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Wardani en Miuriell

"There's a lot in life a man can be made to stomach. Certainly a hefty wallet can aid such a leadening."

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a character in “Revolution of the Heretical”, as played by The Adversary



"People call me Wardani the Giant. Frankly, I prefer Wardani the Kind, or the Sweet. I really am fluffy on the inside, truly. ... Why are you laughing?"

What is the very, very first thing people notice about Wardani? The one most standout part of his appearance that draws immediate attention? His height. Wardani is.. tall. For a human, tall. Huge might be a better word, really. His powerfully built and honed body, combined with his impressive stature, makes him a rather intimidating fellow in the eyes the average person. Especially when fully clothed in his armor and clutching his shield and spear, which itself stands over seven feet. It's no wonder much of his clientele call him "the Giant" these days. One might assume his size and build make him a slow beast, lumbering about while others scamper around underfoot. While it is true Wardani lacks the agile fluidity of some slighter people, it would be a lie to call him sluggish. On the contrary: he is very fast. With the larger weapons he sometimes wields his preference is to simply go with the momentum of his body and blade, turning into a pillar of slaughter as everything not cloaked in heavy steel is left torn apart in his wake. As one might also suspect from a man of his proportions, Wardani is also really rather sturdy. More so, when he has braced himself, he can endure quite a lot of punishment, like a tree with its roots dug firmly into the earth bearing the brunt of a violent storm. It is often said he was built for war, and this is a notion he entertains fondly.

His is a rugged look, and one that gives no impression of wealth or title. His armor is basic, but effective, and made to be flexible and allow for mobility. There is no ornamentation or embellishment, just that which works. When he does decide to dress in actual clothes, rather than armor, they are those of peasantry and other commoners - with at least a shirt of mail overtop. Simple woolen or hide articles without extravagance, not even bright colors. This makes him quite the oddity, considering he has quite the small fortune of his own making. He is unshaven, sporting a thick, but not ridiculously long or overgrown beard. His hair, however, is quite lengthy. It does not get into his eyes with the way it's cut: sides shorn off, the rest kept firmly in a tail. His skin is weathered and aged, his palms and long fingers heavily calloused from years of use and work. Despite the fact that he's not really all that old, there's something about Wardani that does seem rather advanced in years. Sometimes how he talks, others just how he looks.

Hair: The sides of his head are shaved, the rest of his hair is pulled into a bundled tail, running straight down the center of his skull.
Facial Hair: A thick, full beard kept fairly short for practicality's sake.
Eyes: Both are a brilliant blue in color.
Build: Wardani is a marvelous specimen, physically. His musculature is great, without being grotesque, and is toned enough to allow him quite a lot of mobility for a man his size.
Skin Tone: Warmly tanned from time spent out in the sun.
Height: 6'8''
Weight: 154 kg
Voice: Deep and smokey, like aged bourbon poured over hot coals then dragged across a metre of sharp gravel.
Handed: Left by nature, but essentially ambidextrous.
Body Markings: A few tattoos of cryptic, personal symbolism on his upper torso.
Scar Tissue: Mostly hidden by his beard is a large patch of cicatrix on his right cheek, becoming more evident when he smiles, causing lines to spiderweb across the skin like cracks through glass. He bears numerous other wounds, mainly across his torso. He considers them trophies.

Wardani en Miuriell

Ward; the Giant; the Tradesman

No titles, and not seeking to claim one.


Visual Age

Factual Age


Sexual Orientation
Celibate: Wardani has spent quite some time focusing his attention on other things, stating that he views intimacy as a distraction that he will not stomach. The truth is, while he would not mind marrying and having a family, his line of work would never allow it. That developed into a swearing off of relations in their entirety.

Mage Ranking
Kell, the Seeing


||The Pessimist|| ||The Jester|| ||Die Born||

"Let's not mince words, now: I am evil by all accounts of those who believe it exists. What else, they ask, could explain the things I've done?"

Those who've heard of him from outside sources usually form a notion that he is a cold blooded killer. A vicious, ruthless monster who massacres because he enjoys it and will slay anyone and anything as long as the price is fitting. While this ill-conceived fantasy does make him smirk, it's got a grain of truth in it, and that is: he will put down nearly any target for the proper sum. If you wanted to get very honest about him, Wardani is just a man doing what he enjoys and wanting nothing more than that. He is by no means some mindless beast. Sure, he lives by his own conceptualization of the so-called “warrior's code”, which has been merged largely with a mercenary's nature and his own worldly views. This aside, he holds no misconceptions about his line of work or the kind of person he is.

