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Victor Samil

"A man's life is like a stage- if so, then why aren't we all living like actors?"

0 · 984 views · located in Teraton, North Carolina

a character in “Return to the Dark Ages”, as played by aarondalea


Victor|| Vick || 23|| Demon || Heterosexual


•Enhanced speed// Vick likes to feed off of animals, especially feline predators. He has gone and sucked the life essence of cheetahs and other such animals both in zoos and in their natural habitats, and from there has gained his superior speed compared to most humans and demons a like.
•Enhanced senses// Whenever he cannot get his favorite feline snacks, Vick tends to feet on almost anything and everything (besides mice and doves, since he thinks the both are disgusting) and has attained the heightened sense of smell from dogs, enhanced sense of hearing from cats, and enhanced vision from passing birds and the like.
•Agility// Many people say that Vick moves just like a cat- and to an extent even looks like one-, slinking around corners both fast and silent, avoiding people with ease, and even avoiding punches without a sweat.
•Strength// While on the run, Vick was lucky enough to stumble along a black bear, clearly a male in it’s prime. Vick sucked all the life force the bear had, killing it in the process as he gained the power and strength the bear had. Though he still looks the same- skinny and thin- Vick’s punches are extremely hard and strong.
•Teleportation// As a pure-blooded demon, Victor’s teleportation skills are extremely good and has helped him run away from trouble in many situations. His main destination while teleporting and going through walls? Any women’s’ changing room and his house (which is, really, any house that isn’t occupied).

Hiking// Drinking// Befriending animals// Dancing// Boxing// Slinking around// Mimicking animal noises// Almost all sorts of sports// Making many different faces// Burping the alphabet

•Anger// Victor is easy to his temper, and starts fistfights over the smallest of things, from someone bumping him on the shoulder, to someone calling him a bad name. When angered, Victor rarely stops and can go on a rage for more than a few hours.
•Insecure// Though he seems extremely out-going and sly on the outside, Victor tends to use this to hide a wealth of insecurity he has inside. Well, when referring to his own insecurities, Victor tends to talk about the uncertain future he holds.
•Apathetic// Victor is extremely apathetic, something that he himself thinks is more of a plus than a vice. He never grows close to anyone and can go to any means to force whatever he wants from anybody without feeling anything.
•Lack of education// Victor stopped receiving formal education at the age of 15. He was forcibly dropped out of high school and couldn’t go to any other sort of public, non-supernatural school (which was, pretty much, all schools at the time). He barely remembers anything that he learned in school prior to the age of 15, as most of what he knows now are related to survival skills and knowledge about plants.

•Death// Victor is extremely scared of dying, and has vowed to himself that he’ll never die before the age of 80. Victor’s fear of death has come so far that he has been dabbling in the dark arts, trying to find a way to increase his already long life.
•Clowns// His hatred of clowns started ever since he was young, when a clown had scared him thinking that Victor was a normal kid. Truth be told, Victor had ran away from ‘the house’ where he had been locked up and abused for the carnal interests of the ‘normal humans’ there. The clown had then promptly figured out his nature and called the police, after beating Victor, leaving the boy battered with a few broken ribs and other bones. This fear of clowns is mixed with a deadly hatred.


Nature// Hikes// Running and jogging// Camping// Smoking// Drinking// Loud music// Fighting// Wrestling// Coffee// Flirting// Being a gentleman// Dancing// Quirky people// Jokes// Taking life essences// Heights// Photography// Fog

Large cities// Large amounts of people// Being in the dark// Secrets// Whispering// Swearing// Loud noises// Car beeps// Children// Drunk people// Juice// Staying stationary for a long time// Running away// Clowns

Fun// Rash// Observant// Dangerous// Dark// Crazy// Relaxed// Proud
Victor can act as however he likes: dangerous, sad, happy, quiet, annoyed, amongst others. Many have claimed that he should be an actor, though he always laughs at these suggestions. Usually, Victor is commonly seen in a generally positive mood, a smirk or a smile constantly plastered on his face if he has to interact with others. Victor tends to make cheesy jokes and loves to flirt with women, commonly while taking multiple shots or when already sort of out of it. He really couldn’t care less; most of what Victor does is accompanied with a general thought of ‘Whatever’ in his own mind.

