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"How can I help you when I can't even help myself?!"

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"You don't even need to open your mouth. Your mere silence reeks stupidity."


Babayaga Elvira Gothel

Babs (mockingly). Also known as The "spirit of the forest", as well as Dame Gothel and Mother Gothel to her adopted daughter, Rapunzel.

Who knows? Even Babayaga herself doesn't know her age. It's not that she is immortal or anything like that, she just doesn't keep track. To her, age is unimportant.

Claims by all means to be asexual. However, she did have a relationship with a man a long, long time ago...

Vasilisa the Brave, and Rapunzel

Babayaga (Vasilisa the Brave) and Dame Gothel (Rapunzel)


Peace and quiet | The forest | Alchemy | Taking a walk | Rapunzel, her daughter | Darkness | Pumpkins | Animals | Spirits | The cold | Nighttime | Sarcasm | Relaxation | Magic | Explosions | Her garden | Family traditions | Curses | Speaking her mind | Spiders | Her pan flute | Nature | Books |

Visitors | Loud things | Liars | Cheaters | Failure | Hot climate | Disobedience | Children | Public places | Royalty | Snow White | People | Her past | Forest fires | The undead | Distasteful music | Prison | Judgement | "Love" | Rumors | Being annoyed | Ignorance and stupidity | Dwarves | Knights | Animal cruelty | Explosions | Aristocrats | Bright colors | Parties | Alcohol | Thieves | Vasilisa |

Spell-casting~ A master at magic, Babayaga is capable of producing a variety of spells from staffs, wands, and from her fingertips. She primarily uses earth-based magic, as she has been protecting the woods since a young age. She also occasionally uses dark magic when she is angry. This includes using curses, highly destructive spells, and the worst of all, possession.
Alchemy~ She is skilled at potion making, and can even create deadly poisons, as well as rejuvenating medicines. Even without a cauldron, Ms. Gothel can still improvise with what she finds in the wild.
Survivalist~ She can make do with whatever she finds in the wild, and knows how to survive by herself in even the roughest of conditions.
Tamer~ Babayaga is good with animals, of course, as she is an ally to mother nature. Animals tend to be attracted to her, and she can call upon them for help when needed.
Intelligent~ Now that Vasilisa's done it once, it's hard to trick Babayaga. She is intuitive and highly clever. She can be considered a mastermind among humans, demonstrating strategic plans and a practically photographic memory.
Spirits~ Babayaga demonstrates the rare ability to see spirits and ghosts around her. She often talks to them when she needs advice or is feeling...lonely.

Wanted~ Being a witch, Babayaga is a wanted criminal by decree of Snow White and her kingdom. She must always be cautious. Showing her face at the wrong time can be the difference between life and death.
Aggresive~ It's just so incredibly hard for her to make friends. Being hot-headed, cynical, ignorant to the unintelligent and a disbeliever of true love, she turns more people away than an ugly troll. She is thought to be a misanthrope, as she screams in people's faces more often than she actually talks to them.
Gullible~ MANY times in her life has Babayaga been tricked. She's gotten better about asking more questions and being skeptical, but still, she can be hoodwinked...
Stoic~ She lacks physical strength, and without magic to protect her, she'd be a sitting duck in a duel. Although she can climb quite well, she can't run very fast and she CERTAINLY can't lift anything too heavy. And don't even get STARTED about defending herself with a weapon; she has terrible aim, and is often clumsy enough to hurt herself with any sharp object rather than hurting her opponent with it.

Rapunzel escaping her tower and being exposed to the outside world | Her past coming back to haunt her | That she won't be able to fix the mess that she's made in time | Being burned to death | Execution |

"Memory? Really? I'm the one who STARTED this you pea-brained imbecile! I can't stand stupid questions!"

Opinion on the War:
"Are you really asking me that? And you expect me to ANSWER it, too?!"
It's a no-brainer that Babayaga is clearly sided with Sleeping Beauty and her kingdom/army. Having used magic all of her life, she hates Snow White's views on sorcery. Babayaga has never really used her magic on anyone else, except for self-defense. She mostly uses it to take care of the forest and creatures that thrive in it. That being said, she hopes to see Sleeping Beauty win the war, and cannot wait until the day when she can practice magic in public without suspicion. (not that she'd ever be in public anyway...)


Aggressive | Lonely | Somewhat caring | Clever | Sarcastic | Cunning | Determined | Selfish | Emotional | Humorous | Cautious | Overprotective | Cynical |

There is a big difference between Babayaga's assumed personality and the personality she really has. To those who have never met her, she is often depicted as an ugly, stingy, uncaring, and destructive woman who attains cannibalistic tendencies and will kill anyone who steps foot into her forest and garden. That, of course, is not true. However there is a little bit of correctness in each of the many rumors that appear when the name "Babayaga" is brought up in conversation.