He will kill innocent men and women in certain situations, but not a mother caring for a very young child. Nor will he kill children, letting it be known clearly through the ranks he commands the punishments for failing to follow this guideline. He has remarked, on occasion, on the romantic idea that someday one of these kids will grow up, hunt him down and try to kill him, saying: “I suppose it'd be a fitting enough death. A little poetic, the whole circle element and all.” Fittingly, he is more than open to employing underhanded tactics in a battle. He sees no shame in simply outplaying your opponent to win, calling such concepts like honor “hindrances built up by unimaginative cowards.” He very much adheres to a form of the credo that states "the ends justify the means", even if a rather warped one. He, himself, has no spectacular plan in place. He supplements this, and his own beliefs on occasion, with those of his current source of income's.


He's a sort of nihilist, believing that there is no inherent value to life, and that one must give themselves purpose and meaning. Where some might call this depressing, he sees it as affirming: the power to be something is his, and he will grasp it with all his might. Perhaps this goes back to his roots, when he broke away from the silt of peasantry to cut his path and make a name for himself. He has spoken often of what he believes is the potential of humans - of all mortals, really. As this has led many to assume, Wardani has no love for gods.

You could very well call him a nay-theist, not necessarily believing or disbelieving in the existence of deities, but simply not caring either way. "Let them sit in their heavens, but let me walk my earth." The fanaticism of some of Aule's followers rubs him the wrong way, but not to a point where he would bother to do anything about it. They still have heretics to burn and conquer, so why not lend his spear to them? Their money is good enough, after all. He couldn't care either whichaway about rebellions, “rightful rulers” and so on. What matters to Wardani is how much he's being paid, not whom by.

As just a man, there is always something down-to-earth about him. He is a very grounded individual, never striking others as having his head in the clouds. He holds self control in great esteem, and denounces the self righteous and the lazy as cancerous. Conversely, some of his “antics” have given rise to an impression of self absorption. He keeps on living as a commoner, wearing their clothes and eating their food, which was a choice made to humble himself. That way, as he sees it, his money can be used to other, more worthy ends than frivolities. Sensibility is something he regards very highly, even if he at times does not quite act like it. He will never deride imagination, but there is a line where it crosses into simply foolish, and he will be the first to let you know. Extremely honest, not always in the best of ways.

Any who are close enough to him will report in similar fashions that he is not an easy man to become acquainted with, or even become moderately close to. The only person he has ever, really and truly, called his friend is his cousin, Yael. He is actually extremely approachable, never blowing people off at a glance. He forms opinions quickly, and will blatantly and unapologetically reveal whether he likes you or not. He's well known for his sardonic streak, casual insults, irreverence, and a general air of "everyone here bothers me". He manages to never come off as wholly mean, for the most part, nor even rude, but that has not stopped people from becoming irritated by his demeanor. He always has a playful lilt to his voice or a twinkle in his eye in the cases where he does not truly mean the words that are coming off his lips – or, at the very least, when his intention is not to insult.

Another minor warning: he is easily agitated, sometimes snapping at others whenever certain topics come to the fray or if he's still not cooled down from some other aggravation, and his sour moods come and go without warning. This is generally believed to be caused by his nightmares. Every night, no matter how he tries, he suffers a frightening a dream that wakes him up and makes returning to sleep very difficult. He has never shared their contents, and only becomes angry when others pry.


  • I'm not right handed. || Prefers to use his right hand to fight, rather than his left. He believes this makes things more interesting, as well as a little challenging.
  • Bats-out-of-buckets || Has a tendency to use expressions taken right out of thin air, usually nonsensical.
  • Busy Body || When he is not doing something, Wardani becomes restless, yearning for work to focus his time and energy.
  • Sleepless Nights || Not a night goes by that Wardani does not wake up in a cold sweat, his eyes wide and darting around, as the result of some nightmare.
Moral Alignment
Lawful Evil

"Every man and woman's got a right to fend for themselves. Every other man and woman's got just as equal a right to fend off."

