Renee Zakri

A werewolf who's scared to get her paws dirty

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a character in “REvamped”, as played by Aurelier


Name: Renee Zakri

Image [the one on the right, I'm looking for the right picture for her wolf form]

Age: 76

Age appearance: Around sixteen

Race: Werewolf

Personality: Renee has a severe case of OCD to put it mildly. One speck of dirt on her perfectlly tanned body would throw her whole day down the drain. What happens if she gets a hair out of place? She needs to shower, blow dry her hair, and perfectly arrange it, goinng through the same routine every day of her life. She's preppy and childish and used to being a pretty, little pampered pooch. She puts up a big front, often throwing around her parents' names whenever someone is annoying her, but she's actually harmless should another werewolf or vampire lose their temper with her. She pouts and throws temper tantrums all the time, not caring how immature she looks

+Having fun, even at the cost of other people's happiness

+Poor People

History: Having parents that are alphas in a pack is everything to the lovely Renee. All her life, she has spent days and nights being served on by others. Her every whim fulfilled, her every want satisfied. Her parents find her OCD amusing, never bothering with trying to help her through it and into more "Werewolf" ways. She obtained the hatred of lower pack members by her selfish attitude and they often talked to her parents about it. Her parents felt bad for their daughter's behavior and decided to send her to school in hopes that living on her own would give her some grasp on reality.

What you think about the humans: They're filthy beasts that shouldn't be allowed anywhere near someone of my standards!

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Renee Zakri's Story