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Revelation: The City in the Sky

The Assassins' Guild


a part of Revelation: The City in the Sky, by Kurokiku.

The Assassins' Guild

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A rather unimpressive building from the outside, the Guild contains the Archives, an impressive collection of knowledge from before and after the advent of Revelation, all kept underground, access restricted to all but the Keepers, specially-trained Assassins, the Guildmaster, and the reigning monarch.
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The Assassins' Guild

The Assassins' Guild


The Assassins' Guild is a part of District Gamma.

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Fourth Moon, Eighteenth Sun, One Thousand and Thirty-Fifth Year of Revelation

The night of the assassination of Marquis Adam Goldwater was, to my recollection, a cloudy one, and chill. I must admit that the events that were to be precipitated on that fell eve were not something even I was able to foresee. The repercussions, however, were plain enough to myself and to the Princess, who was the first person I spoke to of the matter after discovering it.

The details at the time were shrouded; all that was known to most was that an assailant, a singular entity, gained entrance to the Marquis’s residence some time after the first hour of the new morning, still under the cover of thick darkness, and on a night when no natural illumination would be of assistance in discerning his or her identity. The kill itself was swift, and silent; it was not until later that any were even able to discern the mechanism. Bruising about the Marquis’s neck seemed to indicate the work of a pugilist; naturally I excluded the obvious possibility almost immediately. He may not have been as good at hiding as he fancied himself, and misguided besides, but he was far from that stupid.

The setup was obvious, and perhaps for that reason made it all the more difficult to ascertain how many levels of deception were concealed beneath, and where the truth lay. There are few rules in a profession such as mine; few that ultimately dictate our actions, at any rate. Above all else, I have tried to instill in my Guild a healthy respect of these rules, for each and every one of them is of paramount importance to our continued functioning as an entity.

I almost hoped it was not one of mine, that we might avoid the unfortunate consequences that were to follow. But, as Her Highness reminded me rather sharply, we must wish for nothing, lest it taint our judgment. It is when your pupils turn your words against you that you know you have done something right.

The investigation that followed the incident was a long one, both the official Parliamentary inquiry and the real one, conducted by myself, the Princess, and a few others that I saw fit to trust with the information. The culprit, it turned out, had done their job to an admirable degree of excellence, and even we were hard-pressed at times to see the innocence in the corrupted, the culpability in the blameless. It was not without help that we discovered the truth.

-From the Memoirs of Amon Gregory