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Sebastian Cortier

"If you can't beat them...cheat them!"

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a character in “Revolution of the Heretical”, as played by legacy14


Blue Stahli
"Hold on tight lovelies, the show has just begun!"


Pirates, unclean brutes riddled with lost teeth, scarred appearances, leathery and cracked skin....Ill-tempered and unapproachable knaves the lot of them. And then there's Sebastian. His smile alone could set him apart from the typical swash-buckling infidel people hate and fear across the expanse of the seas. Full of teeth and lacking any speck of disease or decay that would normally be found in the mouth of one of these foul creatures. The fact that his smile is always apparent on his face is another uncommon feat for any Pirate, but one that comes easy to Sebastian.

Above this glittering smile lies two spheres that shimmer just as brightly in the form of human eyes. Pale blue and easily catching any light around him, they hold a sense of power and a higher knowledge than his appearance might otherwise suggest. These brilliant spheres are only shadowed by the close-cropped mop of dark hair that can often be witnessed in a styled fashion, keeping it out of his face and in good order. Sebastian always seems to be well-groomed and his fine clothes in good order.

Facial Hair: Roughly cut, but not enough to cause any remarks of a wonderful beard. More of a shadow of hair if anything.
Eyes: The same pale blue as a quiet ocean as it touches the sandy beach
Build: Average, strewn with a bit of muscle from braving the high seas
Skin Tone: A natural olive, befitting one who makes his living under the sun
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 180 lbs
Voice: Killian Jones
Handed: Predominantly left, due to recent events he's been leaning to the right
Body Markings: The curved hook replacing his left hand screams to be looked at, but other than that, a few scars from skirmishes past.
Scar Tissue: Miscellaneous few across his body

Sebastian William Cortier



Visual Age
Mid to Late twenties

Factual Age


Sexual Orientation

Mage Ranking
Kell, the Seeing

Captain of the 'Deranged Mistress'



ImageRiot. The single word that can accurately describe Sebastian is fitting in nearly everything he does. He is a servant to the spotlight and will draw as much attention to himself as humanly, and inhumanly, possible and at all times. Subtle is not a word that holds any meaning to him as he believes things are meant to be as extravagant as possible and without any regard for the consequences. Whether you find him in the middle of a battle, haggling over prices, or just simply collecting his thoughts, you can expect some sort of show from Sebastian.

Foul-mouthed and blunt are considered a virtue and wagging a finger, a compliment in his eyes. Sebastian is a man who sincerely believes in the fact that unless he has offended someone, he really hasn't tried hard enough. Though some people saw it is in his wicked nature to draw on people's emotions, he simply just finds it amusing to force reactions out of unsuspecting targets.

Magic and Artifacts of the like, however, are the one exception to this rule. His skill in appraisal and history regarding the use and potential of these rare items has demanded a certain degree of respect from him. Magic not only brings about a great fascination and curiosity in Sebastian, but also a certain degree of seriousness that can't be seen anywhere else. Magic always has, and always will bring out an unseen side in all people, and Sebastian is no exception to that fact.

  • Gestures with his hook, even when people are in range to lose an eye
  • Drums his fingers on his face when thinking
  • Random and utterly mistimed bouts of laughter
  • He refuses to wear a hat

Moral Alignment
Chaotic Neutral

"Madness is a Virtue"

  • Losing his other hand
  • Being eternally bored
  • Becoming another's meal...

Freedom: To do as he pleases, when he pleases, and however he pleases is the finest dream he can think of. Not being held down by laws and restrictions while under another's rule.

To free those bound by their chains, visible or otherwise. People oppressed by their own ideals or simply slaves themselves, the chains themselves matter not, as long as they are removed and the victim free to do as they please is the only thing that matters.

  • Magic and Magical Artifacts
  • Alcohol, Especially Rum
  • Knowing things others do not
  • Chaos and Trouble
  • Gold and Silver
  • Music and Song

  • Being tied down
  • Boring Stereotypes
  • Birds, filthy bastards
  • Know-it-Alls
  • The Law in general
  • Honor and Chivalry

Aside from being an outstanding sailor and slightly adept mage, Sebastian has a remarkably high level of intelligence and a wonderfully sequenced approach to things. Insurmountable mountains can easily be climbed when he takes it one step at a time and in good measure. Having long shed the ideas of honor and chivalry, Sebastian is also a fine practitioner of [/i]low blows[/i] and cheap shots, something he is quite proud of.

