Cat a run for its money. He leans forward then, propping his elbows on his knees before casually running a hand through his hair. "Weird who they picked to come back though, right?" he says with a smile that just oozes gossip, "You and I, sure. We're fun. Aiden; he was a crowd favorite. But Ellie? She doesn't even like people of her own kind. Why do you think she agreed to come back? I mean, if anyone, I would've asked Veronica. You know?"

"Yeah," Spike nods, thinking back to the people from last season before a smile comes to her face at the mention of Veronica, her eyebrow raising ever so slightly. "Right, you'd like Veronica to return, wouldn't you?" She tries to hold in laughter the best she can. "She was just so pretty, right? Right? And didn't you guys have a little...thing?" At this, she nearly bust out laughing. "But, yeah, I'm just as surprised they asked Ellie, even more surprised she agreed. But, maybe she changed since last season? I mean, like, I never really had a problem with her. Plus, you can't deny she's pretty attractive," She ends with a shrug.

As he's teased about Veronica, Dracen purses his lips. There a ghost of a smile in his pout and a light flush in his cheeks at the mention of it but he doesn't interject, hearing Spike out as she talks about their abrasive co-star. "Attractive as she may be-..." he teases, smirking at his friend's taste in women, "...-she still scares me. Not that I have a problem with her either, mind, but she's not really up there on my 'people I want to talk to' list. I think she tolerates me more than anything. Know what I mean?"

Spike nods, a small smile plastered on her face. "Yeah, I guess so," Her smile grows into a small grin. "But you know who is going to need to deal with her for a while. I almost feel bad for her," She says, referring to the roommate list.

"Oh to get Aiden as her roommate?" Dracen asks with an open-mouthed laugh. "How long do you think it'll take for her to snap and throw something at him?"

"Hmm," Spike puts her hand on her chin, looking up and acting as if she's really giving it thought. "I give them to tomorrow night. Hell, maybe even tonight," She gives a huff of a laugh.

"I give her a week-..." he retorts, his tone as grave as though he made some official proclamation. "Ol' girl has a lot of fire in her but she's patient." Whisky colored eyes roam and fall on the house and he sighs with the reminder that it's actually there. Dracen checks his phone for the time and groans, "Uhh, we'd better not keep our newbies waiting." He stands and offers a hand to Spike as if its second nature, "You need any help unpacking?"

Taking his hand and standing, Spike shakes her head. "Nah, I can manage. It's not that much stuff."

Dracen smiles and nods, pulling her in close as they walk back towards the house. They fall mockingly in stride, crossing their legs over one another's with every step. When Dracen almost stumbles he turns his face towards Spike's cheeks and leaves open-mouthed kisses, noming on her face and making the sound affects to match. Spike, on the other hand, makes a grossed out face, sticking her tongue out slightly. Their laughter echoes throughout the day room as they enter the house, walking arm and arm up the stairs until they go their separate way.


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After being ushered out of private jet from her hometown near London, United Kingdom Elizabeth has to admit it's a bit scary being here, after all her parents didn't want her to come at all. However, her blast of determination didn't stop her, she wanted to show her parents that species could co-exist and her brother, William didn't make a wrong choice about Andrea Reid because of her Basilisk identity.
She spent most of her time on the plane trying to catch up on some sleep to prevent her from being too jetlagged when she arrived. However, the music from the entertainment system was very tempting to her, so though she tried sleeping there was part of the plane ride that was dedicated to the music.
After being led into a house all the participants were gathered in the living room as the producer stood up to announce something. To be honest Elizabeth didn't really pay attention to what he was saying, she was distracted by the set up of the living room. She saw the producer gesture towards 3 people sitting on the couch, Elizabeth knew they looked quite familiar as she has seen some episodes of the previous season but she didn't really pay attention to which veterans they were. "and our newbies. For those who don’t know me, my name is Claude Fauré. You may
address me as anything you see fit. Once I assign you to a bedroom, you will be given a roommate and we’ll begin filming. Now-…”
As he continued, Elizabeth knew she had to listen up right now as she heard "Elizabeth Brown and Spike Days in room #3" ... Now thinking back she had heard that name before from somewhere, but clearly they didn't know each other, she looked around it clearly wasn't Chinese girl next to her, though she wished it was, since she looked pretty friendly, but then who else could it be?
She continued to hesitate and tries to find her way around, looking for her roommate, but she wasn't sure who Spike was anyways, so she decided it would probably be a good idea to look around the house and then find her room, hopefully by then her roommate will be there.
She decided it would be a good idea to look around in the dining room and then the library. The library seemed to have a big collection; it would be a good idea to drop by to do some reading sometime but right now she looked at the clock pretty much everyone was no longer left in the living room, so it should be a good time to go to her room.
As she walked down the hall, she looked at the numbers on the door until she reach the one marked #3, right it here…and she is ready for whatever is to come inside. She pretty much plotted out what she was going to do; she is just going to walk in there and introduce herself like what she always does.


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Standing in front of the door to bedroom number three, also known as the door to the room Spike will be staying in for awhile with someone she doesn't know, Spike took her time getting her thoughts together. There could be a few things to happen. She could end up becoming good friends with her, like she did with Dracen. Or she could not become good friends, but friends either way as is Spike goal - to become friends with most everyone this season. Getting whatever worries she had out of her system, she opened the door.

Just as nice as last year, Spike thought, a content smile spreading over her face. She saw her bags sat next to a wall, beside them a set belonging most likely to her roommate. Seeing the bags and knowing she's going to need to login soon to see if she got any messages from her outside people, she wrinkled her nose slightly, sticking the tip of her tongue out. If there was one thing Spike dreaded, it was unpacking. She dragged one of her suitcases over to the bed furthest the door and opened it. It was filled with the usual clothing, makeup, hair supplies, and the many converse shoes she owned. Grabbing a few pairs of converse out, she arranged them on the floor by the bed by color, creating a type of converse rainbow. Leaving the rest of the contents in the suitcase, she pushed it to the end of the bed and grabbed the two other bags. One a rather large suitcase holding her laptop, PC, a variety of video games, and a the wires and extra wires of charges, headphones, microphones, headsets, and other things. The other was a smaller, yet fairly sized bag that held her cameras.