"I'm doing what I enjoy, what more of a push do I need to keep on?"

  • Powerlessness || Any situation where he can do nothing, where he is utterly helpless beyond control.
  • Swimming || "Look at me: do you honestly think I float? Okay, in the water, yeah? I'm a rock. Straight down."
"Keep on living, die fighting."

  • Mead || If it can numb his mind and soothe his troubles he will gladly take of it, but his preference is mead. He would like to think it helps him sleep more peaceably.
  • War || The art of building a battle plan, and the thrill of combat.
  • Intelligent, open-minded people. || Those with whom he can talk, simply discussing things without petulant fanaticisms or fallacies of logic interfering.
  • Music || Wardani enjoys music of all tones, be it lively or somber. He can sing, himself, though he does not do it very often.
  • Smithing || Working a forge is a task he came to enjoy very swiftly in his youth, and he has not lost his love for it.
  • Smoking || “There's nothing quite like sitting back with a pipe in mouth as the blood begins to soak into the soil, free of all your worries and your troubles.”
  • Idiots || "I simply cannot abide stupidity, and restraining the urge to slowly kill a fool is something I take a mite of pride from. I still say the world would be better if we just butchered 'em.”
  • Liars || Wardani understands keeping personal secrets, but scorns those who withhold information that might bring harm if bottled up.
  • Unnecessary Cruelty || He very much loathes those who go beyond the realm of necessity in their actions.
  • Mermaids || "Fish-tailed rats of the sea, the lot. Sadly, wiping them out isn't as easy as I wish it were."
Foremost is his physicality. Wardani's speed and strength are formidable, and when combined with his combat experience, instincts and skills he's one step short of a killing machine. He is a natural tactician, with a mind for strategy and an eye for the battlefield. His personal views on how to win a fight allows him to use underhanded tactics and cunning to get the better of a more straightforward enemy, or meet a slyer one head-on. He inspires fear and loyalty very easily, never making any member of a group he commands feel belittled lest they do something particularly dumb.

He does have morality, and a sense of honor, his profession notwithstanding, but some these can be bent if the situation requires. He is also a fairly open-minded man, preferring not to formulate a solid opinion on something until he's had the time to make one based on experience. He is, of course, human. Therefore that system does not always work out as it should. His perception should be known, as well as his self-discipline. He is ever suspicious and on guard, wary of a threat from any source. Nor is he an easy one to provoke or entice by any means, unless you do something in particular that sets him into a rage.

As stated: Wardani has a surprising level of self control, but it is not perfect by any means. He becomes agitated easily when the right subject is prodded, or the proper deed committed, and has a short fuse with two stations: in the first he gets a little annoyed, and it very obviously shows. The second is something close to a berserker rage, where he mindlessly pursues something with the intent of slaughtering it. That one is much harder to reach. His antisocial tendencies make good allies hard to come by, and he's stubborn as a bull at times. Ultimately, most of his faults come straight out of his own damned head. A big, unrelated one is that Wardani cannot personally be stealthy. Sure, he has people who can do that, but with his size alone there is no way he can be physically subtle.

Is your character literate? In what languages?
Wardani is literate in both common and elvish, though his speech in the latter is fairly rough.


"Armor's a second skin. You have to learn to bear its weight. The way it moves, the way it feels. Grow used to it, so that when you remove it you feel naked."

When going into battle, he dons a full helm comprised primarily of steel, with leather underscoring for comfort. Other times, nothing aside from maybe a dingy red cloth worn around his forehead.


At the very least a long sleeved tunic with a shirt of sturdy scale mail worn overtop. When in battle this is covered by a cuirass of hard leather and steel.


Vambraces of thick leather and steel.

Right Hand

Left Hand
This is where he carries his shield. As part of his regimen, Wardani carries it constantly when there's any possibility of a barney.

Right Accessory

Left Accessory

A simple, strong leather belt. Both his sword and his axe are hung – axe on the right, sword on the left – from this.

Commoner's woolen trousers, made to keep and not necessarily all that comfortable, but it doesn't bother him in the slightest. When armored, his thighs are protected by cuisses of leather and steel.

