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"Riches? Glamour? Silk? This life is not for me. I can't be myself"

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"These royal robes just dont... feel right. I dont belong here."





Aladdin (The Arabian Nights)



  • Tea
  • Adventure
  • Animals
  • Jasmine
  • Clouds
  • Bananas
  • Magic
  • Stealing

  • Tight Spaces
  • Feeling out of control
  • Smoke
  • Schooling
  • Alcohol
  • Dark Magic
  • A Dull Life
  • Being Pampered
  • Lies

Aladdin is good at being a thief. He is fast, tricky, and slippery. He is adept at free running, and is able to scale buildings, almost like a monkey. He is extremely good at hiding. He can calm his breathing to less than a whisper, and due to his slim physique he can contort himself to hide in smaller spaces. He is an experienced pick-pocket. He is also quite good at making plans and strategies. Aladdin can think on his feet and is very adaptable. It is not often that he finds himself without some kind of way out or escape plan. These are things that come with growing up on the streets of Agrabah.

Aladdin is not very physically threatening. He does not have a lot of weight to throw around, so he does not go into a fight head on. He does not hit hard, does not have any combat training, and cannot take a hit very well. He can also be complacent at times. If he senses no danger he will relax and that is when to attack. He sometimes gets lost in the clouds, or in nature. This can lead him to not pay attention and be late to react to an attack. He also makes friends very easily and trusts very indiscriminately. It is easy to play him for a fool, as he is slightly naive.

Aladdin fears being alone the most. He grew up alone, with no mother or father and no one to care for or about him. He does not want to return to that kind of life. He thrives off of connection with others. He fears not knowing where he is going. He knew every street and every building of Agrabah back to front, so he always knew where he was running to. He fears what could come from the unknown. He is afraid of being locked away in a huge house. He wants to explore, he needs adventure to function. Without that feeling of freedom he might as well be stuck inside a lamp.

"The one thing I can remember. The only thing from my past that I can dig up, is when I learned of my father's death. A travelling merchant friend of my father returned with the body when I was just a boy. He dumped the body at my feet, and then he just rode away. It was the most alone I've ever felt. It's the only thing I can remember... and it hits me every single day."

Opinion on the War:
"I owe everything I have to magic... I know magic can be used for horrible, horrible things, but how can I denounce it? If not for the Genie... I would still be a street rat, digging through the sand for my next meal. I don't support either side. Both kingdoms call upon Agrabah to take up arms, both are looking for an ally in me. I can't fight for magic... and I definitely can't fight against it. Agrabah is far enough away that the war wont have a resounding affect on the people. I wish I could pick a side, but I just can't."


To the passerby Aladdin seems like a careless, happy go lucky vagrant. He wears a never shaking smile everywhere he goes. Everyone loves Aladdin. Before he found the genie he was the lovable thief. His leaping from building to building and scurrying up walls always brings a smile to his, and everyone else's faces. He is charming enough to draw free bread and vegetables from most street merchants, and adorable enough to keep those merchants who don't appreciate him stealing from them from chopping his hands off.

Inside though Aladdin is a hurricane of emotions. He has an ingrown urge to make a connection with everyone around him, and it is very difficult for him to break these connections. A friend to him is a friend for life, because he never wants to be alone again, like he was as a child. He has demons inside him that he doesn't show to anyone. He has a pent up rage at his father's death that he suppresses at all times. He wears his smile like a mask so that people dont see the true, damaged Aladdin. He thinks that people will leave him if they see his true self.

Aladdin has a tendency to get into trouble. His love for adventure and thrills can sometimes put him in bad situatuions His smart mouth gets him into trouble often, and sometimes can cause problems for those around him. He can't defend himself with force, so he uses words. This is not always a good choice.

The only person he is even slightly open with is Jasmine. She is his best friend, his confidant, and his happily ever after. Even so, she knows nothing of his problems with his father and mother. Or any of his deep seated emotional issues. He still feels more comfortable with her than anyone else in the world. Maybe someday he will find the courage to be himself around her, and other people.

Despite everything he keeps to himself Aladdin is a truly genuine person. He may be a thief, but only of necessity. He is kind, polite, and confident. He is always happy to help out someone in trouble and is very generous. He thrives off of the affections of people around him, so he is always happiest when helping his fellow man.


Aladdin was born to a pair of poor beggars on the outskirts of Agrabah. His mother died in childbirth, leaving his father to care for him by himself. Aladdin's father was not around very much. He would come to Agrabah and be with Aladdin for about a week at a time, and then head off again. Aladdin
was basically alone for his entire life. He learned to steal to stay alive, to beg for scraps, and to create unconventional shelter. Living without a roof over your head in the middle of the desert is not easy.