If anything, Dame Gothel is woman who's experiences have turned her into someone who distrusts the human race. She hates the word "love" because she does not believe in it like she used to. She feels as though she has disproved love through learning how to become indepenent in the midst of loneliness and solitude. That's not to say she likes her independence, as she can be very brooding at times, but she has learned how to survive without the support of other people. She's a very organized, clever, cunning, strategic and plan-oriented sort of lady. She'd rather sit back and analyze a situation instead of jumping straight ahead and improvising. That's not to say she wouldn't do so, as her violent, aggressive, unnatural, and over-all terrifying temper can make her do almost anything. She carries her temper around with her as if it is an article of clothing she wears at all times.

However, despite the coldness she seems to project, Babayaga truly is a caring woman. Or at least, she tries to be. She's just been scarred, that's all. An example of her kind nature (and even her overprotectiveness) can be seen through the relationship she holds with her daughter, Rapunzel. Sure, she may have locked her in a tower and shut her away from the rest of the world, but she doesn't scold her or beat her. To Babayaga, that is true parenting. She sees Rapunzel not as an experiment, but as a daughter whom she wants to be pure, and not hurt by the dangers of the outside world. Of course, Dame Gothel does not see this as manipulation of sorts. In conclusion. Babayaga's personality has been twisted to that of an insane person's mindset. If only she'd see some kindness for once, perhaps she'd change...



Much of Babayaga's personality is shaped by her childhood and early years. She was born to a fairy and a mortal man. Because of this, she attained her mother's powers, but had the looks and characteristics of a human. Born in the very same cottage that she still lives in today, Babayaga's family was very poor, and could not afford most things that were needed for living. However, the tight-knitted Gothels had a secret: the garden that was planted all around their tiny house was magical. Ancient and full of mysterious fruits and vegetables, the garden had become the family's prideful tradition. The little witch learned from a young age to always be protective of the garden. If any of the greens got into the wrong hands, things could become chaotic. (As demonstrated with an old man one year as he stole some of the garden's magic beans)

Anyways, Babayaga's childhood was very lonely, as many children saw her as a "freak" due to her magic powers. She did have the comfort of the animals, in the forest, however. One year, there was a terrible famine, and so even the magic garden had a hard time producing any fruits/vegetables. Because of this, Babayaga's father resorted to stealing, and was later jailed for trying to steal a loaf of bread. Furious for the unreasonable punishment and depressed that she couldn't see her husband, the girl's mother started to practice the dark arts. This eventually had her jailed as well. Fortunately, Babayaga was old enough to take care of herself, but still, times were extremely tough. It was this period in her life, when she encountered her darkest darkness, that the witch learned how to talk to ghosts and spirits.

As she grew older, Babayaga showed her face around the village where many people gathered. Although she was a peasant, she somehow managed to attract the attention of the prince. They married, and soon enough, she was living an extravagant life, and never had to suffer with the burden of starvation. However, as time passed, Babayaga realized that her husband was starting to change. He mistreated and abused her, as he hated the fact that his wife was more powerful through magic than he could ever be through riches and force. Having to suppress her magic made the young woman grow extremely hateful, as well as doubtful. The couple had a son, whom they named Raphael. Babayaga was least until she heard plans from a messenger that her husband wanted to throw the boy into the wilderness because he had attained his mother's powers. Furious, the woman left his side and planned to return to her cottage. She went to the jail in order to bail out her parents, only to learn that they had died in prison many years ago. A few months later, the entire kingdom had been invaded, and Babayaga's former husband and her son had been killed.

The amount of loss in her life made the witch grow cold, hateful, and unkind. One day, she had seen a man trying to steal one of the vegetables in her garden. He begged her not to do anything to him, as the food was for his pregnant wife. She made a deal; if he surrendered his child, she'd spare him. He agreed, and so when the babe was born, Babayaga took the girl and named her Rapunzel, in remembrance of her dead son, Raphael. Unlike the young prince, the witch would not see this girl die at an early age. She built an extremely high tower in order to protect the girl from the outside world, and placed her in it when she came of age and could take care of herself. Still to this day, Babayaga calls for Rapunzel to let down her golden hair so that she may climb up it and check on her daughter. After losing their child, the couple that surrendered their Rapunzel told their friends about what had happened. The story got so out of hand, that people accused Dame Gothel of being a cannibal; due to rumors, Babayaga had taken the infant and ate her, explaining why Rapunzel was never to be seen again. This made the witch feared across the land. Nobody was to be seen around her house ever again...except for a young maiden named Vasilisa many years later.

The beautiful young woman came to Babayaga's house in order to ask for a candle that her evil stepmother required. Skeptical and angry, the enchantress gave her three tasks to complete. She knew they were impossible, and had a good feeling that the girl would fail each one. However, once she had returned to her cottage after visiting Rapunzel each day, Vasilisa had completed the tasks. Baffled, Babayaga asked the maiden how she had done each one. Then the girl replied "by my mother's love". This repulsed the witch, as she had lost belief in true love after having been mistreated by her husband. She dismissed the girl, never to see her again, and lived a few quiet more years in the forest and in the cottage. She found a piece of beautifully woven thread on the floor, and kept it upon the girl's departure.