Setting the bags carefully on the bed, Spike grabbed her last bag, a black and white checkered backpack, and threw it on the bed. It held mostly sentimental stuff and whatnots that she didn't think she could go long with out. Unzipping the backpack, she pulled out two items she smiled when she saw them: one a "life size" Pikachu plush, the other a Yoda plush wearing a Darth Vader mask - it was a bit of a laugh between her, some geek friends, and early watchers of her channel -. She sat the two stuffed toys near the top of the bed by the pillows before sitting down herself almost in the middle of the bed. All she needed was one minute of silence before all went to hell when the cameras start rolling, all she'll be fine. She sat there, looked over the room, wondered momentarily where Elizabeth might be, starting thinking about ice-cream, decided she was hungry for bacon, and then decided it was time to contact her gamer pals.

Turning to face the end of the bed, she crossed her legs, reaching for the suitcase that held her beloved laptop. Unzipping it, she opened the top to reveal a nicely taken care of Alienware 14 gaming laptop along side a, also well taken care of, Titian Z gaming desktop and a maze of unidentified wires. Carefully, she picked up the laptop, sitting it in front of her and starting it up. A minute or two later, and it was up and running. She dawned her TactX headset before logging on to Call Of Duty. She did what she always did, setting up everything before picking a map and inviting her friends. Once all on, it was time for a little bit of catching up.

"Hey guys!" Spike said once she was all loaded up and the game started.

"Spike! How's it going so far?" Sissy asked in her usual luting voice. Spike ran into a building and up to her favorite room - in the game of course - and crouched in front of the door, waiting to shoot someone as they come by.

"It's been a bit of a haze so far, but, then again, the cameras aren't rolling yet." Spike replied with a small smile, even though Sissy couldn't actually see her face. Seeing a person walk in front of the door her character was looking at, she shot at them with all she had.

"Hey, hey, hey! Don't shoot me! I thought we were friends!" Jeffry's voice yelled through Spike's headphones and made her jump a little too hard.

"Sorry, sorry! Stop yelling! I didn't know it was you!" Spike yelled into the mic, equally as loud, then turned her volume down before looking at Jeffry's character, which is what they always do when they play. Jeffry did the same. "You look so old!" Spike added, laughing a bit too hard.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. And're wearing that fucking mask again! Why do you always get that skin!" Jeffry said, sounding pissed as always, which just drew more laughter out of Spike as she started shooting at people from the window.

"Guys! Where are you guys?" Sissy whined. "Dance! Dance for me!" Jeffry said, Spike could hear the gunshots from the game. "Stop!" Sissy squealed, "You're gonna kill me!" Jeffry's laughter sounded strangely maniacal. A sly smile stretched across Spike's face as she drew out her sniper, positioning herself right behind Jeffry's character. Without warning, Spike pushed her right trigger and shot. At that, Jeffry's laughter stopped and Spike's began.

"What the fuck!? Spike?! Why!?" Jeffry's whinny voice started in through the speakers.

"Because, you were killing an innocent lady, and, if you know me, I can't let a villain harm a poor innocent lady!" Spike said in her "hero's voice" with her hero smile on her face, though her friends could not see it. And, though sounds of rage were all heard from Jeffry, shy giggles were heard from Sissy.

"You guys wanna get on Skype now?" Jeffry asked. "Sure," "Alright," Sissy and Spike said simultaneously before busting out into a fit of giggles. Sometime between giggles, she made it to Skype and all three friends were on video chat.

"So, you got any friends yet, Spikey?" Jeffry asked, lighting his cigarette. By the looks of it he was in his kitchen, which was more yellow then white like it was suppose to be.

"Well...I haven't really talked to anyone else yet.” Spike said, rubbing the back of her neck. Her two, usually quite loud friends, were silent for a moment.

What about your roommate!? Have you met them at least?!” Jeffry yelled hysterically, throwing his arms up and nearly knocking over his webcam.

”I'm waiting for her to come to the room,” Spike said with a shrug. “Besides, I don't know who she is yet, so searching would come to no prevail,” she added, showing off her intelligence like her and her friends usually do.

Checking the time and how much closer it was getting, Spike said her far wells to her friends. She didn't want to start the first day of filming on a computer like she had last time. But, her roommate wasn't yet present, so she might as well pass the time doing something. Closing the computer and pushing it away slightly, she took out her Gameboy Color. Oh, how she loved the 'classics', in this case Pac-Man. She sat back on the bed and began playing her game, hoping that her roommate comes in to kill the boredom that's surely to come.


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It's pretty simple, pretty obvious: that people's first impressions of people are really a big mistake.

~ Vincent D'Onofrio


{In collaboration with mermaidlegand}

If you've ever played Pac-Man, you'd know that it is a fairly hard game to play. And, if you're the type of gamer as Spike is, you try your best to get every single little dot, along with every berry and eat every ghost at least once. Just like any game, Pac-Man starts off easy, but gets harder as the ghosts get both smarter and faster. This, my friends, is the perfect ingredients for a Rage Quit.

"Goddamnit, you stupid ghosts!" Spike yells at the GameBoy in her hands, her face struck with rage. "I was right there! I had that goddamn berry!" She adds, just as loud, and throws the GameBoy to the end of the bed. She seems to scold the GameBoy - or at least the cartridge in the GameBoy - and crosses her arms over her chest.

Just as Spike was yelling at her GameBoy, Elizabeth entered the room. It took her awhile to realize what was going, as for a second she thought Spike was talking about her. "This must be Spike Days," she thought, "wait no duh who else would it be?" Elizabeth walked into the door dragging her luggage behind her "You must be Spike, nice to meet you. I am Elizabeth, you can call me Liz or Lizzy which ever you prefer."

Spike looked up after a moment, realizing someone came in. It would be a lie if she wasn't in the least bit surprised to see a pretty girl, but then again it seemed like the show always got pretty attractive people. Standing, Spike held out her hand to shake as a smile came across her face.

"Hey, nice to finally meet you, Liz," Spike said happily, her rage from the video game seeming to disappear almost entirely, no matter how much she still raged in the back of her mind.

