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Kaerwyn the White

"Always ask why, always look for an answer, and never say you don't know."

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a character in “Revolution of the Heretical”, originally authored by Talisman, as played by RolePlayGateway




β€œJoy is not found in knowledge, but rather in its search.”
|| Snow ( Hey Oh ) | Red Hot Chili Peppers ||


∞ Description ∞

Daemons are thought to be towering individuals, bristling with muscle with a dark countenance that matches their attitudes. In a single fell swoop, Kaerwyn manages subvert all these expectations and then some. As to be expected of someone with the moniker of Kaerwyn the White, his color palette seems to consist of a singular color, a stark alabaster. From his face, to his eyes, to the color of his skin, to even the color of his horns Kaerwyn is a uniform color, something he's stopped trying to fight and instead embrace. Upon closer inspection, his eyes are actually a stormy grey coloration, with flakes of silver sprinkled in for good measure. Meanwhile, his hair actually has a bloom of color in the form of sky blue tips. Horns part these white-blue strands a twirl in a corkscrew out away from his face, denoted him as firmly Daemon.

In no way whatsoever can Kaerwyn be compared to the greater warriors of his race. He simply doesn't have the fighter's physique. He stands on the shorter end of the Daemon height variance, and muscles are a rare thing found on his body, usually clumped together in tight strands that are built from everyday use. In fact, on average most races tower over poor little Kaerwyn, the halflings being the lone exception. Even in his short height, he's a spindly creature, lacking in the body weight department. He has the appearance that a stiff wind simply could pick him up and send him away-- if a predatory bird doesn't see him first and pluck him off the ground. He has that fragile appearance that makes him look like he's crafted from porcelain and a single misstep would shatter him into a hundred piece. He's androgynous, and it's not uncommon for him to be mistaken for female. He's learned to accept this fact and not hold it against anyone who makes the mistake.

However, for one so short in stature, Kaerwyn walks with a purpose that's honestly surprising to see. There is no hesitance in his step, no loping to his gait, he's utilitarian, and nothing is wasted in his walk. He walks with his back straight-- if it's not weighed down by a pile of tomes and scrolls, mind. There's an air of self-confidence that lingers on his shoulders and a look of pride in his eyes, one that tells that he's comfortable with who he is, what he is. It makes him seem taller than he actually is, a trait he's worked hard to cultivate and hone.

He's unable to really identify his lineage, but he believes that due to his genetics, and the genetics of his parents and sibling, that there may have been a few imps in his family tree. He's unable to be certain, but his tail does lend credence to this fact. Ah, yes. His tail. It's a thin, wiry thing that's a light grey in color. He has control over it, and acts as a third hand when he finds himself in need of it. It's entirely prehensile, though it lacks the strength that's found in his arms. The thing has no muscle and can only really lift small items or wield a quill. When not in use, he keeps it wrapped around his waist like a belt.


∞ Appearance ∞
Hair: Snowy white hair falls down the sides of his horns and down the back of his neck. Highlights of light blue can also be spotted near the tips of his locks.
Facial Hair: None, he has found that he’s incapable of growing facial hair
Eyes: Stormy Gray with flakes of silver
Build: Petite is the kindest word
Skin Tone: Pale Alabaster
Height: 5’ 4”
Weight: 95 lbs.
Voice: A Grand Experiment
Handed: Right
Body Markings: His skin is relatively blemish free, but a single tattoo occupies the entirety of his back.
Unique Body Features: A few that marks him as decidedly and unmistakably daemonic. A pair of ice blue horns spring from his forehead and twirl out to the side of his head. These horns are chipped and even seemed to be cut in places. Another is his tail, a thin, wiry thing that’s also prehensile.

∞ Name ∞
Kaerwyn d’Aurelis

∞ Nickname ∞
Kaer is what his name is usually shortened to, but he has been known to be called Kerry, but don't unless you really know him.

∞ Title ∞
Kaerwyn the White and Lord Kaerwyn d’Aurelis

∞ Race ∞

∞ Visual Age ∞
Early Thirties

∞ Factual Age ∞

∞ Gender ∞
Though initial appearances are deceiving, Kaerwyn is undoubtedly male.

∞ Sexual Orientation ∞

∞ Mage Ranking ∞
Kell, the Seeing

∞ Class ∞

"I am who I always was. A student, a seeker, a scientist."

