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Pandora Elling

A mage living on the fringes of the city. (PC)

0 · 315 views · located in The Nexus

a character in “Revelation: The City in the Sky”, as played by Machina Ex Deus


Name: Pandora Elling
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Faction: Magi

Appearance: Pandora is a small woman, reaching perhaps three inches over five feet. Bright blue eyes are the most prominent feature in a rather bony face. She wears her blond hair bobbed to her chin, and most of the time it’s flying about all over the place in wispy strands. Not uncommon to find are streaks of soot in her hair or on her face, and it’s readily obvious what district she lives in. Most uncharacteristically for a Delta denizen, though, she’s usually smiling brightly, and it seems as though whatever suffering has touched those with stooped shoulders and dejected eyes has been repelled by that too-big grin. The girl’s all limbs, even for one so short, and thin as one would expect from a person who eats an average of five meals a week.

Occasionally, though, Pandora gets a slightly far-away look, as though she’s somewhere else entirely, and she’s easily drawn into this rather trancelike state. Sometimes, she misses things that might be important because of it, but it’s not as though she does many terribly important things, so she doesn’t let it bother her.

Her clothes are reflective of people in her position. A shirt that she’s long since torn the sleeves off of was once white, and is now an indistinct grayish color. She wears a practical, sleeveless beige linen vest fitted over this, a donation from an elderly seamstress she once ran errands for. Belted in place with a length of brown leather is a rust-hued skirt that reaches halfway down her calves, on average anyway (the hem’s a bit frayed to say the least). The belt itself was clearly made for someone a bit larger, and she’s had to punch a few extra holes in it with a nail. She’s barefoot a good deal of the time, but does own a pair of scuffed-up knee-high laced boots for when she journeys to other districts.


Magic: Pandora is one of those rare cases where a mage is 100% in a given direction. Her talent for healing is unmatched, but she lacks the ability to do any damage in combat as a result. She’s also heavily-oriented towards the metaphysical side of the scale (about 85%), enough so that she occasionally catches fuzzy glimpses of the future, or more often the past. Scrying, looking into a reflective surface to purposely look at such things in greater detail, though, doesn’t ever produce more than grainy images and things sound a bit like they are taking place under water. Her physical magic isn’t anything a wand couldn’t do; though she can light a campfire, she won’t be moving anything large with her magic any time soon.

She lives in Delta, with most other ‘freed’ magi, and she’s never really known anything different. Her talents as a healer mean, though, that she has seem more than most of her kind of the Inner Districts. Though most people don’t like magi all that much, they seem willing enough to put her to use if their families get ill. Though she makes enough money this way to afford a residence in Gamma, Pandora has chosen to keep living where she does, since all the wasting lung diseases found in Delta mean that someone like her is readily needed.

Pandora is the eternal optimist, which would seem quite contrary to her position in life, but she tries very hard not to let things bother her. Her silly smile is rather catching, and her face is a welcome sight where she lives. That said, she is quite sensitive, especially to the demeanors and feelings of others, and takes harsh words to heart much too easily. Sarcasm is generally lost on her, and she can seem to be a bit on the ditzy or childish side to people that do not understand her spaciness as symptomatic of her particular magical aptitudes. Despite being shy around most people, she’s a bit of a rambler, but there’s usually something worth heeding in the verbal onslaughts.

When she gets stressed, Pandora tends to try and put on a brave face. It’s in her nature to try and console people or bolster their hopes, even when things seem so dire it might almost be foolish to do so. Ever the naïve altruist, she tries to see the good in everybody, and it has a tendency to get her into trouble. Pandora trusts easily and often, sometimes failing to think things through once she’s decided what’s right. The young woman isn’t stupid, but sometimes it’s hard to tell.


Pandora doesn't carry much on her; maybe some clean water if she can get a hold of it. Since her healing is purely magical in nature, she has no need of herbs or bandages. She doesn't carry money- doing so in Delta is not generally considered a wise idea.


Pandora’s story is all too common in the outer districts- her mother died in childbirth, and her father disappeared, never to be seen again. The girl was raised by an elderly couple who she refers to as her grandparents, though the three are not related by blood. When she showed mage-talent, the two were surprised, but sent her for classes at the Facility. While most magi were embittered by the fact that their former prison was now their school, and institution of just as much control, Pandora (without the ability to understand too much in the way of political nuance) was just happy to be learning how to use her magic.

It was a bit of a rough awakening when there was nothing on the other end of that education, and she moved back to Delta feeling a bit depressed over the whole affair. She took up residence with her grandparents again, and used her newfound talent to help her grandmother’s lung disease. Periodic treatments have kept the old woman alive and largely healthy since. When they came to understand this, Pandora’s grandparents suggested she put her talents to use elsewhere as well, something she readily agreed to.

She is only one person, though, and there is far more suffering in Delta than she can do anything about, even with the assistance of the wages she earns healing Alpha and beta denizens. She has no idea that almost all of these clients are fleecing her; she makes less than a tenth of what a Physician’s Guild doctor would make for being half as effective.

She’s made quite the reputation for herself amidst the residents of Delta, and quite a few of them know her on sight. She has been approached numerous times by disgruntled magi seeking her assistance with whatever they’re planning, and while she never turns away a patient, she does not wish to become part of any uprising that might prove violent.

So begins...

Pandora Elling's Story