Knee-high boots of a hardy leather, fronted with steel plating.

||Valhall Awaits Me|| ||Scorched Earth||

"We're all the same in a fight. Nothing matters but your luck and your skill. Just hope you're handy with a sword and fortune's smiling."

Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

Hand-to-Hand Combat: || [Excellent] He is, perhaps, better with his own two fists than any weapon. He has trained in more flamboyant and intricate martial arts, but at the end of the day his preference is undoubtedly a good ol' brawl. Combined with his speed and strength, he is a formidable force even without a weapon in his fist.

Melee Combat: || [Excellent] Wardani spent years training with various weapons, observing how others are used, and honing his skill with his favorite tools. He is an expert in the use of the spear, sword and axe. When he fights, he puts his body into the weapon, moving with it and effortlessly driving its path.

Ranged Combat: || [Poor] He's used a bow and a crossbow before, but never enough to become proficient with them, and just long enough to learn he does not care for either.

Magic Combat: || [Below Average] Wardani's been told that he has some marginal talent for magic, but he's never bothered to expand upon it too much. The extent to which Wardani employs magic is limited thusly: fire and lightning elements. He knows enough to charge his spear with lightning or send a short bolt out, and can conjure small, explosive fireballs. He's also been known to engulf his fists in flame during a bout of fisticuffs.

Mounted Combat: || [Poor] He can ride a horse, sure. Does he like to? No. Only when unavoidable. He has never ridden one into a fight, before.

Armor/Clothing: || [Good] Wardani sacrifices the near invincibility of full plate for something lighter, more maneuverable and allowing for mobility: thick steel based over hard leather.

Racial Abilities
  • Adaptability || [Good] "The slice of life that gets put on your plate changes as time goes on. So learn to roll with it. Go a little hungry if it's not too big, and get stuffed when it's a healthy serving. Never complain, 'cause then you might not be getting any more for a while, yeah?"
  • Cunning || [Excellent] Wardani is no political schemer, but when his mind is set on matters of martial strategy he is entirely in his element. He has become renowned as a tactician and a discerning leader, crushing opponents with guile and trickery, employing irregular tactics to catch them off guard, and good judgment in a conflict. The same goes for direct combat, as well.
Natural Talent
  • Perception || [Excellent] Any man or woman worth their salt as a tactician knows to be on the alert, to watch for all details of sizes ranging from obvious to the minuscule. This has come to include body language as well as environment.
  • Physicality || [Excellent] Wardani is naturally very strong, capable of inflicting severe damage on the improperly protected, and has a great degree of endurance for a human. He has learned to watch himself, as he could easily hurt frailer people without meaning to.
  • Instinct || [Good] You don't live the life Wardani has for as long as he has without starting to get a feel for danger. Or maybe that's just the pessimism. Either way, it's worked out so far.
Class Skills
  • Barter || [Good] A good business man is one who has rates befitting his standing and ability. As such, Wardani has learned how to squeeze a very pretty penny from the purses of his employers - even charging for as little as consultation.
  • Strategy || [Excellent] If Wardani were to ever hear someone say the best thing to do is “wing it” he'd strongly desire to kill them then and there for it. He always has a plan in mind, constantly wary and ready to react to all manner of possible threats.
  • Roughing It || [Good] Being in the field for as often as his jobs tend to dictate required learning to live off what's around him, as you never know how long your supplies are going to last, and being able to travel without aid of a map.
Little more than fire and lightning casting. A small, explosive orb of flame, or swallowing his fists in fire, is more or less the extent of what he can manage. Fire also comes in handy when he wishes to light his pipe, calling just a tiny flame on his thumb for the task. With the latter element he can deliver shocking touches, charge his spear, or even summon a small, short range bolt.


"What I bring with me is as much a part of who I am as any bone in my body. Inextricable."

He's always got his corncob pipe, a handful of tobacco, and a flask of something strong within reaching distance. He tends to not have much else aside from the clothes and armor on his back, his weapons, and of course his shield.

He carries nothing from his past with him, keeping every memory where it belongs: in his head, not his pocket.

No frivolities, what place is there for them in a utilitarian existence?