Eventually, Babayaga had heard about the great Vasilisa the Brave once again, how she had married a tzar, and how she had once outwitted a witch by using a magic doll. Shocked and curious about the doll, Babayaga dropped the thread she had kept into a cauldron of bubbling green liquid, only to see a flashback of Vasilisa's doll doing each of the three tasks the witch had assigned for the maiden. Furious beyond words, Dame Gothel had a plan to make a potion that would turn back time so that she could kill the girl. However, due to a couple of crows causing an unpredictable accident, the enchantress's alchemical mix backfired, and caused an explosion throughout the land. After being awakened by a spirit on horseback, the woman found her cottage destroyed, yet her garden still in good enough shape. Now, after hearing about the pandemonium she has caused, Babayaga Gothel is forming a plan in order to restore each of the fairytale characters' memories. She knows that it won't be easy in 48 hours, but she has promised herself that she will do it, or die trying.

Anything else you'd like to add. You can put fun facts if you want to :)

So begins...

Babayaga's Story

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Once Upon a Time...
It is the morning after the potion explosion. Midsummer, plants and other forms of vegetation are blossoming while the sun shines brightly in the pale-blue sky. However, not all places are beaming brilliantly with sunshine...


There were the individual sounds of peaceful birds chirping, as well as the vibrant colors of green and deep brown popping into view as Alice opened her eyelids. She was somewhere in a forest, no doubt. A very quiet, dark, foggy forest. Somehow, this didn’t surprise her. Didn’t almost all stories start in the woods? From all the myths, tales and legends she had remembered, everything happened in the forest. Princesses were rescued, dragons were slayed, and magical creatures lurked around every corner. However, Alice wasn’t a princess, or a dragon, or a creature, or a king, or a jester or an animal. She was…merely…someone. Wait, who was she? She dug through the crevices of her mind until she could find a recent memory, but she found nothing. She could not remember her childhood, her friends…not even her parents. Just her name. Why just her name?

Was she mad? Was she dreaming? Frustrated, Alice picked herself up off of the moist bed of pine needles and leaves, and paced back and forth. What was she doing here, alone in the woods? She kept asking questions, but all the answers led back to the same thing: Why couldn’t she remember anything? Perhaps this was all a dream. She needed to wake up. She couldn’t stand any more of this terrifying nightmare. Alice took a few steps back, and then with all her might, she charged towards the direction of the tree in front of her. Instead of opening her eyes again on a bed or wherever she slept in reality, the lean girl’s body hit hard against the bark of the tree. There was sharp, immediate pain that placed itself right outside of her forehead. Alice fell to the ground, paralyzed by shock and stiffness. So maybe she wasn’t dreaming after all…

As she rubbed the palm of her right hand against her forehead to take away the pain, Alice’s curiosity sparked like a small flame. There were three things she knew for sure: her name was Alice, she was NOT dreaming, and she was in a forest. This left for the possibility that her REAL self from the REAL world might have died, and had moved on to some sort of afterlife. However, she knew better than to jump to that conclusion instantaneously. There had to have been a reason why she remembered some stories told to her when she was younger. But had she had ever been younger? With the flood of questions and her forehead still throbbing, Alice was giving herself a headache. Exhausted, she sat on the ground, her one leg crossed over the other. It was then that she got a good look at her outfit. She was wearing a blue knee-length dress, gold-colored boots, and there was something behind her back. She reached her hand backwards to draw forward a softly knitted purple knapsack. She placed it beside her, noticing a shiny bronze sword strapped to her waist by a leather belt. Good; at least wherever she was, she’d be able to defend herself from any danger.

She pulled open her drawstring knapsack, finding a plethora of random items inside. She was particularly hungry at the time, and although she couldn’t find any food, she did spot something else that caught her attention: a tiny navy-colored notebook. The front cover was made of a scaly-leather material, and the words “Alice’s Journal and Field Guide” were plastered in bright-red paint across the center. She opened up the tiny book, discovering a large amount of words and phrases she didn’t understand. There were things like “Wonderland” and “Unbirthday”, and names, such as the “Queen of Hearts”, the “Mad Hatter”, and the “March Hare”. There was something, however, that caught her eye amongst the midst of confusing terms. The page was entitled “The Magic Mirror”, and an oval with a regal face in the center had been etched onto the papyrus-like paper. On the bottom of the page, there was a description of the artifact. Apparently, in her past life, (whatever she was doing in her past life) Alice had failed to find this mirror of extraordinarily enchanted powers. Since this new Alice had absolutely no plans, as she had forgotten all of them, she made it her first priority to find this mirror, as it enticed her to a substantial degree.

It was then after she had slammed the notebook shut that Alice gave a blood-curdling scream.

