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Shintaro Kisaragi "The Watcher"

"Just stay out of my way... I don't want to have to hurt you." WIP

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a character in “Revived”, as played by Another Lie




He was still too young to know that the heart's memory eliminates the bad and magnifies the good, and that thanks to this artifice we manage to endure the burden of the past.

~Gabriel GarcΓ­Β­a MΓ‘rquez

Full Name: Shintaro Kisaragi
To you, my real name is irrelevant information. You need not know it.

Nicknames and Aliases:
The Watcher
If addressing me is so necessary to you, then surely this title will do.

That should be obvious... surely your intelligence is not so unimpressive.

Unknown, he appears to be a regular eighteen or nineteen year old male, but nobody knows for certain.
I see no point in counting the time I have spent here with such dedication.

Sexual Orientation:
Such emotions matter so little in the long run... don't they? But a preference is a preference... I see no drawback to answering your question.

Memory Changer ~ By looking someone directly in the eyes and allowing his eyes to glow red, The Watcher can alter the memories of those who meet his gaze. Implanting false truths, fixing past mistakes, inflicting pain or giving a happier past. The effects of this ability vary depending on two factors, the length of time the watcher looks into the other persons eyes and the intensity of the stare. The longer The Watcher keeps eye contact, the length of and amount of memories changed increases, the intensity of the stare on the other hand affects how believable the memory is and how likely it is that the affected party will eventually remember the truth... a passing glance, for example, could alter a small memory for a few minutes maximum... however a long, drawn out and intense glare into another persons eyes could change an incredibly long important memory in a persons mind... forever.

Due to the nature of his powers, The Watcher can also view and watch other peoples memories at will, playing them out as if he himself were remembering them in his own mind, this part of his ability may be triggered without making eye contact... however the person whom owns the memories that The Watcher is viewing must always remain within The Watchers field of view... if the field of view is broken then the memories will be cut off.

It should also be noted that the watcher can of course, revert changed memories to their original states. But convincing him to do as much without what he considers to be a valid reason could be very difficult indeed.

All of Shintaros abilities can be interrupted before they are completed if he is distracted before he can fully read the memories he is reading or before he changes the memories in question. A good way to do this is to break his line of site, or to attack him from a direction that would force him to look away from his target.

Shintaro also has an unnatural memory the likes of which most people would pine after, however very few know the true reason for this.
How we perceive the past... the elements of pleasure and sadness we draw from old experiences. I was given the ability to change all but my own.

Hair Color:
A shaggy, unkempt black mess.
I see no point in wasting time with hair care.

Eye Color:
A dark brown, when in use for his abilities they are completely overtaken by a vibrant blood red. color is a farce. I only have one true eye color in my opinion.

Not that it matters, though I suppose I'm not short.

Understandable and average.

How pointless.

How disgusting.

A few nicks on his hands from weapon practice..
Even I can be careless... in many aspects.

{Secretive, Extreme, Guilty, Watchful, Determined}
The Internet: Shintaro loves surfing the internet. Watching videos, browsing websites, playing games, talking to strangers. (Even posting on anime forums though he won't admit it.) If he is a man who has no escapes or vices, then this is his one exception.
I am not inhuman. Everyone needs something to keep themselves occupied..

Fighting Practice: Shintaro fights in close combat using various knives and daggers (a newfound skill after receiving his eye ability from the queen), however his unique and preferred weapon of choice is a pair of sharpened stainless steel scissors which, while not being the most durable or effective weapons in concept, Shintaro manages to use to great effect. This weapon seems to have some serious symbolic meaning to Shintaro.
The lacerating effect of twin blades on an axis allows me to dispatch my foes in quick and silent ways that other weapons simply don't provide.

Watching: Like everyone who has abilities linked to the queen and the red eyes, Shintaro (or "The Watcher" as he is called by the large majority of the few people who know of him at all) died once a long time ago. Since his death however, he has had a fixation with watching others... paying attention to their movements, their habits, their personalities. Some would claim that this is how he looks for weakness in his opponents... others claim it is how he protects those whom he feels the need to protect. Though, in reality, nobody is really sure... except for a select few, of course.
My eyes follow those who have eyes that are the same... my reasons are my own business.

Hair Tugging: At the rare times when he is frustrated, Shintaro will tug at his hair and sigh with melancholy. The level of frustration equals the amount of force applied to his locks... and once or twice he's ripped out tufts when in a state of extreme anger and frustration.
Once again, I am not robotic, even I get frustrated from time to time.

Staring: Even when not using his abilities, Shintaro has a habit of staring long and hard at people and objects that interest him. He does feel awkward rather easily however, so if he feels people are noticing his glances then he will stop.
How can I expect to fully understand something if I do not fully examine it?

Muttering: Simple. Shintaro mutters things under his breath all of the time. It's been a force of habit throughout both his life before death and after.
Sometimes things need to be said... though that doesn't necessarily mean that people need to hear them.

