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Selwyn Terrac

"I was led to believe I had a great destiny. Such lies."

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a character in “Revolution of the Heretical”, as played by Vasilion


Selwyn Terrac
"It’s not my fault! Don’t blame me! Blame the others!"

Is there redemption for something like me?


"Daemon? I’m more of an imp."

Selwyn is an atypical daemon. He is smaller and less muscular than almost all daemons and even most humans. The only thing he shares with them is a freakish appearance. He has a pale blue skin and red eyes that seem to stare straight in your soul. The slave brand on his forehead, a pentagram turned upside down, didn't help his appearance much.
His body is covered in scars, a result of his slavery. A particularly large one runs from his left shoulder to his right thigh. A second one runs across his right eye, leaving him with the sight of only one eye. He has never bothered to hide his scars. While it doesn't add much to his appearance, it doesn't take much away from it either. In the best case it might make enemies overestimate his martial skills.

Hair: Black
Facial Hair: A clean shave keeps the doctor away
Eyes: Red
Build: Slender
Skin Tone: Blue
Height: 5'6
Weight: 150 lbs
Voice: I am not frightened
Handed: Lefthanded
Body Markings: A slave brand shines on his forehead
Scar Tissue: Scars across his chest, legs and arms. A particularly large one runs from his left shoulder to his right thigh. His wrists are covered in scars as well from when he needed his own blood for a spell.
Unique Body Features: Quite small for a daemon. Blind in his right eye.

Selwyn Terrac

‘Runt’, ‘monster’, ‘shame of the family’


Visual Age

Factual Age


Sexual Orientation

Mage Ranking

Witch/Former slave


"During the nights I can hear them. My victims, they surround me, their bones rattling."

Selwyn isn't a sociable person. He has spent most of his life in isolation, surrounded by people who were either distrustful or hated him outright. This has made him reclusive and uneasy when in company. After all the odds of them despising him are pretty large.
He doesn't really mind the solitude; it allows him to hone his mind and remain attentive. Selwyn is a very intelligent daemon. He has always sought knowledge. He might not truly understand human relations but he does understand history and politics. If he were to ever get the opportunity to scheme, he would prove to be a capable schemer.

He isn't bound by any morals or conscience. He has tricked himself into believing he is only a victim of the circumstances. Therefore anything he does is not his fault but the fault of others. This delusional attitude makes him cold and calculated. He uses whatever tools he can find and doesn't shy away from death and destruction. He is never unnecessary cruel though; the end justifies the means but only the useful means.
The only time his conscience seeps through is when he sleeps. Deep inside he realizes his sins are his own. As a result he is constantly plagued by nightmares filled with the skeletons of his victims. He always wakes up bathed in sweat and reacts heavily to bones. The latter is quite unfortunate since he relies on them for his magic.
The only way he manages to keep going and even using bones is his desire for vengeance. It consumes all emotions, fear and remorse.

He isn’t a brave man. Selwyn doesn’t know whether there is an afterlife but just in case there is one he wants to delay it as long as possible. His deeds won’t be well-received by any god or spirit. As a result he tries to stay out of harm’s way.

- Often moistens his lips.
- When not using his hands he is fidgeting with the bone necklace as if to assure they are still there and not strangling him. He hardly dares looking at them but doesn’t dare to leave them unattended.

Moral Alignment

“Any sin can be erased. My sins will be erased through redemption; the sins of others through death.”

Revenge and redemption.

- Death
- Bones

Helping princess Iphigenia reclaim the throne and thus have his vengeance and a shot at redemption.

- Vengeance
- Princess Iphigenia
- Travelling

- Aule
- Sleeping
- His family
- Slavery

Selwyn is ruthless, cunning and backed by evil spirits, making him a formidable spellcaster.
His suffering and dealings with spirits have made him unstable, paranoid and cowardly. His physical prowess is non-existent without any arcane aid and the lack of an eye doesn’t help much either. His fear of bones makes it difficult to truly unleash his power. Apart from that he’s also vulnerable to the traditional defences against witches such as silver.
Is your character literate? In what languages?
Selwyn speaks and writes common; he is also well versed in the arcane language


Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

[Poor] – Selwyn wears fine and beautiful clothes he has stolen from his victims. As far as protection goes, they are worthless.
Hand-to-Hand Combat:
[Very poor] Selwyn has a weak physique and suffers from asthma. Coupled with a lack of training this makes him a feeble opponent. Only through the use of potions can he be dangerous in a fight but even then he needs to show restraint if he doesn’t want to choke.
Melee Combat:
[Poor]He is quite handy with a knife but mostly when using it on corpses. He can kill with it but he’s no great warrior.
Ranged Combat:
[Average]During his years in the wild he has learned to hunt to some extent. His archery skills are decent but nothing more.
Magic Combat:
[Excellent] Ever since his deal with the evil spirit Arhenius his magical powers have increased greatly. He uses it to slay his enemies with ease. The only problem is his source of power. His own blood is only a limited resource and his fear of bones makes him unwilling to resort to it.
Mounted Combat:
[Very poor]Horses are used for travelling and running away.