In front of her was a ferocious-looking wolf baring its sharply-pointed teeth. Its face was contorted into the most frightening of positions. Its surprise entrance made the beast all the more terrifying. Needless to say, Alice threw her notebook up into the air as she jumped in fear, and backed into the tree nearest her. She was cornered as more gray-colored wolves approached. No doubt, they were as hungry as she. Quickly, she pulled the sword from off of her belt, and pointed it at the three beasts, her hands, feet, and lips trembling. For a second, they actually backed away. However, that small moment didn’t last long enough. The center wolf lunged towards Alice, its eyes turning a frightening shade of yellow. In a moment she could have only described as “instinctive”, Alice dodged the attack, shifted towards her right, and swiped across from her. She struck at the wolf’s neck, making the beast utter a petrifying cry of pain before it was swiftly decapitated. In the teenage girl’s mind, time seemed to stop. She had performed the motion so cleanly and flawlessly, as if she had done it a million times before. Did she actually know how to swordfight? How? Perhaps in her past life, she was an accomplished swordswoman. Maybe she was a bandit, or a knight….

Whatever she was, she’d have to channel her inner instincts again, as more wolves surrounded her in seconds. Another one lunged forwards towards her neck. In response, Alice raised her sword, wedging the blade between the beast’s fangs and stabbing the tip of the weapon into the wolf’s upper mouth. Then another approached her. With her knee, she kicked the creature in the jaw, and then sent the blade through the beast’s chest. And then there was another, and another, and another...

No question, Alice would have to retreat. There were way too many. She ran as fast as her lean feet could take her, swooping down to pick up her notebook, and then jumping high onto the branch of a nearby tree. Like a squirrel being chased by a dog, she climbed the tree quickly, all the while maintaining caution. She gasped as a wolf had almost wrapped its fangs around her leg. Eventually, she had climbed up high enough into the safety of the tree. The wolves wouldn’t be able to pursue her now. However, that didn’t stop them from trying. They were still barking, still trying to find a way to scale the tree and gobble up the golden-haired girl. Alice sighed. Although she knew she’d be fine, she also knew that it would probably be a long time until these wolves would give up trying to kill her. For a second, she thought about living in the tree for the rest of her life, but that idea quickly faded once her empty stomach started to growl loudly.

Either by wolves or by hunger, she had a feeling it wouldn’t be long until she was dead. She stared off into the depths of the forest. Maybe there was someone nearby who could help her somehow. Then again, maybe not, and she’d just have to formulate her own plan. She swallowed a deep breath of air, and then shouted “HELP!”into the foggy patch of sky surrounding her. Judging by the equipment she had, Alice had a feeling that whatever she had been before, she had never been a princess. With the little beauty she assumed she had, there’d be no prince willing to come and rescue her from this deadly situation. It would be just like suicide…

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#, as written by Jynxii

She awoke that morning in possibly the best mood she had ever been in. When her doe brown eyes opened to look around her royal bed chamber, she allowed herself to take her time and soak it all in. Across the glorious bedchamber stood a half manikin dressed in the most beautiful wedding gown she had ever seen. The lace seemed to go on and on, and the embroidery was exquisite. It was then that two of the fairies that raised her arrived, each swooping in through her open balcony window. Each erupted into gentle coos of how beautiful she was going to look today. With a few flicks of their wands, she was dressed and prepared for the day. There was no denying she looked stunning.

Philip would be waking up in the guest wing, getting dressed and heading to meet her in the grand hall- where everyone would gather to watch their wedding. Philip had managed to defeat Maleficent, but not before she was able to murder Aurora's parents. Aurora was now Queen of the East and South (or, most of it anyway). Her realms were wild and magical and beautiful. Her parents before her had ruled with a just and fair hand, as she planned to rule.

Aurora knew that something had to be done about the war. Too much blood had already been spilled on both sides. An end and peace were desperately needed. Aurora pushed the thoughts from her mind and crossed over to the full length mirror in her chamber. She looked at her reflection and smiled. The problems of the kingdom could wait a few hours. Today was her wedding day. The love of her life, brave and strong Prince Philip, waited for her hand. "Alright. I'm rea-" An explosion of great force knocked the wind out of her, sending her forward into her mirror.

Aurora slowly opened her eyes, wincing at the pounding in her head. What happened? The blonde slowly sat up, gasping as a burning sensation erupted in her palm. A hunk of glass glimmered in her flesh, but it wasn't only the wound that scared her the most- it was the dark haired female that looked back at her. Gingerly, she pulled the shard from her hand and looked around. She sat in a ring of glass shards, with countless reflections of herself looking up at her. "Oh, oh my... Rose! Rose, are you alright, dear?!" The panicked voice caused her to look up as a fairy landed and rushed over to her. "Who-" "Hush dear, now don't fret. Here, give me your palm. That's a good girl. There. That's better, isn't it? OH! Good gracious! Merryweather!" The fairy fluttered away from Aurora now that her palm was healed and rushed to a crumpled heap of a fairy across the room.

