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Iphigenia D'ivore

"Do not mistake me for someone gentle."

0 · 620 views · located in Baekoth

a character in “Revolution of the Heretical”, as played by That One Guy



Physical Description
The forgotten young royal of Citha is a small young woman, petite and unimposing in stature. But the way she stands and walks can carry a presence that fills the room, she exudes a confident and proud strength that she had to hide before. A slave carrying themselves in such a way would have been punished, put back in their place, but Iphigenia could get away with a little more than your average slave. She plays her cards well, intelligence is evident in the cock of her brow, in the study of her deep green eyes. Her face is one many would consider beautiful, high cheekbones and plump pouting lips grace her royal features. Her hands show evidence of chores she no longer does but has in the past been set to do, cleaning and cooking, mending things, they are not the soft untouched hands of a noble. This she is grateful for, had she grown up in a castle perhaps it would be that she would never know the perspective of a commoner, her hands have worked hard, no one can say she has never known a good day's toil.

"If there is one lesson I have learned more than any other, it is that this world is a cruel and cold one. But it is also beautiful."

Hair:Soft locks of dark brown hair, slightly curled, fall down to the small of her back.
Eyes: Green
Build: Petite
Skin Tone: pale
Height: 157.48 cm (5' 2")
Weight: 119 lbs
Voice: 0:13, singing: X, X
Handed: Right handed
Body Markings: All slaves are branded with their master's brand, she is lucky enough to have ever had only one master, she has seen others with many more brands than she. Her brand is on her upper thigh, she remembers the searing pain of it well.
Scar Tissue: The scar from being branded, and many little scars around her wrist from being chained when she was young.
Unique Body Features: Iphigenia has her father's green eyes. Her features are regal.

Iphigenia D'ivore

Iphi [ee-ph-ee]


Visual Age
Early twenties

Factual Age


Sexual Orientation

Mage Ranking

Those who do not wish her to succeed will call her The Slave Queen, The Heretic Queen, The Whore Queen.
Kinder names will be The Little Queen, The Queen of Freedom, The Princess who will return.


"Hope has two beautiful daughters. Their names are anger and courage; anger at the way things are, and courage to see that they do not remain the way they are."

ImageThe most dangerous thing about Iphigenia is her startling intelligence and great focus to see her goals through. Toiled hard internally and physically she has, all to see herself and those with her to freedom. Where others would shrink against insurmountable odds she has risen and faced it, finding its weakness and conquering it without mercy. There is nothing that can not be done, this she knows, the only thing is if you are willing to pay the price it takes. She knows the price of freedom, and it is high, so high. It has cost her dignity, pride, at times her sense of self, innocence, happiness, pain, blood, and time, so much time. Iphigenia has paid these prices and more, and she does not regret one shred of it. She will use every ounce of intelligence she posses and give her everything to see all slaves free, and to restore Citha and Dorelith to the way it should be.

Let it never be said that Iphigenia does not love, the cold way she tricked Doran would send chills down your spine, but if you looked past the obvious you would see that the motivator for these actions was actually love all along. Iphigenia's deep and unending love for her people, she loves them so wholly and unashamedly, and as they grow in number her heart will only grow bigger. Iphigenia has made a conscious decision to never love any but her people, to love them all and stay unmarried, for she claims she is married to her people and their cause. She will use every trick in the book, every fowl deceit and vicious weapon she can to see them freed. It is not just the slaves she wishes to see free either, it is all those under the lies of Aule, who she knows to be no merciful god. And even if he were to be a god, she would still spit in his face and slay him. It is because of him that this suffering has been had.

Iphigenia is no stranger to hard work, she has tasks just as her those she commands do, polishing armor and sharpening weapons. She seems to work tirelessly, and always smiling, happy and cheerful. With this new found freedom she is in high spirits and full of hope. She stands as a pillar of happy strength for her people, reassuring them when they are feeling sad, helping everyone come to terms with themselves and the hard years they have lived. She encourages them to be angry, and then let that anger go, because it can do nothing but weigh them down. None of her men and herself included are anywhere near inner peace, but they certainly wish to get there. She encourages everyone to lean upon one another and talk with one another. This was met with grumbles at first, and silence, but within a fortnight people did begin to open up.

