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Saiha Akashi

"...Was that supposed to impress me?"

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a character in “Reviving the Gods”, as played by cielo-drago


|| Saiha Akashi ||

"...I simply follow orders."

|| Theme Songs ||

|| Full Name ||
Saiha Akashi

|| Age ||

|| Gender ||

|| Sexuality ||

|| Origin ||

|| Role ||
Japanese Bodyguard

|| Face Claim ||
Hayato Gokudera


|| Hair Color ||

|| Eye Color ||
Emerald Green

|| Skin Tone ||

|| Height ||

|| Physical Description ||
Saiha stands at an intimidating six feet, some-what taller then the average Japanese man. Along with a permanent scowl and a olive colored glares, it's well known throughout the castle that Saiha is one person you should not bother without a meaning too. Usually clad in a black yukata, or some darker colored clothing just adds to his "do not approach" type of aura he gives out. Normally, he prefers to wear simple yukatas, but in formal meetings he dons a full samurai armor, along with the rest of the guards or samurais of the old. He also has a tattoo going up his right arm. It starts as a single serpent, but as it coils around his arm, the single splits into eight heads, the last head coiling under his armpit and showing it's head over his right shoulder.

Saiha is in peaked physical condition, and is honestly just pure, lean muscle under the yukata. It's quite often in battle or training that he's underestimated, simply because he does not possess a physical or outside appearance of a person quite strong. With a more slender appearance then most men, it isn't hard for one to assume that he's a weak man. In reality though, he's known to be able to hit harder, faster and cause more damage then most bigger men then himself. He tends to be quicker, and thus helps his instincts thrive in battle so he can use his abilities in the most deadly, and effective way.

Another eye-catching trait about Saiha is the silver stands of hair that are often found in older generation. This eye-catching trait, along with his green eyes often causes more people to pat attention to him, simply because the usual trait of black hair Japanese had did not pass down to him. It gives him a more exotic look compared to the other soldiers in the castle, and this sometimes causes him to be a subject of affection for some women.


|| Personality ||
Loyal || Calm || Strict || Protective
Saiha, in all honestly can be compared to a vacant shell of a person. Simply seen just working, and never taking breaks or even having any emotion besides being calm.

Rarely showing emotion except a calm composure, he rarely every changes said mood. A default personality of tranquility, it takes a lot to rile him up to show something such as rage, or sadness. Given this trait, he works very well under pressure, keeping a level-head in almost any situation possible and usually can be described as the foundation of most people. There is little to be said, except for the fact he can be described as the epitome of a calm person.

Another trait that he shows is how loyal he is towards the Empress. If she commands it, he follows every order exactly word-for-word, even if he himself questions it. As far as he's concerned, his world basically revolves around the woman, since he believes that as her personal samurai, guard and caretaker every order she says must be followed perfectly. He's gone far as to mirror her typical attitude towards people. If she dislikes a person, he dislikes a person. If she likes a person, he tolerates them enough to not say a word against them, unless suspicious activities begin to revolve around that one person. Then, he's willing to step in and get rid of the threat smoothly, and quickly. It's well known throughout the castle that he's willing to sacrifice himself if it means the princess stays safe.

Sadly, he did have a very strict upbringing and he holds himself to a standard far-greater then most people. If he says something, he'll follow through with it, regardless of the circumstances that happen. He's also known to be strict with the other samurais or warriors if he sees something off. He's been known to drive the guards to exhaustion when asked to help with their training, as well as to keep tabs on every other system the palace may have (i.e servants, guards, inner court) and to point out faults until it's fixed and running smoothly. This caused him to have an uncanny ability of knowing how everything works, making him very intelligent compared to the other people in the palace. It just shows how devoted he is to his master, and how he'll do every little thing to keep her comfortable.

|| Likes ||
-Tea Ceremonies
-Things running smoothly
-The Empress

|| Dislikes ||
-Anyone the Empress dislikes
-Suspicious People (Every small action he views as suspicious puts them under a sharp watch)
-Being told to rest
-Other people ordering him around
-Loud & Noisy Places

↳☪On the Outside


|| Patron God ||
Susano'o is the brother of the sun goddess Amaterasu, and Tsukuyomi, the goddess of the moon. He is the god of the oceans, winds, and storms and was born when Izanagi cleaned himself of Yomi's darkness. He was jealous of Amaterasu for getting the sun, while he simply got the oceans and so posed a challenge for her, which he considered himself to win. They both were content with the results, but Susano'o grew even more restless, and destroyed the sun goddess' rice fields, and killed one of her attendants. Enraged, and in grief Amaterasu hid in a cave for a long time, only coming out when she was attracted by a mirror who showed her reflection. Izanagi banished the storm god from the heavens, and sent him to the mortal realm.