The loss of his left hand is an obvious stand out, but the mentality of receiving more injury or loss is a constant form of hesitation that has often held him back from larger scores in the past. The unpredictability of his actions sometimes leads others, even those helping further his goal, down a path of minor questioning and major confusion.

Is your character literate? In what languages?
Sebastian is literate in the common tongue in speech, reading, and writing and is versed slightly in the Arcane. Aside from that, he is remarkable at speaking with his hands...or arms...


[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]
Abilities, Skills, and Combat Ratings

|Poor| Due to his occupation, he isn't heavily weighed down by armors and protectorates that would essentially cost him his life at sea. The sea isn't kind on these metals and leathers, rusting and drying them out as it sees fit. Typical flamboyant clothing as well as full-length coats provide all the protection he needs.

Hand-to-Hand Combat:
|Average| You don't survive on the seas, and especially not as a Pirate, without being good with your hands. Sebastian may not be extremely well-versed in the ways of knocking people's teeth out, but he can swing with the best, and a metal hook for a hand seems to swing things in his favor at times like these.

Melee Combat:
|Above Average| Poke them more than they poke you. That's the basic concept of things where Sebastian is concerned. With no extensive training though, he is no master swordsman. The use of his hook throws people off and his relentless urge to annoy and harass can become a force few like to deal with.

Ranged Combat:
|Average| With the use of only one hand, a bow isn't really his forte, but a javelin or throwing axe is a completely different matter. He may not have the capability two use two hands for rapid assault, but one well-aimed throw is more than enough to win the day.

Magic Combat:
|Above Average| While his magic stems from items of focus or trinkets he has plundered along the way, Sebastian is no stranger to basic combat relating and applying to magic. With the use of these trinkets, he is able to stand toe to toe with even some of the more respected mages of his age.

Mounted Combat:
|Poor| There really is no explanation regarding Sebastian's lack of mounted training related to combat. There's hardly any place on a ship for horses...

Natural Talent
  • |Sticky Fingers| A remarkable skill he has honed over the years, Sebastian has a knack for taking things as he pleases, with no care who they may belong to. Be it a piece of fruit in an open market, or an artifact locked away deep inside a castle, nothing is ever outside his reach.
  • |Disassemble| Sebastian has an uncanny ability to tear things down and unravel their secrets. Whether it be physically tearing something apart, unraveling some unseen mystery, or simply figuring out the next course of action in an overwhelming situation, Sebastian is your man.

Class Skills
Dirty Fighting:
|Excellent| Although he is no stranger to which side of a blade is the pointy end, he doesn't care for the traditionally 'honorable' approach to things. Miles out at sea with no one to hear you cry about dishonorable tactics and below the line attacks is just another day at work for Sebastian.

|Good| He may not be the greatest in terms of devising the perfect plans, though he will never admit the fact, Sebastian is notably brilliant when it comes to preparatory thinking. His plans may not always be the most efficient or the most well thought out, but the execution is what counts, right...?

Sea Farer:
|Excellent| More at home on the water than on land, Sebastian is excellent in nearly all seaborne ways. From cartography and navigation to reading the weather and operating a ship, Sebastian is well learned and highly experienced in the task.

The Captain:
|Excellent| An odd ability Sebastian discovered upon obtaining his ship. He is, by far, the most powerful entity aboard his ship. The ship itself becomes almost a living thing near his presence and responds strictly to his will. Rigging can ensnare people at his whim and things as difficult as operation without a crew become entirely possible.

|Above Average| More of an understanding than a usable ability, Sebastian is drawn more to magic and the like objects than he is to anything else. The stronger the magic, the greater the pull. He feels a reasonable closeness with magic that is rare, even for powerful mages. This gives him a greater understanding of the way certain magics work and their applications as well as in control and their use.

Arcane Collector:
|???| Throughout his life, Sebastian has gathered a few Arcane objects that have been put to varying use. Collecting every magical item he can get his hands on has been a constant obsession. Some have been no more than mere trinkets with no obvious effects while others, like his sword and his ship, have been invaluable to both his survival, and want to gather more.



  • A hook where his left hand used to be

Weapon Name: Arcane Cutlass
Weapon Type: Cutlass
Material: ???
Length: 76 cm
Weight: .98 kg
Weapon Description/Info: Although not very mystical or entirely special to look at, this old pirate sword is imbued with a strange magic that is hard to reproduce. The material is foreign, even to someone as well-traveled as Sebastian and has a unique ability to absorb a small portion of magical elements. Whether imbued into the sword directly or absorbed after receiving a strike, the sword shimmers slightly with the taken magics and can release it back with varying effects based on the magic obtained.

