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Talia Tane

"Patience is power. Patience is not an absence of action; rather it is "timing" it waits on the right time to act, for the right reasons and in the right way."

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a character in “Revolution of the Heretical”, originally authored by Solo Wing Pixy, as played by RolePlayGateway


Talia Tane
"Laws apply to lesser men."
β”‚Lord of Woeβ”‚Loch Lomondβ”‚



Armed with a face that both enchants and ensnares, Talia is the picture of traditional beauty. Her warm, inviting smile and soft features belie her cold ambition and ruthless attitude. Her gaze is calm, collected, and calculating, perhaps the only thing about her appearance that doesn't perfectly conceal her true self, the one chink in her armor of rosy cheeks and charming innocence. Standing at only 5'3" and weighing in at just under 115lbs, Talia hardly looks like a criminal mastermind, let alone someone who calls themselves the "Lord of Woe." Her skin is fair and nearly flawless, barring a few scars acquired in childhood. Her naturally blonde hair is soft and smells faintly of flowers, and her dainty eyes are a pale blue, like ice over a river.

The pleasant exterior is a facade, however, and exists only to make her appear normal to others. In private, or when dealing with her more insalubrious acquaintances, she exudes an aura of chilly confidence and abandons all pretenses of innocence and kindness. She rarely smiles, and when she does it doesn't feel warm and inviting, but rather malicious and deadly. Her voice loses it's soft, youthful grace and picks up a more serious, direct, and sharp tinge. Despite her size, this demeanor can be quite frightening, especially so if you kno who you're dealing with.

Hair: Naturally blonde and shoulder length. Often dyed and worn in different styles.
Eyes: Grey with an icy blue tint.
Build: Slim, petite, lean.
Skin Tone: Fair.
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 114lbs
Voice: Youthful, soft, accented.
Handed: Ambidextrous
Body Markings: "Annabelle" seared onto the top of her left breast, above her heart.
Scar Tissue: Some minor scars here and there. Nothing out of the ordinary.
Unique Body Features: N/A

Talia Tane

Tali(only her parents ever called her this)
The Lord of Woe(alias)

Lady Talia Tane of Noble house Tane, Comtesse of Red Harbor.


Visual Age

Factual Age


Sexual Orientation

Mage Ranking





To many, Talia is kind-hearted, honest, pure, and in general a good Comtesse. The common folk generally look up to her and praise her generosity, and the nobility look upon her favorably, although they also think she is naive. She maintains a friendly attitude, and constantly expresses her good will to others. She is known throughout the nobility as a voice of reason, restraint, and fairness. She is known to be a woman of good faith and character, and very rarely does anyone have anything negative to say about her.
Like her appearance, her outward attitude is also a ruse, a trick to hide her true nature and to garner popular support among the nobility and peasantry. In truth, Talia is ruthless, conniving, manipulative, and sometimes even cruel. She cares little, if at all, how her actions affect others beyond how their opinion of her would change. She murdered both her parents and her brother to take control of her family's power and influence, and felt no remorse.

Her decisions are fueled by nothing but cold, hard math; What path leads to the greatest benefits and smallest consequences. She views relationships as inherently worthless, save for their ability to camouflage her, and she feels no kinship with anyone. Love is foreign to her, and she fails to see why people so often yearn for connection to others. She feels connection and attachment to others breeds weakness, that love will make you do things you otherwise would never do. Therefor, in her eyes, love makes the smart man a fool. She does, however, understand the need for physical connection, and though she hides her sexuality from the public and the other nobility, there is some suspicion. A servant girl that no one has seen before spending a little too much time cleaning Talia's chambers, or a songstress from Nydoecia that smiles a little too lustily at her. Talia is engaged to a Cithan noble, but thrice now has their marriage has been delayed.

Talia has a habit of constantly pushing her hair back behind her ear, only to have it fall back in her face. It is because of this that she tends to wear it tied back if she has anything important to do. She also has a tendency to bite her lip when she feels like she's cornering someone.

Moral Alignment
Neutral Evil

"Intelligence without ambition is like a bird without wings."

Power, control and influence.

    Talia fears one thing, and one thing only: Failure. The thought of never achieving her dream haunts her everyday, which is partly why she takes so many precautions to ensure both her safety and her success.

Complete control over the kingdom.

  • Power
  • Control
  • Winning(in any contest)
  • Archery
  • Learning new things.

  • Failures
  • The kind-hearted
  • Aule/Messiah Queen
  • Inquisitors
  • Most other people
  • Disrespect

  • Intelligence
  • Wealth and Influence
  • Political power
  • Ambition

  • Pride
  • Physical ability
  • Arrogance
  • Apathy
  • Notable public figure
Is your character literate? In what languages?
Fluent in Common, Elven, and Orcish


Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

[Average] - Most often wears silks and cloth and fine clothes. Also possesses an expensive suit or light ceremonial armor.

