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The High Inquisitor

"Thou shalt not deny the will of Aule, and I move in His name, and His Messiah's."

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a character in “Revolution of the Heretical”, as played by Imperial Waltz


Gabriel Ramháil
"Arrogance is to believe one is incapable of failure. The delusion that within the pages of destiny our success is written. To think this will bring your own end, for the sands of time have shown over and again: even Gods have fallen."


"It is a common belief among the masses that the mind outstrips the body or vise versa. One or the other, people seem to disregard. This is a mistake. The mind directs the body, but without the body the mind is nothing. Synergy."

Gabriel is a man of distinction, of refined tastes and appearance. When he enters a room, he becomes the center of attention just by his presence. He seems to carry a powerful air wherever he walks, inspiring both calm and apprehension. His welcoming smile and fatherly benevolence make it hard to guess he is an Inquisitor; the Inquisitor. For those who can tell, its comes across as unnatural, yet reassuring to those comfortable in the faith of Aule. For what about him could possibly be so menacing? The soft geniality in his voice? Or the aged sparkle in his soft blue eyes? Any who would think monsters of the Inquisitorial body would be, for even but a moment, disarmed by Gabriel's bonhomie. Perhaps even something as simple as him having only one arm. Certainly this man is not a villain, who acts so kindly and with such easy tranquility. He feels far more a man of peace than one of the cloth who sets alight the heretical who defy his Queen.

His height, for a human, catches some off guard or sets them on edge. He looms above the general rabble, looking down at them, any superiority aptly concealed behind the subtle mirth in his gaze. He is a healthy man, and does his best to remain in shape. This is managed with fair success, however he is not the strongest of men. He dresses in the colors of his office, rich lengths of crimson to form the base of his attire. Then comes accents of black to break the uniformity, adding depth to the palette. Finally, whorls and fringes of marvelous gold standing out amidst it all, but covering the least space of the three. It marks him as one aside from the rest, to be seen in a different - even higher - light than the lower orders of the ranks.

Gabriel walks with all the fluidity of a fish in the water; smooth and precise. He knows his path and he takes it at his own pace, those around him conforming to his speed and where he goes. Nothing is ever unplanned, not a single movement out of place. If losing half of his right arm has unbalanced him, then he does not show it in the slightest. His passive observation of his environment is not invasive nor overtly obvious. He absorbs what he sees, looking quickly then moving on. One would be pressed to even call it observation, he analyzes so casually. Control. Through-and-through, Gabriel is control.

Hair: Long, straight and usually slicked back. A soft brown in color, but heavily interspersed with silvery strands as a mark of his age.
Facial Hair: A thick, but tidily maintained beard.
Eyes: Pale blue, evocative of the sky before a light rainfall.
Build: Above average. While Gabriel is more or less in shape, he will most certainly not be winning any contests of strength.
Skin Tone: Lighter skinned, neither tan nor truly pale.
Height: 6'4''
Weight: 185 lbs
Voice: Best described as calm and friendly, but with an air of authority and a lilting accent.
Handed: Left
Body Markings: Nothing distinguishing.
Scar Tissue: Ragged cicatrix scrawled up the stump of his right arm.
Unique Body Features: His right arm ends abruptly at the elbow.


My Lord, Your Grace, Your Excellency, Your Immanence, etc. These might as well be his actual name for how few call him by name. Though, of all the epithets given to him "Left Hand of the Queen" is the only one of real value.

High Lord of the Inquisitorial Order(or High Inquisitor for short), Arch Priest of the Church of Aule, the Lord Commander of the Knights Extarus.


Visual Age

Factual Age


Sexual Orientation

Mage Ranking
Noram, the Mundane


"Lives across all that is known suffer, feel joy, sorrow, love, pain. It is not my desire to change their way of life for better or worse. I care not. I simply seek for things to change, that is all."

Gabriel does not see the world in quite the same way that others do. Other people set goals for themselves, reasons to keep going and things to move toward. He, on the opposite hand, merely does. He has no end game, no grand plan that will come to fruition. He weaves lines, moving people to and fro to do this and that. Cogs in wheels and wheels in machines, all twisting and turning as he sees fit. To make the pot sweeter, yet? He cares not what comes of them. He knows full well that not every plan of his will work, and does not mind. People find this difficult to comprehend, that a man would put plans into effect without really feeling anything if they halt for one reason or another. To see their work undone and shattered all to bits. So, why? That is more easily explained, perhaps. Gabriel feels that the world must never cease. No one thing should ever remain how it is too long. The world has to change, and so he seeks to change it. Nothing must ever be quiet, nor going precisely how others wish. So he sets the wheels a-turning. He lays them carefully, working the foundation smoothly as he can and taking great care in their management. He weighs people, places, and assorted other things for how they might factor in. There is not one moment where he is not thinking. All just so that there might be constant motion.

