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The impish street performer.

0 · 480 views · located in District Gamma

a character in “Revelation: The City in the Sky”, as played by Averagebear



Age: 19
Faction: None. She is a street performer and is mostly homeless in the Gamma district. She refuses to join any guilds as she has never been dedicated enough to team spirit or cooperating.

Tinder looks like a street performer, truthfully. With her bright, teal hair (colored by an undercover, rather fortunate mage in her group of performers) relatively dirty garbs, and a fit body. Tinder is usually doing something odd, almost always walking on her hands or doing flips or something of the sort. Getting the girl to just walk is like trying to make an fish just fly- possible but difficult. She stands at an average height for a girl, about 5'5" or so, with mildly tanned skin and chocolate eyes. Tinder is never very far from her retarded peacock who goes by the name of Harry. The stupid thing had strayed away from a circus group when it was a chickling, having been hit in the head (probably by the boot of a pedestrian) and Tinder just happened to stumble upon him. Tinder had thought it was just a regular bird at the time since he’d been mostly brown, but as the thing grew, it was discovered that he was, indeed, a peacock. Harry is honestly very dumb, and will squawk loudly if Tinder ever gets too far. Tinder says that he was domesticated by retardation. While she'll complain about Harry very often, she honestly does care for the pet. Anytime a person tries to touch him without her permission first, she tends to cartwheel over to him and whisk him up into her arms. She’s very possessive. Tinder doesn’t wear shoes, and tends to wear loose cotton materials which don’t restrict her movement. She’s quite the sight to see, really. When she’s trying to be stealthy, she’ll drop Harry off somewhere, pull up her hood, and blend in with the crowd.

Personality: Tinder is a bit imp like, with a primitive mischievous aura and a wide, unsettling grin. While she usually doesn’t steer away from her clown-esque charade, her toothy smile and “polite”, “friendly” remarks ever present, you can tell that she’s hardly sincere. In fact, when she’s performing for the folks in Beta and sometimes Alpha, you’ll often find that her cutesy cries are double entendres and more of a snarky swipe than anything. Mocking higher ups and getting away with it is one of her hobbies. That along with swiping all the mula they got on them. She’ll always play the fool when confronted, hiding behind her mask of chivalry with “What ever do you mean? I would never insult such a fine, hard-working man.”. She is more spiteful and vindictive than mentionable, and it’s easy for a person to see that Tinder has a lot of negative feelings boiling in her chest toward nobility, scientists, and assassins. Anyone who has a smidgen of power is an enemy in Tin’s book.

Truthfully, she’s a bit eerie. When it’s clear that she has no good intentions nor any empathy for your causes, yet she continues to act like the performer she is, you tend to get creeped out. Tinder is constantly making fun of those around her in her own passive way, and despite her dislike of most people, she avoids conflict. She doesn’t get into physical fights if she can avoid it, instead just stealing in the shadows and cursing from a far.

Tinder is a lot like a small child at times. It’s very easy to bribe her with the things she likes (chocolate and candy, specifically) and she can become increasingly jealous when pushed too far. As soon as Tinder realizes that she’s being duped, it unlocks a nastier side to her. She is relatively obsessed with being the one with the control, and having it backfire makes her go mad. In these situations is when her facade is dropped and she reacts like an angered cat, her smile replaced with an even scarier frown and the disdain she has locked away surfacing up to the top. It is at this point that a person should be on their toes, because Tinder will take whatever means necessary to make them suffer, her sadism unleashed.

Equipment: Would Harry count as equipment? Probably. He’s practically an accessory when you think about it. An annoying, loud, stupid accessory, but one nonetheless. Aside from this, Tinder has a pouch tied to a loop on her pants that holds her money and a dagger attached on the other side.

History: Tinder’s parents were street urchins much like herself. Her family has been a long line of Gamma-dwellers, never bad enough to downgrade to Delta but not successful enough to branch out to Beta. She was the second to youngest child in a family of 8, and Tinder found her existence to be a bland one. She did anything possible to stand out, which lead to her taking up acrobatics to an extreme. All of her siblings did it, but she really did it. She obsessed. One day, a man came to her house and shot her entire family dead. Tinder still doesn't know why, but it left her virtually alone in the world and it filled her to the brim with hatred. At fifteen, she'd become as bitter as a seventy year old magi. The young, just slightly bad girl had suddenly turned into a sadistic performer, lost the hope that kept most people going and replaced it with cynicism.

That’s when she got up and left her nest, discarding her old name (which no one knows) and replaced it with Tinder. Again, it wasn’t dramatic or unexpected. No one searched after her, and she was only mildly homesick. She went on to make a living for herself. She hadn't gotten a formal education, but she picked up the superiority complex of one who had. Perhaps it was the lack of love in Tinder’s life that sculpted her into the oddity she is today. Perhaps she was born how she was. Perhaps it is the experiences she’s faced that’s made her hate everything. It’s a combination of it all.