Iphigenia is not without her own inner struggles, when it gets to be late and she is left to brood alone thoughts of the past haunt her. They've always haunted her. Though lately she has been resting much easier than she used to. Vengeance has seemed to quench her thirst a little. Though constantly she is gripped by the uncertainty in herself, is she doing the right thing? Some would call her actions too risky, unrealistic, yet she can not stand by and do nothing. She knows sooner or later some of her people may die, especially when they face Dorelith itself, she will be forced to fight people she considers her own too. It's a bitter thought. But if nothing else she is always willful and strong enough to do what needs to be done. She is wise enough to listen to the suggestions of her people, a few of them have stepped forward into leadership positions and have given her council at her leave.

Iphigenia is an easy person to get along with, she appreciates the things that make someone unique and treats people with respect, makes them feel important. This is because to her people are important, no matter the birth. She has tread on the thin line between honorable and deed and deceitful trick, and at times has fallen on the other side, but truthfully the majority of her actions and beliefs can be thought of as honorable. She certainly strives to be but worries she is nowhere near the definition of that word. All the things she's done, poisoning people, seducing them, the political parries and sabotages, can someone who has done these things be considered honorable? The answer is irrelevant in the end, she would even sacrifice her honor to see what must be done through.

Moral Alignment
Lawful/Chaotic Good

  • Iphigenia and the maidens in her company have taken to making crowns out of flowers and placing them on each other's heads, even the men's.
  • When hard at work, Iphigenia tends to hum a tune and chew on her bottom lip.
  • When deep in thought she strokes her lips and stares in a direction unoccupied with people.
  • Iphigenia still remembers her etiquette lessons from when she was a little girl and still practices them.

  • As a little girl she feared the Griffon, it is unknown if she would still have that same fear.
  • Failing the people she has freed is a big fear for her, that they should be caught, that all they've fought for should come to nothing. She fears that she may not be good enough to lead them, she fears that every decision she makes might not be the right decision. But the only thing she can do is press forward and hope.
  • Iphigenia dreads to think of what her parents would think of her. Would they approve?

To take back the throne that is her birthright and outlaw slavery in Dorelith. Not just in Dorelith, in Baekoth, which could cause conflict with Taomar but she has an idea on how to convince them that they do not need slavery to generate a good income.

"Courage and Nobility"

The love she bares her people is her great motivator, that and the knowledge that she can not allow Dorelith's borders to expand any further and mar the name of Citha anymore.

  • Forget me nots, and blue flowers in general
  • music
  • dancing
  • reading
  • Pretty dresses, a vanity sure, but what girl doesn't like pretty dresses? She knows that she must find something else to wear.
  • Seeing her people happy and approving
  • When a plan comes together
  • success

  • Failure
  • Slave masters
  • other nobles
  • being looked at like a piece of meat
  • seeing any of her people mistreated
  • The Messiah Queen and her God Aule, and especially the man who put her where Iphigenia should be right now
  • People treating Daemons poorly, she sees no reason for it.
  • Idiots

Iphigenia's intelligence and tactical abilities are quite high, there is no doubt of that, she is a shrewd little thing. Iphigenia also has a very can-do attitude that drives her to try to better herself.

Iphigenia is small and not very strong, she is learning but she knows that she is no warrior yet. She hopes to be a passable fighter soon however, as she does not intend to send her people to fight without their leader riding among them. Iphigenia is also highly inexperienced in many areas. Sure in theory plans of action are easy for her to make, but carrying them out is quite another task. She is new to leadership, and figuring it out as she goes along.

"Waste not want not. This does not just refer to possessions, but with opportunity, always take the opportunity to better yourself no matter how small."

Abilities & Skill & Combat Rating

[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

[Very Poor] Silk and cotton garments do not do much to protect you from a blade or piercing arrow.
[Average]Hand-to-Hand Combat: Iphigenia has had her fair share of having to knock out groping guests and guards. Though to do it without getting in trouble you have to hit them in the gut just so, quickly and stealthily, it helps plenty that they are drunk. You then lower then to a seat and leave quickly, or tell his friends that their friend is too drunk and needs to be taken to bed. Another slave woman taught her how to do this, and it has come in handy. Iphigenia certainly has the gull to take what she's seen the gladiators do and try to implement it, though of course she is unpracticed and unskilled. Her spirit can only account for so much, and against someone who was taught to fight properly her best chance would probably be to deal a dirty blow in their weak spot and run for it. She's not afraid to hit men below the belt. Her biggest problem with fighting is probably that she thinks about it too much, hesitates, is too careful.