Weapon Name: Karma
Weapon Type: Hook
Material: Steel
Length: 16 cm
Weight: .42 kg
Weapon Description/Info: The replacement for Sebastian's left hand, given to him by his freed crew. The wicked thing is more a tool than a feasible weapon, providing more use on the ship than in a fight. Even still, the ability to latch onto an opponent and pull them closer is a bit handy.


Group Affiliation
Captain of the 'Deranged Mistress' Crew

Marital Status
The mere mention of marriage is something that could make Sebastian shudder. His general interest in people in the form of attraction stems from the level of amusement he receives from them and hardly anything else. Needless to say, he has never been married.

  • ??? - Mother - Unknown: His mother left him on the steps of the church. His life hasn't left much longing or need to find her.

Social Rank
Former Sailor/Wanted Criminal

Sebastian is a Pirate and treasure hunter through and through. Raiding, pillaging, and terrorizing those he comes across is his profession and stealing the valuables they try to hide is his pleasure.

Sebastian doesn't know much about his origins or any family he may have a relation with. He was left as a sleeping baby on the steps of a coastal monastery in Western Dorelith. There was no note left, or none that the nuns would mention, and therefore no link to who his family was or where he had come from. The only thing he had been told was that a woman was spotted as she fled the monastery proper early in the morning. His curiosity has never been piqued however, always more interested in the joys of life than tracking down his ancestors.

Growing up in a monastery is as dull of an affair as one might think. In exchange for the roof over his head and the meal in his stomach, Sebastian worked the land and often helped the nuns with various chores as well. Dull and boring work that kept him alive. Through pure curiosity though, Sebastian would steal into the nuns praying chambers and the library to look at the pictures held within the tomes. Being caught on more than one occasion, the nuns scolded him and eventually began to discipline him for acting out. When he persisted further, they decided to begin teaching him how to read and write the words that accompanied the pictures. Being a remarkably quick study was one of the many gifts the nuns discovered about the boy. Verses and scriptures, old prayers, and religious teachings became his foundation for learning.

This learning accelerated rapidly as his skill with the written language progressed. But so did his boredom. After reading all the same articles over and over, he began to find books on his own in the library. The majority of these new finds were the exact tomes the nuns wanted him to stay away from. Chronicles of various evils in the world, heretic works of so-called fiction, and most undesired....magic. Sebastian was drawn to these works and would steal them away to the fisherman and their boats offshore. In exchange for helping them with their daily tasks and hauling in the day's catch, the fisherman allowed him to stow away on their vessels to ponder over the written pages and tomes. Learning the basics of handling small boats and catching fish was the perfect balance of learning and developing the young heathen.

This persisted for a great while as Sebastian began perfecting the science of the sister's routines and being able to thwart their knowing of his actions. That was until he began practicing some basic spells he had read about in his most recent learning trip. The fisherman began to question his suspicious activities, unable to read themselves, his actions were becoming a very uncomfortable thing to be around. They reported him to the nuns who were outraged and disowned the young man. Sebastian was shipped off to a school for naval recruits, one of the few places boys with no future were sent. The dangers of the sea didn't boast a long and healthy life for the boys. Yet Sebastian persisted. He was a natural on the ships and was one of only a few who had any education in reading and writing. He was instructed in the ways of navigation and chart mapping and quickly adapted to the cause.

The military shaped Sebastian into a respectable sailor, but its days were long, and the enjoyment was at an all-time low by time he hit his early twenties. That is, until his crew was tasked with the delivery of a parcel to the Acacian shores. With the maps "Bash" had compiled over the years, it was their crew who stood the best chance at making it. Upon receiving the small package, Sebastian found himself drawn to it, constantly wondering what it could be. Sneaking into the captain's quarters one night, he stole the parcel away and unwrapped it below deck. He was entranced by the shimmering blue gem for what seemed like hours when the captain found him and had him restrained. Thievery was a highly unchivalrous act in the military, and even a small offense such as this was dealt with harshly. Making an example out of Sebastian, the captain ordered his left hand be removed and that he be discharged from the Navy.

