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Princess Loki Blackwood

Heir to Revelation's throne.

0 · 237 views · located in The Skycity of Revelation

a character in “Revelation: The Cure”, originally authored by Kurokiku, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Loki Blackwood
Age: 26
Faction: Aristocracy (Crown)

Appearance:The Princess strikes an observer as being quite aloof. Something about the way she carries her impressive 5’9” distances her from the general goings-on she finds herself in the midst of. The expression on the finely-sculpted facial structure is generally bored, as though nothing affects her at all. Black hair, falling thickly to her waist, contrasts a bit too starkly against the family’s fair complexion, the feathery texture of the shorter pieces framing her face only serve to emphasize this. All in all, she more resembles a carving in ice than a real person; all the beauty of art, but even less humanity.

Where relief from this brand of austerity is found in the Queen’s gentle eyes, the same cannot be said of her child. Loki’s violet stare is as hard as the rest of her expression, calculated, measuring, precise. The young woman rarely appears to be affected by anything at all, and this complete lack of an evident emotional barometer is in some senses more intimidating than a larger frame. Sometimes, it is easy to forget that though tall, the princess is also on the slender side, though a good deal more filled out than her sickly parent.

Her trademark color is black, though she manipulates her wardrobe like anything else, and occasionally colors are used for effect. For all anyone knows, she dresses always the part of the proper court lady, gowns and all. She does, however, own a pair of rough breeches and a full-sleeved shirt with a commoner’s corset, hidden away somewhere at the back of her massive closet.


Loki is most of the time as cold and indifferent as her looks would suggest. From an early age, the princess has been meticulously trained in the ways of court politics and policy, and despite her youth, there is no more adept statesperson in Revelation. The crowning glory of her scheme is that most people are none the wiser, believing her ideas and machinations to be the work of her mother or the Queen’s savvy advisers. Her ability to understand and manipulate powerful people without their knowledge has made her into a cynic with a proclivity for sarcasm, though she can force on the polite mask of decorum if necessary. In the end, though, even the occasional burst of temper is nothing but a show, thrown in because she thinks it will play to her advantage. More recently, she has been forced to show her hand, so to speak, and her enemies now know of her positions.

She has no patience for weakness or incompetence, least of all in herself. Loki has a great amount of disdain for most of the aristocracy, but she isn’t particularly fond of anyone else, either. Science strikes her as useful- the scientists not as much so- and while she appreciates logic, she has no head for the sort of intuition that governs a mage’s craft. The respect she accords the lower classes is most remarkable for someone of her status, though, and she recounts to those close enough to confide in that in the course of a single conversation with a District Delta prostitute, she was exposed to more honesty than the rest of her life had given her until that point.

Beneath the shroud of abrasive wit lies someone who is in truth quite devoted to her mother. Loki even while playing puppeteer to many an errant aristocrat is moved by that familial loyalty, as well as an often-harsh sense of justice that is occasionally a bit on the warped side due to her inability to control her own perfectionism and fastidious attention to detail. She may be able to forgive every once in a while, but the Princess will never- cannot- forget.

Much to her own surprise, she has proven capable of softening somewhat, and even making the occasional friend, though the relationships are without exception rather odd.


Most unusually for a member of the aristocracy, Loki is armed. She carries throwing knives, easily concealable underneath the copious layers of gown, and twin blades slightly longer in length whenever she manages to sneak away from the palace grounds. Like most nobility, she has easy access to wands, though most of the time she doesn't bother with them.


The only child of Queen Minerva and her consort Stephen, Loki was too young to remember her father when he died. She did, however, understand the suffering that her mother endured upon his disappearance, and one of the first decisions the girl made for herself was that she would never allow herself to become so close to someone as to be trapped. From her youth, she was tutored by Crown loyalists, determined to make her into a monarch without her mother’s irredeemable weakness: compassion.

It was mostly successful. Without the fetters of emotional attachment, the girl became a prodigy in the arts of the state, and has been manipulating enemies and allies alike since she was old enough tell the difference. Perhaps the most memorable encounter was one with Amon Gregory. She was attempting to gain Guild support on a piece of legislation her mother was championing, and she made the unfortunate mistake of trying to coerce the master himself. It might even have worked, had a spy who knew of her not reported back to the Guildmaster. The man arranged a meeting with the then-eleven Loki, and called her bluff. She asked him what it was he wanted in return for his silence, and he requested only that she allow him to use her as she was attempting to use him. It turned out the provisions of this agreement entailed him teaching her something of the assassin’s arts, though nothing that amounted to a Guild secret. When asked what advantage this could possibly serve him, he refused to elaborate, but the two have had an odd sort of mentoring relationship ever since, and her skill as a politician has only sharpened under his care.

It was also on Gregory’s urging that Loki made her first foray into the lower districts. Disguised as a common urchin or street performer (as it turns out, juggling blades is a passable skill and a good cover), she spent a good deal of the time supposedly devoted to etiquette lessons and comportment amongst the poorest of Revelation’s citizens, and it was here that she had the conversation with a lady of the night which convinced her that her world needed to change. She made her own presence known in the court soon after, and it was not long before the more weak-willed members of Parliament feared nothing more than the oddly-light tread of the Princess, come to bully, coerce, or intimidate them into doing what she wanted. The majority of her maneuvering, though, still takes place under the table, and those that look with pity or derision upon her open targets often fail to realize that they are no less Loki’s victims than anyone else.

Still, she can’t do everything, and there are certain lines that even she will not cross. At one point, she was considering marrying herself off to the Prime Minister’s son in order to stop the old curmudgeon from opposing her mother so much, but the Queen herself got wind of it and staunchly refused, warning Loki that her personhood was the one thing she was never allowed to bargain with. Thus, the Princess relies on the wiles of her mind alone to keep her foes at bay, enough to occasionally wish that she had been born a boy, that this might be easier, since that would be all that was expected of her. She carries the same respect for others, and though she will employ Gregory’s men and women as spies or occasionally even thieves, outright assassination is not an option (it’s also illegal on nobles).

Despite her deftness and cunning, Loki still has her own glass ceilings of age, gender, and lineage to deal with, and sometimes things don’t go her way, which has a tendency to irritate her quite a bit.

In the year since the first attempt on her life, Loki has fended off at least three more such attacks, taken on the former troupe performer, Scheherazade, as something of a cross between assistant and bodyguard, continued her combat training with Amon Gregory, seized Adam Goldwater's seat in Parliament, become friends of a sort with her ally Lord Caelin Taylor, found him an heir in her cousin, shared far too many containers of ice cream with Eos the reinstated assassin, taken to personally funding Pandora Elling's clinic, and hired Giacomo Vernazza as her consultant on scientific matters.

So begins...

Princess Loki Blackwood's Story