Racial Abilities
Daemonic strength and physique:
[Very Poor]Most daemons are strong. Selwyn is the exception.

Natural Talent
[Excellent] If anything Selwyn doesn’t know when to give up. Despite all the hardships he has continued fighting simply out of stubbornness.
[Good]: Selwyn used to be a scholar and has always had a sharp mind. His recent slavery has left him out of the loop for some time but now that he is free again he continues his hunt for knowledge. Knowledge is power after all.

Class Skills
Blood magic
[Good] Selwyn is great at harnessing the power gained through the sacrifice or consumption of blood. Unfortunately this only works when he uses his own blood.
Bones magic
[Excellent]: Selwyn can unleash great power through the use and sacrifice of bones. Unfortunately this is hampered by his irrational fear of bones. When he manages to get over it the results are devastating.
Witches’ powers
[Good]Selwyn is well versed in the use of glamour/dread and scrying. His long-sniffing is less effective as he constantly feels threatened. While this is probably true it isn’t very useful to know. His other spells are powerful as well. He can increase his strength but needs to show restraint less he finds himself lying on the ground and gasping desperately for air. He also knows a wide variety of spells to lay waste to his enemies ever since Arhenius revealed many secrets of witchcraft to him.
[Average]: Even before his powers were magnified Selwyn was a capable alchemist. He can create potions that cure wounds, poison enemies or reduce his asthma. His skills aren’t anything spectacular as the evil spirit Arhenius didn’t bother to give him more insight in potion-making. He took more interest in revealing secrets that allowed for more devastating consequences.

Scourging wind
[Good] A personal favourite of Selwyn to torture his enemies. This wind rips the flesh of the bones, leaving them easily accessible to him as a source of power. He can also use this wind to surround himself and protect him from projectiles as they are usually blown away by it.


Fine clothes he has stolen from his victims, riding boots and a green cloak with a hood to hide his face.

Selwyn wants to forget his past, not remember it.

A bone necklace, a mirror and a satchel filled with potions and ingredients.

Weapon Name:/
Weapon Type: Dagger
Material: Iron
Length: 28 cm.
Weight: 0.4kg
Weapon Description/Info: Just a simple dagger Selwyn uses to draw both his own blood and that of others.


Group Affiliation
A former slave seeking to join princess Iphigenia.

Marital Status

Armand Terrac – Father – Alive
Selena Defraine – Mother – Alive
Edwin Terrac – Brother – Alive
Normund Terrac – Brother – Deceased

Social Rank
An escaped slave.

"I wish I could claim my acts were merely misguided…"

The early years
Selwyn was born in a wealthy and powerful family. While not nobility his parents were renowned slavers. Their gladiators had proven themselves time after time in the arena of Ruhar. His father was a mighty warrior himself. He had earned money as a mercenary before becoming a slaver himself and took pride in his strength.

Unfortunately Selwyn was the runt of the litter. Unlike his two older brothers and father he possessed none of the physical prowess so commonly associated with daemons. He was short, slender and fragile. As if fate wanted to add insult to injury he also suffered from asthma.
Despite their major disappointment his parents still tried to provide him with an education that would allow their son to shine. They reasoned that his physical weakness might be compensated for by intellect and perhaps even a magical aptitude. At worst he could still serve as an administrator, though preferably out of sight. They got him a tutor, the daemon scholar Arianna Formortis.
Another advantage of his study was that it would keep him out of sight. In Ruhar strength was valued greatly and his parents profited greatly from their gladiators. A weak runt like Selwyn was an embarrassment. He was tolerated but mostly ignored. Only his other brother Normund seemed willing to acknowledge his existence and accept Selwyn’s shortcomings. He showed his younger and weaker brother kindness, friendship and pity.

Keeping Selwyn out of sight didn’t prove to be much of an issue. Selwyn had an exceptionally sharp mind and gladly delved into a more scholarly pursuit. He learned quickly and sought out more knowledge with an insatiable hunger. Above all he was fascinated by strategy and politics. It was a solitary life but necessarily a bad one. In the libraries it didn’t matter whether he was tall or short, strong or weak. The few times he sought out the company of others he was shunned and mocked. Other daemons questioned his heritage and his parents’ obvious shame didn’t help his reputation much either.
It wasn’t long before Selwyn started dreaming of great power and fame. He doubled his learning efforts and pushed himself to find a way to become powerful himself. Magic soon provided the obvious answer. Then he would be able to punish all those who had mocked him and finally make his parents proud. He isolated himself even more; even shunning his older brother Normund whose pity was starting to become insulting.