Weapon Name: Krig
Weapon Type: Winged Spear
Material: Steel
Length: 231 cm
Weight: Twenty-five pounds.
Weapon Description/Info: Forged by the wielder himself, this implement of death - named in a long dead language, meaning "War" - is seven-feet-six-inches of solid steel. The blade is abnormally long, having the appearance of a sword's, yet still with a tapered tip fit for piercing. It is his favorite weapon, and the only one he ever bothered - or cared enough - to name.

Weapon Name: N/A
Weapon Type: Sword
Material: Wood and Steel
Length: 60 cm
Weight: Five pounds.
Weapon Description/Info: Fashioned in the shape of a long “broken-back” style seax, this war knife is a single-edged hacking tool with a razor's edge. It rests at Wardani's left, snug in its sheath.

Weapon Name: N/A
Weapon Type: Bearded Axe
Material: Wood and Steel
Length: 79 cm
Weight: Four pounds.
Weapon Description/Info: A solid, strong axe with a bearded bit. Good for hacking and hooking enemies. Hangs in a loop of iron fashioned to the right of Wardani's belt.

||A Proper Story|| ||Sentry the Defiant|| ||Through Blood And Dirt And Bone||

"Sure, go ahead and open me up. I'm just like a book, 'cept for the.. few pages missing. Maybe the ink's a tad smudged. And the chapters are out of order. Have fun, yeah?"

Group Affiliation
"My beliefs lie with those who pay me. My blade becomes theirs. In return? Their enemies, their values, their troubles all become mine."

Marital Status

  • Saul Gévaum || Saul the Dervish, a monk living in the area surrounding Brackenshaw village. Wardani once confided to his cousin Yael that her father “is the only man I have ever, really and truly, been afraid of. When I'm around him, I just.. I feel as an ant.”
  • Yael Gévaum || When Yael was eight the left half of her body became badly burned in a fire. So extensive was the damage that magic has only been able to heal a scant trace of the scarring. Wardani had no siblings of his own, but he found a sister in his cousin, and she a brother in return. They are very close friends, and there is no one he is more fiercely protective of – though, it should be said, she may very well be even deadlier than he. She's known to be in a relationship with a woman by the name of Rigash.
  • Jörd en Miuriell || Wardani's mother. He has no memories of the woman, but has been told time and again by those who knew her that she was a woman of incredible integrity and strength of mind.
  • Forni en Miuriell || He has been told that his father was an honorable, kindhearted sort of man. Wardani often wonders how different his life might have been had his parents ever been in it.
Village of Brackenshaw, commoner son of traveling merchants.

Social Rank
Wardani is now a mercenary – albeit a very well paid one – whose only money is that which he has made, himself. He is especially known in military circles.

Mercenary, commanding his own private militia, specializing in small military endeavors, the assisting of larger forces, and consultation.

Wardani never knew his parents. Born in the city of Miuriell, a landlocked trade hub southwest of Citha famous for its wine, they accepted an opportunity to work as traveling merchants for a burgeoning trader. Rather than leave their young son in the city with friends, or take him along with them, they left him in the capable hands of his mother's older brother, Saul, living in the village of Brackenshaw. Word would not arrive for nearly three months after they met their fates at the hands of robbers. Saul was not the warmest man, nor was he coldhearted and closed off. Wardani could never say his uncle was fatherly, but he did as best he could to raise his nephew and two youngest daughters, the twins Yael and Mael. He was an odd sort, living in relative hermitage, and the people of the village trusted him immensely for reasons lost to his younger family members. He imparted sagely wisdom on the children, teaching them to be strong, independent, discerning, and open-minded.

Wardani found a close friend in Yael, whereas her sister was distant and frigid. They spent most of their free time as young children together, exploring the land around the village and getting into trouble along the way. Saul gave them quite the long leash, but always let them know their limits when they wandered too far, literally and otherwise. When Wardani was only eleven it became obvious he was going to be very large as an adult, already taller and stronger than the other kids his own age. So, Saul handed him off to Brackenshaw's blacksmith as a protégé, and eventually to a local farmer as an extra hand during planting and harvesting seasons. He came to love the forge. Working iron and steel to forms of his desire, making them strong and durable to suit their tasks and handle them well. He learned quickly, and soon enough was even handling orders of his own when the smith was too busy to complete extra jobs.