Aurora slowly staggered to her feet, looking around the room as if it were her first time seeing it. A second fairy landed in the doorway, there now being a total of four fairies now- three conscious and one not. "There's panic throughout the kingdom, your Highness! People everywhere are experiencing memory loss! There was an explosion! Oh dear, oh my, what happened in here?" The fairy, Peabottom, flew over to Aurora and landed with wide eyes. "Are you alright, my Queen? Is your... is your memory intact? Do you... Do you know who you are?"

"Wh- Of course I remember who I am! I'm Princess Aurora!"

"Technically, you are Queen Aurora now, my Queen. What else do you remember?"

"What else? Um.. Well.. Obviously I was... At least I'm pretty sure that I was... raised by fairies... I remember that they are good- that not all magic is bad. I remember my mother and father, though I don't really know them to be honest. I spent my child hood in a small cabin in the woods with my fairy guardians. I've only recently moved back to the castle... Yeah, that's, ah.. That's pretty much it I believe." "Well... that's a start, your Highness. Please, are you dressed to head downstairs?" "Oh. That's all you wanted to know..? Grand! One question though, before you go?" Peabottom paused and turned to Aurora, as she had been on her way out the window.

"Why am I in a wedding dress... and what happened to my hair!?"

"Oh... My Queen, you-- you're getting married today. To Prince Philip!"

"Prince Philip?"

"Yes, my Queen."

"Who's Prince Philip?"

The fairy looked at her as though she had completely lost her mind- which, regrettably, she had. At least the part where the majority of her memories were. Rose had only a small glimmer of what she remembered in her past life. Fairies, magic, being royalty. The rest was a hazy blur. "I want out of this dress.." "But, my Queen, your wedding!" "I'm not marrying a total stranger! Please, help me get this off. Do I... Do I have anything else to wear?" The fairies exchanged glances, all awake now, and then rushed to help her out of the beautiful gown. She changed into a less elaborate, but still extremely royal, blue gown and made her way out of the room. The fairies had to lead her, because she couldn't remember the layout of this strange place.

The crown on her head was getting heavier and heavier by the second, with each unsure step she took. "My Queen! The Prince!" "Prince Philip? Yes?" "He's gone!" The fairies around her let out a gasp, but Aurora stood without being phased. "Alright. Well. That takes care of that I suppose. Can anyone tell me what's going on? Where are my parents?" "They're passed on, my Queen," "What?" Her throat tightened instantly, and although she had no memory of the first time- this had been her reaction then as well. Only, the first time she had time to drop to her knees and sob. She felt like she could, but there were too many questions unanswered. Tears brimmed in her eyes as she tried to hold herself together. Now was simply not the time to fall apart. "The late King and Queen were killed by Maleficent, your Grace." "Maleficent..?"

The fairies turned and flew away from her to circle up and whisper amongst themselves. Aurora was only able to catch bits and pieces of the conversation. "Lost... Hopeless... Needs to know... Impossible... I tried.. Magic is too powerful... If only.. Babayaga.. No! We must not.." "Who is this 'Babayaga'?" "She's an evil witch, my Queen, it's best that we--" "She's a witch?" "Yes, my Queen, but she--" "Take me to her." "But your Highness..." "Am I not the Queen?" "You are, your Highness, but she-" "Then please do not argue with me. Take me to her. If she is a witch, then perhaps she can undo the damage that has been done... since your magic was unsuccessful." The fairies exchanged glances with one another, unsure if they should try to argue their point more or agree. Peabottom stepped up and nodded quietly. "I will take you, my Queen." "Thank you."

The carriage creaked in protest of every bump that the two black stallions pulled it over. By her side sat Peabottom, looking extremely worried. They had decided against taking a royal carriage, and instead went in a simple one. Rose wore a large dark green cloak with a hood pulled over her head, just in case someone caught a glimpse through the windows. Although she had no memory of this land, her body seemed to. Her palms were sweating as if she were nervous, though she had no memory of why she should be. Curiously, Rose looked out the windows at the passing forests. "How much longer until we get there?" "Hopefully not long, my queen.." "Please don't call me that. Not here. Not when we're alone. There's really no point in it, and anyway.. what if someone heard you? Please. Call me Aurora, or Rose." Aurora smiled warmly at the fairy, who smiled sheepishly back. Had this fairy been one of the ones to raise her?

She had opened her mouth to ask, but suddenly the carriage was stopped. She could hear the uneasy whinnies of the horses up ahead of her. "What's happening...?" "I... I don't know. Stay here, my--.. Rose." Peabottom opened the door to her side of the carriage and stepped out, walking out of sight. "Who goes there?"

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"Don't stare at me like that, Dius," said a petite woman with frumpy black hair, "The hut looks as good as new!"