Of all the daemon's you may have heard about, powerful creatures with only ill-intent in mind, Kaerwyn is perhaps the farthest thing from that stereotype that's physically possibly. It's as if he traded every last ounce of physical strength for the mental. He's an intelligent creature, but that goes without saying. He'd rather face the world with a burgeoning mind over pulsating arms. He believes that strength of arms, while useful from time to time, means little to a healthy mind and an insatiably curiosity. Strength will leave you one day, but the thirst for knowledge lasts forever. And it's that thirst that drives him ever forward.

Kaerwyn's in possession of a regal bearing, bordering on the arrogant. He knows how great his intellect is, and it sometimes leads him to accidentally take on a better-than-you air. He means no offense by it, and if he could he would exercise that part of him. It's just that he's worked so hard to cultivate the knowledge in his head. He's a reserved being, even-tempered to the nth-degree. He's analytical, observant, and most of all curious. While he doesn't usually jump in without at first considering his actions, there are common incidents where pure curiosity takes control and he acts impulsive, usually in his magical experiments.

When he's in one of these fits, he dons a one track mind as hunger sits in his mind. The hunger to make the unknown known, to find an answer to his question, simply finding out what's it do. It's not rare for him to work himself to the point of mental exhaustion, and there have been more than one night where he slept between the pages of an open tome rather than his bed. Only to wake up and pick up right where he left off. Despite what it sounds like, Kaerwyn understands that he has limits, though he enjoys pressing them know what lines to cross and what not to cross. He has a certain amount of self-control when he feels that he's peeking too far behind the curtain.

ImageHe speaks with an intelligent vocabulary, his words expertly picked in order to convey his thoughts efficiently. Every word is enunciated and is clear and concise as he can afford. It's hard to tell when he's excited, because he doesn't outwardly reveal it. In fact, he doesn't actively demonstrate many emotions, but he feels them. However, the one tell he has is how quickly to takes to something. If something interests him, he will stick to it and loath to leave it, whether it be an experiment or a person. He tends to hold on to the things he enjoys with everything he has and then maybe a little bit more.

Despite the snowy exterior, Kaerwyn's not exactly cold personality wise. He loves conversation and getting to know people, though he doesn't tend to express himself very well. Whether it's simple gossip, topics of higher learning, or him simply lending a piece of advice, his voice is not shy. Teaching is something he figures he'd enjoy if he'd ever allow himself to settle down and pass along his knowledge. Still, he's young by his race standards and there's plenty of time yet to pass along everything he knows. Though he's very particular about who he'd teach, they'd need to have a real thirst for knowledge and not be afraid to work as hard as he did to obtain it.

To him, the best thing a person can be is hungry. The hunt for knowledge is something he approves of in people, not the outward appearance of intellect or a learned tongue. It's the search that matters the most, and never the end result. A work-in-progress is always better than what's been completed. This is what he enjoys, someone always seeking to better themselves, or someone unafraid of change-- for the right reasons mind.

Confidence is something that Kaerwyn is not without. He walks with a purpose, and he knows who he is, and what he is-- and there's no use in trying to tell him otherwise. He took a long and arduous journey to get where he is, and it's something he's not ashamed of. The journey has hammered him into a sure individual, as hardship chiseled his perseverance and will out of pure granite. It could be said he was stubborn, but he understands the validity of a touch of flexibility and compromise. He will always relent if he believes the path he's on will lead nowhere. He's not a proud individual-- in a sense. He's proud of himself and who he is, but not so proud as believe he's without reproach. He can take admonishment and critique with grace, and uses it to better himself in the end.

Kaerwyn is a daemon, but it does not define who he is. He's a mage, a scientist, a man with noble bearing and a learned tongue. An individual who built his intellect from the ground up, and is ever in search of the answer to the next question. He is, Kaerwyn the White.

∞ Moral Alignment ∞
Lawful Neutral

∞ Quirks ∞
  • Hoarder || Kaerwyn has a touch of the hoarder mentality. Due to his limited pool of magic as a Kell, he seeks items and objects that would prove to bolster his power. If there's a chance it could prove helpful in his spells or potions, he'll take it home with him. In truth, he's like a walking apothecary.
  • Forward || He's not ashamed to ask for something he wants. Usually tied with the above point, if he sees something that can be used in his magic, he won't hesitate to ask. Whether this be a lock of hair, a vial of blood, or what have you, Kaerwyn is unafraid to ask for it. But! He always asks and never simply takes.
  • Workaholic || If he has too, he will eschew all else to ensure that his work is worked on. He has a nasty habit to work himself to the point of mental exhaustion if he believes the cause is worth it. He's also spent nights sleeping headfirst on a desk right than on a pillow, just to wake up and pick up right where he left off.

