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Eos of Tartarus

A one-time vagabond given new life as a slayer of men who works to keep Revelation in one piece from the shadows.

0 · 243 views · located in The Skycity of Revelation

a character in “Revelation: The Cure”, as played by Smith


Name: Eos Selene
Age: 29
Faction: Loki's

Appearance: A fairly average man in terms of looks, standing at 5'11" and weighing in at 180 lbs. of toned muscle. Eos's skin is a shade of medium brown, his hair close-cropped and jet black. His face as a whole is normal, with dark brown eyes, well defined features and cleanly shaven. The assassin has full lips with a small scar on the upper, an average nose, as well as faded dark crescents just below his eyes. Underneath the clothing Eos is covered in roughly a hundred scars of every shape and size imaginable. The most prominent of which being a crater scar that marrs the skin ust below his left arm down to the hip on the same side, dozens of crosshatching cut scars of large sizes on his back and smaller ones on his abdominals, and the last three puckered burn scars on his right thigh.

As for decoration, Eos has a silver-stud tongue ring and two identical tattoos. One midnight-black inking on each palm in the shape of a perfect black circle. His nails are always coated in perfect black paint nowadays.

Clothing-wise, Eos dons several forms of attire depending on the occassion. At 'work', Eos equips a stylish full-body set of black and gray leathers, crossed with straps, sheathes for blades, hidden pockets and a cape. Yes. A cape. When simply living life, he prefers a simple long-sleeve white wool shirt, black linen long-pants and sandals. At parties, Eos has a few suits ranging from black to red to blue, all sleek and in good-taste.

Personality: What was once the soul of a man with nothing to live for has found meaning once more. Barely a year ago Eos was a shell of a human being. He hated the world, picked fights nearly every day and drank to excess. The entirety of humanity was on his hitlist and he was not above publicly defacing the property of the aristocracy and government. As of relatively recent events, however, Eos is a changed man. He considers actions beofre taking them, actually has friends and people he can stand to be around, and only curses half as much! Eos still holds a great deal of contempt for the general aristocracy of Revelation--bar Loki--as well as his former master Amon Gregory, and believes that much of the city's problems lie in their hands.

Equipment: As a renewed assassin, Eos has been granted access to the store-room. As a result, he has a fair variety of weaponry and equipment. First and foremost, whenever possible, Eos carries two steel gauntlets secured at his sides for easy access. Each covers from finger-tip to elbow with full articulation and sharpened claws to enhance the pugilist's fighting ability. Hidden inside his left boot is a miquelet pistol, a type of flintlock personal firearm that is easily concealed, with a single shot. In the right boot is a slender stilleto knife, just in case.

History: The first four things Eos remembers are the stone walls of the Tower, the lash, Selene and Amon. Raised in what amounted to a bubble of a childhood, he and his dearest friend Selene were trained by Amon Gregory himself to be the greatest assassins of their generation: The Hands of Tartarus. They learned the arts of stealth, deception and death. Their education and knowledge of the world outside of the Tower existed only from Amon's teachings and books, which still only gave the pair a vague image of what the world was like. Each failed assignment or test resulted in a brutal beating, lashing or something equally unpleasant, forcing Eos and Selene to be as close to perfection in their craft as possible. In the decade or so of training, that is what they achieved. Working as the Hands of Tartarus, personal assassins for the Queen Minerva and Amon used to bypass the laws that kept nobles from fighting openly and keeping threats to the Crown in check. After an accident regarding the dismissal of the Hands and the death of Selene, Eos lost his way.

Lost in the slums of Delta, Eos became a degenerate drunk who placed no value on his life. Constantly cursing the world and bitterly accepting each day in stride, the man chose to live what was left of his life in squalor. It wasn't until his arrest and trial under the charges of murdering Goldwater that his life made a sudden turn for the better. He began associating again, primarily with a Delta healer named Pandora and an odd fellow from the sky. He was even taken to the meeting that helped to provoke one of the greatest internal struggles of Revelation's history, thus being marked for death by whatever shadowy figure has it in for Loki and her ilk.

Since then, Eos has thrown in his lot with the Sable Princess and a man whom he swore to kill should they even meet again: Amon Gregory. His status as an Assassin has been reinstated, and the former Hand works to keep Revelation from bursting at the seems in more subtle ways than most. As of late, Amon has taken to calling him Loki's Hand. Bastard.

So begins...

Eos of Tartarus's Story