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Revelation NPCs

They keep the plot a-movin' and a-shakin', so to speak.

0 · 149 views · located in The Skycity of Revelation

a character in “Revelation: The Cure”, originally authored by Kurokiku, as played by RolePlayGateway


Sir Amon Gregory, Assassins' Guildmaster

Queen Minerva Blackwood, Revelation's Monarch DECEASED

Duke David Gilgamesh, Prime Minister of Revelation DECEASED

Aram Azazel, Leader of the Liberation Movement DECEASED

Dr. Prometheus Vanderbilt, Head of Marchfield Laboratories DECEASED.

Joshua Blackwood, 39, Manatechnology scientist and Head Lab Assistant to Vanderbilt. Black hair with slight gray, violet eyes, 5'10," solidly built, stern, sober, only funny unintentionally. The Queen's older brother who gave up his status for science.

Seth Gilgamesh, 28, aristocracy. Prime minister's son, does much of his father's paperwork but none of his dirty work, 6'0", auburn hair, blue-gray eyes, soldier's build, even disposition, slight bitterness towards his father, fear (but not hatred) of magic and mages.

Shiva's NPCs

Name: Victoria Steins
Age: 18
Faction: Apprentice/Civilian

Appearance: Short haired, blond, and with a pretty face, Victoria is a girl that stands at a modest height of 5'4. Being a civilian, there is only one documented picture of her- taken from a street artist.

Personality: Known to be vivacious, persistent, and oftentimes genuinely caring for patients. She adopts some of her master's former habits, such a muttering to herself and looking at things in a very cynical light. Over the years of being on the run and hiding from assassins, she has developed a small case of paranoia.

Taught by her mentor Etzel, she has become very deceitful to those she doesn't trust- examples such as giving fake names to superiors.

Equipment: She carries a dagger hidden on her leg, a Syringe very much like Etzel's, and she carries around a heavy-looking scimitar of eastern fashion.

History: Her parents worked hard, so hard that they nearly killed themselves. But they did it. They managed to move into Beta- the land where one could go to school, get a job, and live in relative comfort. They sent their daughter, Victoria under the wing of a Masked doctor that was willing to apprentice her for free. They died of overwork shortly after. What she didn't know when she entered, was the life wasn't going to be about saving people. Well, not all the time. She had to do a lot of back-breaking manual labor. She grew strong, and eventually started standing up to the strange masked man. She decided that he was her ticket to living peacefully, as her parents had wanted to do so she wasn't going to quit until she received her inductment into the Physician's guild.

Then, after her master had come home from a house call, he announced he was selling the shop and she should leave. Victoria was angry, and refused to. Eventually, she annoyed the doctor into taking her with him, and she realized the true magnitude of his situation- but it was took late to back out now. She had to learn how to fight, learn how to kill, and more importantly, learn how to survive.

Name: Siri Blackwood
Age: 10
Faction: Nobleman/Civilian

Appearance: Short, standing under 4 feet with a cloud of unkempt black/blue hair very similar to Caelin. His face is slim for a child's, and he sports a pair of deep, calculating eyes very similar to his cousin. While not quite as purple, it sports a amethyst tinge that doesn't quite match his black/blue hair. His body is rather lithe, as he is beginning his growth spurt but not quite reaching the stage of awkardness with his body. He has many old scars from playing around as a kid and sustaining injuries.

Personality: Capricious. It's very hard to put a child's personality into a succinct summary. He enjoys doing what many children do- avoiding studies and playing. He has grown to like his new father, Taylor, but has not quite yet begun to develop the mature mentality Taylor has.

Equipment: He has been taught to use weapons, though more for exercise. However, once he reached 10, Taylor gave him a dagger he keeps at his side. The method in which Taylor presented him the dagger was so serious, it even cut through the child's joking demeanor. He only ever draws it in emergencies, and does not show it off to any friends he has.

He has an old canteen which smells slightly of medicine he uses to carry water. It was rather large for a canteen, though. A pouch of money rests near his dagger.

History: His parents were not very receptive to their son's needs, and had an older child that was their actual heir. He was regarded as the ugly duckling, a back-up plan in case the first child was a failure. He was not. Siri's older brother excelled in every manner of art, education, and self-defence. He was one of the perfect heirs a family could have, and when his older cousin showed up to take him away, his parents allowed it without batting an eye. At the age of nine, he was transferred to a much more loving man- one called Caelin Taylor. His new father took him in and cared for him like his original parents never could. As grateful as the child was, he promised to work hard for the young nobleman, aspiring to be what his older brother overshadowed him in. He learned how to fight, studied hard, and assisted his working father in any way he could. He is now interacting with the many maids, learning how to cook, clean, and wash.

So begins...

Revelation NPCs's Story