Holding up her hand, Elizabeth gave Spike a great hand shake and responded "It's great to finally see you as well, you seem awfully familiar, you are one of the Veterans right?" For a moment, she thought back about how you can't judge a person by their look, Spike to be honest looked tough, indeed very tough, and rage from the video game seemed to have scared Elizabeth off a bit. However, after officially meeting her like that Elizabeth could tell that she will definitely get along with her roommate.

"That's right, a Veteran I am," Spike said, laughing slightly and nodding as they shook hands, her smile fading the slightest bit. It wasn't that she didn't like being back from last season, but Veteran? Really? They couldn't pick a different word? "So, did you watch the show last season?" She added, sitting back on her bed and crossing her legs, looking up at Elizabeth with curious eyes and a smile.

"Well, to be honest, I did watch a couple of episodes for fun when I had nothing to do. To be honest I thought it was interesting, but then I didn't watch enough to remember everyone's names, after all it does take quite an effort sometimes and I am not that good with names," Elizabeth explained. For some reason, she really wished she did finish the whole season, just so she knows the show well enough if other people asks her. Sometimes to be in the show you must know the show, but it's not the case this time. "So what made you decide you wanted to join the show again?"

Spike nodded slightly as Elizabeth spoke. She had some questions about where the girl came from and how it was there. She wanted to know what species the girl was and if she ever met another specis. But, you can't start up a conversation with a person about technical stuff like that. It could be considered as rude to some, or a bit of an intrusion to others.

"Thank god you didn't watch many. To be honest, last season I had more than a few Rage Quits that, I can't lie, did embarrass me a bit," Spike said with a bit of a laugh. "And, yeah, I decided to come back because my YouTube subscribers practically begged me to return when I told them about being asked to come back," Spike nodded, looking up slightly and thinking back to her that weekly vlog on her channel. The thought made her let out a huff of a laugh. "So, where you from?"

When Elizabeth heard that Spike had a YouTube channel, she thought it was very cool. She had seen some of the videos on YouTube but had not seen Spike's. "Oh that is very cool, how you have a YouTube channel. I do sometimes watch videos on there, you should tell me your channel url and I'll definitely subscribe to it," she said with a smile.

To Respond to Spike's question, Elizabeth replied with "I am from Britain, my family lives near London. I used to live in a small town there. How about you? I know you are from the States, but where specifically?"

Spike couldn't help but smile at Elizabeth's interest in the channel. True, Spike always seems to find people interested in it, especially since her channel has grown considerably well since first starting, but it's still nice to meet someone interested. Just as it's nice to run into fans who state that watching the videos "Changed [their] lives!"

"Sure, the username is SpikeGames. Most of the videos are Let's-Plays, but if you look further back to around the time of last season, you'll see some of the crazy videos I took with some of last seasons people. Plus I do a weekly vlog for the channel every Sunday." Spike said, smiling and ended with a nod. "And me? I'm from the sunny state of Florida. Orlando, Florida, to be precise." Her small smile turned into a grin. Of all the places Spike would like to go one day, one place she couldn't go without was the beautiful Orange state of Florida with all it's amazing sun, not to mention Universal Studios Orlando Resort.

"Wow, that should have been amazing. I would want to visit somewhere like Florida someday," To be honest, Elizabeth doesn't really know where Florida is as she didn't really spend time looking at the map of the US, but then she didn't want to disappoint Spike. "So what Species are you? That is if I am allowed to ask," To be honest, Elizabeth wasn't sure whether she was allowed to ask directly just like that, but she was pretty curious, and couldn't think of another way to find out.

Spike nodded slightly then decided to answer Elizabeth's question. "I'm a Phoenix. A bird of fire and rebirth!" Spike said, trying to sound as epic as possible but giving up for her short burst of laughter. "What epic creature are you?"

"I am a siren, to be honest quite the opposite of you. We are basically mermaid-like but yet bird-like creatures that work with water and we are all pretty much are good singers," Elizabeth replied, unsure of whether other species outside of UK would know about Sirens.

"Good singers, eh?" I'd like to hear you sing, Spike couldn't help but think the second part, an eyebrow raising ever so slightly, before she realized what she was implying, even though she's the only one that knew she thought the second part. "I mean...hey, you wanna play a game?"

"Alright, so what do you propose?"

"I was thinking Magic: The Gathering," Spike said happily and with a smile, going to her bag and pulling out the cards, which she had a lot of. "I might do Let's Plays of video games, but I like card games just as much."

Spike took out her usual deck and handed the spare deck to Elizabeth before sitting on the ground and setting everything up. The battle to proceed will be filled of powerful spells, monstrous creatures, and two evenly matched and well put together decks of cards set on the floor of the girls new room. The only thing Spike can hope is that she wins and beginners luck doesn't help out her new roommate, though that wouldn't be so bad. At least Spike got another new person to play the game.


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Don't look into the camera, eh? Spike thought as she heard Claude's voice yelling through the house. She was picking up the cards from the game her an Elizabeth were playing, but hearing Claude announce the cameras starting, she just put all the cards in one stack and through them in her bag. She never actually unpack any clothes from her bag, since she thought it was a waste of time if they'd just be changing rooms in the next week. Grabbing her GameBoy, she put it in her back pocket and headed to the door, planing to go searching for someone to first be seen with, not that she had anything against Elizabeth, she just didn't want to first be seen in a bedroom like she was last season.

"I'm gonna go scout out the other's, alright? I'll talk to ya' later!" Spike said, a bit in a peppy voice with a grin before heading out the door and down the hallway.

Now, this is where it starts. As she passed the few bedrooms down the hallway, she took a quick look in the ones that were ajar. It's known that Spike can be a bit snoopy sometimes, but if people are going to leave their doors open, someone has to look in them, right? It's only natural. After a quick glance and not noticing anyone, she continued on down the hall and down the stairs. Right back where they all started. Now, she just needed to fill the map in her head so she knows where everything is. Where's the best place to start? The kitchen, of course! You need to know where to get you're food, you know?

Walking into the kitchen, Spike stops as she sees who's in there. It seems like things are already heating up, and the cameras just started. Taking a moment she debated the odds in her head. Well, there's the ever attractive Elleh who, even though Spike doesn't give a shit about this, may have a bit of a short wire. Then there's the two new faces Spike hasn't met yet. One being a guy who, you could say it was just Spike's preference but looked like his wire was short too as he looked a bit irritated. Then there was the cute Chinese girl that looked like she was a bit intimidated. Or scared? One of the two, if they're not the same thing.