When Aladdin's father was killed Aladdin buried him on the outskirts where he was born. The grave was quickly covered by windswept sand. This was for the better. Aladdin didn't want to be reminded of his father too often. Out of grief Aladdin started to steal more, and rebel more. he landed in jail a few times during this period and it was there that he met Jafar. The evil wizard convinced him that he deserved a palace, and riches, and a beautiful bride. Aladdin was sure he was right so he obeyed. Jafar locked him in the cave, leading Aladdin to meet the genie and wish for everything he'd ever wanted. He was given riches and a palace. He used this to woo Jasmine and the Sultan.

Aladdin got caught up in the throws of being royal. He only ate the finest foods, drank the finest wines, and wore the finest clothes. He was determined to never go back to what he was before. He was changing and everyone could tell. His friends were avoiding him. Jasmine was starting to wonder why she stayed around. This was the prime time for Jafar to attack and steal the Genie, kidnapping Jasmine to keep Aladdin from stopping him. Despite this, Aladdin defeated Jafar. Once all of the danger was out of the way Aladdin realized who he was becoming. He tossed his royal robes to the ground and donned his street rat clothing again. He had one last wish to make. He and Jasmine held the lamp in their hands and were about to release the Genie when the explosion went off. What will Aladdin become when he wakes up without his memories?
Aladdin's Flying Carpet is very much in the picture.
When he is thinking he lets his hair out of the tie and it falls in his face.

So begins...

Aladdin's Story

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Once Upon a Time...
It is the morning after the potion explosion. Midsummer, plants and other forms of vegetation are blossoming while the sun shines brightly in the pale-blue sky. However, not all places are beaming brilliantly with sunshine...


There were the individual sounds of peaceful birds chirping, as well as the vibrant colors of green and deep brown popping into view as Alice opened her eyelids. She was somewhere in a forest, no doubt. A very quiet, dark, foggy forest. Somehow, this didn’t surprise her. Didn’t almost all stories start in the woods? From all the myths, tales and legends she had remembered, everything happened in the forest. Princesses were rescued, dragons were slayed, and magical creatures lurked around every corner. However, Alice wasn’t a princess, or a dragon, or a creature, or a king, or a jester or an animal. She was…merely…someone. Wait, who was she? She dug through the crevices of her mind until she could find a recent memory, but she found nothing. She could not remember her childhood, her friends…not even her parents. Just her name. Why just her name?

Was she mad? Was she dreaming? Frustrated, Alice picked herself up off of the moist bed of pine needles and leaves, and paced back and forth. What was she doing here, alone in the woods? She kept asking questions, but all the answers led back to the same thing: Why couldn’t she remember anything? Perhaps this was all a dream. She needed to wake up. She couldn’t stand any more of this terrifying nightmare. Alice took a few steps back, and then with all her might, she charged towards the direction of the tree in front of her. Instead of opening her eyes again on a bed or wherever she slept in reality, the lean girl’s body hit hard against the bark of the tree. There was sharp, immediate pain that placed itself right outside of her forehead. Alice fell to the ground, paralyzed by shock and stiffness. So maybe she wasn’t dreaming after all…

As she rubbed the palm of her right hand against her forehead to take away the pain, Alice’s curiosity sparked like a small flame. There were three things she knew for sure: her name was Alice, she was NOT dreaming, and she was in a forest. This left for the possibility that her REAL self from the REAL world might have died, and had moved on to some sort of afterlife. However, she knew better than to jump to that conclusion instantaneously. There had to have been a reason why she remembered some stories told to her when she was younger. But had she had ever been younger? With the flood of questions and her forehead still throbbing, Alice was giving herself a headache. Exhausted, she sat on the ground, her one leg crossed over the other. It was then that she got a good look at her outfit. She was wearing a blue knee-length dress, gold-colored boots, and there was something behind her back. She reached her hand backwards to draw forward a softly knitted purple knapsack. She placed it beside her, noticing a shiny bronze sword strapped to her waist by a leather belt. Good; at least wherever she was, she’d be able to defend herself from any danger.

