Michaline Walker

"If I can see ghosts...then I should be able to see her."

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Michaline Walker
"Hope can be a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane. Stephen King, Shawshank Redemption. I know this is true. I'm living proof of it."

No Shelter - Seether
One More Murder - Better Than Ezra
Remember Me - Journey
Stories (Down to the Bottom) - Mob-action
Ours - The Bravery


"The most important things are the hardest things to say. They are the things you get ashamed of, because words diminish them - words shrink things that seemed limitless...Stephen King, Stand By Me. If only people realized the amount of damage even diminished words can do. Perhaps people like me would be more understood."

-Age: 17
-Gender: Female
-Family: Martin Walker - Father; Heather Walker - Mother/Deceased; Jesse - Older brother

-Description: To some extent, she is a bit of a rebel, and has five tattoos, and a few peircings as well. A Tramp Stamp, a pair of Demonic wings, a Rose Vine, and a Cross. She also has a Naval Piercing, and an Ear Piercing. The last tattoo, the dragon, is on her left shoulder.
-Height: 5'5"
-Weight: 110 lbs.
-Hair Color: Blonde/dyed pink
-Eye Color: Blue

"The place where you made your stand never mattered. Only that you were there...and still on your feet. Stephen King, The Stand. This is also true. You want to know why I quote SK so much? Because he only speaks truth...so long a you look deep enough for it."

-Personality: Mic is an overall happy person, though quite a tom-boy. She's pretty outgoing, not to mention blunt as a bowling ball. She's not afraid to tell you what she thinks of you, regardless of feelings. People tend to think that she is stuck up, but that's far from the truth. She just...doesn't really get along with people that well. She absolutely abhorrers stupid people, or people with no wit. She has a sharp tongue and a quick temper, which combined tend to get her in trouble, a lot. She's not an athletic person, and thinks people like jocks and cheerleaders aren't worth the time to argue with, when all they do is look down on everyone around them. Mic has never had any close friends, as people just want to use her, but seeing as she doesn't like a lot of people since she can see how stupid they are, that's just fine with her. However, to those who do know her well, such as Ian, she can be a completely different person. Somewhat childish, she can be absolutely silly, as well as rather joking and teasing.

-Role: Friend
-Likes: Ghosts; Books; Dogs; Night; Rain
-Dislikes: People; Cats; Spiders; Death; Hope
-Do You Believe in Ghosts?: "I can see them, so yeah, I do. Duh."

"The question that sometimes drives me hazy: Am I, or all the others, crazy? Albert Einstein. Sometime I do go nuts trying to decide if I'm crazy. I mean, hell, I can see ghosts! I speak to them. They speak back. Does that make me crazy? Perhaps. But it's also what makes me who I am. I expect my friends not to judge me for that. if I can even call them friends."

-Bio: Mic was an unplanned baby. Her parents had had a few complications with Jesse, and as such, said they weren't going to have another child. So when they found out they were pregnant again, her mother nearly had a breakdown. But, in the end, she got through it. Until about six months into the pregnancy. Her mother's body grew toxic, which meant that if they didn't either have an abortion, or take Michaline by emergency c-section, the baby was going to die. Period.

Her parents were scared, but ultimately went with the c-section. Three months early, 13" long, and weighing only 1 lb ten ounces, Michaline Abigale Walker joined the family, at the loss of Heather. Her mother died on the operating table. But, their frights weren't over. The stat for pre-mature babies living is rare. Because she was so early, Michaline's left lung collapsed the day after she was born. Undergoing major surgery, they rushed to save the infants' life. They did, but at a cost. Michaline has only one working lung. She's fine, nothing life-threatening, but she gets winded a lot faster than normal people. She's always been on the lower side of her weight range, but is extremely healthy else wise. Because she was so pre-mature, Mic spent the first four months of her life in the hospital, mainly in a fiber-glass box where they had her on a feeding tube, ran tests to make sure she would be okay, among other things. However, when they did blood tests, there was only one place they could draw blood from because she was too little: the bottom of her feet. Thus instilling in her at an early, early age, her fear of people touching her feet.

Other than her birth, Mic grew up like any normal girl, though she does have a slight rebellious streak. She'll stay out late, miss curfew, hang out with guys, and other things, but the thing is, she's actually never done anything bad. She's never done drugs, she just smokes cigarettes and drinks. She stays out and misses curfew because she likes to be out at night. She hangs out with guys because she's too much of a tomboy for the girls. She's had one boyfriend in her life, who ended up being a complete jealous idiot and a control freak, and she actually had to get Jesse to tell him to leave her alone after she broke up with him. Mic idolizes her older brother. They were always close for siblings, and she wanted to be, and still does as a matter of fact, just like him. He's off in boot camp, and she misses him terribly.