Deciding against interfering, and possibly making things worst, Spike backed away before turning and heading downstairs, finding the entertainment room. She loved it. She fucking loved it. She was in awe looking at everything. But the two things that caught her eye was the TV, playing reruns of last season, and the pinball machine in the corner. She started over to the couch and looked over the back of it to see some guy sleeping and recognized him around the other contestants from earlier. Spike couldn't stop herself from letting out a giggle. She couldn't remember if anyone from last season fell asleep before filming, but she understood why they would. It's been a long day.

"Hey, dude," Spike started, taking it upon herself to notify the guy. She shook his shoulder slightly. "The camera's just started rolling. You better get up before they catch you sleeping." She adding, an amused grin on her face. "Imma go back upstairs now, but I just thought I should let ya' know. Later, dude!" Spike added as she started to the stairs and gave a wave before heading back up. All in a Days work! Spike thought, making a pun of her name.

Once back upstairs and walking around aimlessly for a bit, she stumbled into the library. Looking around, she was amazed by the abundance of books. She's been to many libraries, but they never had such a stylized room like this. She walked around the library, taking it all in, dragging her fingers across the books gently before walking up to another self.

"Alright, god of books, gimme something good," Picking out a random book from the self, she takes it and lazily stretches across the couch and starts reading.


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There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth;
not going all the way, and not starting.

~ Buddha

{In collaboration with peace_of_mind7}

Spike, still sitting in the library reads through the book in a bit of a daze, not quite sure what she was reading at all. It might have been a Sherlock Holmes book with all it's suspense and all that seemed to be going on. But just like listening to music while playing a video game or doing work, she wasn't really all that into it. The library had a certain feel about it that could put anyone at ease. It sure calmed Spike down from the events of the cameras rolling and such. Plus it's always good to take a break from her video games every once in a while. But, of course, Spike can't go too long without playing one of her precious video games. Bored of the book, she closed it and sat it beside her on the couch as she sat up while reaching into her back pocket and pulling out her GameBoy, hoping to possibly beat her high-score.

With Spike's luck, or should we say karma, was in a little bit of wack apparently as the devise dies almost as soon as she switched it on. "Of course you'd die at a time like this," she said to the GameBoy, setting it beside her as well. Instead of going back to the abandoned book, she sat there and looked around the library, taking it all in.

As soon as Isis stepped foot back into the house, the cameras were rolling and in her face. It bewildered her, really; having something large and bulky glaring at you wasn't something she expected...okay, maybe she did, but not like this. She glanced at Dracen, giving him a wary look before looking away from the camera. If she remembered correctly,you weren't supposed to do that...right?

Tucking her hair behind her ear, Isis tried to act normal--whatever that was--as she meandered into the living room. She turned to Dracen with that friendly smile back on her face. "Hey, I'm just going to look around for a bit, get familiar with the place, you know." In truth, she was getting the hell out of there before she makes a fool of herself. Yeah, she knew what she was getting herself into, but she wasn't mentally prepared for that. Maybe later...but not now. She needed to meditate first. She needed to find a quiet place...and just like that her prayers were answered when she opened a door to find a rather large library. A bright smile settled onto her face as she ventured inside. It was the perfect place to be alone-...her train of thought stopped completely when a flash of red caught her eye. Turning, she saw Spike lounging about, looking as if she were contemplating the meaning of life.

"I'm I interrupting?" She was beginning to realize that she was getting good at that.

Taking a deep breath of the nice air that was strange to smell in a library, no matter how clean, Spike looked to the ceiling. Nice high ceilings. She loved high ceilings for some reason. Maybe it was the open space or the illusion of being in such an open space like the out doors. Pulled from her thoughts by a voice, that was clearly woman, Spike looked over to see - to her hearts desires - a rather beautiful girl that she vaguely recognized as one of the newbies.

Seemingly instantly, a grin shot across Spike face, her past expression of thinking seeming to completely disappear.

"No, no. You're not interrupting anything at all," Spike started, smiling her semi-famous friendly smile that she does ever so often. "You're one of the newbies, right? I'm Spike!" She added, causally standing and stepping toward the other girl a few steps, stretching her hand out ever so causally to shake.

Isis smiled back, grateful that she wasn't being kicked out. She remember Spike from the show. She had been one of her favorites next to Dracen because of her fearlessness; a quality that Isis wished she possessed. "I've seen you on the show last season," Isis grinned, shaking Spikes hand. "I'm Isis, the emissary."

Spike couldn't help herself but giggle slightly. She's always hearing people say they've seen her on TV or on her channel, and this, though practically the same, was different in a way. "Right, right," Spike said, rubbing the back of her neck after shaking hands. Was she becoming shy or nervous? Nah. "An emissary?" Spike perked up a little. She's never personally met an emissary like this. Or, at least not one that would just come out and say it. "Wow, that's cool!" She added, smiling with a bit of excitement. "I'm a phoenix, but I take it, since you've watched the show, you already know that?" Her smile turned into a bit of smirk as an eyebrow played upwards a little. "So, what can an emissary do, exactly?" Spike added, tilting her head a little before catching herself. "Er...uh, if you don't mind me asking, that is." Manners, Spike, mind you manners.

"I don't mind," Isis replied, once again tucking her hair behind her ear. "Primarily, emissaries are just consumers of nature. We take something and make it something new. For example, energy from a breeze can be used to levitate objects and certain plants and berries can strengthen spells and potions. You may know emissaries better by the term 'wiccan', I guess. People call us various names depending on the culture."

"Whoa..." Spike couldn't think of what else to say. Oh, how she longed to be as amazing as that. "That's really amazing," She added, her eyes seeming to haze over in some form of wonder. "At least you can do cool useful stuff. What can a phoenix do?" Spike said, turning and walking to the couch, shrugging her arms up slightly. "We can turn into flaming birds of destruction and be reborn in our ashes!" She said it with a bit of an hysterical voice before her face cracked into a grin, with...a hint of a flirt? "But, really, you sound fucking amazing!" She sat on the couch, crossing her legs as she did so. "If you don't mind me asking, why'd you join the show? I know the usual to stop segregation, but for most people there's a little bit more something personal," Spike said, trying her best not to trespass into forbidden territory too fast while also testing the waters to say. "I hope I'm not offending you or anything," She quickly added with a nervous smile and laugh.