With her hands on her hips and her chin pointed towards the sky with pride, Babayaga stared at her newly-reconstructed house with fulfillment. After the delightful explosion that had caused pandemonium all across the land thanks to her, Babayaga's house had been ripped apart, wooden plank by plank. With a little bit of magic, the witch had managed to build it back up again using telekinesis and elbow grease. The finished project wasn't much to look at; the place she called home was simply a small wooden hut with a rectangle door and three windows. However, a more delightful sight was the beautiful garden that was located right next to the hut. Fortunately, none of the magical fruits or vegetables had been damaged during the catastrophe that was the potion failure. In the sunlight that shone through the clearing of the forest, the garden's bearings glistened with sparkling light. Anyone not used to seeing the place would have been blinded.

"Are you sure about that?" said a stiff-voiced man on horseback, "To me it seems a bit crooked."
Babayaga had called the man Dius; the name deriving from the Latin word for "day", dies. She had named him this because the man wasn't even a man at all; he was a ghost, a servant, who consistently transformed into different forms throughout the twenty-four hours that made a full day. He had three forms: a morning form, an afternoon form, and an evening form. Currently, he was in his morning form, about to shift into afternoon. Not many people knew of Dius's existence. Very few travelers had seen him ride through the forest when he summoned the sun or the moon to shift across the sky. He was powerful, and he was rare. The Dame Gothel herself hadn't even seen him for quite some time. But he was back again. He was back for a purpose that showed incredible importance and posed to be a great threat to the land...

"That's because the fence is missing." the enchantress stated bluntly, this time facing Dius. "The fence is what framed it. The fence is what made people run away from the house. God, I miss the fence already..." The fence Babayaga talked about had been knocked down by the explosion as well. It had always been her favorite part of the house. Why? Because it was made out of bones and human skulls.

"Miss Gothel, pardon me to reach out of my social boundaries midst asking this, but how come you are so calm at the moment? In the middle of chaos?" She gave a chuckle that could have been mistaken for a small cackle. "I'm not calm, in fact, I'm never calm. I am only suppressing my worry." This made Dius laugh in a somewhat irritated fashion. "Suppressing your worry? How's that?"

The witch shrugged as she began to lean on the tree nearest to her, lean arms now crossed over her chest. "With what's happened, it seems like a lot to fret over. However, here's the reality of it: in two days, what will happen? All those people...their memories will just be forgotten permanently. So what? I'm sure all of them have friends and family...relatives and others who can help them remember who they were before. And if not, well...then no harm done either. It could be worse. MUCH worse. It's not like they're dead or anything...I can assure you, everything will be fine."

Dius, now showing an expression of contained agitation, placed his hand over his temple in disappointment, and let out a mighty sigh. "Perhaps you did not understand me the first time I explained all of this to you..." The witch raised her brow in confusion and slight resentment.

"Babayaga, those people....they'll die if their memories are not restored in two days."

Sudden silence. Now, the black-haired woman's breath stopped. The words Dius spoke transformed her irritated expression into one of disbelief.
"All of them?"
"All of them, yes."

Babayaga still couldn't breath. She was shocked. Panic flooded her porcelain-white face, turning her forehead and cheeks red with fear. Since when was death part of the side-effects of the potion? She didn't believe it. It wasn't true. She shook her head and started to pace back and forth."No...NO!!! You said-"
"That if their recollections were not restored, they would not remember anything from their past, and would fail to recognize anything happening to them in the present. They would render unconscious yet again, back in the state they had experienced before, for ALL TIME..." the ghost jumped off of the saddle of his horse as he continued, "That was a grave expression for death, Babayaga! I even stated it afterwards. You failed to listen. "

She stared towards the ground and guzzled down huge breaths of air. However, she found it no use. She felt like she was choking it down instead of breathing it. What had she done? Why had she not known this before? How many people would die because of her failed attempt to change the past? She had only wanted to kill one girl, not many innocent people...
"Hold on..." said Dius suddenly, "I sense something. A whisper of some sort..." Babayaga leaned in closer as he continued, "A girl somewhere is looking for you. She-"

The ghost hadn't even completed his sentence when the violent witch let out a blood-curdling scream. Despite the cries she let out when she was experiencing unbreakable rage, this shout of distress was clearly the loudest sound the woman had ever produced in her life. "RAPUNZEL!" she shrieked, "I'VE FORGOTTEN ABOUT HER! SHE'S WORRIED ABOUT ME! MY RAPUNZEL IS LOOKING FOR ME!"

The ghost tried to silence her, but she kept going, "THIS IS NOT GOOD. THIS IS NOT GOOD!!! SHE COULD HAVE BEEN AFFECTED! SHE'LL...SHE'LL..." By instinct, Babayaga jumped up unto Dius's horse, and commanded the shadowy animal to move forward. Surprised and terrified by the woman's actions, Dius ran after his steed as he yelled to her, "Hey!! What are you doing? No! You mustn't go that way!..."

But Babayaga didn't care. Once again, she didn't listen. Maybe she didn't particularly care for those that had been affected by her mistake, but she cared for Rapunzel. She wouldn't let anything happen to her. She refused to.