In the mortal realm, he slew the Yamamto-no-Orochi, an eight headed dragon who demanded a woman sacrificed every full moon. An elderly couple asked for his help because the dragon was going to eat their eighth,and last daughter. The storm god agreed, and turned the daughter into a comb to keep her safe while he slew the eight headed dragon and obtained the sword Kusanagi. He gave the sword to Amaterasu, as a way to make up and was allowed back into the heavens.

|| Abilities ||
❇Wind Control || Susano'o has granted him the ability to control winds for a limited amount of time. The winds can be used as a weapon, creating sharp edges called "Kamaitachi", or can be released in a blast as an attempt to knock back, or stun the opponent. This power can also be used as a supportive role, enhancing the sharpness of his blade or even providing a wind barrier for a limited amount of time. It normally appears as a light crimson color.
❇Storm Brewing|| If there is enough water around, he is able to make storms with a great concentration. Usually, this can cause tidal waves up to ten feet high, or hurricanes that he controls with his mind.
❇Transformation|| He has a faint ability to turn people into inanimate objects for a limited amount of time. This skill takes great concentration, and usually after leaves him with a fatigued feeling.
❇Host Body || Susano'o is one of the most wildest god, known to be brash, reckless, and in all violent as a storm. What better way to sate this god's thirst for battle than to give the ability to call for aid? Saiha has the ability to call on Susano'o for help, and during this period his eyes usually become a deep forest green, and he's louder, brash, and in all more expressive then usual. The storm god will battle for Saiha, and destroy anyone he deems as an enemy. Of course, the circumstances would need to be dire for Saiha to call for help from this violate god, since it usually causes immense strain on his body that takes over a week to recover from.

|| Main Weapon ||
Long Sword, Katanas

|| Secondary Weapon(s) ||
Saiha is trained in all traditional types of Japanese Samurais.
❊Yumi (Japanese long bow)
❊Yari (Japanese Three-pronged Spear)
❊Wakizashi (Shorter Blade)
❊Tanto (Knife-like blade)
❊Kama (Sickle)


|| Biography ||
Saiha is the fourth son, born to the head of the Akashi clan from a fling with another woman. The Akashi clan prided themselves on producing some of the top samurais since the begining of this realm, often their sons would reach the head of the samurais of each generation. The fling that produced Saiha was covered up quite nicely, his father passing him off as his wife's child, and introduced his step brother as his blood brothers. Being the youngest was never easy, especially since his silver-hair stood out from his step brothers' mix of brown and black. It was clear that he was most likely not related to them, at least not much. He was often treated by an alien in the clan, except for his father.

He took on a more quiet nature from this, usually listening to what his father wanted--which was a perfect warrior. Of course, his other brothers trained to meet their father's standard, but he was usually the last one still training, studying, or even sparring against one of the more veteran warriors. His childhood was only filled with mainly training, studying, and keeping his cool. His brother's meddling with his training only hindered them from reaching their full potential in that short amount of time. By the time he was 13, he had already surpassed the eldest by 5 years in sword-play, and was continuing to master every form of traditional weapons the samurai of Japan was meant to know.

His father was proud, while his brothers began to get uneasy, afraid that for once the youngest of them would become the head guard instead of the eldest like normally. It happened on rare occasions throughout the clan's history, but when that did happen the youngest was known to eliminate any competition, even if it means by blood-shed of siblings. Of course, these were all unreal, told to scare the eldest to allow fear to drive them to the best. The eldest of the three, named Akihiko took it very seriously, and started to feel more hostile towards him, often times picking a one-sided fight of insults toward Saiha, whom simply looked on. After all, why should he care what others thought of him?

Time went on, and soon he was 18, Akihiko 23. By then, all four of the brothers were old enough to actually be admitted into the guards. Since the Akashi clan had the top position, with his father being the palace guard, they had to decide something else that was a matter of concern. The new Empress, still a teenager at the time had just received Izanagi's blessings, granting her the right to the throne as the next Empress once the current Emperor passes. That meant she had to have a personal guard, whose position was coveted because of the blessings that came with it.

And power is everything, at least to Akihiko.

Their father wanted one of them to take the position, but the strongest of the four must take it. He made the fight one another, but unknowing to him the eldest made his brothers lose on purpose so that he may fight Saiha. As he clashed swords with Akihiko, he could sense how much the man wanted it. But he simply craved the power of the gods, which was good...supposedly anyway. Saiha threw the match, allowing the eldest to strike a winning blow against him. His brother was made the princess' guard, and was taken to the temple to allow one of the god's to bless him as well.

But all did not go well. As the Emperor requested for Akihiko to be blessed, nothing happen. They sat in silence for hours, until it was clear no god would bless him with the abilities he coveted. Seen as a failure, he returned back to the guard faction, and committed seppuku, a way to repent for forcing his brothers to lose. The position was then given to Saiha, seeing as he was the one who took second in this small competition, he was sent to the temple.

As the Emperor requested the gods to bless Saiha, a gust of wind threw the temple's paper doors open, ripping a few doors in the process, and blowing out the incense. The temple began to smell like an ocean breeze, and a piercing pain went up his right arm. Upon inspection, a black colored serpent had taken its place on his once bare arm. It seem to slither up, splitting into to eight heads while the last head coiled around his shoulder. The priest recognized it as a picture of Yamato-no-Orochi, the eight headed dragon the god Susano'o slew. Along with the brash nature the wind had shown, and the smell of the ocean, it was clear which god had lay claim to him.

With the god's approval of him, he became the next samurai of the Empress.


"...Her wishes are my wishes...Her Desires are my desires...I won't let you harm her... Even if it kills me."

So begins...

Saiha Akashi's Story