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Rin Azuma

"What should I wear today?~"

0 · 1,066 views · located in Universe of the four god

a character in “Reviving the Gods”, as played by Keen


|| Rin Azuma ||

"What can I help you with?"

|| Theme Songs ||

|| Full Name ||
Rin Azuma

|| Age ||

|| Gender ||

|| Sexuality ||

|| Origin ||

|| Role ||
Japanese High Priestess

|| Face Claim ||
Tsukihi Araragi



|| Hair Color ||

|| Eye Color ||

|| Skin Tone ||

|| Height ||

|| Physical Description ||
Rin is a slim girl, fit and not overly tall, but a bit lacking in womanly curves. Her hair is kept short and simple, preferring the ease of this slightly boyish style over any sort of complicated styling or the hassle that comes with maintaining long hair. Framed nicely by the jet black locks of her short hair is the usual warm and kind smile that Rin wears, a peaceful expression accompanied by a distinct curiosity behind the keen and observant grey orbs of her eyes.

Where she lacks in style regarding her hair, Rin is quite the enthusiast in clothing. Rin owns and collects clothing of countless styles and colors, opening one of her many wardrobes is like walking into a rainbow of fine fabrics and ornate designs and patterns. Along with her extensive collection of clothing is a collection of jewelry and other accessories that nearly rivals it in size and variety. Most of the jewelry isn't of the particularly valuable kind, most made with more common materials than any precious metals or jewels.


|| Personality ||
Kind || Thoughtful || Easy-going || Short-tempered
The most thought of traits when one thinks of Rin is her warm and helpful nature, an easy-going, energetic, and bright young woman. Rin's always happy to help anyone, even if they aren't necessarily asking for it, causing some people to find her a bit meddlesome. This however isn't the only side to Rin, she's also infamously known for her temper. It doesn't take overly much to upset Rin, and when riled into anger this innocent looking girl becomes rather intense and has even been described as 'frightening' by others.

Rin often surrounds herself with others and is rarely found by herself. Despite the warm and happy state of mind she seems to display at most times, Rin gets lonely and depressed easily. Though she recovers quickly from most of her outbursts, when something truly upsets her she has been known to lock herself away in her room for long periods of time, but always comes back out in her usual up-beat mood.

|| Likes ||
- Clothes
- Tea of all sorts
- Sweets of all sorts
- Dressing people up
- Music
- Helping others
- Being praised

|| Dislikes ||
- Getting wet
- Spicy foods
- Being treated like a child
- Pick up lines
- Sappy romance stories

On the Outside

|| Patron God ||

|| Abilities ||
Wind Control - The blade Kusanagi allows Rin to control the wind, this is most often used in tandem with her powers over fire or to enhance her swings and movements via bursts of wind.
Fire Creation and Control - Her patron being the goddess of the sun, Rin has been granted the power over flames, along with the ability to conjure fire, from the size of an ember or a candle to swaths of destructive flame.
Seer - As a priestess, Rin sometimes receives visions of things to come or things that might be, but they are often vague or hazy.
Exorcism - In line with her training as a Priestess, Rin is capable of performing rituals of exorcism and warding against demons and evil spirits.

|| Main Weapon ||
Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi - The legendary blade Susanoo had given to his sister Amaterasu as reconciliation for his wrongdoings towards her. This blade gives its wielder the power to control the wind.

|| Secondary Weapon(s) ||


|| Biography ||
From a young age Rin has lead a life centered around the gods. Born in a shrine to the previous high priestess, her fate as a priestess was all but set in stone. Rin and her family lead a comfortable and happy life and Rin took to her training as a priestess happily, eager to become more like her mother in any way she could manage, having always looked up to her.

It wasn't long before Rin began to serve the shrine as an official priestess, performing various rituals when needed and offering a comforting smile and an ear to any of the local villager's problems. She had even managed to attract a few younger visitors about her age, quite the uncommon occurrence as of late, to the shrine. It was the first time in her life that she was surrounded by friends and it was something she treasured dearly.

This picturesque existence however didn't last forever. Rin's mother was struck rather suddenly by some mysterious illness, and despite best efforts passed away in a matter of months. The rather sudden death of her mother had a severe impact on Rin, this shock was only confounded by the fact that she was thrust forward to becoming the new high priestess in her mother's place. The first few months were rough, but to many people's surprise Rin seemed to recover and adapt quickly and has since become a respectable leader of the shrine.


"You wouldn't like me when I'm angry..."

So begins...

Rin Azuma's Story