Good, another person was now approaching the carriage containing the suspicious woman. He seemed easygoing...almost relaxed. Will listened to the man intently while he also kept an eye on the girl with his peripheral vision. Eric...he was a prince. The girl in the carriage...she was also royalty. Princess Aurora of Rosethorne and Prince Eric of Meridian. Because he the prince struggled to tell the woman where he hailed from, William made the quick and inaccurate conclusion that the man wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed. Maybe the dark-haired princess in the green cloak wasn't either. She couldn't remember if the prince was in control of her own navy. Their conversation seemed strangely awkward...

"I know a place where we can hide." said the girl beside him abruptly. However, her words weren't sudden in an annoying way. They came out gently, as if she clearly had confidence in what she was saying. Will just hoped she had confidence in what she was about to do. "Alright," he responded, "Lead the way. Let's get out of here."

The place where she led them was more serene than most parts of the forest he had seen. Here, the sun shined brightly through the trees, and every little detail of the woods could be seen clearly. This also included the girl. As he turned to face her, he noticed that her eyes glistened a mysterious shade of green.

"Have we met before?" the girl asked him. "Was just about to ask the same thing." Will muttered. He let his hands fall limply at his sides, and watched her as she continued to speak. He noticed that she was looking at him with an intrigued expression. The primarily taciturn man hoped that he was giving off the same impression. "Who are you?" she finally asked. He came a bit closer, and then told her.

"My name is Darkblood. William Darkblood. Other than that, I dunno who else I am..."
For a quick second, he stared down at the ground, and then continued to speak. "Now it's my turn, miss. Who are you?" Finally, a question he had been wanting to ask even before the explosion arose. He had to stop himself from asking her where he had encountered her before. Will knew that she was extremely familiar. He had seen her face in something...a dream almost. Or at least it felt like a dream...Once he finally found out who she was, what was he going to do? Hopefully he'd figure something out. A subtle voice inside of the man told him that her name would be the start of everything, whatever that meant...

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Eric sat quietly while Aurora described the events of her morning, and how she had forgotten the identity of her true love. He bowed his head silently. It must be painful... to know you were capable of such happiness to warrant a marriage, only to lose it and have no memory of who, how, or why... and in the wake, to set out on a journey of such importance. Queen Aurora seemed determined to tough it through her predicament. Though hers was not much different than his own. He too had no true memory of his life... but at least he wasn't living an obliterated love.

He could tell how nervous the queen was. She had taken it upon herself to solve this problem for everyone, and that was quite the burden to bear. He was very glad he happened upon her. These were dangerous woods. He was sure Aurora could handle herself, but Eric had extensive combat training, and would stop anyone and anything from attacking her. But The queen's fear and nervousness was not only for herself, but for all who had been affected. She was clearly a remarkable ruler, and Eric was proud to serve under her.

She was nervous about the witch Babayaga as well. Eric wasn't extremely knowledgeable about magic, as it hadn't come up in he and Grim's talks. If this witch was the cause of all of this then she must have a way to counteract it. Perhaps the witch had a cure, but not a reason to use it. Perhaps Babayaga liked it better this way.

"I'm sorry. It's just, Peabottom doesn't understand. How could she? I confess that I am both happy you are experiencing this with me and sad to hear you say so. What do you remember, Prince Eric?" It was a question he'd asked himself before. The answer was not helpful in the least. "I... I don't remember anything. Everything I know about myself is what others have told me." He couldn't help but be jealous of Aurora. She seemed to be more with her mind than he was. Whenever he tried to rack his brain, there was just that melody. It had been buzzing around his brain since he'd first awoken. He payed it no mind though, it was obviously just a shanty from his crew. "I've spoken with Grimsby about my past. He told me I was one of the greatest sailors on the sea, and that I was a prince, and your Naval Commander, but apart from that I'm lost. It was pure luck that I happened upon you in the first place. When I awoke I was on my ship in the middle of the sea. He chuckled slightly. "There is nigh more disorienting than waking with no memory in the middle of the ocean.

He looked up at her for the first time during their conversation, and she looked concerned. He took her hand, and in an attempt to lift her spirits, he reassured her. "Aurora, even if this Babayaga doesn't have the solution to our predicament, there is an enormous amount of magic in this world. Someone somewhere will have our answer, I can feel it in my bones." Despite the prince's unflappable confidence, she did not seem convinced. He sighed, taking her other hand, now speaking in a much more serious tone. "Aurora. If I promise you nay, 'swear' it to you, by my honor that I will not give up on our quest, no matter what obstacles we may face, will you do the same? There is nothing in this world that can break a sailor's word." He punctuated this with a small smile. He knew the only way they would succeed would be for them to roll with the punches and keep searching no matter what, and she needed to know he was with her one hundred percent.

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Questions flooded the raven-haired woman's mind. What if something happened to Rapunzel? What if she never fixed her mistake in time? What if she failed, and caused the destruction of life as she knew it? The woman tried to suppress her uneasiness, but she couldn't. She just couldn't. Ever since her falling out when she had been young, naive and daring, Babayaga tried to avoid responsibility. She even dreaded it. Now she was in the midst of it, and she could not help but feel tremendously terrified.