[Below Average]Melee Combat: Not many weapons are light enough for her to use effectively, but that wouldn't stop her from trying to pick one up and swing it at your head if you come at her. Thus far she has only used a shot sword effectively.
[???]Ranged Combat: Never has she held a bow.

[Very Poor]Magic Combat: Iphigenia does know some spells, but they are not combatant spells.

[Below Average]Mounted Combat: She's never done it before but riding up to someone and swinging at them with whatever pointy thing you have seems self explanatory. And she is skilled at horseback riding.

Racial Abilities
[Excellent]Adaptability: Iphigenia has long since learned to take what you are given and make something of it, this is an ability many humans seem to have. She will adapt to change as it comes, working out the Imagebest way to carry out her goals in this new environment.

[Excellent]Cunning: Humans are ever so inventive, sticking their noses in places it doesn't belong and demanding knowledge greedily. They are a cunning race, and Iphigenia is especially so.

Natural Talent
[Excellent]Tactician & Strategist: Iphigenia has been playing out her life as a game of chess for the most of it, using her brain to ensure her survival and later her freedom.

[Excellent]Horseback Riding: Iphigenia has always been at home on top of a horse, and they seem to like her quite a bit. Something about her calms even the feisty ones.

[Excellent]Politics: Duran, her former master, used to seek the council of Iphigenia in doing business. It's something she seemed to have been born for, she can easily understand the dynamics of politics within Imagebusiness, and even beyond business. She kept her ear to the ground wherever they went and can judge the state of her people from her position, as sheltered as it is, sorry, was.

Class Skills
[Below Average]Political Power: She may be of the highest birth, but her family was usurped and she was cast into slavery. Her 'claim' to the throne is nothing without people to back it up, both support from other nobles and from the people of Dorelith. She has much work to do.

[Excellent]Charisma: Speaking to people, getting them to believe in you, gaining trust, all things are very important when it comes to politics. Iphigenia makes good on her promises and is sincere, polite and charming, a good conservationist, in short she's very likable. She would have made an excellent Princess to the people of Citha had certain things not come to pass.

[Good]Education: She only had a formal royal education up to age eleven. She picked up Imagewhere she left off herself when she turned sixteen, becoming an autodidact.

[Excellent]Cleaning/Cooking/Mending: A slave girl has many chores to accomplish, Iphigenia always tried to do hers properly and without complaint. Her chores lessened considerably at around age sixteen, which is when Duran made her his official concubine.

[Excellent]Manipulation: To get from chore girl, to official concubine, to free woman, manipulation played a heavy part. Iphigenia spent much time getting to know Duran, what he liked, what his moods meant, how to make him happy, what he was and wasn't good at. Iphigenia got under his skin, knew him inside and out, and by the end of it she found she could not hate him, she even understood him. But it made no difference, she was still the one to deal the deathblow. Iphigenia understands people well, how to find their motivation and get them to act, it is this skill that has helped her convince a good majority of the freed men to join her in her conquest to free more people.

[Below Average]Healing: Assisting Duran's physician brought about the discovery that Iphigenia could heal flesh wounds through her will. It's a low level of magic but magic none the less. Sometimes she can't get them to heal all the way depending on the severity.

[Good]Singing: Duran would ask her to sing for him, her voice is untrained but it is sweet enough. Certainly it did its job to the other serving girls after a hard day's work, they would sing quietly to each other to comfort one another. When she still worked as a servant tending to the Gladiators sometimes the guards would order her to sing while she worked too. Iphigenia is used to singing on command by now, but there was a time when she was shy about her voice.

Weapon Name: none
Weapon Type: Short sword
Material: Low grade steel
Length: 75 cm
Weight: about 1.5 kg
Weapon Description/Info: The short sword is of the variety used by Gladiators in the arena, a dime a dozen. The sword is nothing fancy but it will get the job done, it isn't as durable as a higher grade of weapon might be.

Right now Iphigenia's men are not hurting in the supply area. They have plenty, and if they can intercept other traveling slavers they can raid those supplies as well. What they are lacking a bit is proper clothing however, most of them are dresses in leathers that make it obvious that they are escaped slaves. They must find more inconspicuous clothing.

Iphigenia has various circlets and bracelets, earrings and necklaces. All of which she intends to sell once her group can reach a city.

