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Ambrose Rivain

"Your radiant smile, the pure sparkle of your tears... They will remain with me, forever more."

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a character in “Rewritten”, as played by Vervatine


"I'll make things right, no matter the cost."


Ambrose Garrett Rivain

The Hunter



Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood.

The Huntsman


  • The smell of pines
  • Hunting deer
  • The moonlight
  • Dark haired women
  • Dogs
  • The smell of burning wood
  • The outdoor
  • Meat stews

  • Loud noises
  • Wolves
  • The cold
  • Vanity
  • Green peas
  • Being sick
  • Alcohol

  • A hunter beyond par.
  • An excellent tracker.
  • A great archer.
  • A surprisingly adept cook.

  • A maiden's tears.
  • A heavy sleeper.
  • Surprisingly gullible for a man his age.
  • Horrendously bad liar.

  • Enclosed Spaces
  • Crowds
  • Beautiful Women

The sparkling trail of water on a radiantly white cheek. Doe eyes, full of both despair and hope looking deep into my own, judging me, worthless wretch that I had become, and finding me somehow worthy of hope... I won't go down that dark path again. I will protect her. No matter the cost.

I was alone, as always, but this time this was of my own making. Why did I let her go? I should have ran, be a man... Protected her...

Opinion on the War:
Of course I will follow the fair maiden of black. Magic is dangerous, transforming a man into a beast and twisting maidens into witches. There is a reason for that fear, and I will hunt down every one of those lost creatures until my fair goddess smiles at me again...

A romantic at heart, Ambrose have some antiquated notions of gallantry and courtship that could range from endearing to sexist to the modern woman. With those notions comes others far more harmful to others, after all, such as magic being evil and wolves being a witch's familiar, a man twisted by her whims and thus now a beast, no longer a proper man. As, after all, a man should be able to provide for the woman, not the other way around, and should be stoic in dark times and protective in lighter situations. The Hunter, as he is often called, strive to be such a man, and is ruthless and close minded when it comes to changing his views.

Awkward toward beautiful women and sullen toward strangers, he is not a sociable creature, preferring the solitary lifestyle in the wilds rather than the claustrophobic bustle of the cities. Slightly hyperactive in nature, he always has to make something of himself, from simply hunting games to prepare an elaborate expedition into the dark forest he inhabit along with his faithful hounds. A quiet man, he however become extremely animated when it comes to sharing folk tales and rumors, as he is very superstitious and prompt to trusting his instincts and heart far more than his head.

Honest to a fault with a steeled heart as great as his resolve, Ambrose is completely incapable of untruth as far as he is aware, and will always speak his mind, no matter the result. This frankness cost him much, mainly when he does try to veil one of his actions, such as when Snow White was spared from his blade all those years ago. While he has many scars earned from his insolent mouth, he also earned the trust of many with his frank and stern demeanor, the dwarfs especially fond of him when they met a decade ago. That is not to say he is kind hearted, for dark shadows sleep in his heart, the man's attitude proportionally gauged by the attractiveness and reputation of those he meet.

Born of a blacksmith and a tavern wench, the young Ambrose was an illegitimate child in a poor village. This was not to say that the boy was alone, however, as his mother's ways provided him with many siblings of varying ages, and taught him the way of the world; you had to fight and struggle to survive, and nothing was gained without effort and pain. That was those simple lessons, gathered as he aged, that pushed the boy on his current path, where he used his innate ability to make traps to catch the rats in the tavern's cellar and took the course to make various roasts and stew, encouraged by his growing pains and his siblings' need. As the boy's talent for extermination and survival grew, he progressively detached himself from civilization as the forest called with its siren call of food and proper shelter. Indeed, Ambrose's ability with traps led him to cook, then to the mastery of the knife and finally, once a hunter tasted his now famous rat stew, to a short apprenticeship as a huntsman.

Reaching adulthood, the young man set out on his own in the nearby forest and started his trade, selling meat and fur as well as taking extermination bounties as well as the occasional assassination until he met a small brotherhood of dwarves, who taught him how to make a bow and use it in exchange of exterminating a werewolf that plagued a clearing near their dwellings. Agreeing readily for the trade, the young huntsman and the diminutive brothers soon passed the next year together before separating, their friendship short lived now that no threat was present.