His tutor Arianna offered a solution. When she became aware of Selwyn's ruthless ambition she revealed she was a witch, though only one of lesser might. She hoped to gain an ally in Selwyn by teaching him the art of witchcraft. Intimating a male in their arts was unusual but a male apprentice was better than none at all.
Selwyn proved very eager. He quickly discovered that as a Kell he only had limited potential and definitely not the potential he had hoped for. It didn’t help much that Arianna wasn’t nearly as powerful as she had claimed. She herself was little more than a beginner herself. Not only was Selwyn’s magic vile, it was also weak. He had enough power to be technically considered a witch but could hardly do anything with it, especially without further training.
Selwyn was bitter when he discovered this but would not allow his ambitions to be foiled by such a setback. Disgusted as he was by Arianna's weakness, she had taught him the basics. Now all he needed to do was find other witches to learn more. This would grant him power that would make him the match of other daemons in combat. Power that would bring him might, respect and admiration.
His parents didn’t react as he had hoped. Rather than being impressed by his perseverance and magic skill they were appalled. They had never believed their bookish son was involved in such horrors. Apart from the fact that it was an immensely stupid idea it was also a despicable thing. No honourable daemon would ever employ such foul magic. Of course they would have liked their son to become a powerful mage but not a witch. It was because of people like Selwyn that people looked at daemons in such bad light.
For the second time in their life their son proved to be a major disappointment. They wanted to make sure there would be no third time and cast him out; advising Selwyn to die in the arena if he had any honour left in his body. A notion Selwyn rejected. His tutor was less fortunate. Without connections or blood ties to protect her she was at the mercy of Armand Terrac. She died in the arena the next day.

The futile pursuit of power
And so Selwyn was all alone. He set out to explore the world and find allies, perhaps even friends. Things didn’t turn out so well. The next decade he was alone, poor and still no closer to finding true power. The other witches mocked and rejected him if he was lucky. If he was unlucky they sought to kill or sacrifice this male who was a walking insult to their kind.
Selwyn became a killer during these travels. In order to use his meagre abilities he took many a life, their blood the fuel for his magic. He was hunted often; sometimes even merely on account of his appearance.

Selwyn realized the futility of his attempts eventually. Painfully aware there was nothing left for him at his old home he set course for Citha. Maybe his abilities could serve an ambitious noble with little scruples. Having the aid of a weak witch was still better than no aid at all. If anything his potions weren’t too bad.

His timing proved to be unfortunate. That night the royal family was butchered. Selwyn was captured and sold into slavery to a man called Gorin. For years he served as a slave, a part of his master’s freak show. Gorin wasn’t an evil man. Unfortunately the audience of his freak show was. Apparently a lot of people enjoyed throwing stuff at ‘the evil daemon freak’. All slaves were paraded in front of audiences, each unusual and freakish in their own ways, but only Selwyn served as target practice for rocks and other painful objects. Gorin didn’t care much; it made his freak show the more appealing.

These years nearly broke Selwyn. Even the others freaks shunned him. He himself was resigned; his hunt for power had finally ended. Despite all his searching he was now a slave and still too weak to take care of himself. For years he endured his torture. One day however he snapped. As usual the audience started to hurl rocks at him when he was paraded in front of them; unleashing all their irrational hatred for daemons. That day there were some particularly vicious humans among the crowd and one of them hurled a glass pitcher at him. It hit his head and shattered, the glass piercing and blinding his right eye.

The price of power
That night he did something he had even considered foolish during his search for power. He made a deal with a powerful and evil spirit, Arhenius. Using both his own blood and that of two fellow slaves he summoned the spirit. Selwyn started to bargain and plead. He offered all he had for greater power. Arhenius heard him, mocked him but eventually made an offer. Selwyn was to be granted great power and intimated in many secrets, making him the equivalent of a powerful female witch.

The spirit made several demands though. From now on Selwyn could only use two sources for his magic. His own blood and the bones of others; Arhenius was all too aware of Selwyn’s fear of bones and skeletons. His second demand was that Selwyn saw the only man who had ever shown him kindness, his brother Normund, dead. Selwyn gladly accepted, eager to win his freedom and might. That night he unleashed his powers, killing his master and all others in the house. He didn’t shy away from bloodshed and cruelty. Then he set out to find his brother.

Selwyn spent the next year in a haze, driven by the desire to find his brother. He eventually found him and killed him. Only then he realised what he had done. In exchange for power he had sold what little of his soul that still remained. He had truly become a monster.
He managed to delude himself and shifted the blame to others. After all, he had never really been given a choice. His birth had forced him to find power another way. His parents had denied him that opportunity, as had other witches. Then the messiah queen had started a revolution, leading to his slavery. No one could reasonably be expected to remain a slave. Making the deal had been the only way to escape.
The power itself however was disappointing. Not in scope, he was truly a formidable witch now. It simply wasn’t as fun as he had expected. He felt quite hollow.

Hoping for redemption
This left him with only one option; punish those who had forced him to become this monster. His family and their neglect, the messiah queen and her foolish god Aule who condemned him to slavery. For a while he travelled the land, looking for an opportunity to cause havoc, unsure whether to after his family or the messiah queen first. It was then that fate smiled upon him.

As he was hiding near Silibard forest he spotted a ragged band of slaves led by a beautiful woman. Selwyn's curiosity was piqued. He spied on them through his mirror and soon discovered the woman was princess Iphigenia. As he continued watching her and her band he realised she had goals similar to his, only her motives were different, more noble. Joining forces with her would offer him the best opportunity to have is revenge and perhaps even do some good along the way. Deep inside Selwyn still hoped for redemption. His powers might be vile, his sacrifices even worse but if he were to use his power for good, would that not erase his sins?

So begins...

Selwyn Terrac's Story