"When you bleed you reek of iron. When you taste your own blood it tastes as iron. This can only mean that you are forged of iron and that you are strong."


Group Affiliation
The Free Army

Marital Status

Atticus D'ivore - Father - Deceased
Helena D'ivore - Mother - Deceased

Iphigenia stays on the move, they make a camp wherever they sleep for the night.

Social Rank

Leading a Rebellion, raiding the supplies of slavers

Princess Before Dorelith was united under one banner, Citha was a kingdom, not a capitol. Its rulers were the kind and just Atticus and Helena D'ivore, their time of ruling was a prosperous one. Atticus protected the kingdom and Helena ran it. What one lacked the other made up for. They made a formidable pair, and more importantly, the were deeply in love. When Helena became pregnant there was joy, for soon the kingdom would have a prince or princess to adore and be adored by. Iphigenia come into the world, and on her coronation day Citha feasted and entertained, kings, queen, and nobles poured into Citha to greet the new royal. The Celebration was grand, a party to remember for king and commoner alike.

Iphigenia's time with her parents was happy. From the time she was very little she had tutors, the best her parents could get. They taught her etiquette and numbers, reading and writing, horseback riding, history, and all about the world outside of the castle. Iphigenia learned quickly, taking all that was taught to her like a sponge, her parents were proud. She remembers that they loved to show her off to neighboring kingdoms, taking her with them during visits. Her parents made Iphigenia well known to their public, so that Citha would know her well and she could take her duty as a princess without fear or doubt. Iphigenia was always taught that her title was a duty and responsibility, and that she would be expected to be close to the people of Citha, it would be for her to find out what they needed and provide it one day.

The castle does not look as it did back then, back then it was much smaller, more elegant. The most beautiful part of the castle for Iphigenia had to be the gardens, which she enjoyed playing in. She would get lost in the flowers, lost but not afraid. There was only one thing in the castle she was afraid of, the hightowers, where nested the Griffons. She remembers being fascinated with them, but too cowardly to go near. She would watch her mother and father mount these Griffons and fly, envious of their courage. The Griffon was her family sigil, "Courage and Nobility." were her family's words, she felt guilt at not doing them justice.

ImageThere were moments later in life that made her time in Citha seem like some sort of fantastical distant dream. Maybe she has embellished these memories, escaped to them for comfort from time to time. But there is one night that she remembers with absolute clarity, that night she will never forget, the night her world was destroyed.

Child Slave The man who was responsible for all of this she knew well, the right hand of the king and queen who was as welcome to them as family. Iphigenia used to call him uncle, she remembers they even danced at celebrations, he'd stoop low and hold her little hands carefully. He comforted her when she told him her secret that she kept from her parents, that she was afraid of the Griffons. He told her that he too feared them, and that she was smart to be weary. She trusted him, her parents trusted him.

It happened much quicker than you'd think, most of it she was entirely unaware of, fast asleep in her bed. A maid she had never met before shook her awake, frantic and out of breath. The maid was with one of King's guard, Iphigenia couldn't see his face, he was in full armor. She was told her that she was in danger and that they had to run. Iphigenia followed their lead. There was bustling in the castle, the clashing of metal, they hid a few times on their way, the maid covering Iphigenia's mouth so that her whimpers would not be heard. They made it all the way to the courtyard, but were blocked off. The guard fought bravely, but was slain. The violent action before her sent Iphigenia into a shock of sorts, unable to say a word as the maid who had tried to smuggle her out was slain too. Blood splashed onto Iphigenia's nightgown and hair. She was sure she was going to die too. But instead she was picked up by the waist and carried off, loaded into a cart by him. His last words to her she remembers well, "Forget your life here, it was just a dream. I have shown you mercy, but if I ever so much as hear your name again I will have you killed too." Those cold words were delivered without an ounce of feeling in them, not the kind voice he had always had before. Or perhaps she embellishes that too? To this day she does not know why she was allowed to live. She imagines that selling her must have earned him a large sum. She could hear the Griffons scream as the cart moved, or was that her own screaming? They sounded furious. It is said that they flew away from Dorelith after that night, gone as their riders were gone.

