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Etzel Vasili

Even the strongest city rat fears him. (Deceased)

0 · 380 views · located in The Skycity of Revelation

a character in “Revelation: The Cure”, as played by Arke


Name:Etzel Vasili
Age: 36
Faction: Guild

Appearance: Gaunt and lithe, Etzel is of fair height. Standing at about six feet tall, his head is crowned by a length of black hair that is kept at a medium-length. Usually, it is kept in a neat combover that is matted down, molded into place by years of fixed positioning due to his mask and hat. It has become almost uniform that his hair is kept in a neat fashion, whether he actually styled it or not. Unless he had recently been swimming, it would be strange for people who know him to find that his hair is not fixed spotlessly. He has dark, brown eyes that give off a sharp, interested look if you could see him through his daily garb (described later). His body is lean, muscular, and compact. He has several surgical scars on his arms while experimenting on various medicines and procedures. Some of which left his arms scarred badly from the after-effects. Most of the run along his forearms as angry pink dips in his skin. The rest of his skin, however, is very pale.

He wears thick, waxy doctor robes on the outside, stained a deep brown. Mostly made of cloth sandwiching wool, the layers are thin enough to ensure they don't bog the wearer down, but thick enough not to be ripped easily. Connecting the torso to the neck is a studded leather neckpiece, protecting all but the ears from outside infection and providing a small layer of protection from slashing weapons. He has a wide belt wrapped around his waist, containing various slots for his store of medicines and a holster for his tool bag. Underneath the robes he wears a long-sleeved black shirt over a white tank top. He wears long gloves over his long sleeves, made of leather and stained a deep black. On his legs, he wears a pair of working trousers, complete with wool socks and thick-soled boots. To complete his everyday work uniform, he wears a plague mask on his face (picture provided below) and a rounded black boater hat.



Personality: A cynical man, Etzel wastes no time in satisfying his own curiosities because he feels he cannot trust the word of others. He enjoys the thrill of jumping into the unknown, which is why he goes under the guise of a doctor- to combat possibly future unknown diseases. He is quiet, but that doesn't necessarily mean he is sane. He is quite prone to making disturbing musings that frighten others. For example, a friend once overheard him musing about having a limbless test subject being very beneficial toward experimentation and how he was disappointed that it was looked down upon. He is very sociable when push comes to shove, due to his career choice he had to fight with others to seem the most friendly, reliable, and safe. Often he feels that there is some perfect way of living where people don't suffer as they do now, but because humans are imperfect they must rely on drugs and doctors such as himself.

He enjoys the feeling of surgical procedures, the feeling that a patient's life is in his hands. He usually doesn't expound on that feeling, because he is in the heat of the moment when working. However, he has a slight fear of what will happen if he is allowed to. Due to this, his stress as a doctor began to pile and he eventually developed a small case of paranoia.

He isn't the best in the form exchanging words to express his interest, as his arguments have strange twists that often are misunderstood. While he does try to maintain a semblance of peacefulness, what he really does prevents him from truly acting the part out.


Equipment:He is both an Assassin and a Doctor. Within his jars of various medicines, he also has jars of deadly poisons. Some poisons take months to work- despite being symptomless. Some work instantly, causing the target to faint within seconds and then experience violent cases of cardiac arrest. His primary method of using them is his Syringe. It is a weapon of surprise, something not to be used in battle as the tip can break easily. His syringe is reinforced, meaning it is resistant to weather and slight beatings (as is the way of the streets at the time). Aside from his poisons and syringe, he carries a bag full of medicinal herbs and various surgical tools. Some of the include the scalpel, stitches, hooks to hold wounds open, and bandages.

He also carries a rucksack containing other supplies, as well as his money and drinking water. He doesn't really trust the water provided, so he filters his own. He has a boot knife, as well as two slim daggers he keeps in a hidden sheath on his torso.

He has taught himself how to use a shortsword, as times have become too dangerous to continue relying on his syringe and daggers.


History:Born in the Beta District, Etzel was the son of a physician who used eastern techniques and a woman who entertains as a Harlequinn. He shared his father's interest in healing, though he believed that the massaging and simple needle-pricking his father did was not very efficient. Though his father was a very good healer, it often took long for his patients to heal completely. His mother was a frequent patient, sometimes breaking arms and twisting ankles during her acts. Because of this, he'd see her in costume. Her fake grin and eccentric make up never really made Etzel quite right in the head afterward. He took a different direction from his father's technique, grinding medicinal herbs he owned up into juices and using his father's encyclopedia to mix up strange concoctions. However, at the age of 10 he had no idea that some herbs had strong effects and some herbs had relatively weak effects. After putting his mother into a coma for two weeks after mixing up a dangerous pain-killer, he was locked away from his father's medicinal cabinet and was forced to study medicine until he was sure that Etzel wouldn't accidentally kill anyone when he was finished. This did not stop Etzel. Taking a small native knife, he often went outside to satisfy his curiosity by capturing and dissecting small animals- namely rats and insects. Since at the time he had no access to his father's medicine, the animals were very much alive at the time of dissection, with nails driven into their arms and legs to prevent escape.

His father and mother worried for him, and decided to send him to a school to see how social interaction helped him. It didn't help much, but the education was very valuable and he made a few odd friends of his own despite Etzel's strange behavior. In the end, Etzel did pursue the practice of medicine, gaining an official degree that sealed his position. He was then inducted into the Doctor's Guild, where he was given a loan to start his own shop. At the age of twenty two, this was only the beginning. After going through several apprentices (some voluntarily leaving due to Etzel's disturbing musings), he began to grow bored of treating patients. Wishing for something better, he was finally introduced to the assassins when a young man stumbled up to his shop door with a grievous wound in his side.

Taking him in quickly, he recognized that the man had been afflicted with a deadly poison only very trained professionals could make- and only nobility could afford. It took him an hour to analyze the ingredients used by smelling the liquid and testing it (barely maintaining the man's stability in the meantime) to come up with an antidote. The grateful man was forced into a corner when he was confronted about the poison, and to keep his mouth shut he introduced Etzel to the Assassin's Guild. At the age of thirty, the being introduced into the Assassin's Guild meant lots of training- because he knew about it, he had to join and stay. For the next three years, he was put under a senior Assassin and trained to become as cold and merciless as the rest when it came to the job. His job and status as a renowned logical thinker (in terms of medicine) gave him an edge, as Assassin Doctors are very rare (due to a blood promise Doctors had to sign similar to the Hippocratic Oath). Many trusted him. However situational he was, he also became one of the healers in the guild, assigned to teams if the danger of attack was great and the chance of wounds was even greater.

With the assassination of Goldwater and the events that followed after, Etzel's paranoia got the better of him. He ended up selling his shop, and was about to depart when his apprentice announced she was going with him. Her parents had died just as she got this apprenticeship, and she claimed that if he were to walk out on her she'd never get a job or live past the month. Etzel finally gave into her wheedling and took her under his wings as her guardian. He taught her how to fight, as being associated with her meant that his apprentice was in danger as well- and her learning of medicine quickly branched out into very... grim areas that involved poisons. In essence, she was the first apprentice to learn so much from Etzel due to her persistent nature. Despite living heavily under the radar, some assassins have compromised his location, and with a lot of fighting Etzel managed to kill or escape.

He lives under changing psuedonyms, despite nobody actually knowing his name except for his apprentice, Loki, and some others.

He still refuses to take off his Plague mask unless absolutely necessary, wearing it with the formal assassin attire if he had to.

So begins...

Etzel Vasili's Story