"Just turn into a flaming bird of destruction?" Isis chuckled. "I'd kill to be that majestic." She sat down beside her just in time to catch the flirty grin. Blushing, Isis absently played with a strand of her hair. This wasn't something she was used to, but she liked it. She only looked at Spike when her question sunk in. "I came to prove a point. My brother, Geb is all for the segregation of species and I thought I'd lead by example that it's not hard to coexist. So far, I've been proven right. Everyone I've met so far has been really nice, you included." Isis bumped her with her thigh in a playful manner as she got more comfortable. "What about you? Aside from the standard 'fight segregation' reason?"

Spike didn't say much but smile, nod, and the occasional "a-huh," until she started to notice someone getting comfortable. "Oh, really?" Spike said, her smile growing a slight glow of a smirk before she giggled a bit as Isis bumped her. So far, she was defiantly starting to like these newbies.

Her smirk fell as Isis' question hit her ears. Spike wasn't really sure if she ever went over this question with anyone yet, but it wasn't really all that much to talk about. "Well, I came to represent the gamers and nerds so they have a say in this shit-" Spike! Stop it with all the damn cursing! Spike stopped herself. "Er..stuff. Sorry, I'm trying to cut down on my cursing," She said, slightly embarrassed before brushing it off and continuing. "Plus, I think I joined the first time just to stick it to my mother. She's not the most supporting person," Spike paused leaning back on the couch and letting her legs slid out from under her. "I rejoined to meet of with some of last years contestants, and because my fans were practically begging me to rejoin. They can't get enough of me," Spike smiled with mock of proud, chuckling slightly. "Plus, I wanted to meet some new people from around the world, like you," She said with a smile, poking Isis gently in the thigh. "Where you from again?"

Isis liked Spike, more than she thought she would. The fiery phoenix was more friendly in person than on the television and Isis was glad. So far, her first day was ideal. "I didn't say, did I?" Isis said as if it just dawned on her. Smirking, she narrowed her eyes at Spike, challenging her with her green gaze. "Guess. I think my accent gives it away."

Spike raised an eyebrow, a bit confused - she admits - at first until Isis' challenge dropped from her pretty lips. "Aw, damn. But I'm no good with accents!" Spike said, in a bit of a whiny voice before laughing a bit. "Alright," She added just as quickly, taking the challenge and sitting up. This is where Spike would come off to any normal person as a bit odd and/or over the top.

Shifting on the couch, she faced Isis, her eyes narrowed slightly as she looked the girl over. This also, of course, gave her an excuse to check the other girl out, and let me tell you, Spike was pleased at what she saw. The girl was attractive, very attracted, in Spikes mental book of attractive ladies. She couldn't even help the smirk that was dripped in flirtatious vibes stretch across her face before she brought herself out of Isis' eyes and back to reality.

"Huhmm..." Spike hummed suddenly, tilting her head. "Er..uh...India? Spain? Egypt? Is it...Egypt?"

It was a foreign feeling, being looked at like that. She could feel the vibes practically beaming off of her. It was in her aura and it made Isis blush brilliantly. "It's Egypt," Isis nodded with a grin. "Cairo, if you want to get technical. I'm surprised it wasn't your first guess. My name is the goddess."

"Yes!" Spike yelled, jumping up with her hands in fists in the air. It was as if she just won a championship of some sorts. Laughing a bit, she sat back down and listened to the last Isis had to say, which made her giggle a little. "Well, I try not to judge people by their names. Take me, for example. My parents named me Spike. There's no god or divine being or whatever named Spike," She laughed a little. She, honestly, had no idea why they named her Spike, but she loved it. "And, Isis, that's a pretty name. Goddess suites," Spike added, a small smile stretched across her face. She was really picking up on her flirting with speed, just like last season.

"Spike suites you," Isis reassured her. "It's edgy and has the whole 'I'm a powerhouse' vibe to it." And that's when the compliment hit her and a nervous giggle left her...since when does she ever giggle? "Thank you, Spike." She said, meekly. "That's really sweet of you." She didn't think that highly of herself, but she wasn't going to just smack down a free compliment.

Spikes smile grew wide as she made Isis giggle. She just loves making that happen. "You're welcome," Spike said, her smile having a bit of calmness to it now that the ice has been broken. "So, how's it like where you're from?"

"Very hot, very busy, and very big." Isis said with a shrug. "It's just a big city with busy people.

Spike nodded slightly. "No difference there, I guess,"

Time flies as the phoenix and the emissary get closer to one another. Laughter can be heard in the supposedly quiet area and Isis doesn't even care that the cameras are coming in and filming the interaction. She's too busy enjoying Spike's stories and jokes to care.


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The Isles of Sicily; one of the few territories in Ellium that isn't plagued by oppressive segregation. Populated by non-magic humans, it is a nesting ground for equality, adorned with beautiful beaches, rolling hillsides, and floral plains. Consortio Manor lays nestled on a mountainside, overlooking a beach that has been closed off for the use of the cast members. After a week of filming, Claude decides that you and your fellow cast mates deserve a bit of a break while they edit the first episode. Turns out this "breaks" doesn't translate the same to you as it does him. Instead of being free from the cameras in their entirety, Claude limits the amount of cameramen to two instead of the ten they have readily available. Gathering your bathing clothes, you and your cast mates set out to the beach for a day in the sun.

Crashing against the shore, small waves wash the night's debris onto the land. Untouched golden sand covers the floor as far as your eyes can see. Soothing, a gentle sea breeze rustles through your hair. Abandoned, nothing there apart from a few sea gulls pecking at the rubbish left by yesterday's visitors. The blazing sun beats down on the smooth, weathered rocks of the cliff side. The crisp seaweed pushed onto the rocks by the waves, lay baking at the sea's edge, occasionally moving with the tide. The clear blue sea's waves rattle the tiny pebbles embedded in the golden sand. The foam from the waves cover a small child's forgotten sandcastle, bringing it down with a dull crash. Closing off the edge of the beach is a cave, the entrance hidden from view, punctuating the extensive length of the shore side. Islanders mingle and gather far off in the distance, their presence inaudible even to the the creatures they're so far off.