He is a sociopath, and admittedly a narcissistic one. He holds himself in higher regard than those around him, yet understands his limitations. He will not cross into a territory where he is at a disadvantage. He is cruel beyond measure, and enjoys this fact. Cruelty is a part of life, after all. A tool to be used, too. Simultaneously, he is more than capable of acts of kindness. He can, and has, shown mercy when the need arises to be merciful. These moments can even be enjoyed, pleasure taken from his charity. Again, as with all things, it is merely a tool. Irony, it should be said, is something he likes very much, indeed.

Morality he understands, but is not affected by. Why should it? They are purely concepts, after all. Recommendations. Some take them too seriously, and he makes use of this. He wields his understanding, and his patience, to acquire what he desires. So he is apathetic. A creature who cares little, if not nothing, about most things in life. His mind is wintry cold, a thing of callous logic and irregular desires. He has practiced his art for quite some time, and has honed it well. He may be of meager use with a sword, yes, but he has many others of higher calibre with a blade all ready to lay their lives down for him. His mind has won him this power, this place. Is it not, then, more powerful than the sword?

  • At times, while standing idly, Gabriel will cross his left arm over his back and take hold of his right arm. Remnant of an old habit.
  • When he is sitting, and alone, he might begin to observe his hand: flexing and turning it while lost in thought.
Moral Alignment
  • Neutral Evil Gabriel rests in an interim, having many of the dispositions of one who abides laws and rules, yet for him these are as easily broken as they are upheld. A leader to whom Gabriel has laid his fealty can be toppled as naturally as defended. So, in truth, Gabriel is neutral.
"If you have the means with which something might be accomplished, utilize that. If you do not, then rectify that."

  • To keep the world turning. It is not his desire to fuel the clockwork nature of the world. He doesn't care about Queen and country, he knows all things come and go, even gods. To never let things be stagnant. Not chaos, no: motion.
Gabriel, as odd as it sounds, possesses no fear. Oh, he knows full well what fear is, but it's alien to him to conceptualize specific fears. Fear is a tool to keep you alive, the fact that people can fear things like concepts or eventuality is strange to him.

Goal? And why should one have to possess a goal? Some specific end to aim for, or reason to go on? He holds the power to do many things: great, terrible and wonderful things! Thus, he will do them. What need more is there?

  • Knowledge All kinds, from the practical to the conceptual to the fantastic. He consumes it. Somewhat in contrast: fiction. He especially enjoys historical fiction.
  • Horses Specifically pegasi.
  • Peaches They are really quite refreshing.
  • Manipulation Not everyone needs to realize they are doing just as you wish, do they?
  • Irony The world is full of ironies, fate practically demands it. It's fun to observe.
  • Torture Torture means he has failed to manipulate someone. That irks him. He refuses to touch a torture device, thinking it is simply beneath him. He opts to delegate such matters to others if it just can not be avoided. That said, he has no qualms against torture and views it as a tool like any other thing. You will not be seeing him take part, is all.
His mind and his word. The enormity and capacity of his intellect, together with the speed and cunning in which he uses it, is terrifying to friend and foe. That is not merely metaphorical, but has, at times, been literal. Gabriel would like to believe that he has made the act of manipulation and bodily control into an art. It is his patience, however, that truly makes him dangerous.

  • Non-Combatant Gabriel is by no means a fighter. He is not weak, but is impaired, nor was he ever inclined to take up a sword if it could be helped. That said, he is not awful with a sword by any means, but a trained fighter could easily best him. This extends, as well, to his lack of magical expertise. It should be mentioned that, these days, he does not need to fight. He has others who will fight for him.
Is your character literate? In what languages?
Gabriel is fluent in common and Elvish, and well versed in Arcane. To some degree, he knows every major language.

"Is it not amusing that we put such worth in material things? That a man will be judged not on the strength of his arm or the sharpness of his mind, but on the clothing he wears? Or the items he owns? We are strange creatures, I think."

A hood of deep red covers his head, shielding his eyes and casting deep shadows across his face. The trim is gilt.


First is a white shirt, long sleeved and with simple cuffs. Over this a coat of crimson with interjections of black, edges gilt and bearing golden whorls. Finally: a comfortable cuirass of hardened black leather inscribed with intricate golden patterns.


A short, one-sided cape - red exterior, black interior, with gold trim - secured to his cuirass, drapes over his right arm alone.

Right Hand
Gabriel lacks a right hand.

Left Hand

Right Accessory
Nothing. Not even a hand.

Left Accessory
Snug on his ring finger is a work of tremendous artistry: a golden ring inlaid with a magnificent ruby. Symbol of Gabriel's office.

An expensive belt of black leather, fronted with a large, golden buckle forged into the shape of the Inquisitorial seal. This is worn overtop a crimson sash.

Comfortable, durable pants of expensive black fabric.

Knee-high boots of sturdy leather, made to withstand the elements and physical abuse whilst affording comfort to the wearer.

"It is a fact of life that war exists. To engage in it properly, you require tools to fit the task. Not all tools are made as equals, and the divide between men is greater, still."

Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

Hand-to-Hand Combat:
[Below Average] He can still throw a punch with the best of them. A punch.

Melee Combat:
[Average] Decent enough with a blade, but would not entrust his life with this skill.

Ranged Combat:
[Very Poor] No training prior to, or following, the incident.