Hand-to-Hand Combat:
[Good] - Talia taught herself hand-to-hand combat and privately hired a tutor, but her size limits her ability.
Melee Combat:
[Below Average] - As a noble, she was tutored in swordplay, but she never really took to it.
Ranged Combat:
[Excellent] - Talia mastered archery as a child. She is an excellent shot, and rarely misses her mark.
Magic Combat:
[Very Poor] - Talia has the ability to learn some magic, but she never did. Being a mage would draw unnecessary attention.
Mounted Combat:
[Average] - Talia can ride a horse, and her aim is still good atop one, but she'd rather be on foot.

Racial Abilities
[Perfect] - Talia is a brilliant manipulator and a master at deception. Her quick wit and razor sharp mind make her a frightening opponent in an intellectual battle.

[Excellent] - Making connections and forging alliances is extremely important for someone in her position, and she does so very well. One can never have too many friends.

Natural Talent
[Excellent] - Talia can craft a sentence in the way a master smith forges a sword or an archmage weaves a spell. Her way with words is practically legendary.

[Excellent] - Nothing Talia does is ever done without first carefully planning and accounting for every outcome. Talia can outmaneuver the best minds in Baekoth, and if she weren't pre-occupied with running a criminal empire and becoming queen, she might have become a military strategist. She's never been bested at Chess.

[Excellent] - Talia's poker face is one of mythical caliber. Very few in the public eye ever even notice that she's not just a sweet, kind noble. Most nobles make the fatal mistake of writing her off as unimportant.

Class Skills
Political Power:
[Good] - Talia is nobility, but she's realistically far from the throne. She commands the city guard of Red Harbor, a small fleet, and a few contingents of soldiers, but nothing resembling a real army. She has a decent political pull but she's a minor player in the public eye, and she likes it that way.

Criminal Power:
[Excellent] - Talia's true power lies in the underworld. Thieves, mercenaries, spies, and assassins all over Baekoth answer to her in some way or another, and there's almost no one she can't reach if she needs to. She even has a few pirates in her pocket. In these circles, she's known as the Lord of Woe, and she very rarely interacts directly with her underlings.

[Excellent] - As a noble, Talia is well educated. Coupled with her already impressive intelligence, she is no intellectual pushover.
Talia typically dresses comfortably or in formal wear, depending on the company. She also has a ceremonial suit of armor for certain occasions that is functional, but a little too heavy for her tastes. On the rare occasions she has to get her hands dirty, Taly dresses appropriately; simple leather tunics that allow for freedom of movement and minimize restrictions.

Locked steel chest with the following:
  • Her father's gold and pearl amulet. Specks of dry blood linger on the surface.
  • Her mother's Pearl earrings.
  • Her brother's ceremonial sword.
  • A small carved wooden fish. On one side, the name Annabelle is written. It is stained with blood.

Talia has a large collection of jewels and baubles. She is a noble, after all.

Weapon Name: Arrabelle
Weapon Type: Longbow
Material: Osage
Ammo: Steel Tipped Arrows
Length: 56 Inches
Weight: 1.2 kg
Weapon Description/Info:
Ornate, hand crafted longbow. "Annabelle" is carved into the side. Mostly sits in a case.

Weapon Name: N/A
Weapon Type: Dagger
Material: Tempered Steel
Length: 13 inches
Weight: 0.8kg
Weapon Description/Info:
Finely crafted steel dagger. Talia wears it strapped to her right thigh and hidden almost all the time.


Group Affiliation
Dorelith Nobility
The Free Army (as a supplier)

Marital Status
Engaged, only as a cover.

Mother - Annessy Tane - Deceased - Poisoned(disguised as disease)
Father - Malcolm Tane - Deceased - Murdered(disguised as bandit attack)
Elder Brother - Jace Tane - Deceased - Murdered(disguised as bandit attack)
Younger Sister - Olivia Tane - Alive - 19 - Living in Red Harbor
FiancΓ© - Sir Anders Kensington - 32 - Alive. Knight in service to the Messiah Queen

Manor in Red Harbor

Social Rank

Comtesse of Red Harbor
Secretly a rebel supplier and crime lord.

The first time Talia Tane improved her lot in life, she was just a child of 15, and she had nothing to do with it. Her mother and father were devout followers of Aule in the early days, and though they were commoners, they were wealthy, and that made them valuable to the Messiah. Talia remembers little from those days, as many of them were spent on the road, following the Messiah wherever she went to witness her miracles. Talia couldn't care less about her or her god, but her parents were a different story. They devoted their lives to Aule, and so to avoid being singled out, Talia learned fast to run through the motions, even if she didn't believe.