Here marks the next week of filming Return to Reality. What impression will you make?


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I'm not just saying it's all about sand castles and ninjas.

~ Libba Bray

{In collaboration with ibecameinsane}

Looking out to inviting waters, Spike closed her eyes, letting the fresh air enter her unforgiving, inside-loving lungs. It's been ages, ages, since Spikes been out on the beach. And she loved it. That burn in her lungs? It's just her inner warm-blooded bird greeting the warm sun and slight breeze. Laying back on her back, tucking her arms back and under her head, she looked off to the sky as beams of sun danced across her skin.

A sense of yearning clunked up in her gut as she looked to the open sky. A bird just wants to fly, she thought, and the small grin that came across her face was almost noticeable. No, she didn't want to get worn out transforming into a flaming bird, nor did she want to spook the locals. But it would be awfully fun to fly again.

Dracen, much like his fiery-haired friend, was in his element. With clear blue skies overhead and the sound of waves crashing against the seashore, it would seem that the wyvern just couldn't stop smiling. Following after Spike, Dracen let his gaze dance along the sand dunes as he approaches the beach. He wants to run. Run. Skip. Play. All of it. Dracen wants to just take off down the shore and fly-...but he doesn't know if he can. In his mind's eye there's a drop list of possibilities and all them seem just as tempting as the last. As he watches the wave take a sand castle prisoner, the drop list is all but destroyed and suddenly he has but one priority.

Make a sandcastle.

His swim trunks swish as he moves, making his presence obnoxiously knows as he runs over to Spike, nearly tripping over himself. Dracen lets himself fall the second time, crawling over in the sand until he's hovering over the phoenix on his hands and knees, blotting out the sun. "Spike!" he says, "Come on, let's go build a sand castle!"

Spike jumped slightly, not expecting Dracen to come out of no where, in her little world at least. Looking up at him, a bit startled, a large grin spreads across her face the moment she hears sand castle. "Yeah! Let's do it!" She says ecstatically as she rolls over and gets up to her feet.

Grabbing her hand instinctively, Dracen leads her over just a few paces behind the disheveled lump of sand and plops down on his knees, immediately shoveling the dirt with his hands. "So what're you thinking for a design plan?" he rambles, "We could go all traditional or we could try to do some kind of tutor mansion or maybe we could, like, build that dome from Inside the Dome or Bowser's Castle."

Sitting down, Spike looks at the sand as Dracen moves it around. She's not really an expert at building sand castles. "How 'bout we just go the traditional route for this one, alright?" She paused. "Just, like, for practice."

He nods, "Totally. We'll need water though-..." With a wink he takes the initiative and rushes off towards the ocean, practically jogging through the waves as he goes in knee deep before bending at the waist and dipping his hands in, "Lom. For. Tul." he whispers into the waves and his eyes glow like yellow glow sticks. Hesitantly he lifts his hands, holding a literal ball of water. It's about the size of a soccer ball, which is exactly what he wanted. With a smile he returns to his companion, his grin so big it splits his face in half. "Got the water!" He sits back in his original spot and sets it off to the side, "Dip your hands in it, we'll need it to keep the sand together."

Spike watched as Dracen went and did his thing. It was like a magic trick. "Man, why can't I do stuff like that!" She mumbled a bit before nodding and getting her hands wet in the water soccer ball. After her hand we soaked and she took a small hand full, dropping it on the sand clump, she started pushing it together, vaguely starting up the height of a sand castle.

Shortly after they get their hands wet, the ball bursts and leaves a pile of mud at their side. Dracen would lament but it wasn't a total loss. They could use some of that mud for a foundation. So that's what he does. Fortifying the bottom, his gaze flickers from his hands to the lithe fingers of his friend as she sets the height for the structure. He can't himself from smiling, gazing up at his friend in utter adoration, "So did you meet anyone special during the first week? Or are you still scoping around?"

Freezing slightly at the question, Spike can feel her face get warm slightly. Pushing the feeling off, she went back to her work. "Well, if you must know," She paused momentarily. "I'm still just testing the waters, if you know what I mean," And she hadn't even thought about the fact that they were at a beach.

"As much as I appreciate that pun-..." Dracen laughs, hitting Spike with an amused and yet incredulous look, "...-and I do, I know that look. Is there something you're not telling me?"

Spike gave a slight laugh before going on a small ramble. "Dude, dude! What do I got to hide from you, dude?...pssht," She gave a small wave of her hand, eagerly getting back to work. "I mean, even if I was hiding something - which I'm not! - what reason would I have? I mean, really? Am I even the type to hide something? No, of course not! I'm Spike! YouTube extraordinaire! I have no reason to be hiding anything!" She pauses, looking up at Dracen, trying to see if he was buying it or not, before letting out a long sigh. "Alright, someone might have caught my attention," She admits, looking back down to her work. "What about you, 'eh?"

Dracen hangs on every word with a smirk on his face. When she looked to him for an out, he wouldn't give it to her. He knew when she was full of shit and when she rambled on like that, deification practically oozed out of her ears. Then she admits it and he gives a loud, "AH-HA! I knew it!" before succumbing to a full body blush at her mention of him. He immediately thinks of the kiss he shared with Aiden and sputters slightly, his sun-kissed skin so pink it was as though he was burnt to crisp by the sun. "W-What?" his whiskey eyes shift from side to side almost frantically, "Don't change the subject, Spike! We're talking about you here so spill. Who is it? Have I talked to them yet?"

Damnit. She thought she had a break there for a minute. But she can touch on that subject later. "You probably have, knowing you," She smirked. "If you're so bent on knowing, it's Isis, alright? I like Isis. Like, just generally like her," A soft smile came on her face before she remembered something. "So, who is it that got Dracen to look like a fucking tomato, huh? Or am I gonna need to start guessing?" She smirked.

"You don't need to do shit," he laughed, "I'm still stuck on the Isis thing, so like, indulge me. She's quite possibly the coolest girl in the house-...other than you of course. You know I could hook you guys up. I think it'd be pretty cool if my two best friends started dating."

