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Member of Tinder's troupe, and skilled manipulator of fire.

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a character in “Revelation: The City in the Sky”, as played by Machina Ex Deus


Name: Scheherazade (like most names in her group, this was not the one she was born with)
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Faction: None

Appearance: Scheherazade, more frequently called simply 'Zade' has a rather unusual appearance. Dusky skin is coupled with dark red hair, most often pulled into a lustrous ponytail. Her features are gracefully-angled; two almond-shaped golden eyes are set on either side of a rather small nose and above full rose-hued lips. Her chin is a delicate point, and her appearance generally strikes people as exotic.

She takes some advantage of this, complimenting the aesthetic with colorful clothing choices for the most part, in fabrics that appear a good deal richer than they are. Her daytime profession means that the more noticeable she is, the better, and Zade is quite conscious of it. She moves fluidly, though not with the stalking gait of an assassin on a mission. There always seems to be something of a rhythm in her step, as if she were just a few breaths from some kind of dance. The bangles about her ankles often jangle softly as if to confirm the thought.

nighttime brings about something of a change; the bright wardrobe fades to black and gray, and a cloth mask covers the lower half of her face. Not affiliated with the Assassins' Guild, Zade is nevertheless a thief, and a very good one at that.


Prone to wry humor and sarcastic wit during the day, Zade maintains an air of proud confidence, as one needs on a stage. Her banter with any audience is almost as well-known to those who have heard of her troupe as the antics of her friend's half-wit bird. Life in Gamma District isn't the easiest, but though Zade has very, very bitter moments about it, she rarely lets them show. something of an emotional firecracker, she's as quick to laugh as she is to anger, and enjoys the company of people she finds in some way interesting. Her friendship is an easy thing to gain, her trust almost impossible.

Like a certain number of lower-district residents, Zade is in fact the bastard child of a nobleman. She doesn't tell anyone who, but the fact that she met the man but once has made her rather resentful of the nobility in general, and she generally clams up if anyone brings up the subject, at least if she chooses not to say something snide. Her mother was a prostitute, one of the slightly better-regarded Gamma ones, though still a member of one of Ishtar's brothels. Normally, pregnancies among the women are infrequent, but it does happen sometimes, and Zade was a 'sometimes.' She has no doubt it was her mother's unusual appearance that heralded her existence, though the red hair is not hers. As a result, she is careful to maintain distance between herself and the more intoxicated members of her audience, and does not dispense friendliness easily, lest it be interpreted the wrong way. Her overall manner is brisk and a bit on the cynical side, though she lacks Tinder's touches of sadism, for the most part.

She works as a hired thief for anyone who knows the outer districts well enough to get someone else to tell them that she does. The fact is a pretty well-guarded secret, actually, but that does not mean she does not have a reputation. On the contrary, since she lacks affiliation with the Guild, she is a popular choice for the rebellion. She steals only from those living in Alpha or Beta, and refuses to take lives. That, in her firm opinion, is a job for someone other than herself.

In her spare time, she usually fiddles around with new ways to enhance her shows, ranging from homemade cosmetics (and hopefully they don't cause her eyes to swell again, because that was painful) to new flammable solutions for her various tools of the trade, so to speak. By no means does she have the theoretical knowledge of a scientist, but she has a practical working vocabulary and understanding of the things she needs to know, and quite the active imagination.


As the troupe's sole fire manipulator, Zade has a number of tools of the trade, mostly modified weapons that she sets aflame to perform with, including a rope-dart, a staff, a steel hoop, and several fans of varying sizes. The only thing she takes with her to steal is the rope-dart, plus of course a standard tool kit including lockpicks of different widths and even a smokebomb or two that she picked up somewhere shady.


Zade was born the daughter of a prostitute and a nobleman, whose name she knows but refuses to share. She spent the first few years of her life in her mother's company, but after the woman died of the all-too-common lung disease, she was forced to find a way to care for herself. Luckily for the child, the troupe picked her up soon after, and she spent the times when the group wasn't together in the company of one or another of its members until she really was old enough to be walking around on her own. She learned her skills with fire from one of those people, and when the man retired from the business, she took his spot as a performer. She's known Tinder for quite some time, and the two get along pretty well, all things considered.

She took up thieving a few years ago, not to supplement her income, which while not fantastic is better than most people in her line of work, but to vent her frustrations with the nobility. A petty motive, perhaps, but one with benefits for anyone who chooses to hire her. Not so much for those with valuable items in their possession, but Zade doesn't care much. Even so, stealing is a secondary thing for her, and she truly loves being onstage with her troupe, who she considers generally to be an extended sort of family.

She has contacts with the rebellion, as the people there are some of the steadiest employers her 'other profession' has, and though she is not particularly committed to their cause, her presence explains the strangely large amounts of money Aram carries around with him. It is hardly surprising to her the amounts of money nobles are willing to pay for things that obviously once belonged to other nobles. She's neutral towards everyone else, though tends to think of Assassins as aristocratic lapdogs.

So begins...

Scheherazade's Story