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The Messiah Queen

TBD by player

0 · 700 views · located in Baekoth

a character in “Revolution of the Heretical”, as played by That One Guy



Physical Description
Her body is a singing temple, built around a spine, flesh, blood and bone. Her god swells under her skin, leaving her in agony and in ecstasy. She looks near death, pale and sickly, but so chained to life, her feverish eyes too bright to die, the fever her skin burns with too hot to go out. Sometimes her ribs show with many days of fasting to purify her bodily temple for her lord, when she can be bothered to eat she can never stomach too much. There is darkness under her bright eyes from the many hours of sleep she has been denied from just existing as she does. And when she sleeps it is a fretful sleep, full of visions and unearthly things. She moves in writhing grace, pure and wild and godtouched. There are those disciples who would look upon her with lust, but the only true love she can ever have is for the god she devotes her whole being to.

[expected to be expounded upon by player]


Hair: dark brown
Eyes: electric blue
Build: can range from thin to sickly thin
Skin Tone: pale
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 105lbs
Voice: deeper than you'd think, inviting, manic, ringing in your ears no matter how far she is from you
Handed: right
Body Markings: markings of her god are etched into her skin, her arms and legs
Scar Tissue: the markings she cut into her skin, to turn into scar tissue
Unique Body Features: her body is one torrent of uniqueness, her eyes too bright and feverish, her skin pale and sickly but alive and hot, the holy markings etched into her skin make her identity all too well known
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The Messiah Queen


Visual Age
early 20's

Factual Age


Sexual Orientation
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Mage Ranking



Image[personality here]
Moral Alignment
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To bring all of Baekoth under the one true god

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Abilities & Skill & Combat Rating

[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]
[Very Poor] - The Messiah Queen is only ever adorned in thin white cloth.

Combat Prowess
[very poor] - in terms of physical combat her skill in this area is nonexistent

Charisma - [excellent]
Public Speaking - [perfect]
Religious leadership - [excellent]

Spells Miracles
Raising the Dead - [perfect] - One of the miracles the Messiah Queen performs is raising the dead. They wake up as if from a dream, just as they were before. She only performs this miracle on those that have not died of old age, those who have died of old age must stay dead, for they are enjoying the afterlife.
Healing the sick and crippled - [perfect] - The sickly, crippled, and disabled come to her in droves, seeking her healing touch.
Making feelings of hunger and fatigue vanish - [perfect] - She invites followers to fast and pray with her for days, during this time the people in her presence are neither hungry nor tired.
Impervious to fire - [perfect] - Fire can not harm her.
Impervious to the cold - [perfect] - The cold does not bite her.
The Ultimate Truth - [perfect] - No lie can be spoken in her presence that is not known to be false.
Immortality - [sort of] - She has lived for over forty years now and does not look a day over twenty. Though she does not age, her life has always had a time limit, from the moment she was resurrected.


Weapon Name: Religion
Weapon Type: the kind that sways minds and hearts
Material: flesh, bone, holy power
Length: n/a
Weight: n/a
Weapon Description/Info:
The messiah's weapons are ones that ensnare, a trap that you can't escape because it is the fantastical made real. She can perform miracles that go beyond magic that mages understand and gain the hearts and minds of the crowd far quicker than any politician can. Her mission extends to raise the heretical to salvation, a mission that many of her followers share and carry out in violent ways. All in the name of the one true god. Make no mistake about it, religion can be a dangerous thing.




Group Affiliation


Marital Status


Citha, in the great temple of Aule

Social Rank

The Messiah who must lead Baekoth to salvation

Blood Pact

ImageWhat she was before she can not remember, all she knows of her former life is that she was dying, in a cave, alone and scared. She had began to fade, the feeling of pain leaving her finally, when she heard his voice. His voice cradled her last breaths, gripping her and prolonging her descent into the eternal sleep. It was a comforting and kind voice, telling her he could save her, stop her from dying all alone in this cave, stop her life from being one of loneliness and meaninglessness. Stop her from being the tragic nothing that nobody would remember. When she wondered who he was that he could grant her this kindness he responded that he was the god of mercy, Aule. He was a god who sought to save Baekoth, unite it under his kind gaze. And if she would be his vassal, his messiah, then he would save her life. She consented, seconds away from death. Aule told her to brace herself for the next moments of her life would be one of extreme pain. He had understated this. Her screams echoed for days, the pain unbelievable, incomprehensible, and when it was over it was as if she was born anew.

Now she could feel Aule under her skin, feel his might and kindness, his embracing light. He gave her visions, told her where to go, spreading his word and mercy to any who accepted it. For fifteen years she did this, gaining a following of disciples who would pray and fast with her, mark themselves as she marked herself, participate in the worship of Aule. They relied on the kindness of strangers during that time, having rid themselves of earthly possessions and currency. Some of her disciples died of hunger or the harsh weather, but still they pressed on, devout and unfettered by the pang of hunger or fatigue. Most people did not believe in the miracles that the girl could perform until they saw for themselves, she was a rumor until proven otherwise. But prove herself she always did, and in this manner the religion of Aule spread.

A nobleman who was close to the King and Queen of Citha saw potential in this where no one else did. He saw a way to control the masses in ultimate power. Usurp a kingdom to gain power and you would be looked down upon, your position always questioned, but usurp a kingdom in the name of religion and your quest would be a holy one. The nobleman found the Messiah of Aule and gave them food and shelter. He listened to her rave of the mercy of Aule and pretended to be moved. The messiah was trusting and did not see deceit in the nobleman's heart, she allowed him to tell her of his ideas to bring the entirety of Baekoth under the worship of Aule. The messiah and her disciples accepted and rejoiced, putting a plan in motion that would shed the blood of far too many. The messiah would always be kept ignorant of this bloodshed however, believing it to be much less than it actually was, a mere figurehead in the grander scheme of the nobleman's ploy for power.

Citha was the first to fall to him. The King and Queen murdered in their beds, their daughter sold into slavery. The nobleman of Citha seized the throne with mercenaries and claimed to the public that it was all in the name of holiness. The next day he introduced to Citha and Dorelith their new Queen and Messiah, to whom he claimed he would support and advise and protect with his life. He presented her as the only one worthy to rule them and lead them to salvation. The nobleman shrewdly did not place himself directly on the throne, but he still controlled it.

The nobleman has kept the Messiah Queen in the dark about the violent way he has forced kingdom after kingdom into bowing to Aule's rule. As far as she is concerned when she arrives the kingdom's rulers have agreed to allow her to sway the hearts and minds of the people, raising their dead and healing their wounded. She leads them into worship and salvation in the droves now, damning any who refuse her as a heretic. Aule's worship must be absolute, her vision for a saved and perfect world must come to pass.


Everywhere she goes she walks, this can make travel rather difficult for those who wish to move her from place to place to meet someone or other.

So begins...

The Messiah Queen's Story