∞ Virtue/Creed ∞
"In all things, Knowledge."

∞ Motivation ∞
Knowledge above all else. He wants to learn and he wants to know. He wants to explore the unknown and make it known, he wants to understand the world in which he lives in, and at the very end, he simply wants to sake his personal curiosity.

∞ Fears ∞
  • Losing one of his Senses || The thought of going deaf, blind, or mute is something best avoided. He needs his senses if he wants to learn efficiently. It would also serve to hinder him in experience. He wants to hear the world, see the world, and speak on the world.
  • Disbarred || To be forced to stop his pursuit of knowledge, and make no mistake, he would have to be forced. To be unable to pursue his passion would fill him with dread and would erase all purpose he believes his life holds.

∞ Goal ∞
Kaerwyn is an odd creature in that he doesn't have a goal per se, but rather his goal is the pursuit of a goal. Confused? He believes satisfaction is to be found in the search, and not the destination. His goal is that search, to explore, and to understand with a touch of curiosity.

∞ Likes ∞
  • Science || Of course. The scientific method is a dear friend and there's nothing he enjoys more than being in middle of the process of understanding. Whether it's determining how magical this artifact is, or is that lock a hair a good magical conductor, Kaerwyn wallows in the pool of science.
  • Sharing || The pursuit of knowledge is something that should be shared and not squirreled away selfishly. He enjoys sharing his findings on various topics with others and having them return the favor in kind. A good intelligent discussion is food for the mind. There's no point in it all if you simply don't share what you've found.
  • Knowledge || Knowing is Kaerwyn's favorite pastime. To better understand the world to satiate his ravenous curiosity. He believes that to become a better person, than one must strive for knowledge, to understand and illuminate the mysteries of their life. He also enjoys the company of intelligent people who share the same interest, and loves talking to a wise or wiser individual.

∞ Dislikes ∞

  • Laziness || Sitting around and doing nothing when there's something to be done is simply a waste of everyones time. However there's a line between laziness and just taking a break. Everyone needs a release every now and then, and Kaerwyn understands this. But doing nothing for the sake of not wanting to do anything is one of his pet peeves.
  • Contentment || To be perfectly fine with what the know and to choose to wallow in ignorance is something Kaerwyn cannot stand. Coasting through and simply subsisting on what others tell you is not a way to live, and it displeases him to see it. It's wasted potential in his eyes, potential that could've been great one day. However, he understand that not everyone is cut out for the scholarly pursuits, but a touch of curiosity and hunger is always healthy.

∞ Strengths ∞
Kaerwyn's strength isn't found in his physical aspects, but mental. He's intelligent, and it serves him in many facets of his life. He understands his limits, and thus knows how to push them to bolster his limited magic pool. He's observant, keen, and his intuition is nothing to scoff at. He's a weaver of spells, objects and potions to enhances his own personal store of magic. He always has a number of magical reagents on his person or ways to cast magic on par with a Dur’hest, though not an Azanthiel. It's only due to his study and ability to ferret out ways to bolster his power that this is possible.

∞ Weaknesses ∞
He's weak the in the physical sense of the word. He's about as strong as an ordinary sized human, and even then it's only thanks to his daemonic strength. And though he's averse to say it outright, his size and lack of strength makes him a fragile creature than any sufficiently powerful being could bowl over him. Aside from that, Kaerwyn has a habit of spreading himself too thin, and work himself to mental and sometime even physical exhaustion.

∞ Is your character literate? In what languages? ∞
  • Common || He's able to read and write the Common tongue very well, which shouldn't be a surprise considering his learned nature.
  • Arcane || He can write arcane runes and transcribe them to scrolls to give them power of their own. He's also a practiced chanter of incantations to aid in his spellcrafting.
  • Elvish || A... odd thing for him to know, in all honesty. He's managed to teach it to himself during one of his curious phases, and usually pertains to none of his research. To him, it's really just trivia as he doesn't encounter elves all that often in his day to day.

"The mind, if utilized correctly and effectively, can be a dangerous weapon."


Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

∞ Clothing/Armor ∞

[Below Average] Cloth robes and linen shirts do very little in terms of protection, but then again it was never meant for battle. He'd rather battle at a range with magic or talk someone down if the options available. If all else fails, then there are a couple warding spells he knows to make sure he gets out of a fight alive.

∞ Combativeness ∞

Hand-to-Hand Combat:
[Below Average] Only by virtue of his enhanced daemonic strength is he just not absolutely helpless in a first fight. His strength ranks around that of a well fit human of average size, and his small stature mean's he's quick. He also has the element of surprise in his tail, but there's not much he could do with it but surprise. Honestly, if he has to fight with his bare hands, then he's obviously doing something he's not supposed to.

Melee Combat:
[Poor] Much like hand-to-hand combat, but worse. Kaerwyn does not know to wield a weapon other than a staff or wand and watching him attempt to do so is a lesson in hilarity. At the very least he could bash head with a staff, but he is loath to do so because chances are that the staff is made from some magically charged material, and using it to batter someone may hurt it. His job is to not get close enough to have to resort to weapons.

Ranged Combat:
[Below Average] He fairs better with a bow and arrow than a sword and shield, though not by much. He is not practiced in it's use, but knows which way to point the sharp end, and how to pull a bow string. It will never hit where he wants it to, but it will hit something eventually.

Magic Combat:
[Excellent] It's where he really shines, and sometimes literally. Kaerwyn in an accomplished wizard, even despite his limited magical ability as a Kell. He gets around this by use of items that enhance his ability, and his knowledge of incantations. It's due to this cleverness and will that he's on par with a learned Dur’hest, though it took him far longer to become like that. His skillset is not only limited to spells, but potions and scrolls as well. He's an an alchemist and archivist as well as a mage. He will always be lacking in personal magic, but it's hard work and effort, not talent, that distinguishes him as a mage.

Mounted Combat:
[Above Average] Not combat of lances or swords, but magical mounted combat. His focus is practiced enough that he an cast spells even on horseback, though unfortunately not as well as if he was planted on solid ground. Still, it's not out of the question for him to toss a fireball from a saddle.

∞ Natural Talent ∞
[Excellent] As a Daemon born before the time of Taomar, his youth was difficult but it taught him how to persevere adversity. He's willing to work through near anything to see that his goal is accomplished, a goal that's usually "learn this." As such, Kaerwyn doesn't scare easy, and he won't back away from his work unless he sees that fighting for it will mean nothing.

[Good] A must for mages, and Kaerwyn's past has saw to it that he has solidified and strengthened his will. The simplest way to put it is that he's stubborn, but that just doesn't do it justice. He's not stubborn, he knows when to quit, but if he doesn't wish to then he will not relent. He understands when to cut his losses, but nothing with dissuade him from his chosen path if not presented with reason enough to suggest he quit. Spells will bend to his will, and he will control his power. Power will not control him.

[Below Average] Pah, a five something daemon who might float away in a hard wind is not the world's most physically threatening beings. It's thanks to his daemon blood that his horns don't just snap his neck when he walks. The only reason he take any abuse is because of that blood, and even then it's not the best of buffers. He would not last in a fight, and opts to either avoid them, or be prepared enough to end it quickly with his magic.

∞ Class Skills ∞

[Excellent] Naturally, a mage needs intelligence in order to become an effective mage, and Kaerwyn is an effective mage. 89 years spent in the study of knowledge, of growing his intellect, and practicing his sub-par magic skills has paid off. He's a learned individual and that much is made apparent from the first word that passes through his lips. He's had teachers and many apprenticeships plus all of the learning he's done on his own. Kaerwyn is ever the student, though these days his teacher is the world itself-- and she doesn't let her knowledge go without effort.

[Excellent] A Kell doesn't have an abundance of magic to begin with, yet somehow Kaerwyn makes do with what he's given and has become a fantastic mage in his own right. While he simply doesn't have the resources or natural talent a Dur’hest possesses, and heavens know not an Azanthiel, he works around it through use and understand of various methods. Magic is a blanket term, as he's dabbled in many schools, though he's no master of any. However what he lacks in specialization, he makes up for in flexibility.

[Good] An effect of his will, he's able to focus on a singular thing, for better or for worse. It aids him when he's casting a particularly difficult spell, but hinders him when he should behave like an ordinary being, doing things like eating and sleeping. When he sets his mind to something, he will work it to completion, sometimes even aware as to what's around him. It also aids him in spell weaving, something that require great focus as he works magic through multiple means to amply the effect.