She pulled open her drawstring knapsack, finding a plethora of random items inside. She was particularly hungry at the time, and although she couldn’t find any food, she did spot something else that caught her attention: a tiny navy-colored notebook. The front cover was made of a scaly-leather material, and the words “Alice’s Journal and Field Guide” were plastered in bright-red paint across the center. She opened up the tiny book, discovering a large amount of words and phrases she didn’t understand. There were things like “Wonderland” and “Unbirthday”, and names, such as the “Queen of Hearts”, the “Mad Hatter”, and the “March Hare”. There was something, however, that caught her eye amongst the midst of confusing terms. The page was entitled “The Magic Mirror”, and an oval with a regal face in the center had been etched onto the papyrus-like paper. On the bottom of the page, there was a description of the artifact. Apparently, in her past life, (whatever she was doing in her past life) Alice had failed to find this mirror of extraordinarily enchanted powers. Since this new Alice had absolutely no plans, as she had forgotten all of them, she made it her first priority to find this mirror, as it enticed her to a substantial degree.

It was then after she had slammed the notebook shut that Alice gave a blood-curdling scream.

In front of her was a ferocious-looking wolf baring its sharply-pointed teeth. Its face was contorted into the most frightening of positions. Its surprise entrance made the beast all the more terrifying. Needless to say, Alice threw her notebook up into the air as she jumped in fear, and backed into the tree nearest her. She was cornered as more gray-colored wolves approached. No doubt, they were as hungry as she. Quickly, she pulled the sword from off of her belt, and pointed it at the three beasts, her hands, feet, and lips trembling. For a second, they actually backed away. However, that small moment didn’t last long enough. The center wolf lunged towards Alice, its eyes turning a frightening shade of yellow. In a moment she could have only described as “instinctive”, Alice dodged the attack, shifted towards her right, and swiped across from her. She struck at the wolf’s neck, making the beast utter a petrifying cry of pain before it was swiftly decapitated. In the teenage girl’s mind, time seemed to stop. She had performed the motion so cleanly and flawlessly, as if she had done it a million times before. Did she actually know how to swordfight? How? Perhaps in her past life, she was an accomplished swordswoman. Maybe she was a bandit, or a knight….

Whatever she was, she’d have to channel her inner instincts again, as more wolves surrounded her in seconds. Another one lunged forwards towards her neck. In response, Alice raised her sword, wedging the blade between the beast’s fangs and stabbing the tip of the weapon into the wolf’s upper mouth. Then another approached her. With her knee, she kicked the creature in the jaw, and then sent the blade through the beast’s chest. And then there was another, and another, and another...

No question, Alice would have to retreat. There were way too many. She ran as fast as her lean feet could take her, swooping down to pick up her notebook, and then jumping high onto the branch of a nearby tree. Like a squirrel being chased by a dog, she climbed the tree quickly, all the while maintaining caution. She gasped as a wolf had almost wrapped its fangs around her leg. Eventually, she had climbed up high enough into the safety of the tree. The wolves wouldn’t be able to pursue her now. However, that didn’t stop them from trying. They were still barking, still trying to find a way to scale the tree and gobble up the golden-haired girl. Alice sighed. Although she knew she’d be fine, she also knew that it would probably be a long time until these wolves would give up trying to kill her. For a second, she thought about living in the tree for the rest of her life, but that idea quickly faded once her empty stomach started to growl loudly.

Either by wolves or by hunger, she had a feeling it wouldn’t be long until she was dead. She stared off into the depths of the forest. Maybe there was someone nearby who could help her somehow. Then again, maybe not, and she’d just have to formulate her own plan. She swallowed a deep breath of air, and then shouted “HELP!”into the foggy patch of sky surrounding her. Judging by the equipment she had, Alice had a feeling that whatever she had been before, she had never been a princess. With the little beauty she assumed she had, there’d be no prince willing to come and rescue her from this deadly situation. It would be just like suicide…

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He looked into her eyes. Those deep almond eyes were always so comforting to him. Windblown sand brushed across Aladdin's skin. There was no sight more beautiful than Jasmine basking in the glow of an Agrabah sunset. The time had come. He had made a promise, and he intended to keep it this time. Jasmine handed him the elaborate bronze lamp. The metal was cold on his hands, a deep contrast to the warmth of the desert and Agrabah sun. He smiled. "Genie... you've earned this."

A flash! Aladdin was thrown into the wall of his palace, causing a shudder to emanate throughout the halls. He looked across the room to see Jasmine lying opposite him on the tile. He could almost feel his consciousness slip away as his vision slowly whittled away to nothing.


Shades of orange and yellow spotted across his eyes as he slowly came to. Where was he? He was lying on his side, his back against a marble wall. He attempted to push himself to a sitting position, but as soon as his head elevated the blood came rushing and brought him back to the floor. He closed his eyes. 'urgh, where am I... and who am I. What happened. Why can't I remember?' The questions flooded into his head too quickly for him to answer any of them. Not that he could. He racked his brain for an explanation. Any explanation.

