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You were taken and tortured by a Psycopath. That psycopath was caught, being sent to prison, and being put on Death Row, and you were saved. They felt like it was because of you they were caught. They want revenge. And only 2 people are in their way.

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Note: This roleplay is not for the faint of heart

Three of the worst psychopaths were once free. They did things so horrible, no lawyer, even one assigned to them, would show up to defend them. They were all horrible in their own way. They are the worst of the worst, so bad, it was tempted to use Alcatraz as a prison for them, or even create some sort of underwater prison as well. But in the end, it was decided they should be killed. Executed, for that fact.

Each one of them, while they piled up hundreds of bodies, had this one victim, this one main victim who had it worse then all others.

These are the reports on all of them.

Note: You dont have to read these, its very reccommended you only do this if your ready to truely feel hatred for a fictional character, and can take extreme pain

[quote=Lennox Verner]

Main Victims:

Conrad Borro: 8 years old: Deceased for 6 years

Jenna Borro: 10 years old: Deceased for 6 years

Henry Smith: 9 years old: Deceased for 5 years

Bella Smith: 6 years old: Deceased for 5 years

Bejamin Russel: 7 years old: Deceased for 4 years

Lusia Russel: 9 years old: Deceased for 4 years

Matthew Reed: 11 years old, was 8 years old when he was the victim: Alive and healthy

Jane Reed: 16 years old, was 13 when she was the victim: Alive and healthy

Rebeca Reed: 8 years old, was 5 when she was the victim: Alive and healthy

Lennox was possibly the worst of all 4 of these psychopaths, and the most intricate in his planning and torture, that paragraphs could be made about what he did. He would kidnap a kid, always under 13, as well as their siblings, and he would take them to an isolated and secluded place, and made sure no one could here them. he would tie them to a table, naked, and he would at first take pictures of himself and his victims together. Then, he made them play games. If they lost, he would kill someone random. The kill would always be recognizable as his, and he would make a video tape of the kids he took, focusing on the person he was making play games, and saying with a voice scrambler about how "Their lives are in their hands....i am simply the messenger....".

But that's not the worst part. The worst part is that he shows each and every kill to the kid.

Now, if the kid won however, then no one would die, but this was very hard to do for them. And if they refused to play when he told them to, he would threaten to kill their siblings. If they ever refused again, their sibling would get shot, and then they would be left there to starve. The only reason they don't starve sooner is because he makes sure they are well fed while in his "game Room".

You can see why this guy is a total psychopath and on death row, right?

Anyways, he had kidnapped this one kid, and his two sisters. His two sisters were tied up, in earshot but out of sight. He had endured these games for awhile now. However, he had managed to get his hands and arms free, as he was fairly skinny, skinnier then any of the other kids he had made play his games. And he made them play for a long time.

He managed to get out. He found his sisters, and his gun nearby. That's when he heard him coming back down. Matthew panicked, and picked up the gun, shooting him in the leg, and it went straight through. he fell down and hit his head, knocking him unconscious. It didn't take long for him to call the police. He had been changed in that room. He found himself unable to be shocked by him shooting Lennox, as the things he had made him go threw are so inhumane, not to mention the occasional beatings.

Lennox might be behind bars, and on Death Row, but Matthew still has nightmares. He cant sleep at all without that gun, which he has never let go of. The only reason this is allowed is because there are about 5 locks on the front and back doors, and 4 more on his door, so he wont accidentally shoot someone. He also has a psychologist he sees twice a month, because this psychologist is not just some local one, but a very good and fairly expensive one. He is constantly nervous and a bit paranoid. He isn't bullied, they have heard enough to know what hell he went through, and even they see he is already broken. Because until Lennox dies, he is still out there. His sisters didn't take it as hard, but they didn't go through what he did.

[quote=Tai Zong]
Main Victim: ______________ (Insert Victim 2 here)

Tai Zong is a Chinese explosives expert. He was also a madman. He kidnapped this one kid, and made that kid choose where the bomb would be placed. He killed hundreds before finally getting caught. But, that wasn't all. He made sure he made all of his bombs right in front of the kid, and made that kid kiss each one of the explosives. However, what he didn't expect was for his Main Victim to spit right in his face when he was making one of the smaller explosives. He had trapped the kid in a room that only could be opened from the outside. So when the explosive was launched into the ceiling and blew up, she was able to escape as the door was still open, and call for help.

he may be behind bars, and on death row, but the kid was given a psychologist none the less. Although no one knows for sure about the kids mental state, its almost definitely to have its scars.

[quote=Ronnald McClarold]
Main Victims:

David Ferris: 12 years old, Deceased

Natalie Palmer: 15 year old, Deceased

Gregory White: 9 year old, Deceased

_______________ (Insert Victim 3 here)

This killer was probably considered to be one of the worst of all time. He would tie two siblings or best friends to crosses, naked, and then make his main victim choose which one of them will live, and which one(s) will die. He then grabs the kid, and makes them pull the trigger. He did this repeatedly, until they finally resisted enough he found them too much trouble and just made them one of the next victims.

The kid he had recently kidnapped however hit him with his own gun, repeatedly, before helping the others and then running. He then shot the gun in the arm. The bullet only grazed him, but it still hurt like hell. He then called for help, and the police got him.

So you see, these psychopaths blame their last main victim. And now that they managed to escape, they will not only work to kill their past main victim, but they will work together.

When this was heard about, 2 FBI agents were put on the case to get all the kids and get them to safety, while the rest would focus on finding the psychopaths before they got close.

So now, the FBI agents are in Manhattan, New York city, where all of the former victims now reside. But what no one knows is that the Psychopaths are already there, in Manhattan. And Matthew, being the closest, is first on their list.

FBI Agent 1:

FBI Agent 2:

MV #1: Matthew Reed (Taken)

MV #2: (Open)

MV #3: (open)






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