∞ Spells/Powers ∞

Spell Weaving
[Good] A blanket term, as a list and description of all the spells Kaerwyn is able to perform would fill a small book-- books he's probably written himself. The core focus of spell weaving is taking many aspects and methods of magic and weaving them together to create a spell that he himself wouldn't be be able to cast based on his natural reserves of magic and willpower alone. For example, a simple fire spell. By himself, he can conjure a flame large to light a camp fire, perhaps larger if he deemed it necessary. However, he will weave his own natural magic along with a number of other methods to increase and focus the effect. Using a silver wand as a catalyst as he chants an incantation would serve to create something far more dangerous than a mere fire starter.

Potion Making
[Excellent] Kaerwyn began his path of learning first at an apothecary. Potion making was his first real skill, and he's only managed to hone it as years passed. Given the ingredients and tools, he can craft potions with a number effects. Some times, the potions he creates become used in his spell weaving, but often they are used on their own. From rapid healing, to easing fatigue, to creating a substance that explodes in a white cloud of smoke on impact. The potions, like his magic, depend on what he has to work with. The better the ingredients and tools, the better the effect.

[Average] A relatively recent skill that he's been attempting to perfect, the art of transcribing scrolls and imbuing them with a magical property that can be accessed on command. It requires an extensive knowledge of the arcane language, both written and spoken, the correct and magically potent ink and quill, and a specific type of parchment. He's experimenting with what types of ink, quills, and paper mix to produce the most potent spell scroll. The end result is a scroll that contains a power of it's own, enhanced by the mage's own powers and conducted through the means used to write it. It's far from a perfected skill, but with time and patience, anything's possible.


∞ Neck ∞
He wears a silver locket around his neck, usually filled with a reagent that aids him in spells. Normally, it consists of salt and iron shavings, but he's been known to carry other things in them if he believes them to be more potent.

∞ Chest ∞
Despite the time in his youth where he attempted to buck the title "White" he now embraces it with a white cloak. What he wears beneath however varies on the day. His usual attire consists of loose fitting shirts of various colors to that help hide the fact that he's nothing but skin and bones. There's also the matter of the bandoleer he hides beneath the cloak, usually tucking a number of vials away. Vials that contain personally mixed potions or poultices, or just simple reagents. In fact, he's like a walking apothecary.

∞ Back ∞
Beneath the cloak, beneath the clothes lies a tattoo. If the tattoo seems arcane in nature, that's because it is. He believes it helps him to tap into his magical powers easier, and boosts the effects of his power. The tattoo does not make him an archmage by any means, but it helps even if just by a little. Other than that, there's usually a pack of some sort hanging from his back or shoulders, full of-- you guessed it-- magical reagents. However, he does carry around other instruments, such as writing utensials, a few blank schools, and a hardy notebook. Beside all of that, sit a few prepared scrolls, already ready to use.

∞ Hands ∞
Kaerwyn usually keeps his hands bare, save for the instances he needs to use his wand, which he then produces a pair of white gloves and dons them.

∞ Waist ∞
A belt that contains a few packs to store stuff away in, aid in keeping his pants up. His waist is also the default home for his wiry tail.

∞ Legs ∞
Pants, that much like his shirts, depends on what he felt like wearing today. Also notably, his pants lack compartants to squirrel away anything that he might deem magical-- because it'd difficult to transfer materials from one pair to another. The colors vary, but he tries to keep them matched with his shirt-- if not his cloak.

∞ Feet ∞
Supple leather boots that value comfort over defense of any kind. he wants his feet to be comfortable and not jammed in metal contraptions or suffocated by overly elaborate boots. There is simply no sense in it, and he chooses footwear based on feel over use.

∞ Weapon ∞
Weapon Name: N/A
Weapon Type: Wand
Material: Silver
Length: Around a foot
Weight: Near half a pound
Weapon Description/Info: Kaerwyn's silver wand that he had commissioned in Taomar. It is crafted from pure silver so he can not touch it with his bare skin, lest risk tarnishing the metal and devaluing it's use in conducting his magic. Thus he possesses a pair of gloves to avert this. The wand is used as a catalyst to draw upon his magic and amplify their affects. He keeps it within a hidden pocket sewn into his robe.