There was no answer to be found lying about. It was time to get up. Rolling onto his stomach was easy enough. He pushed himself up onto his knees, letting his head dangle. The world was spinning, and his vision was still a bit foggy. He must've been out for a little while. He pushed himself, pivoting from his knees to his toes, and finally got to his feet. He leaned lazily on the wall. "Where am I?"

He brushed the black hair from his eyes as he looked down at himself. He wore a pair of cream silk pants, tucked into a set of brown pointed shoes, and held up by a royal purple sash. A silk shirt of the same color as the pants, with a neckline reaching far down his toned chest, was untucked from his waist. These clothes were not that of a common man. 'Am I royalty?'

Impossible. Royalty would not wake up with no memory. This whole situation stunk of a night of debauchery. That was it! He must have had an exciting, and intoxicating night. "Oh Aladddin, what have you gotten yourself into this time?" There it was! His name was Aladdin! Yes. His temporary amnesia was surely a consequence of a night accompanied by too much wine. He must have stolen these clothes from some wealthy dignitary. Just like that many of Aladdin's worries were gone. He found it strange though, that he hadn't the slightest idea where he was.

The room was gigantic. Glorious decorations covered every wall. Every window was donned with purple curtains. This was a palace fit for a king. He stood silently for a long while seeing everything there was to see. A beautifully painted ceiling hung above him, bearing images of mysterious caves and sorcery. The paintings seemed to tell a story. That of a young man, who entered a cave of riches, only to find a magical being who granted wishes of power, love, and wealth.

He had only just realized the unconscious woman in the room. With his grogginess gone, he jogged to the woman's side. She was lying face down, and didn't seem to be moving. He rolled her over and checked to see if she had a pulse. Yes. She was alive. He had no idea why his first response to the unconscious woman was to check her pulse. 'I must've been a hunter... or a soldier. To have survival skills and knowledge like this.' The evidence that he was not of royal blood was stacking up.

She too was wearing royal clothing. She must have been a vagabond like him, and stolen her garments as well. Yes! That must be it. The pieces were falling into place!

"No.." He sighed. "She isn't a street rat. And I am no hunter, or warrior, or adventurer." One look at her told him that. She was too well groomed, and too beautiful to have lived any life on the street. He ran his hand through her hair, and then through his own. There was no sign of grime or grease. Neither of them were vagabonds. Her dark almond eyes drew him in. She was the epitome of beauty, and there was something familiar about her. A kind of.. spark that let him know she was special to him. Had the two of them been lovers?

Aladdin dropped to his knees. He took her in his arms and leaned against the wall behind her. He held her head in his lap and caressed her cheek. They too were connected somehow. He knew her, but from where, he hadn't the slightest idea. They both were clad in regal outfits. They both must be royalty of some sort...

Too bad. Aladdin was excited about the idea of being an adventurer. Maybe there was more to this story. Or maybe they were king and queen of sand and snakes... At least he remembered his name...

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Looking into Aladdin's eyes as he would finally go through with the promise she made from the start and free the genie. Once he was free, everything would be complete. Looking down at the lamp that was in her hands, she carefully brought the lamp towards Aladdin, waiting for him to take it out of her grasps. When he did, she couldn't help but smile. She couldn't wait to set genie free, she always believed in freedom, she always will. When hearing Aladdin talking to the lamp which held the genie inside, she breathed in slowly and calmly. This was it. The last wish. But, that wish would never be said or done. Because, after Aladdin finished his sentence, everything went black. The last thing she had seen was the hard cold ground and the peak of light that came from the arched window across from her.

Her dark almond colored has lost their vision when she had first opened them but, as the black and white dots slowly went away from view she felt a hand caress her cheek. She closed her eyes, she felt a certain spark, a connection of somewhat. Maybe this was some close to her so, she felt a little happy about that. Opening her eyes once again, she wonder who place she found herself in. It looks to be a palace of some sort, she started to wonder if she was queen of whatever this land may be. Jasmine groaned lightly as she sat up rubbing her eyes, trying to adjust to the unfamiliar setting. Feeling warmth beside her, she was a bit surprised to see a slightly familiar -but, not too familiar- looking man sitting beside her.

"Where am I? She looked away and then looked back at the rather attractive male beside her, "Who are you?" She stared at the man for a little bit before looking away and down at her clothes.

Who was she? Where did she come from? From the looks of her clothing she looked to be royalty. But, why was she royalty? She couldn't remember anything, only but her name.