Many people try to stay on Victor’s good side. This is because Victor is extremely easy to anger and tends to enforce his position with his fists. It doesn’t matter what standing or power the other person has- if the other person angers Victor, he will kick up a fight. Some say that this is pure rashness- others say its stupidity. Victor himself likes to call it heroic. But really, he tends to describe everything he does with a positive light- nothing Victor does is wrong in Victor’s eyes (even when he’s vomiting on a street somewhere. That’s called ‘new and fresh’).

Victor can mingle with anyone he wants- and he’ll fit in perfectly. Be it study groups or amongst a group of thieves, Victor always seems to be right where he should be. This hints at the different facets of his personality, both the light-hearted, loving kid to the dangerous man with a dark past. But no one can really pinpoint which one can really define Victor, as his emotions are constantly changing.


Victor was born between two pure-bred demons in an extremely secluded area. His mother, Ariel, and his father, Abe, lived and pretended as if they were human rather than demons. The whole family would feed from their cows, and did it only by looking at their targets- though, during the process their pupils would engorge and their irises would change to a random color- rather than by direct, physical feeding so as to avoid the detection of their neighbors. Likewise, the family would buy food and would seemingly draw well water, but the Samils’ didn’t need the human food. The life essences from their cows, horses, and chickens alike were enough. Thus, Victor was brought up in an extremely calm and laid back area but behind the scenes his parents were extremely strict- and loving- just to ensure their survival in a world in which supernaturals are prosecuted.

However, when he was 15 and on a monthly mountain hike with his parents, Victor was caught as he wrestled a mountain lion into submission and drew blood directly from the animal’s neck. He hadn’t heard the group of hunters as they walked up to him as he was too focused on the strong mammal under him. Victor did, however, hear the astonished gasps and the guns cocking, and the shriek of his mother to run. He did run- but his parents didn’t. Afterwards, Victor made his way back to his house with his new found stealth when it was after dark, only to see it burning with figures surrounding the house, and his parents nowhere to be seen.

Victor didn’t dare to return to the place his parents had told him to run away from. But he had to- his curiosity about where his parents were killed him. What he saw scarred him for life- a large, stale, dark puddle of blood, the carcass of the mountain lion, and cut off limbs. Swearing off his past, Victor ran away from the small town and off into the mountains, surviving through animals and pure instinct for the next five years before he went back to civilization, smelling of dirt, filth and danger.

He was too quick; no one saw him come or leave, and thus Victor lived his life. He would visit cities, steal, wash and then return to his safe mountains. That is, until the Terata Act was put in place. Out of pure curiosity, Victor went to one of these so called ‘towns’- called Teraton- and settled down for a week. After that week, Victor didn’t leave and decided to stay there indefinitely. He commonly visits bars and can be seen wherever smoking a cigarette or downing a bottle of beer.


Theme Song:
Prelude No.2- Op.28 No.2- in A minor~ Fryderyk Chopin

So begins...

Victor Samil's Story

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{ June 21st | 6:00pm | Teraton, North Carolina }

The Summer Solstice Festival has been a staple of the Teraton community far before it became set aside for the relocation process of the supernatural community in the area. Once simply referred to as the Summer Fair, it has now come to be called by a more appropriate name. It is most greatly celebrated by the witch community of the somewhat small town, and many run stalls or have special sales for the event. Lights are strung across buildings and trees to create a magical, picturesque atmosphere. The festival is something that most look forward to, and while it is not incredibly large, it is a dear part of the community.

It serves as many things. For the witch community, it is expected that young witches, coming of age, begin to create some product, or develop some skill for a service, which they will demonstrate here. The faerie community is also known to take special joy in the event, especially the summer fae, as a matter of course given that it is a summer holiday. Many people also take it as a romantic event, and the music [different bands or DJs on various corners] as well as the lights help this concept along. It also happens to line up to be just after the schools get out, so clusters of high schoolers, middle schoolers, and elementary schoolers can often be seen in various places.