Winter arrived, and with it the reign of the new Queen, fabled as the fairest of them all. Having heard of his prowesses as a hunter, the wicked woman soon took the now grown man under her wings, enslaving him to her will with both her dark beauty and her terrible enchantments. The poor man was helpless against her wiles, and as she used him as a makeshift assassin against both rivals and, one day, against her own husband, Ambrose lost himself in a whirlwind of lust, alcohol and dark magic. Such a dark spell was lifted by the pleading and pure tears of the vile witch' innocent step-daughter, however, and since then the Hunter has sworn himself to guarding her for afar as well as to eradicate what made him weak in the first place. With him are now three hounds as he walk the path of a werewolf and witch hunt, the pups taken a year previous from now as his faithful companions.

His three hounds are called Nip, Bite and Maul and are great beasts capable of pinning down even the greatest of werewolves.

So begins...

Ambrose Rivain's Story

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Once Upon a Time...
It is the morning after the potion explosion. Midsummer, plants and other forms of vegetation are blossoming while the sun shines brightly in the pale-blue sky. However, not all places are beaming brilliantly with sunshine...


There were the individual sounds of peaceful birds chirping, as well as the vibrant colors of green and deep brown popping into view as Alice opened her eyelids. She was somewhere in a forest, no doubt. A very quiet, dark, foggy forest. Somehow, this didn’t surprise her. Didn’t almost all stories start in the woods? From all the myths, tales and legends she had remembered, everything happened in the forest. Princesses were rescued, dragons were slayed, and magical creatures lurked around every corner. However, Alice wasn’t a princess, or a dragon, or a creature, or a king, or a jester or an animal. She was…merely…someone. Wait, who was she? She dug through the crevices of her mind until she could find a recent memory, but she found nothing. She could not remember her childhood, her friends…not even her parents. Just her name. Why just her name?

Was she mad? Was she dreaming? Frustrated, Alice picked herself up off of the moist bed of pine needles and leaves, and paced back and forth. What was she doing here, alone in the woods? She kept asking questions, but all the answers led back to the same thing: Why couldn’t she remember anything? Perhaps this was all a dream. She needed to wake up. She couldn’t stand any more of this terrifying nightmare. Alice took a few steps back, and then with all her might, she charged towards the direction of the tree in front of her. Instead of opening her eyes again on a bed or wherever she slept in reality, the lean girl’s body hit hard against the bark of the tree. There was sharp, immediate pain that placed itself right outside of her forehead. Alice fell to the ground, paralyzed by shock and stiffness. So maybe she wasn’t dreaming after all…

As she rubbed the palm of her right hand against her forehead to take away the pain, Alice’s curiosity sparked like a small flame. There were three things she knew for sure: her name was Alice, she was NOT dreaming, and she was in a forest. This left for the possibility that her REAL self from the REAL world might have died, and had moved on to some sort of afterlife. However, she knew better than to jump to that conclusion instantaneously. There had to have been a reason why she remembered some stories told to her when she was younger. But had she had ever been younger? With the flood of questions and her forehead still throbbing, Alice was giving herself a headache. Exhausted, she sat on the ground, her one leg crossed over the other. It was then that she got a good look at her outfit. She was wearing a blue knee-length dress, gold-colored boots, and there was something behind her back. She reached her hand backwards to draw forward a softly knitted purple knapsack. She placed it beside her, noticing a shiny bronze sword strapped to her waist by a leather belt. Good; at least wherever she was, she’d be able to defend herself from any danger.

She pulled open her drawstring knapsack, finding a plethora of random items inside. She was particularly hungry at the time, and although she couldn’t find any food, she did spot something else that caught her attention: a tiny navy-colored notebook. The front cover was made of a scaly-leather material, and the words “Alice’s Journal and Field Guide” were plastered in bright-red paint across the center. She opened up the tiny book, discovering a large amount of words and phrases she didn’t understand. There were things like “Wonderland” and “Unbirthday”, and names, such as the “Queen of Hearts”, the “Mad Hatter”, and the “March Hare”. There was something, however, that caught her eye amongst the midst of confusing terms. The page was entitled “The Magic Mirror”, and an oval with a regal face in the center had been etched onto the papyrus-like paper. On the bottom of the page, there was a description of the artifact. Apparently, in her past life, (whatever she was doing in her past life) Alice had failed to find this mirror of extraordinarily enchanted powers. Since this new Alice had absolutely no plans, as she had forgotten all of them, she made it her first priority to find this mirror, as it enticed her to a substantial degree.

It was then after she had slammed the notebook shut that Alice gave a blood-curdling scream.

