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Atalanza Berone

The terse, bitter assistant to Prometheus Vanderbilt.

0 · 239 views · located in District Gamma

a character in “Revelation: The Cure”, as played by Katryn


Name: Atalanza Berone
Age: 32

Appearance: Atalanza is a tall, fiercely elegant woman, towering to a height of 5’ 10”. She walks with her head held loftily atop her long neck. Her hair is a not-quite-black walnut brown, contrasting with her fair skin. Her face is pale and clear. One would almost believe it was completely unmarred, until they saw the thin, shimmering scar running diagonally across her strong cheekbone. She generally wears her long hair in plaits, piled onto her head. The state of the ensemble can range from neatly twisted braids to a disarray of wayward curls pinned to her head in a fluster. This state of hair varies along with her level of stress and general busyness; long nights leading to unkempt tresses. Her eyes are an alarmingly pale grey, appearing to be nearly transparent. The bone structure of her face is angular and sharp, her dark eyebrows aiding in casting a stern expression upon her poised features. Her average attire generally includes a high-collared synthetic shirt of a dark hueβ€”more often than not being indigo, a black trench coat, chemical resistant gloves, black figure-hugging pants, and nearly knee-high silver or black leather boots.


Personality: Toward her peers and colleagues, Atalanza is generally tersely spoken and appears stern. However, on a more intimate or familiar basis, she takes on a sarcastic, wry sense of humour along with a series of smirks and wistful smiles. She is rarely thought to be truly jovial and never thought to be enamoured. Any raw feelings have long been buried. She is extremely work oriented and puts her career above most everything else in her life. If anything bothers her, it is pondered in solitude. Only on an exceptionally rare occasion is another being allowed into the inner sanctum of her emotions and thoughts. It is more than evident to any person who has been around her long enough to notice anything at all about her as a person that she has suffered a great deal of mental and emotional pain in her past.


Equipment: The most noticeable object that she is never found without is a large sheaf of paperwork, full of mathematic and scientific theorems and blueprints of all kinds. To an onlooker, it would an unmanageable disarray of garbage, but everything is perfectly in place within the mayhem in her own eyes. This mass of paper is generally transported by use of a black, leather satchel slung across her shoulder. Also carried in the satchel are the basic tools of a scientist. A basic healing wand is always on hand, along with an opulent supply of fountain pens with black ink (she refuses pencil or ballpoint).


History: Atalanza was born to wealthy parents on the upper side of the Beta district. Doted upon for the first twelve years of her life, she grew to be a smugly spoiled pre-teen. Her entire life and outlook on society was built around a narrow glimpse of a glamorous lifestyle. It wasn’t until she reached puberty that things came crashing to reality. The father that doted on her so fondly became an enraged man, furious with his own marriage and suddenly dissatisfied with his money. Wallowing in alcohol, he began beating his only daughter. It was in an incident with thrown glass that Atalanza acquired the scar on her cheek. In a moment of utter anguish and rage, he banished his wife from the household, accusing her of stealing from him. She was immediately sent to Delta, and Atalanza fled with her rather than staying with her abusive father.

In Delta, Atalanza quickly deserted her shallow mother and made her own way, working in an industrial factory. It was there that she learned for the first time what Revelation truly was. After two years, her father found her and plucked her out of the gutter at the age of eighteen, appearing to be a changed man. However, though he had cast aside his drink, he was merely the embittered shell of the loving father he had once been. In place of his love, he simply allowed Atalanza the opportunity to do whatever she wanted. Having been severely troubled by what she had seen and experienced in Delta, she requested scientific schooling. She quickly worked her way up under the infamous Professor Vanderbilt, finding the work and cause she had been seeking. Aiding in his work on The Cure that was to help the destitute of Delta, Atalanza found her calling. Though her innocence had been stolen from her at a young age, despite her passionate belief in her line of work, she still felt herself locked within a cage she had created. She had been embittered all the same, just as her father had been.

So begins...

Atalanza Berone's Story