The slaver traveled far, they stopped a few times to pick up more people, some were kept in the caged cart with her, others had to walk on foot in chains. Iphigenia did not make a sound the entire trip, unable and refusing to talk to anyone. She stayed in her blood stained nightgown, hair matted by the time they reached their destination, everyone was dirty and unpresentable. They were made to clean and dress themselves, another slave woman helped her with this, the first time she had ever been made to dressed herself. They were kept in some sort of dungeon at night, and sold during the day, Iphigenia was kept all day down in the dungeons however, hidden. Buyers came to look her over and haggle a price, those days were a blur to her, she does not know how long she was down there. Eventually she was sold to a man named Mathus Duran. What had he said when the deal was closed? "You'll be a good investment."

Duran Mathus Duran was in the Gladiator business, he specialized in buying, selling, training, and competing Gladiators, a type of slave that was forced to fight to the death in an arena for the entertainment of people. Iphigenia was to be one of the girls he kept to help maintain the Gladiators and his household. He liked his serving girls to be pretty, so they could be nice things for his guests to look at and touch, if they were important enough. Mercifully Iphigenia was not made to serve these guests. Duran seemed to want to keep her existence a secret, mostly Iphigenia was to tend to the Gladiators. She assisted Duran's physician in tending to their wounds, helped make and serve their food, cleaned their weapons and armor, run errands for the guards. In time Iphigenia became accustomed to the sight of blood and gore. She behaved herself and did as she was told wordlessly, people assumed that she was a mute up until the incident that earned herself her first beating.

There was a Gladiator named Antony who was close to death that Iphigenia and Duran's physician at the time had managed to save and nurse back to health. Being robbed of his death did not sit well with him, and from then on his behavior grew defiant. Antony wanted to escape, it was all he spoke about. He attacked and killed a guard, raving and demanding that he be set free. Antony was to be given lashes until he died, and everyone was to watch. Everyone was always made to watch whenever someone did something deserving of lashes, to see what would await them if they made the same mistake. Duran was not in the habit of killing his property, preferring that they die in the arena with spectators to cheer them to their last breath. But Antony had killed a guard. It was not five lashes in before Iphigenia found herself running forward, throwing herself in front of the whip, yelling at the guard to stop, which he was surprised enough at her actions to do. She begged Duran to have mercy on Antony as loudly as she could, her voice cracking and broken from neglect. Duran looked surprised too, but with a wave of his hand a guard came forward and picked Iphigenia up, she was taken away to be beaten for her insolence. That night was the first night since she had arrived at Duran's mansion Iphigenia did not cry. For the first time since she had been taken the fires of desire for freedom kindled in her. It was as if someone had lifted a veil from her mind, she could think clearly again, feel something. She felt alive, and angry.

The next morning Duran had her brought to his room, he made a big fuss over her bruises and had her eat with him. He did his utmost to explain to her that he was a businessman from humble beginnings and that he couldn't have his Gladiators killing the guards left and right. He was careful not to call them all what they really were, slaves. Iphigenia smiled and said that she understood, she apologized for her insolence earlier. He praised her for her kind heart, but that such kindness need not be wasted on Gladiators.

Iphigenia was fourteen years old now.

Concubine Iphigenia was different from then on, she was awake and aware instead of a shrinking presence. She began to speak again. Duran increased the amount of time he had her around him, and she used that time to her advantage. Iphigenia got to know Duran, she would engage him in interesting conversation, ask him about his day. Iphigenia did not know specifically how she would escape from him, but it was in her best interest to become his favorite, to gain his trust. By the time she was sixteen Iphigenia had her bittersweet victory, ImageDuran asked her to be his concubine. Her success was evident by the fact that he was asking at all, he had yet to touch her, he was asking permission, offering her a more comfortable bed, fine clothes and jewelry. She had taken his heart. Iphigenia accepted, acting the part of a smitten girl thoroughly happy that her affections were returned.

As Duran's concubine the condition of her life was improved, she became a pet rather than a servant. Iphigenia attended parties, sat with him as he watched his Gladiators in the arena, was even allowed to walk about Nydoecia freely. From visiting nobles she acquired information of her old home, the state of Dorelith. She had every opportunity to make an escape. Her freedom was in her grasp, but she could not bring herself to take it. As Iphigenia met her goals she found that simply escaping would not satisfy her. She had grown bold in her thoughts. Her mind had long since turned to greater schemes. The information she acquired about Citha and the rest of Dorelith bothered her greatly. The fact that beings were being put into an arena and made to rip each other apart bothered her greatly. And instead of accepting it as everyone had done she thought that she should change it. Iphigenia began putting plans into action.