The only thing abnormal about Michaline is her ability to see, hear, and speak to the dead. Well, ghosts, to be more specific.

-Relationship: N/A

"This is how we go on: One day at a time, one meal at a time, one pain at a time, one breath at a time... We say yes, I agree that the clouds often look like other things--fish and unicorns and men on horseback-- but they are really only clouds. Even when lightning flashes inside them we say they are only clouds and turn our attention to the next meal, the next pain, the next breath, the next page. This is how we go on. Stephen King, Bag of Bones. I wonder sometimes...does anyone realize that what I do, how I am throughout the course of a day, do they know it's all a lie? Do my friends realize that I'm faking it? No...I don't think they do."


-Sample Post: [I always provide a sample post, to show GM's my style, grammar, etc.]

Tezuka and Takuya had been curled up together, where ever they had been put, finally both asleep.
Until a rough pair of hands grabbed at Takuya, not only waking him, but dragging him off somewhere. He didn't say anything as his brother called after him. "I'll be back..." He thought.
He closed his eyes, praying that he was being truthful. Whoever was in front of him led him through a series of dark tunnels, doors cropping up in the walls here and there, all of them closed, as if forbidding him any hope of escape. Not that he would leave his twin behind. He couldn't. Tezuka needed him.
There were three people escorting him. One in front was leading the group, and two were behind him. One to his left, and the other to his right. He figured that whatever had been done to him and his brother, it must have been both important and dangerous for them to use three people to escort a hardly fit seventeen-year-old. Either way, it didn't matter. It seemed that they had arrived, as they stopped moving.
"Test subject #000425 ready for experimentation, Doctor. All seems functional." The man in front spoke to the wall in front of him, and for a split second Taku wondered if all of them in this place were absolutely crazy. Until of course the screen on the wall illuminated, which he couldn't see for the darkness. No one appeared, it was just a symbol. The brightness of the screen hurt his eyes so much, Takuya had to shut them, and by the time he opened them, the screen was blank, so he didn't get a look at the symbol.
"Good. Let him in. We'll start immediately."
The door in front of them opened, and the two guards behind him shoved him through it, none too gently. Everything was a steel grey, nothing too bright. He wondered if they knew of his eyes' sensitivity to light, and that was why they had put him somewhere dark once again. He also wondered just why he was here, and what they had meant about 'experimentation'.
He didn't like the sound of it.
And he definitely didn't like it when a door slid upwards in the wall twenty feet in front of him, revealing a very large, and very angry, cat of some sort. It appeared to be wild, whatever it was. It could have been mad. All Takuya registered was that it charged straight for him when it saw him.
He really didn't remember doing much, he just rolled to the side, trying to stay out of its reach. It still managed to somehow claw him, as he felt blood run down his left arm.
"Great...I'm lost, dazed, confused, tired, and hungry, and they put me in a dark room with a cat that has all of the advantages of being a cat, like the fact it can see in the dark. Just great. My day's starting wonderfully, how's yours?" He muttered to the cat, not caring whatsoever that he was probably being monitored.
The cat had run head-first into the wall, not bothering to stop once it had passed Takuya. Yep, definitely mad. Of course! It only made his day better!
Takuya growled under his breath, rolling again as the cat charged. Obviously, the people watching him weren't too impressed, because another door opened, and another cat sauntered out of it. Takuya's eyes narrowed. He was barely dealing with one, and they wanted him to fight two? Maybe they were just trying to kill him...
Maybe it was all some sick game.
The two cats had somehow managed to work together, despite being mad, and corner him. They both charged at once, and Takuya shut his eyes.
Both cats rebounded off of something in front of him, hitting the floor nearly ten feet away with a loud thump. Takuya's eyes snapped open. What? Was it something they had done? Or had he done it? He had no idea. Until one of the cats charged, and hit it again.
Taku felt it. He was doing it. But...how? Why? He didn't care. Whatever he was doing, it obviously took concentration, because the second cat hit it, and it was like watching glass shatter, as he could see what was keeping them back break up into pieces, disappearing once again as they hit the floor. Takuya tried to concentrate again as the first cat charged yet again, intent on sinking fangs into juicy neck.
You're mine, prey...mine...food...so hungry...need something...must get before brother...not share...food...not share...mine.
The cat was prowling in front of him, tan fur matted and rough, yellow eyes watching him, as if waiting. He was sure he hadn't somehow managed to put up another barrier, because he couldn't feel it. It was almost as if...he was in the cat's mind. If so, he was truly creped out.
You...don't want me. I'm no good...you should fight him...brother...instead!
Takuya had no idea where he had gotten that from. He had, on a dime, talked to a mad cat in its mind, and then watched as if in slow motion as the cat turned and then attacked the second cat after staring at him for almost three seconds.
What the hell was wrong with him?
Tezuka was also woken up as someone took his brother away. Tezu ran and hit the bars of his cell, watching them leave.
"Takuya!" He called after him.
"I'll be back..."
It flickered through his mind, and sounded vaguely like Taku's voice. Tezuka sunk to his knees, a manic smile on his face. "I'm...going crazy...that's it." He laughed.
He didn't know how much time had passed before they came for him. Three men led him down the hall, repeating the same process they had with Takuya, except his number they had called out was #000426. He stood silent, and walked into the room before any of them could touch him. There was a bored expression on his face, a normal for him.
Two doors were opened at once, and two wolves sauntered in, looking quite thin, but perfectly sane. One to his left, and one to his right. Tezuka eyed them both. They growled in response, slowly beginning to circle him. Tezuka then looked dead ahead, a glare replacing his expression of boredom. Were they just going to circle him forever? They were hungry...
...weren't they?
His manic smile returned as one wolf charged him from behind. Timed perfectly, Tezuka spun, and kicked the beast across the face, sending it reeling back a good twenty feet or so with a yelp. The other wolf snarled at him, and when he turned to look at it, that was when he saw it.
His grin grew wider. He was fighting mates. The female had been the one that he had kicked, and the male now went for him. it was too fast, so he went down with the wolf on top of him. His hands pressed against the beasts' throat, keeping its saliva-dripping jaws as far as possible from his face. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the female get up, running for his head.
Turning the upper half of his body, Tezuka threw the male into the female, again making her yelp, and the male snarl. He got back on his feet, and took a stance, waiting for them. He locked eyes with the male, and something clicked. It was like he was looking back at himself...
...through the wolf's eyes.
Whatever was happening, it was cool. Tezuka's, if it was even possible by now, grin grew wider yet, as the wolf had froze, sensing the alien presence in its head.
Tezuka wondered just what all he could do with this new found power he had. He pictured himself dead, and the wolf cocked its head, as if confused, and began sniffing the ground, as if it were making sure something was dead.
Tezuka could make the wolf see things. He thought of an idea. He made the female wolf appear as one of the men who had brought them into the cage, after searching the wolf's mind, realizing they were being no better treated than him and his brother.
Snarling, confused, and tormented, Tezuka grinned as he watched the male wolf slaughter his partner, and then whine and pant helplessly as he lifted the illusion, showing him his dead mate. The wolf didn't know what to do, so once again it attacked Tezuka, its original target. He was ready this time, and grabbed the wolf as it jumped on him, placing his hands on its neck, and snapping it, quickly.
He walked over to the female wolf, who lay in a pool of her own blood, and ran a hand through the warm and sticky red liquid. He stared at it on his hands, and began to laugh.