Well, yeah that helped a lot. Actually, she couldn't find anything that would look like something important to her in the room. Sitting there for a little bit, she wanted to call her forgetful mind amnesia but, again she wasn't too sure about that fact. She really didn't understand the situation she was currently in. She wonder if this would lead to an adventure, she just absolutely loved adventures. She wanted to jump up in excitement and start searching for more clues.

Looking back at the male beside her,"Do you know me? Or are you forgetful as well." She turned towards him and then turned away. She wonder if she knew him before, she felt like she has but, when she tries to remember something, it turned out to be a blur or sudden darkness that mocks her. As it continues to block her from her memories.

Trying to sound as calming as she could,"This is very stressful, why can't I remember who I am?" Hopefully she would remember who she was soon because, she didn't like the feeling of missing something she can't remember. Sighing she looked around the room, she wanted to know where this forgetting things came from.

Looking down at her clothes and at the males clothes, she smiled and she hoped she wasn't alone in this. She had so many questions that need answers. She started wondering if she had parents, if she was married and if she fell in love with the man sitting next to her. If so, she'd feel bad if she couldn't remember them and they said that they knew her.

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She had awoken and was, like he, ridden with amnesia. He was glad he wasn't alone in this, even though she was bombarding him with questions he couldn't answer. He had no idea who she was, where they were, or why they couldn't remember anything. Though he did know one thing. "My name is Aladdin. And I am as clueless as you."

He lifted her head from his lap and gently leaned her against the wall. She would need to rest, just as he had, but resting on the floor just wouldn't do. Not for a girl as beautiful as this one. He would find her a proper perch.

Aladdin stood with a new found energy. With gusto he took the woman's hand, placing a small kiss on top of it. "Sit tight my dear, I will return shortly. Perhaps then we will figure out just what has caused us to lose our memories." With a flash of a smile he was off, through the door nearby, and deeper into the palace, though something gave him pause.

He didn't know why he was talking so eloquently to her. He could tell he did not always talk like this. Maybe he was trying to impress her. Maybe he was doing it out of respect. or maybe he really was a prince and he just hadnt quite convinced himself. Regardless, he didn't want to be someone he was not. When he returned to her he would speak more candidly with her. Once in agreement with himself, he started off once more, in the search of bedding for his forgetful maiden.

The entire palace from the halls to the washrooms was marvelous. Everything was made of the finest and strongest materials, at least it looked that way. It must have taken quite some time to design and construct. He was certain he would get lost if he explored too much. Unquestionably his hunch was correct, and after a few turns of the hallway he had no clue where he was. 'splendid, Now I'll have to find my way back.'

Defeated, Aladdin entered a nearby bedroom. Hopefully there would be something in here to quench his thirst for a comfortable place for his girl to lie. Nothing stuck his fancy though. There were a myriad of pillows and blankets atop the bed, but none of them looked too appetizing. A chair sat in the corner, but he was not going to lug a chair around the palace until he found her again. He stepped onto a rug in the center of the room and promptly fell onto his face.

He pushed himself onto his knees while rubbing his nose. He hadn't tripped, it was almost as if the floor moved from underneath him. In the midst of his thought the floor moved again, this time in a wave. He realized it wasn't the floor, but the carpet that was moving. He scurried to his feet and hurried to the corner opposite the demon carpet. He watched in horror as it floated into the air, moving steadily toward him. It stopped just in front of him, almost as if it were staring at him. Aladdin reached out a trembling hand to touch the magic carpet, but before he could reach it it stretched giddily and wrapped snugly around his body. He nearly screamed, but there was no danger here. The carpet was friendly. He ran his hand across the carpet in wonder as it released him. "A magic carpet huh? How intriguing."

The carpet wriggled in the air. An invitation perhaps? He was reluctant to step aboard the carpet, since the first time did not end so well. Still, he was hopeful that the carpet was not one for mischief. Little did he know exactly how wrong he was. A tentative step landed on the carpet, and then another put his full weight on it. He bounced on his toes a bit to get a feel for the whole... floating thing. Once satisfied, he knelt down. "Alright Carpet, take me to my lovely maiden." With a flourish the Carpet rocketed out the door and into the hallway.

His hair was slapping his face so much that he couldnt see, not that he needed to. He wasn't exactly steering. From what he could tell, the carpet was quite familiar with the castle, as there was no deceleration, or hint of second guessing since it had taken off. The flight was quick though. He was back to his girl in a minute or so. She seemed to have been wandering about the room, but had not left. Aladdin hopped off of his Carpet and landed next to her. He took her hand. "Ma'am, your chariot awaits." He gave a small flourish and a bow, gesturing to the carpet. "Let's figure out who we are."