Duran stayed in Nydoecia, having no need to move about, he made enough money there that he was comfortable. Iphigenia convinced him that he should take his Gladiators and travel to Taomar, to have them compete. The stakes at Taomar were much higher, he stood to gain much should his Gladiators emerge victorious. Hell the sum of money he would get should they all die was even worth it. At first Duran was unsure, but after she mentioned that it would please her greatly to see such a spectacle, and with a little extra something, he was convinced. They were to leave for Taomar soon. Iphigenia concealed a bottle of highly concentrated poison she had bought from an apothecary. Her plan was to poison the guards when they far enough away from Nydoecia and free the Gladiators, however something else moved her plans up considerably.

A Free Rebel "If I ever so much as hear your name again I will have you killed too." Those words rang in her ears as she saw him from across the room. He was in Nydoecia. Panic set in her heart, had he found her again? Had she been too bold? Iphigenia watched him from a distance and calmed herself, he was probably only in Nydoecia for pleasure, just like all the rest of the nobles that visited the city. But she could not be sure of that, his presence there meant that every moment she spent there was in danger. It would be too easy for him to find out she was here in Nydoecia by casual conversation, someone harmlessly wanting to introduce him to her. She had to act quickly.

That night she waited until Duran was asleep to act, she poisoned four glasses of wine to bring down to the Guards on late night duty down in the dungeons where the Gladiators were kept. She surprised them, they were grateful for the wine and payed her compliments. She stayed and chatted with them until the poison began to take effect, it took a few minutes, she had almost began to think that the apothecary who had sold her the poison had tricked her. But fall dead they did.

Iphigenia picked up one of their swords and dragged the blade across the bars of the cells from one end to another, waking up the Gladiators. "Awaken! There isn't much time. Your chance to take back your freedom is now, at this very moment." Iphigenia now had their undivided attention. "It is the dead of night, I have poisoned the guards and it is a simple matter of pulling this lever right here to free all of you from your cells. But that won't help if we can't get out of Nydoecia, I propose a plan that can get every man and woman out of here if we cooperate and work together. I know that before you were made to fight one another for survival but that is not needed anymore, set aside your differences and pull together. It is only then that we are going to succeed."

Thankfully the group listened, Iphigenia directed them to help her tie up and gag Duran, take out the rest of the guards, grab what valuables and supplies they could from the mansion and load it into the already packed carriages that they would have been using to get to Taomar. They did all of this with surprising skill, swiftly and quietly. By the time they were ready to leave it was dawn. The group made it seem as though they were simply heading to Taomar early, untying Duran only to knock him out and place him at the front with Iphigenia, she fed the guards an explanation that he was greatly hung over and exhausted from last night. Not many in Nydoecia were early risers, the city had roaring late nights often. They made it out of the city with relative ease, shedding their chains when they were far enough.

The only thing left to do was to get rid of Duran. Iphigenia slapped him into consciousness, she wanted him to see her victory over him, she wanted him to see finally that they were not things, they were people. After she told him what she had done, everything she had done, she announced that she was going to kill him. He begged for his life, claiming that he had treated her well, that he loved her and that she was ruining everything they had together. These claims of his were enough to tell her that he would never come to see the error of his ways, never understand just what sort of atrocities he had committed or just how thoroughly she had played him. Iphigenia slit his throat herself.

Afterwards Iphigenia explained that she desired to do more, to free more slaves and build a force big enough to end slavery once and for all. She told them her true identity and that she had a claim to the throne, the possibility of taking the throne was very real. She told them that their lives were their own to do with as they would, that they were free to a share of the supplies and to leave, that no one would judge them poorly for it. But if they wished to stay with her and help accomplish great things she would be grateful, as would the people they would come to free.

Most of the men stayed.


Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Build: Lithe and agile for a horse
Body Markings: a blanket of white with black spots on its hindquarters
Scar Tissue: none




6 yrs


Carrying supplies and being ridden, Brandy is just a regular horse, not even a war horse, just one of the horses that was pulling the cart of the Iphigenia's now dead master.

Looking pretty
Munching on grass and oats
licking people when they get too close
is unafraid and accustomed to loud noises and beasts, well when they are confined to a cage anyway



There is no special story to this horse, it was born, raised, and sold to its master to pull a cart from place to place. Recently it has had a change of owners and is enjoying the more free life of a horse that is not confined to stay in line and pull a cart.

So begins...

Iphigenia D'ivore's Story