Attractions of Note
Ferris Wheel [Provided By The City Council]
The Magical Lane [All-magic Corner of Witch's Wares]
Local Bands [The best of which playing on a platform in Town Square]

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Victor opened his eyes and yawned, stretching lazily on the branch he had fallen asleep on. God. Where’s all this noise coming from. He sighed and turned on his side, feeling the ocean breeze caressing his face as the waves crashed in the distance. The sun shone through the leaves of the tree he was perched on, providing Victor with the optimal amount of sunlight he was happy with. Crossing his arms behind his head, the man sighed with content as the sounds of the carnival came from a bit far away, with noises of laughter, bantering and yells coming from Teraton. Couldn’t be bothered to deal with that at the moment. Victor rubbed his eyes and yawned widely, showing a row of sharp canines in place of normal, human-like teeth, and sat up on the branch. Counting days off with his fingers, Victor tried to remember exactly what event the town was celebrating now. It didn't help much. Living the solitary life that Victor did, it was hard to really be in-the-go about what was happening around Teraton. A faint memory from when he was at the Teraton pub did hand him his answer, though, as he had over heard other residents talking about the summer solstice and how the witches were planning to hold a large festival.

Fun. Victor had thought at the time, sipping on his fifth large mug of beer. Boredom filled Victor to his every pore, and the demon had yawned widely the precise second he thought the singular word. Ever since then, Victor had avoided the town, as he really didn't like the hustle and bustle of people.

Enjoying the serenity around him for a while longer, Victor couldn’t take lying on the branch any longer. Getting up and standing on the branch, Victor cracked his neck and stretched much like a cat when they stretch and jumped down from the branch. For a normal person, the jump would have been painful, especially since the branch Victor had chosen for his slumber wasn’t exactly ‘low’ and stood around three stories high. Gracefully landing on his feet, he stood back up again and slowly walked towards the sea in front of him, though something held him back. Water. Rather’d stay away from that… It was as if his taste for life essences had not only affected how Victor acted, but also with his fears and tastes. He now adored midday naps and hated the thought of soaking himself in water, just like a common house cat.

The salty scent of the water filled his nose as the sand moved under his bare feet. Closing his eyes once more Victor held out his hands as if drawing in the peace and tranquility that surrounded him into his very being. Until he heard voices further away. Turning while grumbling slightly, Victor eyed the two figures that stood some while away, his ears picking up their conversation now that he focused on them. “Mind the zipper, Kit. That’s always the tricky bit. Once you get decent, we’ll go…somewhere. Do you like festivals? Probably a lot to take in on your first night. I guess I should make sure you even want to go.” Victor’s eyebrows rose, their voices riding the wind to his ears as his heightened senses allowed him to hear much better than any human or supernatural. I’ll…probably leave them be. Victor thought, though his curiosity- and the smell of one of the boys, he smelled like fish (probably a selkie)- drove Victor towards the hut.

Slinking around on the beach, Victor sat down and decided to pry on their conversation. Won’t hurt anyone, right? Anyways, he didn’t feel the urge to join the festival at the moment- but boy, was he hungry. Victor’s stomach growled. But this didn’t need he needed food- rather, Victor needed life essences. “God damn it, when was the last time I fed again?” Casting one last glance at the shabby house, Victor shrugged and slinked off, his poise just like a cat getting ready for a hunt, a wide smirk on his face.

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Time Skip
After enjoying the festival, some danced all night, some went home [alone or with another], etc. A few witches stayed behind to make quick work of clean help, though they did receive help from some volunteers. Now, it is afternoon of the next day, 12pm. As it is summertime, few people have classes, unless they are taking summer courses of course, but some do have jobs, appointments, etc. Some are dealing with hangovers, headaches, and morning afters, while for others it is simply just another morning to wake up to. All of this depends, of course, on the individual character.

Common Places to Find People At This Time:
The Beach [Surfing, Tanning, Swimming, Beach Volleyball]
Downtown [Shops, Cafes, The Public Library]
The Park [Picnics, Frisbee, etc.]