"A-ha-ha-ha," Spike said slowly when Dracen mentioned the other than you part. But the rest she lingered on, her eyes narrowing ever so slightly. It'd be...interesting. Weird, but interesting. "I don't know, man. I think it's still too...early talking about dating, man," No it's not, what are you saying, Spike! She cursed at herself in her head. She's never turned down the chance to hook up with a cool girl before, why start now? "Well, alright. Why not? What's the worst that could happen?" What the hell, you never say that. Karma's gonna come back for you, you know that. "Will you tell me who's up your derriere now?" She smirked.

As soon as Spike agrees to it, Dracen pumps a fist into the air, "Yus! Match maker Drace is on the case!" He's positively ecstatic. So much so that he has half a mind to go over to Isis and set up the whole thing now and perhaps maybe even plan their wedding while they're chatting it up. His delusion of Isis walking down the aisle in a ivory gown and Spike at the alter in a tux are all but torn when his attention his called back to a familiar crown of flaming red hair, "W-What?" and he's blushing again. Great. Awesome. Just what I wanted. "What're you talking about? My ass is people free, my friend." And it only takes a beat for him to relent, "Uhh, fine! It's Aiden, alright? Fuckin' Aiden Young-..." He returns to making the base of the castle with a mortified grievance.

"Aiden?!" Spike says, more than a bit surprised. She tilts her head up slightly, thinking about the two. Then she shrugs, realizing that it's actually not as big as a surprise as she thought it first was. "I can see it, dude," She looks back at Dracen. "So, what is it, huh? What you guys been up to? Eh, eh?" She asks, a smirk on her face and nearly breaking into a grin.

The more Spike talks about it the redder his face gets, "We kissed once. It's not even that big of a deal." Rubbing his knuckle into the side of the castle, he makes an indention for the door. "It wasn't even a real kiss. Just a completely innocent peck on the lips." ...-and a whole lot of ass grabbing the rest of the week. "I mean, what's a peck on the lips amongst friends?"

Spike just smirked and nodded slightly the whole time Dracen spoke, absentmindedly thickening the walls of the sand castle. "Awh," She said when he finished speaking. "Maybe a peck on the lips amongst friends means they want to be more than friends, huhm?" She raised an eyebrow then picked up a shell that lay on the ground and used it to make indents around the top of the castle.

Dracen blanches, looking up at Spike with a sliver of hope in his eyes, "Really? Do you think-...?" and then he catches himself, immediately blushing beat red all over again, "I know, it's whatever."

Instantly an eyebrow rises and she stares at Dracen, catching what he said. With a small huff of a laugh, she nods, her smile small and reassuring. "Yeah, buddy, I really believe that."

" know, for lying to me." Though the sentiment is slightly bitter, it isn't directed towards her. He could never hold any sort of ill will towards Spike. His smile is a ghost of its former self, saddened by insecurity and what he believes to be the truth. "I'm not an idiot though. He probably just did it to fuck with me. I know I've had a crush on him forever but I'm not blind. I'm not exactly a catch." With a small sigh he uses a nail to carve out a door and mutters, "Hopefully if anything does happen, I'll get it out of my system and I can move on."

Spike couldn't help but feel for her friend. He sometimes seemed so delicate and sensitive. Then, a thought came to her mind. It was a crazy thought, a thought that probably isn't the best of ideas she has had. Hell, this is probably at the top of the list of fucking crazy ideas she's had but she has to say something. "Well, you could always make a move on him, ya' know? Who knows, maybe he's one of those people that acts tough and shit because they want to find someone brave enough to stand up to there efforts," She glanced up from the castle at Dracen then back to the castle. "Or nah, that was a dumb idea."

Dracen looks up as she speaks, his gaze distant as he contimplates what she's said. "No-...I think you're right." She's very right, he thinks. His smile returns with a vengeance as his confidence rises. "You're a genius, Spike! I mean-...think about it! What better to catch the cocky bastard off guard than to be one?! It's brilliant!" Just like that he's on his feet, then as an after thought he bends at the waist to lay a kiss on his companion's forehead. "Sometimes you've got to risk it to get the biscuit." he says with a sure nod before he turns on his heels and heads off towards the gryphon, only to pause mid-stride. He turns to the phoenix with a soft smile and says, "Thanks Spike, really." before giving her a wink, "Why don't you talk to Isis while I'm gone. Get to know her better-..."

Spike, thoroughly frozen in confusion has no words. "Welcome?" She says, still a bit confused when Dracen walks off. After a moment of everything sinking in she shakes her head slightly. "Fantastic. I made a cocky, bastard monster to go dominate a regular cocky bastard," She mutters as she stands, avoiding knocking over the sand castle now at her feet. Stretching her arms out and cracking her knuckles, she starts off in the direction where she's sure she saw Isis heading. "Off to find Princess Egypt, then."


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{In Collaboration with ShyKedid}


Isis bends over at the knees, scooping up sand with her petite palms. It slides through her fingertips and she smiles at the way it feels. Slowly, she draws a smiley face with her finger in the sand just because she can. It's her first time ever being at a beach, and so far, she's enjoying the heat of the sand caressing the heels of her bare feet, the wind blowing against her long brown legs and allowing her white sundress to flutter almost elegantly, and the cool spray of sea water against her arms. She lifts her gaze, taking in the crystal blue waters ahead, watching the waves roll and crash against the sandy surface. It's most likely the most beautiful sight she's ever seen in her life. She's content with just this; the sun's light warming her skin and the loud roar of the tides surrounding her. The waves barely reach her toes and she cautiously dips them into the water before squealing. It's much colder than she thought it would be, that's for sure. Adjusting her sun hat so that it won't get blown away by the wind, Isis sucks up the intial shock and takes another curious steph into the freezing depths. It takes a minute for her to grow accustom to the foreign sensation, but when she does she feels as if she's accomplished something.

It took awhile, but eventually Spike found the one she was looking for. It was a sight. You'd never know how different it was seeing someone in their own little world enjoying the beach in a picture next to real life. In real life, it has a lot more feeling.

Quiet as she stepped in the warm sand, stopping just before where the tide ended, Spike tilted her head slightly, squinting as the sun decided to irritate her eyes for what seemed like the first time today. "Hey, you having fun?" She questioned half-jokingly, the residue of a smirk coming through in her smile.