Weapon Name: N/A
Weapon Type: Staff
Material: Rowan Wood
Length: Five feet
Weight: A couple of pounds
Weapon Description/Info: A lesser seen instrument is his staff constructed from a Rowan branch. The staff bears his blood, in order to amplify its magic conducting properties, and to set it off undoubtedly his. It was also given the trait of making it more effective for him and only him, a happy little accident. However, because of it's unwieldiness, he doesn't carry it with him everywhere he goes as he does his wand. He only breaks it out in times of importance, or when that little bit of extra power is required.

"Life is a journey, and it's up to you to decide how to traverse it. Will you just sit by and allow it to pass? Or will you stand and seize it?"

∞ Group Affiliation ∞
His loyalties lie within a few groups, and it tends to have him spread thin. He's counts himself among Taomar's Nobility, Lord of the Aurelis estate, and he's also an Emissary to the Messiah Queen in hopes of securing the peace treaty between the races.

∞ Marital Status ∞
Single, though his parents are pushing him to find a spouse and settle down.

∞ Relatives ∞
  • Jeneva d’Aurelis || Kaerwyn's mother and the owner of most of his genes. Jeneva is much like her son in appearance, short in stature and stark in color though her horns aren't as large, barely just a pair of spigots sprouting from her forehead. However, she didn't possess an ounce of magical blood. She now resides in her son's estate, proud of what he's become.
  • Darius d’Aurelis || Unlike his firstborn and his wife, Darius is of a much stouter stock and ordinary coloration. However, Kaerwyn can trace his magical lineage through his father, and he's also where he gets his rather large horns from. He'd always had to look up to the man, even presently when Kaerwyn's reached his full height. Darius isn't as comfortable with Kaerwyn's occupation as Jeneva is, but he's accepting and has to admit that his son made a name for himself. He too resides on Aurelis with the rest of his family.
  • Gwyn d’Aurelis || The younger brother, though you wouldn't realize it just by looking at him. He has his father's height and loft.. Gwyn was a mercenary for a time, earning his keep through strength of arms over Kaerwyn's more scholarly pursuits. However, when asked Gwyn laid down the sword and move to Kaerwyn's estate with the rest of his family, where he serves as a steward while little lord of the house is away.

∞ Residence ∞
Aurelis, Taomar: Kaerwyn's own personal estate within Taomar.

∞ Social Rank ∞
Daemon Noble within the Empire of Taomar

∞ Occupation ∞
Lord of Aurelis, Mage in the service of Toamar, and Emissary to Citha and the Messiah Queen.


It was a hard life, filled with difficulties and adversity, and one not uncommon to those born before the founding of Taomar.

Born to a pair of mismatched daemons, Kaerwyn was raised on the outskirts of a human settlement. His parents are something of an odd couple, two completely different individuals who fell in love with the differences of each other. His mother possessed many of the traits Kaerwyn is known for. Short, fragile, and inexplicably white, Jeneva was was her husband's little snow flower, always in need of protecting in his eyes. Meanwhile, Darius was a tall, dark, and handsome creature, with powerful arms that tenderly held his wife, a man who'd needed a guiding light and a soft hand to hold. The two were madly in love, and remain that way even to this day, for the race of daemons is a long lived one, and their love burned yet.

Before long, another was added to their family, and the pitter-patter of little Kaerwyn's feet echoed throughout the hall of their little shack on the outskirts of the human city. Even as a child, Kaerwyn, or Kerry as his mother called him, was an inquisitive little rascal. His first word may have been "Momma" but his first sentence was "What's that?" Still, all of the love in the world couldn't shield them from the hateful words of the humans. They kept their distance from the city proper, only venturing close to trade for essentials. They farmed their food and Darius hunted what they could not grow. It was by no means an easy life, but it was a life, and oddly noble.

The simple life could only hold so much for little Kaerwyn who grew up with an extreme case of curiosity and a driving need to know everything. While his father was thoroughly against it, Kaerwyn's wish to go into the city to learn was supported by his mother. Like all mothers, daemon or not, she believed in wanting her children to follow their dreams. His father, not so much. He was a practical man, and believed his son should learn practical things. But, despite however small, his wife wore the horns in the family and Kaerwyn was allowed to do what he wished with one caveat. Be careful.