The unbearable pain was enough to cause Sebastian to pass out as he was tossed back ashore and later found by a passing slave merchant. Tossed onto a cart and tended for his wounds, Sebastian fell into a feverish fit from infection and wouldn't awaken for a few days. The slave masters payed him no mind, for a dying slave was worth no more than dirt in their eyes. He pulled through with the help of the slaves around him. For their own reasons, they forced him to eat and drink small rations of the, already meager, portions they were given. When he woke, he made it a point to listen to the men around him. Their stories, the lives they once had, but most importantly, what they wanted most. It was a nearly unanimous consensus when a man spoke up of freedom. It is what every slave covets, and what they would pay any cost for. He had the men call him "Bash", his old pet name due to the difficulty his full name caused some of the slaves, as he was slowly nursed back to health and concocted an escape, promising them all their freedom when he was better.

Bash would wait until the entire group was being transported to the shores to be loaded upon a ship for transport to Taomar. The ship was heavily weighed down with the full cargo of slaves, as well as various goods to trade, and only accommodated for a skeleton crew to get the vessel there and back. Using a silver spoon he found as a focus in the absence of one of his hands, Sebastian used one of the old spells he had learned to break the lock binding his chains. Freeing the slaves as quietly as he could, they made their way up to the deck. Most of the slaves had been meant for trade in the fighting pits and were more than a match for the small crew. Giving them their freedom, Sebastian agreed to let any of the former slaves who wished safe passage to disembark at any port they desired. Surprisingly, only a few actually left when the time came. Debts had been repaid on both sides, yet none were ready to give up the other side.

They began to prey on unsuspecting slave vessels and the occasional trade ship as they sailed around their humble craft. Disguised as a slave ship themselves, the fights were almost nonexistent and their crew almost always won in surprise. That is, until they came across a vessel by the name of the Humble Mistress. Aboard this ship was a mage that nearly destroyed Sebastian's crew and ship alike. They were completely outmatched by the vessels harpoons and the onslaught of magic that overtook them. The man was no mere mage, and was more than a match for Sebastian himself. Bash had no choice but to surrender in an effort to save his crew. The mage accepted on the condition that Sebastian be tossed overboard and left to die. Agreeing to the terms, Sebastian was cast into the waters and forgotten. Until his boots silently hit the deck later that night. The hook his crew had anointed him in place of his missing hand had caught on some stray rigging from the earlier fight and Sebastian waited until the cover of darkness to come back on board. The lookout was first to die, silently strangled with a length or rope, and next was a drunk, aboard the deck at the wrong time. As the mage rose at first light, his first sight was of the slaves sitting about the deck, staring intently at his cabin before a sharp pain stabbed through his throat. Bash twisted the hook for good measure to make sure the mage had no strength to conjure up any magic against them before he bled out, cursing Bash and his deranged madness through the blood.

The hull was riddled with tomes, scrolls, magical artifacts, rare trinkets, and a peculiar Ashen box containing, what appeared to be, a miniature water-seeker. A slight power emanated from it at Sebastian's touch and he was enthralled by it for a moment until it appeared to fade into dust before his eyes. The ship rocked violently in that moment and he caught himself against the hull. Something remarkable ran through his body when that happened and he felt directly connected to the ship. He felt a thrill as he turned this way and that, but wasn't until he heard the shouting that he realized the whole ship was moving as if alive. Upon the deck, men were sprawled out, some clutching the rails, others clinging to each other as the ship steadied. A smile split his face as he realized what the sensation had been. With a flick of his hand, the ship responded, and came to life under his will as his crew stared on in awe.


'Deranged Mistress'

Apprehended Escort ship outfitted for Piracy use

It is Unknown when exactly the ship itself was built, but it has been under Sebastian's command for close to four years.

Ballistae flank the sides of the hull in a single row each with a total of six totaling the side-facing mounts and two firing over the bow of the ship. Archer posts line the deck of the ship giving cover as well as sight from incoming fire.

The entirety of the Deranged Mistress is manned either by Sebastian himself, or by the combination of him and a crew of former slaves, freed by his hand. Most of which with various skills, but trained to fight in slaving pits and armed with various weapons and tools. Many of the crew are seasoned brawlers of varying ancestry and a handful are skilled archers, both elven and human.

Unique Features
The Deranged Mistress is outfitted with a unique set of sails that are curved and slightly triangular in shape. The sails catch the wind at an excellent angle and allow for sailing into the wind at angles. The hull is lighter and more maneuverable than typical ships of its class and therefore, is much faster as well.

So begins...

Sebastian Cortier's Story