Magic Combat:
[Very Poor] Possesses no magical ability, at least not that he has noticed.

Mounted Combat:
[Good] Has experience in horseback riding, enough to make him competent.

Racial Abilities
  • Adaptability [Excellent] Perhaps he would say "perfect" if it did not go against his personal beliefs.
  • Ambition [Excellent] In his own peculiar way.
Natural Talent
  • Patience [Perfect] Some might embellish that he could wait out stone without faltering. Though, it is true that he can not recall a single time when his patience was broken.
  • Intelligence [Excellent] Gabriel's deadliest weapon is his mind, and he uses it to wonderful effect.
  • Observation [Excellent] He tirelessly watches, absorbs and translates data at all times, storing it for possible use later.
Class Skills
  • Cunning [Excellent] Gabriel's mind is his sharpest and most highly prized possession, and doubtlessly his greatest weapon.
  • Interrogation [Excellent] He prefers psychological torment and or mind games to lead a subject on, and thus procure information. There are those too stubborn or fanatical to break, and then - with tremendous disappointment - out come the tools.
  • Intimidation [Excellent] Not so much physically as mentally.

"One of the most amusing things I have ever discovered in all my years is the fact that people name their tools. Oftentimes associating them with genders, even. There are few reasons to name such an object, and most don't have any. Idiotic."

A small collection of books among his personal effects. Some covering topics of random interest, and at least one work of fiction.

Weapon Name: What use is there in naming an implement such as this, Gabriel wonders. Thus: it has no name.
Weapon Type: Dagger
Material: Steel
Length: 1'7''
Weight: 4 lbs
Weapon Description/Info: Very expertly crafted, though simplistic in its overall design: straight blade with gentle tapering, a full tang, and a hilt of bronze bound tight with a fine white cord.

"Some throw away their history, others cling blindly to it; and still others learn from it."

Group Affiliation
The Inquisitors, the Messiah Queen's trusted servants.

Marital Status

  • Andrea Ramháil Mother, presumed alive.
  • Nathaniel Ramháil Father, killed by Gabriel.
  • Elizabeth Ramháil Sister, presumed alive.
Social Rank
Arch Priest of the Church of Aule.

High Inquisitor

Gabriel's far past is of no account, so let's not discuss that here. What matters is not very long ago, before the Messiah Queen was even a Queen. At the time, Gabriel was little more than a commoner. He was no different, save for how he went about his machinations - he had not the tools that great power brings, and was forced into more compromising or forward tactics. His plans had brought him into alliance with those who sought the death of this new religious leader, preaching of her god and creating such a great clamor as she went. They had learned she was to hold a sort of service in an old cathedral, where she would be demonstrating the mercy of her god to the people. This group did not care about innocents involved, wanting only to wipe the not-yet-Queen and her ilk from the earth. In preparation, they readied weapons of a magical nature: arcane bombs, whose blasts would cause significant damage to their surroundings. They went about planting these weapons, sneaking into the cathedral to place them.

Gabriel did not care about their reasons, this holy figure, or any of the nonsense he was embroiled in, it all went along with a scheme and so there he was. As they slipped inside unseen, he took notice of the woman who was at the center of it all. He observed her miracles. Healing the sick and the wounded, which did not strike him as particularly miraculous. Just as he was about to turn away, he saw something that changed his mind: she brought the dead back to life. Now, this was interesting. He felt gears grinding to a halt and begin to spin anew, charged now by a new plot that he felt could be far more advantageous. Using his leverage in the terrorist cell, he had the weapons and their placement tampered with. He bided his time, waiting for just the right moment before running out into the congregation and warning of the danger, keeping his involvement to himself. They began to evacuate, and he put on a show of helping. His calculations had been just a mite off, because when the bombs went off he was swept up into the blast.

The very next thing he knew, he was stirring. His head was fuzzy, and his body numb. He lingered in this strange limbo for a moment, but when it passed he felt.. refreshed. Energetic, even! The woman who would be Queen was there with him, and told him that for his bravery and sacrifice she had brought him back. She could not, unfortunately, save his arm, which was now severed at the elbow. For some people, this might have inspired religious rapture or a spiritual awakening. Gabriel.. did not feel those things, his mind simply did not work in a manner that sanctioned such reactions. He played the part, though. He played it very well. He was seen as a hero by her and her followers, and he nurtured this. He gained respect, admiration, and soon enough: authority. As the Queen's influence spread, Gabriel's grew in tandem. He was ever at her side, a religious leader in her name; a companion, a counselor, and a confidant.

He did not make light the woman, nor her beliefs. He may not be a religious man, but Gabriel was certain Aule exists. He does not truly care about the Queen's faith or her plans, only to what ends he can use the power given unto him by her. He finds the irony of his new appointment, and the part he plays to maintain the illusion, rather amusing. The payoff has been immense: he is a powerful figure in the Church, leader of the Inquisition, beloved by the devout, and Left Hand of the Messiah Queen. He is Gabriel Ramháil, the High Inquisitor.

So begins...

The High Inquisitor's Story