In front of her was a ferocious-looking wolf baring its sharply-pointed teeth. Its face was contorted into the most frightening of positions. Its surprise entrance made the beast all the more terrifying. Needless to say, Alice threw her notebook up into the air as she jumped in fear, and backed into the tree nearest her. She was cornered as more gray-colored wolves approached. No doubt, they were as hungry as she. Quickly, she pulled the sword from off of her belt, and pointed it at the three beasts, her hands, feet, and lips trembling. For a second, they actually backed away. However, that small moment didn’t last long enough. The center wolf lunged towards Alice, its eyes turning a frightening shade of yellow. In a moment she could have only described as “instinctive”, Alice dodged the attack, shifted towards her right, and swiped across from her. She struck at the wolf’s neck, making the beast utter a petrifying cry of pain before it was swiftly decapitated. In the teenage girl’s mind, time seemed to stop. She had performed the motion so cleanly and flawlessly, as if she had done it a million times before. Did she actually know how to swordfight? How? Perhaps in her past life, she was an accomplished swordswoman. Maybe she was a bandit, or a knight….

Whatever she was, she’d have to channel her inner instincts again, as more wolves surrounded her in seconds. Another one lunged forwards towards her neck. In response, Alice raised her sword, wedging the blade between the beast’s fangs and stabbing the tip of the weapon into the wolf’s upper mouth. Then another approached her. With her knee, she kicked the creature in the jaw, and then sent the blade through the beast’s chest. And then there was another, and another, and another...

No question, Alice would have to retreat. There were way too many. She ran as fast as her lean feet could take her, swooping down to pick up her notebook, and then jumping high onto the branch of a nearby tree. Like a squirrel being chased by a dog, she climbed the tree quickly, all the while maintaining caution. She gasped as a wolf had almost wrapped its fangs around her leg. Eventually, she had climbed up high enough into the safety of the tree. The wolves wouldn’t be able to pursue her now. However, that didn’t stop them from trying. They were still barking, still trying to find a way to scale the tree and gobble up the golden-haired girl. Alice sighed. Although she knew she’d be fine, she also knew that it would probably be a long time until these wolves would give up trying to kill her. For a second, she thought about living in the tree for the rest of her life, but that idea quickly faded once her empty stomach started to growl loudly.

Either by wolves or by hunger, she had a feeling it wouldn’t be long until she was dead. She stared off into the depths of the forest. Maybe there was someone nearby who could help her somehow. Then again, maybe not, and she’d just have to formulate her own plan. She swallowed a deep breath of air, and then shouted “HELP!”into the foggy patch of sky surrounding her. Judging by the equipment she had, Alice had a feeling that whatever she had been before, she had never been a princess. With the little beauty she assumed she had, there’d be no prince willing to come and rescue her from this deadly situation. It would be just like suicide…

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#, as written by Jynxii

She awoke that morning in possibly the best mood she had ever been in. When her doe brown eyes opened to look around her royal bed chamber, she allowed herself to take her time and soak it all in. Across the glorious bedchamber stood a half manikin dressed in the most beautiful wedding gown she had ever seen. The lace seemed to go on and on, and the embroidery was exquisite. It was then that two of the fairies that raised her arrived, each swooping in through her open balcony window. Each erupted into gentle coos of how beautiful she was going to look today. With a few flicks of their wands, she was dressed and prepared for the day. There was no denying she looked stunning.

Philip would be waking up in the guest wing, getting dressed and heading to meet her in the grand hall- where everyone would gather to watch their wedding. Philip had managed to defeat Maleficent, but not before she was able to murder Aurora's parents. Aurora was now Queen of the East and South (or, most of it anyway). Her realms were wild and magical and beautiful. Her parents before her had ruled with a just and fair hand, as she planned to rule.

Aurora knew that something had to be done about the war. Too much blood had already been spilled on both sides. An end and peace were desperately needed. Aurora pushed the thoughts from her mind and crossed over to the full length mirror in her chamber. She looked at her reflection and smiled. The problems of the kingdom could wait a few hours. Today was her wedding day. The love of her life, brave and strong Prince Philip, waited for her hand. "Alright. I'm rea-" An explosion of great force knocked the wind out of her, sending her forward into her mirror.

Aurora slowly opened her eyes, wincing at the pounding in her head. What happened? The blonde slowly sat up, gasping as a burning sensation erupted in her palm. A hunk of glass glimmered in her flesh, but it wasn't only the wound that scared her the most- it was the dark haired female that looked back at her. Gingerly, she pulled the shard from her hand and looked around. She sat in a ring of glass shards, with countless reflections of herself looking up at her. "Oh, oh my... Rose! Rose, are you alright, dear?!" The panicked voice caused her to look up as a fairy landed and rushed over to her. "Who-" "Hush dear, now don't fret. Here, give me your palm. That's a good girl. There. That's better, isn't it? OH! Good gracious! Merryweather!" The fairy fluttered away from Aurora now that her palm was healed and rushed to a crumpled heap of a fairy across the room.