In any case, Tinder has learned to be quite selfish. She doesn’t give a damn about much of anything, so long as she’ll be gaining something. Tinder doesn’t have many friends. She has people that she talks to, but she looks down on them the same way she looks down on everyone. It’s just her and Harry and the rest of the world are one inconsequential blur. If everyone keeled over and died, Tinder wouldn’t blink an eye.

While she hasn't told anybody, Tinder has been suffering from chest pains of late. She's almost positive that she's slowly dying, though she obviously hasn't seen any medical attention. Lately, it's gotten so bad that in the midst of her performing, her chest will heave so violently she'll have to stop and take a break. She's mostly embarrassed by this secret, as one of the only things she's been able to pride herself with was her fitness.

So begins...

Tinder's Story


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Skin met asphalt in a clumsy plop to the ground, a girl with teal hair who’d just been back flipping through the urban scum streets deciding to take her stop on one particular street corner and dropping to the cement walkway without an ounce of hesitation. A busied expression was painted across her face, as if she were in the middle of doing something very important, eyes blinking and lips pursed while she pulled something out of her pocket. Wrappers crinkled loudly as she tugged all the contents out, plastic glittering in the dim morning light like crinkly gold. Tinder’s serious expression bubbled into a new face, her squinted eyes becoming wide and shiny, her tightly closed mouth spreading open to reveal a toothy, gluttonous smile. She ran her tongue along the insides of her mouth as she poured all the candies out from her hands and onto the ground right in front of her with kindled excitement and radioactive pride.

“SKWAH WAH WAH WAH WAH” cried the dumb peacock named Harry who was perched on her shoulder. She was constantly telling him that he couldn’t perch there anymore like he used to when he was little because he was too big now, but the insufferable thing never listened to her when she scolded him. After his loud squawks, he craned his head over to look at Tinder in the eyes, as if transmitting through eye contact the message “Oh, please let me have some candy.” Tinder scowled deeply- something she only did when she was alone or extremely angry, this time it being because she was alone- and wiggled her shoulders so Harry would be forced to hop off.

He scuttled to the ground just about as gracefully as she had moments before, looking at the girl with those same greedy eyes, peering back and forth between the candy and his owner. “No, Harry, you’re not getting any of my candy!” she stated fussily, already starting to unwrap a piece of hard candy and stuffing it in her mouth. It was butterscotch. She hated butterscotch. Her feathered companion gulped with delight as if he already knew what was about to happen. If Tinder didn’t like butterscotch and Harry really wanted some candy, it only made sense to give him this one, right? Only one, though. She took the round candy from her mouth and smashed it repeatedly into the dirty street so that the pieces were small enough that if Harry tried to swallow them he wouldn’t choke, and then made a grand gesture that signaled Harry to dig in.

Anyone who knew Tinder would be glowing with surprise at that moment, for she had just displayed an undeniably selfless act for another living being- something that doesn’t happen often. Had Harry been replaced by any human on the face of the planet, you bet your bottom dollar that she would have kept sucking on that butterscotch just so that the other party couldn’t have it. Harry was truly the only exception. Mind you, she wasn’t exactly the best caretaker (who lets a bird eat candy, after all?) but what mattered is that she tried and shoveled out at least a cup of compassion and ladled it on top of the blue bird.

She grabbed the rest of the candy, popped a cherry flavored one into her mouth, and stuffed the rest back inside her pocket. She’d stolen the lot from some old lady in the Beta district the other day, and had only remembered it just now. It was like finding a dollar you didn’t know you had folded neatly in your pocket. Perhaps it was exponentially better than a dollar, though, since Tinder loved candy. She somersaulted from her criss-cross -applesauce position on the ground, leaping up like a spring after the second roll and standing on her feet. She looked at Harry who was pecking away at the candy with annoyance. “Come on, Harry, we don’t have all day.” She cried, popping the thing on the head and already starting to walk. Harry’s pecks became more frantic as he attempted to eat it all while still stay close to Tinder, and once she’d already gotten ten feet away, he frantically ripped himself from the spot and scampered to her, shouting his “SKWAH WAH WAH” the whole way there.

She cart wheeled into the more densely populated part of Gamma, home of the working class and the job-chasers (the people who never have a job but are always “looking” for one) in hopes of finding someone in her old posse to travel to Beta with. After a trip, they all dispersed throughout the city to get their shit together, and then recollected to go make another trip. It’d been two days or so, so she really ought to start hunting down one of the other talented freaks like her. Slowly, her cart wheels transitioned to her simply walking on her hands, doing anything to keep herself from getting bored. People-searching was just so tedious.
Harry wiggled uncoordinated behind her like some sort of wonky watch dog or a protective penguin, his neck swaying from side to side as he kept his eyes on all the people around them, just daring them to try and hurt his Tinder.