  • Rainy Days: Shintaro loves the rain, the feeling of that light pattering on his skin seems to awaken old emotions that he has long since locked away.
    Rain is just the planets way of cleaning itself. I like that concept.
  • His powers: The ability to use his powers for a goal still unknown to any other ability holders... that was the only reason he made the choice to watch as he now does. He loves having his powers and finds them incredibly useful, any downside is just a minor annoyance to him.
    I have the strength I need now to do what it is I need to do. These eyes gave me a reason to live, they're the only thing keeping that which is closest to me alive, of course I like them.
  • Being alone: Secluding himself away from the world is something that The Watcher seems to enjoy. Perhaps he is antisocial? Only a few people (Ene and The Queen, to name them), understand why he truly acts this way.
    I dislike company, so I like being alone. Even you should understand that, right?

  • Other People: Famously lonely as he is, Shintaro usually despises the company of other people... he has always been that way, one life or another. He has been known however, to occasionally make exceptions.
    Any exceptions I may have made are irrelevant right now... just as all of you are.
  • Noise: Shintaro is the kind of man who appreciates silence. He despises it when people make too much noise and he would prefer to shut noise makers up himself rather than put up with them.
  • Sunny Days: Burning heat and blaring sun... the blurry lines of heat rising off the ground... sweat pouring off his face... the stench, sight, feel and sounds of a scorching hot Summer day. He hates that sort of atmosphere more than anything else.

Killing: Something so very horrid and despicable as causing the death of another. It is one of The Watchers greatest talents. Almost as if he knows every vein to cut, every weakness to exploit and every painful bit of information to taunt his opponents with. Mostly because he actually does know all of that information, the ability to read and change memories grants The Watcher an amazing advantage over his opponents... and the ability to change those memories with a bit of eye contact makes him even deadlier and gives him the ability to destroy enemy morale with powerful mind games. He doesn't enjoy killing at all... but hell if he isn't good at it.
I do what I feel is necessary for my goal... please, don't get in my way and I won't have to kill you.

Combat prowess Through reading the memories of various master forgers, users and duelists of knives... Shintaro has in essence had years of training with small blades. Anything even remotely close to a knife can be used as a weapon and he can even use swords if he has to (though he isn't very good with them). Through a similar process to his study of knifeplay, Shintaro has read the memories of various marksmen to become profficient in the use of fire arms. Currently he can only really use a pistol properly (as learning from others memories isn't perfect) but he is learning more with every bullet he fires. His main weapon is used in his own style however, as by combining all of his information on knives Shintaro has developed a unique fighting style that uses the maneuverable axis and the sharp lacerating edges of a pair of sharpened scissors to fight.
Tools of the trade are important for any job.

Manipulation and Coercion: The powers granted to him by the queen give Shintaro almost the perfect ability to use people, manipulating them to work to his advantage. The possibilities for this skill are near limitless within reason... and the results can be anything from ridiculous, to useful, to catastrophic.
I was given a powerful ability... and I'm smart enough to use it correctly. I have to wonder why people bother getting in my way at all.

Determination: Shintaro has an unbending will to complete the tasks he has been assigned. Unknown to everyone besides Shintaro and one other... the young ability user has a hidden goal that he wishes to attain. An effort to rescue that which he hold closest to him from the clutches of the one pulling his strings. He is working tirelessly, doing as he's told and biding his time as he waits for a chance. Keeping secret contact with Ene and doing what he must... all the while keeping a cold and uncaring face... all for the sake of one other person. Shintaro has boundless determination that refuses to let up until he achieves what he means to achieve.
I'm doing what I need to do... no matter what the circumstances stacked against me are.

Social Situations: What happens when Shintaro has to engage in a social situation without manipulating or fighting someone? Great difficulty on his part, that's what. Shintaro is terrible with and even afraid of being around other people. They make him uncomfortable and he's very bad at dealing with them as a result.
Other people are so pointless... all they do recently is get in my way.

His own Memories: The only memories that Shintaro cannot change or control. As a punishment perhaps for his attitude to people? Or some other cruel reason? Who knows... but the events of Shintaro's past, those leading up to his current situation especially, pain him greatly. He keeps them hidden, but if someone were to find a way to reveal them? Shintaro might near fall apart at their mention.
My past? That is none of your concern. None at all. Now shut your worthless piece of thrash mouth before I change your memories and make you suicidal.

A certain name: Again related to his past... a single specific name of someone from long ago is like poison to Shintaro, even the mention of that single word that makes up that single name is enough to throw him completely off focus and leave him defenseless. He just can't handle it.
I doubt that you want to die... pests like you usually value your worthless presence in this world. So I'd suggest you silence yourself before I have to.

His eyes The source of all of his power. Without his eyes Shintaro cannot see others or make eye contact with others... thus rendering every one of his powers completely and utterly useless. He almost certainly relies on the actual physical use of his eyes quite a bit more than the other red eye holders. If he were to be blinded, even temporarily, he would be utterly helpless, being unable to use his powers or his weapons effectively.

WIP for now.

Face Claim:
Shintaro Kisaragi

So begins...

Shintaro Kisaragi "The Watcher"'s Story