Caught up in her triumph, Isis doesn’t notice Spike heading her way and is only aware of her presence when her voice reaches her. She jumps, eyes widening as she grips her chest as if to stop her heart from popping out of her ribcage. When she realizes that it’s only the fiery phoenix greeting her she relaxes and laughs at herself. “I’m sorry…I didn’t see you there,” she says, taking her hand off of her chest. “Yeah, I’m having the best time actually. This place is gorgeous.” She looks out at the waves once more and grins wider. “It’s my first time at a beach.”

Spikes eyes widen slightly as Isis jumps, but she can’t help but raise an eyebrow at the girl before letting out a huff of a laugh at her explanation. Of course, she can't help but recall herself jumping at the appearance of one very hyper, scatter-brain that she sees as a brother coming out of nowhere. Spike nods slightly as she listens to Isis speak, catching every word that falls she those beautiful-wait. She's never been to a beach before? “Really?” Was the only thing Spike managed to let out, confusion taking over her facial features. She'd expected the other to be to a beach – any beach – at least once.

Isis simply shakes her head in response before turning her full attention to the other girl. “Never,” she shrugs, sinking her toes into the sodden sand. “I just never got the chance, I guess.” She bites her bottom lip, peeking up at Spike from underneath dark lashes. “So, you can see why I’m really excited to be here.” Clasping her hands behind her back and toeing the sand, she regards the fiery gamer with a friendly smile. “How about you? I saw you building sand castles with Dracey. It was cute.”

She can't help but smile slightly at the comment, even blush slightly. She wasn't one to blush every time someone said something was cute, but this was different. “Yeah, I've been lots of times.” Pausing, Spike looked up to the sun in the skies. ”I especially like the sun and how warm it gets the sand,” She glanced at Isis from the corner of her eye before laughing slightly and turning back toward her.

Isis quirks a brow. Had she just made Spike…blush? That’s surely a first. A whisper of a smirk stretches her lips as she takes a step towards her. While the phoenix isn’t looking, Isis’ green irises dissolve, rendering her eyeballs completely white as she wills droplets of seawater to raise into the air and come towards her. The liquid swirls before launching at Spike and splashing against the small of her back. Blinking, Isis’ eyes shift back to their natural evergreen shade as she looks away, pretending that she had no part in the mischief.

Jumping slightly at the sudden cold water hitting her back. Spike curses under her breath, scolding the ground behind her as if it were the culprit of the unlawful crime. ”Fucking water,” she mumbles, the chill from where the water hit slowly making its way up her spine. Of course, there's no way she could have possibly known the culprit, but the girl can have her suspicions. She raises an eyebrow at her companion, now closer than before, and gives her a small, smirky, knowing smile. ”Now you're really having some fun, aren't ya'?”

Isis’ smirk cannot be hidden as she looks Spike’s way. “Maybe a little,” she says, eyes flashing white once more as she summons more water to attack Spike. She giggles, soaking Spike without lifting a finger. “Okay, now I’m having fun.” She says, hovering a ball of water over her palm and regarding Spike playfully through glazed orbs.

”Shit,” was all Spike could muster before she was soaked head to toe and freezing for the moment. Without thinking, she shook her head, water splattering around. There's not much she can really do in her defense. It's not like she has any control over water, and she's not about to turn into a bird of fire and do something dangerous. So, instead, she opts to stepping into the wadding water and grabbing Isis by the waist, pulling her down with her forcefully, yet gently. ”If I'm getting wet, you are too!” She says playfully, splashing water the other girl’s way.

Her smirk immediate dies and her eyes shift back to green the moment Spike attacks her. She goes down with a squeak, water soaking her to the bone. It’s freezing and she squeals, but the initial shock morphs into laughter as she tries to get back up. Her hat flies off of her head and drifts to sea, but she doesn’t much care because Spike is splashing her and she’s laughing as she uses her hands to shield her face. Her dress is clinging to her form, the material becoming see-through and subtly revealing the colors of her bikini underneath. Soon, she’s retaliating, splashing Spike back. She returns the foul play and hops onto Spike’s back, clinging to her and refusing to let go. “Dead weight,” she muses, pushing wet locks out of her face.

Spike is smiling wide and laughing as they splash back and forth, and that smile turns into a grinning smirk as Isis hops on her back. She's even tickled slightly by how much fun she's having just fooling around in the water. Twisting around, Spike manages to turn to face Isis, her face possessing a wolfish grin as she pushes Isis onto her back until she's on top of the other girl. A small soft smile mixed with the hints of a smirk sets on her lips and a raised eyebrow. After a moment of just hovering over the girl, her hands placed firmly in the sand just above Isis' shoulders, she can't help but let out a little laugh, not thinking this would happen. ”So, how much fun you having now?”

What happens next is something that Isis doesn’t expect. Before she knows it, he back is against the wet sand with the waves just reaching their lower halves. She’s catching her breath as she watches the sunlight bend around Spike from their compromising position and her breathing hitches slightly. Turning her head, Isis blushes. “A lot,” she replies, coyly. She giggles nervously, unsure of what to do with herself at the moment. “Most people would find this position scandalous.”

She can't help the growing smirk on her face as she looks down at Isis, noticing the blush make its way across the other girls face. ”Scandalous, eh?” Spike says, an eyebrow raising slightly. Pausing just a moment, unsure if she really wants to move or not, she decides the former and rolls off the other girl. ”How's that? She adds, now sitting in the sand herself, looking down at Isis. A moment later and she's laying on her back herself, looking up at the sky with her hands tucked underneath her head and one knee bent in the air in the most casual and relaxed state she's been all day, besides the moment before she woke up this morning.

“Less compromising,” Isis breathes, glancing over at Spike. It’s a wonder how Spike manages to stay so composed while she’s still recovering from all of that. That’s one thing she envies about the phoenix; her confidence and cool. It’s something she’s longed to have for years. Nevertheless, she lays there, soaking up the sun as she builds up the courage to lace her fingers with Spike’s as they lounge and catch their breaths. Her cold fingers slide between those of the woman beside her and she sends her a soft smile as the cool waves lap at their legs.