Aurora slowly staggered to her feet, looking around the room as if it were her first time seeing it. A second fairy landed in the doorway, there now being a total of four fairies now- three conscious and one not. "There's panic throughout the kingdom, your Highness! People everywhere are experiencing memory loss! There was an explosion! Oh dear, oh my, what happened in here?" The fairy, Peabottom, flew over to Aurora and landed with wide eyes. "Are you alright, my Queen? Is your... is your memory intact? Do you... Do you know who you are?"

"Wh- Of course I remember who I am! I'm Princess Aurora!"

"Technically, you are Queen Aurora now, my Queen. What else do you remember?"

"What else? Um.. Well.. Obviously I was... At least I'm pretty sure that I was... raised by fairies... I remember that they are good- that not all magic is bad. I remember my mother and father, though I don't really know them to be honest. I spent my child hood in a small cabin in the woods with my fairy guardians. I've only recently moved back to the castle... Yeah, that's, ah.. That's pretty much it I believe." "Well... that's a start, your Highness. Please, are you dressed to head downstairs?" "Oh. That's all you wanted to know..? Grand! One question though, before you go?" Peabottom paused and turned to Aurora, as she had been on her way out the window.

"Why am I in a wedding dress... and what happened to my hair!?"

"Oh... My Queen, you-- you're getting married today. To Prince Philip!"

"Prince Philip?"

"Yes, my Queen."

"Who's Prince Philip?"

The fairy looked at her as though she had completely lost her mind- which, regrettably, she had. At least the part where the majority of her memories were. Rose had only a small glimmer of what she remembered in her past life. Fairies, magic, being royalty. The rest was a hazy blur. "I want out of this dress.." "But, my Queen, your wedding!" "I'm not marrying a total stranger! Please, help me get this off. Do I... Do I have anything else to wear?" The fairies exchanged glances, all awake now, and then rushed to help her out of the beautiful gown. She changed into a less elaborate, but still extremely royal, blue gown and made her way out of the room. The fairies had to lead her, because she couldn't remember the layout of this strange place.

The crown on her head was getting heavier and heavier by the second, with each unsure step she took. "My Queen! The Prince!" "Prince Philip? Yes?" "He's gone!" The fairies around her let out a gasp, but Aurora stood without being phased. "Alright. Well. That takes care of that I suppose. Can anyone tell me what's going on? Where are my parents?" "They're passed on, my Queen," "What?" Her throat tightened instantly, and although she had no memory of the first time- this had been her reaction then as well. Only, the first time she had time to drop to her knees and sob. She felt like she could, but there were too many questions unanswered. Tears brimmed in her eyes as she tried to hold herself together. Now was simply not the time to fall apart. "The late King and Queen were killed by Maleficent, your Grace." "Maleficent..?"

The fairies turned and flew away from her to circle up and whisper amongst themselves. Aurora was only able to catch bits and pieces of the conversation. "Lost... Hopeless... Needs to know... Impossible... I tried.. Magic is too powerful... If only.. Babayaga.. No! We must not.." "Who is this 'Babayaga'?" "She's an evil witch, my Queen, it's best that we--" "She's a witch?" "Yes, my Queen, but she--" "Take me to her." "But your Highness..." "Am I not the Queen?" "You are, your Highness, but she-" "Then please do not argue with me. Take me to her. If she is a witch, then perhaps she can undo the damage that has been done... since your magic was unsuccessful." The fairies exchanged glances with one another, unsure if they should try to argue their point more or agree. Peabottom stepped up and nodded quietly. "I will take you, my Queen." "Thank you."

The carriage creaked in protest of every bump that the two black stallions pulled it over. By her side sat Peabottom, looking extremely worried. They had decided against taking a royal carriage, and instead went in a simple one. Rose wore a large dark green cloak with a hood pulled over her head, just in case someone caught a glimpse through the windows. Although she had no memory of this land, her body seemed to. Her palms were sweating as if she were nervous, though she had no memory of why she should be. Curiously, Rose looked out the windows at the passing forests. "How much longer until we get there?" "Hopefully not long, my queen.." "Please don't call me that. Not here. Not when we're alone. There's really no point in it, and anyway.. what if someone heard you? Please. Call me Aurora, or Rose." Aurora smiled warmly at the fairy, who smiled sheepishly back. Had this fairy been one of the ones to raise her?

She had opened her mouth to ask, but suddenly the carriage was stopped. She could hear the uneasy whinnies of the horses up ahead of her. "What's happening...?" "I... I don't know. Stay here, my--.. Rose." Peabottom opened the door to her side of the carriage and stepped out, walking out of sight. "Who goes there?"