So begins...

Michaline Walker's Story

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Michaline threw the book across her room, frustrated. Butch, her all-black German Shepard, whined sadly. Mic sighed, allowing her light pink hair fall in front of her black lined grey eyes.

"It's okay boy, I'm fine."

Ten minuets later Mic was walking down the road, headphones jammed in her ears in an attempt to drown out all the voices. Not all the ghosts could be seen. Some were only voices, some only outlines. All varied. None were the same. But the voices...the voices were slowly driving her insane. But then, only Ian knew that.

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Even with the headphones, the voices were still getting through. Mic was getting a headache from them. She passed by tens upon hundreds of shadowy outlines, ignoring them. Did she want to help them? Of course!

Just not at this particular moment.
The dream she had had the night Kathryn had died flashed through her head like a silent movie. She stopped, squeezing her eyes shut trying to block it all out.

When she reopened her eyes, she saw Ian walking ahead of her. With the first grin to light her face sine the incident, Mic pulled the headphones out of her ears and ran up to him, noticing how glum he looked. She wasn't surprised. Everyone was gloomy lately.


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Ian was still the only person who could hug Mic, or call her Mikki. Anyone else tried and she'd punch them in the face. She shrugged. "Same creep who hears voices as yesterday, I guess. What about yourself?" She asked, the concern equal in her own. Ian never took any sort of death well, she still remembered how depressed he'd gotten wh his cat had died. Now it was Kathryn. She wondered if Hayley had come out of her reclusive shell at all yet.

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Mic smiled slightly. "You always were overprotective."

Michaline sighed. "Yeah, me too. She hasn't answered any of my texts the past few days. Can't say I blame her, though. I wouldn't want to talk to anyone either."

Unbidden, Kathryn's face and the shadowy outline of someone else ran through her mind again. Mic stopped walking, her eyes downcast to the concrete below her feet.

"Do you think Kathryn really commited suicide?"

She hadn't brought up her dream or what she thought really happened that night with anyone. She wondered how Ian would respond.