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Karsey Kane

"Have you read this romance novel yet? Oh my gosh! It's so perfect!"

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a character in “Reunited in LA”, as played by lovestorygurl



Karsey Lynnette Kane

Nickname(s): Kary, Kar, Kane, Lynn

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Sexuality: heterosexual

High heels
Ryan Gosling

Action movies
horror films
sad endings
sweat pants and baggy t-shirts

Never falling in love

She has always had a huge crush on her high school best friend, The Charming One.

Karsey is a hopeless romantic. She thinks the whole world orbits around love. If it were a religion, she'd probably worship it. She can be flirty, and she's very fun. Karsey is a spontaneous, young woman who loves to think outside of the box. She is very passionate about certain things such as singing, dancing, and painting. She has always loved everyone. She would never hate anyone, but she despises a few with a burning passion. She is a total softie, and she's quite emotional. She's a total girly girl, and she never fails to brighten everyone's mood, even if they're feeling down. She's quite quirky, and she's confident, whih she takes pride in. She is the type of person to stand for what she believes in, and she is a very loyal friend. She hates lying, and hates it when people lie.

Karsey came from an average family. She just has her parents and her two younger sisters. She loves her family with all her heart, and they have supported her through everything, throughout her whole life, which brings her family closer together, they're just so supportive. Her life has pretty much been filled with good memories, and the only bad memories she has is when her grandparents died in a fire. They're house had caught on fire, and by the time the fire fighters had gotten to their house, they'd already died. That's Karsey's worst memory, and she wishes like hell to forget it.
She first realized she liked singing when she was about six. She'd grown to love a lot of songs that she often heard on the radio, and she'd sing along to them. That's when everyone realized she's a good singer. However, she wouldn't want to take advantage of her voice by becoming famous. She thinks fame is overrated, and she'd rather just sing to the ones she loves instead of singing for money.

High school relationships:

The Optimist:They were pretty close friends in high school. They always got along because they were both always happy. They had a friendly bond that couldn't be broken.

The Pessimist:They were friends, but they weren't very close. Karsey was always trying to cheer her up, but it always seemed to fail. Although she wasn't always happy like Karsey, they still were able to get along.

The Flirt:Karsey and the flirst despised eachother with a passion. Karsey hated the way she flirted with every guy she sees. And it would absolutely piss Karsey off when The Flirt would try to be flirtatious with The Charming One.

The Jock:Karsey thinks that beneath her athletic, bitchy appearance, deep down, she's actually a nice person. Most people are scared of her, and she's one person that nobody wants to piss off, but Karsey sees good in her, therefore, she isn't afraid to make her mad. Karsey knows her brother finds her slightly attractive, so she hopes The Jock likes him back.

The Fun One:Karsey and him had always been good friends, they were both fun and happy, and they always seemed to get along. They would always go out and have fun together. Karsey always had a small crush on him, but she never figured it would work out.

The Charming One:They had always been best friends. He was Karsey's go-to friend. When she needed to rant, he was the one she'd go to, when she needed a shoulder to cry on, he's the one she always went to. He always had her back, and eventually, Karsey fell for him. She still loves him to this day.

The Outcast:They were never really that close. Karsey thought he was cute, but he was just a bit too serious for her liking. They never had a lot to say to one another, but they didn't dislike one another either.

The Party Animal:Karsey thought he was awesome, and she loved hanging out with him. He was always so care-free and fun, it made Karsey want to just hang out with him all day and laugh and get drunk at a party, just for fun.

The Nerd:He's Karsey's older brother, so of course she loves him to death. She always thought he was a bit too realistic though, and he didn't have enough imagintation, but she still enjoys his company.

So begins...

Karsey Kane's Story

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Chris Lightning

Chris blushed softly and smiled, wrapping an arm around her gently. "No, I didn't know that, but I know holding you is very comforting."

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Chris Lightning

Chris blushed softly in surprise and sighed in joy as he kissed her back, shivering at her touch as he rubbed up and down her back.