Two years later, Brackenshaw came under attack by bandits. They attacked suddenly, half of them on horseback, the rest charging into the village with weapons barred and set to raid. The blacksmith was a mighty man in his own right, huge and muscled, and defended his forge furiously. Wardani joined him, grabbing up a hammer in one hand and a sword in the others. Saul had taught him to fight with only his hands and feet, but he felt more confident with something weighty in his fists. The first time he ever killed a man was when a bandit came at him with a claymore. Wardani rolled under the swing, took out one of the man's legs, and then brought the hammer down onto his head with enough force to crush his skull. The rush of the fight, being that close to dying himself, but emerging victorious, set his blood afire with adrenaline. It was Saul, however, who saved Brackenshaw. Coming out from his sequestered cottage, the older, bearded man suddenly became a weapon of flesh and bone. Unarmed and without armor, he set about ending the threat with superb skill and physical prowess.

Following this incident, Wardani demanded that Saul teach him to be a better combatant. Yael petitioned to be allowed to join, and he supported her. His uncle finally agreed, and schooled them in hand-to-hand and the use of pole weaponry. While Saul never fought with swords or the like, he knew well enough of them from those who did, and imparted what he could on their usage. Though Saul himself was no mage, his own experience had allowed him immense control over his own energies, and he sought to impart some of this on the two. Neither quite took to it that well, but it was apparent to the old Dervish that they had some magical potential yet to be tapped. What he showed them gave but a minute grasping of this power, and for further training he sent them to a healer living in Brackenshaw, the woman who had attempted to help Yael when she was burned in a fire. She was a better tutor on magical capability, but it was not something Wardani was particularly interested in. He saw the practicality in it, and worked at it nonetheless, and though he would never devote his time to it like a true sorcerer, he practiced quite hard for many years, even after eventually leaving his home behind.

Wardani left Brackenshaw when he was only sixteen, deciding he was tired of remaining in the tiny village and wished to find some place for himself in the wider world beyond. Travel appealed to him, the simple pleasure of wandering roads and wilds putting him at ease, but the lack of focus fought this with equal verve. He stopped at villages here and there, taking up small jobs as a traveling tradesman just to have his mind busied more than to support himself. Even this proved little more than a placebo the longer it went on. He felt starved for mental stimulation. Then, one day, he happened across a settlement plagued by bandits who were extorting their food and money in exchange for not outright attacking them. A representative of the group heard of his arrival and went down with a few other men to collect a toll. Wardani, who at the time was not in a good mood, proceeded to simply kill the backup and took the envoy prisoner. He was not a skilled interrogator, and by the time he found out what he wanted to know there was hardly much left of the poor sod.

He rallied the able bodied from the village, who armed themselves with impromptu weapons at his instruction, and laid out a plan to end their plight. He and a small group of lightly armed, fast-moving men went to where the bandits' camp was nestled. They drew their attention and fled, pulling them into an ambush and massacring the unawares marauders. Those who had remained at the camp itself were soon struck by an even larger force. They first fired flaming arrows into the camp, setting the tents and any within ablaze. The villagers then encircled and mercilessly slaughtered the degenerates at Wardani's order. He personally hauled the leader from the fray and impaled him on a pitchfork. He realized just how invigorated he had felt, the thrill of the fight and the challenge of the battle giving him real purpose. The villagers paid him what they could for his aid, and he left with a newfound love.

He became known as the Tradesman, a blacksmith and a mercenary rolled into one. Bandits came to fear stories of a giant of a man leading revolts against them, hunting down every last dog until their heads were stuck atop a pike. His reputation grew, and so did the requirements of his profession. So, he came to recruit others of a similar stripe. Those well versed with a weapon, who enjoyed a fight and could hold their own. He gathered first just a few, then ten, and though they came and went he never hired on any more than thirty. A group that was neither too small nor too large, yet mobile and capable of being self sufficient on longer, tougher contracts. As time went on, he grew to be less of a folk hero and more an overhanging shadow as he took grimmer, more questionable assignments. His penchant for taking down larger enemies, even whipping the untrained into a fairly competent militia, earned him a reputation among military circles and the wealthy who had moderately larger jobs that needed to be carried out. Efficient, discreet and highly successful turned out to be an attractive list of adjectives, and it kept him in coin – far from wealthy, perhaps, but his pockets were at least comfortably weighted.

So begins...

Wardani en Miuriell's Story