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Soren Emanuel Dermot

"You should know that I often say stupid shit without thinking about it, so I'll just say sorry ahead of time to smooth it all over."

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a character in “Reversed”, as played by incendium




Name meaning: Stern / god is with us / free
Soren is a piece of work. Since he was born after the game began, he had to go through the confusing mess of being raised like an angel in demon’s skin. It didn’t turn out well. He’s undoubtedly demonic in nature—despite his parents’ best effort to smother it out of him—but he’s a bit too stubborn to cross over like the others. Instead, he developed a sense of sarcastic chivalry. It’s a nice way to do what he’s supposed to while mocking the concept altogether.

He’s lazy and unmotivated, usually procrastinating and taking the most convenient way out of everything. He doesn’t really care about what people think of him. That being said, he’s quick to defend—or rather, attack—when someone tries to hurt him. He’s incredibly aggressive and quick-tempered. Authority gains no respect from him—in fact, he’ll be completely and utterly amused by anyone who tries to exert control over him by any means. Even if it works.

He is incredibly rebellious, but he rebels in such a way that he can manipulate the situation to escape any wrongdoing. This may include indirect sinning or just plain old secrecy and pinning crimes on others. He’s generally uncaring towards others and inconsiderate of their feelings—whether it be intentionally or just speaking what’s on his mind. For all his bad qualities, he does have one thing going for him. When asked directly, he will be completely honest. It stems back to an old bet that he’s too stubborn to lose. There are times he’ll use careful word choice to deceive or manipulate others, but he never truly lies.

He’s incredibly arrogant and a smart-ass. He’s also very irresponsible and undisciplined, often showing up late or not being able to control his tongue. Despite being pessimistic and perhaps a bit over-dramatic, he does have a child-like naivety about him. He trusts others too much, assuming their words have the same value as his own.

He has a stern, serious nature when he isn’t killing people with sarcasm. There are times he seems to have trouble focusing. It’s usually after drinking coffee—which he adores, by the way—and it makes him seem a bit scatterbrained. He’s also pretty forgetful in general.

He places high value on always being right and superior. If he feels someone is better than him in some way—or someone has something he wants but cannot achieve on his own—he’ll become incredibly childish in his jealousy and shame.

A word from Soren:
My name is Soren. As for my favorite color… it’s green. Spiders scare me—as unmanly as that sounds—and I’m allergic to… god—what am I allergic to? Oh, that’s just great. I’ll probably encounter it and die of anaphylactic shock. Bloody hell.

Anyway, it’s a pleasure to meet you.

Yeah, so… I’m a demon. Wait—no—not metaphorically. I mean I’m literally a demon. Did you know that if you say “Jesus” backwards, it sounds like the word sausage? Well, it does. I guess I’m a pretty laid back guy. Wait—am I a guy? That’s how they describe humans. I’m not a human, so does that mean I’m not a guy? But what am I, if not a guy!? Good god—I’m really not. I’ve never heard someone describe an animal as a guy—and I’m closer to an animal than a human—so I’m really not a guy at all! T-this is… not how I planned…

I… I seem to have lost a piece of myself today…

Quotes that relate to Soren:

“I want to KI- - you. (options may vary)”

“Give a damn. Many damns. More damns than anyone.”

“It makes me happy to know that none of us get a how-to guide. We’re all just kind of winging it.”

“If I’m weird around you, it’s because I’m comfortable.”

“Don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things.”

“Only dead fish go with the flow.”

“Quit slackin’ and make shit happen!”

“There is no force equal to that of a determined woman.”

“When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead. True story.”

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream. And that’s kind of the same thing.”

So begins...

Soren Emanuel Dermot's Story