Subject 0

Taken at age 10 she became Subject 0 and over her years became the most powerful and feared subject. On the run she tries to over throw the Nightwing.

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a character in “Revolt Nightwing”, as played by WolfRunner


Name: Remi Lila Wildjay
Age/Gender: 21/female
Race: Human/Subject
Sexual Orientation: straight
Height: 5'8"
Appearance: Pictures below :3, tattoo of a zero on left upper arm, other tribal/Celtic tattooing on stomach/back/neck
HC/EC: Faded dark blue/fiery orange (Avatar pic)

  • Superhuman fighting
  • weapon handling
  • change to any animal (but hardly does)
  • combat training of highest level
  • minor healing abilities
  • Istiglal Anti-Material Rifle
  • set of 20 titanium throwing knives
  • 5 .45 Winchester Magnum pistols
  • military grade crossbow
Wears: Below but necklace is dogtags, leather jacket is black, and no sunglasses
Personality: She is fairly kind hearted considering she was made to be a killer and hard ass. She's an excellent fighter and uses it to provide protection and keep herself hidden. Doesn't like being out of the shadows, keeps hidden as much as possible. If you get to know her more than just what rumors the Nightwing have spread or the tale of her past, she may surprise you how friendly she can be. It takes time though for her to trust someone.

She was born the daughter of one of the Nightwing's leaders and his wife. Because of this she grew up knowing the fight and world around them. She was the perfect image of a child of one of the new world leaders: strong and intelligent, willing to follow orders quickly and effectively. She was taught to fight starting young, at only 4. Life was always tough being brought up like that and she honestly started wanting to know what else there was out there. What the people thought. Never had much time for friends and when she turned 10, her father allowed her to be taken for the sake of the experiments the Nightwing wanted to preform. It was successful and she started to change. She dyed her hair dark blue, her eyes had changed to a fiery orange from their normal hazel color, all thanks to the experiment. She was now no longer Remi Wildjay.. she, was Subject 0.
Over 9 years, she was trained and made into the best fighter the Nightwing ever saw. However, over those years she grew to detest her father and those he worked with, what they stood for. She never their secrets and her hatred for them continued to grow as she started working against them. They found out what she was doing and tried eliminating her. Even her own father disowned her. However, she survived all attempts they put on her life and ended up running away. They put a bounty on her head for anyone who was to find and bring her in.
Living for two years after she ran off alone, moving through the ruins to survive... she fights when needed only, staying hidden. She keeps her marking tattoo of her 0 covered with a torn black cloth to hide her identity. For if people did not recognize her for her looks, the tattoo would be a dead give-away. Starting the rebellion group the Day Bringers, she works in secret with them to overthrow the Nightwing, and get back at her father.

So begins...

Subject 0's Story