By the time she was 15, the faithful had swelled in number to the thousands. Believers clashed with unbelievers all across Dorelith, and Talia's parents were in the thick of it. Talia remembers the Riot of Red Harbor well. She watched it from a distance, left with her brother to take care of their younger sister. Her father's wealth was largely responsible for supplying the Messiah's army with supplies and equipment, and so when she settled into her new seat of power, the Messiah Queen raised the Tane's to nobility, and granted them lands and titles as the lords of Red Harbor.

Although she didn't care for the Messiah Queen, Talia learned a valuable lesson from her: If you want something, take it. But simply grabbing and running would not suffice. Using force or intimidation to steal made one a brigand, and Talia was above such petty things as pick pocketing and mugging. Besides, she already had wealth and nobility, why bother with things that could be bought? Instead, Talia opted to take what could not; power, influence, favor. She started small, a favor from a servant here, a debt from a cook there, and worked her way up. By 18, Talia ran three street gangs from the comfort of her bed chambers, and none of them even truly realized it. Talia, on the other hand, realized that now that she had power, she had more freedom than before, and the thought excited her. Soon, managing street crime became boring. Taking someone's possessions was child's play. Talia wanted to take someone's life.

She chose her victim carefully, meticulously ensuring that the girl was perfect. Annabelle was her name, and she was the daughter of a wealthy fish merchant. Talia had seen her with the other wealthy children, and her family occasionally dined with Talia's, however, Talia wasn't in the business of making friends, so the most the two had ever interacted was a few words. She was a year younger than Talia, with long black hair and eyes the color of chestnuts. Talia pulled some strings and got her hired as a handmaiden. In less than a week, the two girls were best friends.

The murder itself was crude, violent, and utterly unprepared. Talia shook Annabelle awake in the middle of the night and pressed a knife against her throat. Warning her not to scream, she ordered her into the courtyard. Annabelle pleaded and asked why, and in truth, Talia could not answer. She later told herself that it was a learning experience. After a few moments, Talia shoved Annabelle to the ground, jumped on her, and started stabbing. She covered her mouth to muffle the screams, and repeated plunged the blade into the girl's chest and stomach. The amount of blood surprised her, but did not deter. She doesn't remember the exact moment Annabelle stopped moving, but the next moment is seared into her mind forever. She looked up from the corpse to see her sister, Olivia, staring at her, too horrified to do anything at all. Talia was on her in an instant, pushing her against a wall and growling into her ear.
"You didn't see a thing. Not one thing. If you so much as think about telling anyone about this, you're dead."

Olivia got the message. For weeks Talia worried that despite her warning, Olivia would tell their parents what she saw. She thought about killing her sister, just to make sure, but as the days kept rolling by and their parent's continued to believe the lie that Talia told them, that she found Annabelle dead and caught a glimpse of one of the servants running away, she was relieved. She'd gotten away with murder, and though it wasn't perfect, the feeling of taking a life was far more satisfying than taking a necklace or a ring.

By the time she was 20, Talia was somewhat of a criminal legend in Red Harbor. All of the gangs reported to her, and no one suspected that the Lord of Red Harbor's daughter was a criminal mastermind and a murderer. There were, however, too many eyes on her, and not enough leverage in her position. She was second behind her brother to succeed her parents, and they were still young and healthy, which is why her mother's illness, so sudden and so severe, was such a surprise to all. Then, tragedy struck young Talia again when both her father and her brother, and three of their guards were killed twenty paces from their home by an unusually aggressive street gang. Suddenly, Talia was the Comtess of Red Harbor, and nobody except for Olivia suspected a thing.

The years rolled on and Talia forged a reputation for herself among the nobility of Dorelith as a benevolent Comtess and a kind young woman to whom terrible things had happened. Among the citizenry of Red Harbor, Talia was adored. There was no hunger, and even the poor had homes. In just nine years, Talia turned Red Harbor from a seedy port to a thriving trading hub. In the shadows, she continued to build her criminal empire, taking on the alias, "The Lord of Woe", she expanded her reach all across Baekoth. Gangs, bandits, assassins, and even some pirates reported in some way or another to her, and nothing big goes on in the underworld without her hearing about it. Through these illegal endeavors, her wealth had grown exponentially, making her one of the wealthiest people in Baekoth. Everyone loved her. Everyone, except Olivia.

Talia could have just killed her, but she couldn't risk it, at least not yet. Besides, robbing Olivia of her life by never allowing her to leave the Manor provided a some pleasure itself. Talia controlled her, prevents her from living in any real sense of the word, even gets her to play the happy little sister whenever guests are had. Talia sees this as true power, the epitome of what it means to rule, to dominate completely. Nothing could please her more than making everyone like her sister, and it is with that thought in mind that she endeavored to take the throne for herself. The first step, is ensuring a rebel victory.

So begins...

Talia Tane's Story