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Felix Windsor

An instructor at the Facility, too stubborn for forgiveness.

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a character in “Revelation: The Cure”, as played by A Rubber Chicken


Name: Felix Windsor
Age: 36
Faction: Magi

Appearance: Standing at an unimposing 5 foot 10 inches but with a stocky frame, Felix is creeping on in years and the first signs are starting to make themselves shown. Despite fairly regular exercise he is little larger around the midsection than he once was and the lines on his forehead and in the corners of his eyes are present all the while, as are the dark patches beneath his eyes which, all in all, give the impression of constant tiredness.

His hair, once chestnut brown, vibrant and wild, these last few years has receeded, thinned and greyed around the temples and top of his forehead. Still remaining however is the tangle of curls that once reached his shoulders but now sits cropped back to a far more managable length of a couple of inches. Beneath these calm locks is a face that has aged a few years before it's time, wrinkles of age starting to appear in key areas that cannot be covered; his forehead, the corners of his mouth and the corners of his eyes, though this latter is the one feature that retains full youthful exhuberance with a powerful, evergreen glare, something that shows his passion and determination.

Broad features - A square jaw, flat cheeks and wide nose - give an air of strength to the man, as do his rough hands and large arms, but his body language is reserved and unthreatening, usually leaning or standing casually instead of making his presence unnecessarily well known.

Personality: Despite difficult early years Felix made a complete recovery into the society he is now a part of and his work with the magi youth has instilled a seemingly infinite amount of patience in the man. Years of standing in front of a class and teaching them control has given him, alongside his patience, a sense of ultimate control and confidence in his abilities, though in a professional sense that is rarely confused with arrogance. A constantly changing environment and information forced him to adapt and learn quickly and this led to him picking up new information at a rapid pace, although his intellect was never in question, even from a young age. The same could be said about his moral beliefs, never wavering or changing according to those around him.

Unfortunately his beliefs were always along the lines of 'an eye for an eye' and he insists, when asked, that the world deserves punishment for the suffering they have inflicted upon people such as himself. He holds a never-ending grudge against his biological parents and the government that forced them into giving him up. This passion led to him taking grudges very seriously and when his patience runs out there is no turning back from his disrespect, as he remembers all those who have wronged him. As most of these are regular, non-magic people he harbours a prejudice against them and finds it difficult to control himself around them, often making snide comments or threats. The same can be said about ignorance, ironically, and stupidity. As a teacher he learned soon to spot such people very quickly though he never lets it get in the way of his teaching, of only to confirm to himself that magi are better than everyone thinks they are.

Equipment: Always carries a pen and a small pad of paper in his pocket with his wallet and keys. The wallet rarely contains more than a pittance but it does contain a few treasured photos and scraps of paper. Also, considering he lives in Delta District, it bodes well for him to carry a switchblade knife for protection without revealing himself as a mage in public.

History: Born to a wealthy family in the Beta District, Felix was six years old when his powers became apparent and he was soon disowned and sent to the Facility, despite being too young. The instructors there found a couple willing to take him in because they could have no children of their own and they raised him well, with good moral values and a respect for the power of forgiveness. Unfortunately he grew up with memories of his biological parents and while he loved his adopted family very much he could not accept their view on amnesty towards the non-magical population.

He attended the Facility for the required number of years and even stayed on as voluntary help while gaining employment in manual labour elsewhere in the district, managing to get work in the Gamma District and earn a decent wage for his position. But at the age of 27 there was a shortage of instructors so he started there full time, saving back what he had earned before to help him struggle through. His experience allowed him to relate to students who had been through a similar journey and help them on the road away from becoming just another degenerate. His ultimate aim at this point was to prove to the world that those with magical abilities were not third rate citizens but all too soon the reality of the situation dawned on him and his hopes were crushed, leaving him to simply teach, something he got progressively better at.

The poor living conditions in Delta District meant his Mother was taken at a young age, a victim of violent crime, but his Father is still alive and reasonably well, though well into his sixties. With no siblings to help him, Felix's Father is dependent on him and his dwindling savings. He often wonders if there would be a better way to make money, but his moral framework prevents him delving into any criminal activities.

So begins...

Felix Windsor's Story