And thus began Kaerwyn's daily journeys into the city at large. As expected the humans looked down upon him, both literally and figuratively. Harsh words were thrown his way, threats were made, and more than once he returned home with bruises, tears streaming down his face. But Kaerwyn was not to be dissuaded and after every day his will to learn grew. It was about that time he found his first real teacher. He'd found himself lingering around an apothecary, the owner of which had a difficult time shooing the White Daemon off of his doorstep. It was his persistence that led to Kaerwyn gaining his first job at the shop...

Maybe perhaps job is too optimistic. Kaerwyn did not work for pay, but just for the learning experience, and the potionmaker was far from the kindest man. He simply hired the boy for the need of cheap labor. Daily, he threw insults and demands at Kaerwyn, but he bore it all and did as he was told on the hope that he'd learn in the shop. Before long, insults and taunts began to taper as Kaerwyn's presence became a usual thing. Things were never warm for him, but the experience alone was worth. Soon, his patience and perseverance paid off. The shopkeep was old, and he was only getting older and he needed someone to pass his knowledge down to. Seeing as the shopkeeps only son wanted nothing to do with potions, that left only one suitable person to inherit his knowledge.

It was then like this that Kaerwyn learn the basics of what it was to be a mage. He learned to read and write, to create simple potions and cast low level spells. It was during this time Kaerwyn found out that he was a Kell, and his power would always be minimal. He took this revelation relatively easy, as to him it only meant he had to work all that harder. Soon, the shopkeep passed, and the shop was given to his son who immediately sold it and kicked Kaerwyn out. With a foundation, Kaerwyn felt brave enough to try and gain attendance in the local mage's guild. However, he was daemon, and would not be granted entrance so easily. So he did what he had to. He cut his horns off, filed the nubs down, and donned a hat, as well as keeping his tail wrapped around his waste.

Around this time, the Aurelis's were gifted with another member, Gwyn. He was everything Kaerwyn was not. It was clear from his birth that Gwyn would grow into a strong and powerful man like his father. However, with his parents raising his young brother, he began his attendance in the guild with the appearance of an albino human. Day after day, he attended classes and afterward went home to further file his horns so as to not break the facade. He avoided people and largely kept to his own to avoid raising suspicion. He grew to be intelligent, and the teachers began to notice the young man with the burgeoning intellect. However, it was only to last so long, and eventually it came to light that he was not human, his hat being stolen in the middle of class.

He was forced to leave, and thus he began his travels. By now he was a young adult and his parents could no longer keep him home. He traveled to other cities and visited their mages guild while his brother trained his martial abilities and soon found himself a part of a mercenary band. Though neither were home anymore, constant letters came to their house, and their parents relayed the messages between themselves and their children. At some point, Kaerwyn dropped the facade and began to present himself as he was to mages guild-- not simply a daemon, but a mage, and one who had the drive to become an exceptional one.

Some accepted him, some didn't. He'd found many teachers, some accepting him for his intellect and who he was, some wary or outright dismissive of him, but Kaerwyn always learned. Eventually he caught word of a land being found where all daemons was accepted. By now and adult and accomplished mage, he visited the land and though it was still young he saw it's potential. He pledged his support to the Empire, plying his skills to help her grow. Soon, cities began to sprout from the land, and for his support Kaerwyn was granted nobility, a parcel of land, and slaves to help tend the land. With a home and a steady income, he sent letters to his family requesting they come and live with him. Soon, the Aurelis name became d'Aurelis, naming Kaerwyn's land after his family. He made his brother a steward to look after the place when he was gone and for once they'd have an easy life.

They, for Kaerwyn prided himself on hard work, and he was ever diligent in his pursuit of knowledge. Aurelis grew up around them, becoming a decent sized hamlet in it's own right. Kaerwyn the White earned a reputation for being even tempered and fair, even among the slaves, if a bit more focused on his work over the growth of his land-- but then again that's what Gwyn was for. It was then he'd heard about the Messiah Queen and her mysterious powers. He decided to become an emissary to the human kingdom for a pair of reasons. Him working with the human kingdom would see to it that a peace treaty between the races grew closer to a reality. There is also an ulterior motive to placing himself in Aule's service. He wishes to understand the Messiah Queen's power, how does she wield the power she does, and quite frankly, find out what the Queen is.

For Kaerwyn is nothing if not a creature of curiosity, let's just hope that this curiosity does not turn sour.


So begins...

Kaerwyn the White's Story