Her feelings consumed her so much, that she made the shadowy steed stop as they came to a mysterious location in the forest. As the horse halted, she looked upon the many wooden signs that surrounded her. They pointed to places...Agrabah, Rosethorne, Meridian...yes, these were the crossroads. Babayaga had not been this far into the wilderness for many years. It was haunting, and yet enchanting as well. Despite taking a few brief moments to reflect upon the noble area, the enchantress plunged right back into distraught. She was way too far; Rapunzel's tower was nowhere near here, in the West. She'd have to turn around and head back. She commanded Dius's stallion to do so, and that's when she noticed the brigade of armor-clad men waiting just behind her.

In an instant, the horse beneath Babayaga disappeared into thin air, and she landed unto the ground with crash. The curly-haired woman quickly picked herself up from off of the forest floor, and despairingly glanced around. For a moment, it was so silent, you could hear a pin drop. Babayaga's heart plunged into her stomach, and her palms became clammy with salty sweat.

"Seize her."

Suddenly, the woman's feet started to move behind her. Knights were approaching her swiftly like a roaring avalanche rolling down a mountain. She picked up the pace, and began to dart between the trees in a zig-zag formation. Looking behind her and seeing that it was no use using strategy against the West's military units, her adrenaline started to kick in, and the witch ran as fast as her stiff feet could take her. From here on out, she was a wanted criminal in the eyes of the guards. The West never liked magic-folk, and with the way she appeared, Babayaga displayed her identity like a brightly-colored peacock in the shining sun. In seconds, she could feel some sort of tingling beneath her feet. Looking beneath her, the witch could see the movement of wooden shafts just barely piercing her ankles. Great, now there were arrows being shot at her. Just what she needed. How long would it be until she dropped dead from mere shock?

No...she couldn't allow herself to be captured or killed. She was too important to the world now, and she wasn't in the mood to be a martyr or a childless mother. She'd fight back. She'd fight back hard. Channeling her violent rage into her tightly-clamped fists, Babayaga speedily shot random spells at the guards behind her. She had no qualms with killing, and so whatever incantation came out of her hands, she hoped it hit the men with as much force as possible. The earth below her suddenly started to turn downwards. She was running hastily down a sloping hill. With too much force, she'd fall over. Quickly and without much coordination, she slowed down. She was far enough from the rushing knights that Babayaga could regain her concentration. She moved her hands around in an enigmatic fashion, and with her eyes closed, her hands tingled with the sound of a high-pitched noise.

Heat all around her now, she opened her eyelids only to greet a massive wall of vibrantly scorching red fire. Although it was relieving and undoubtedly breathtaking to whomever stood in the midst of it, the woman knew it wouldn't be long until the guards would formulate a plan to travel around it. She kept running, and in the middle of picking up the pace again, she shot a small ball of green smoke from her hand onto the ground. The small sphere exploded into a large cloud of dark-colored smoke upon hitting the ground. Once the fog cleared, Babayaga was nowhere in sight.

Moments later, the woman lay on a large pile of leaves near the bottom of the hill. Exhausted couldn't even accurately describe how she felt after being chased by the swarm of guards. Her arms, legs, neck, and back all felt limp, weary, and weak. Sweat covered her forehead, and her hands strangely stung in subtle pain. After many minutes of just lying on the ground, Babayaga finally got the courage to lift herself back up from off of the ground, and continue going. She realized in that moment that from then on, she'd always have to keep moving. No matter how much she suffered, how much she wanted to fall to the ground and wither away like leaves in autumn, she would not allow herself to stop until her goal was complete. Until her daughter was saved...

Far horizons - that's what she met as she pilgrimed father into the wood. It wasn't long until Babayaga realized that her eyes were failing her...or at least that's what she believed. There was a man standing near large table. Yes, in the middle of the forest, a man was having some sort of tea party...or at least he appeared to be having one. But by himself? Why was he having a tea party by himself? Wait, what? What was this madness Babayaga was seeing? There was no way this strange man could be throwing a party by himself in the middle of the barren forest. But the smells of the cakes and the drinks...she could smell them. The colors were all to real to be fake. She raised a brow. If this was a mirage, it was a jolly good one. She was starving and dehydrated, and there were refreshments sitting on the table. At least she could feel satisfaction from pretending to eat something while actually dying from malnutrition.

"That is absolutely ridiculous," she said to the man scornfully, "having a feast in the middle of the wilderness all by yourself. Don't know how on earth you could have dragged that big ol' fancy table of yours all the way out here. But then again, you're not real anyway..." She sauntered around the table, looked at the pastries and beverages, and picked out a light blue-colored cup with hot tea contained inside. She drank it, and although it wasn't the cold drink she asked for after practically running half a mile in mere seconds, the warmth did refresh her insides and made her tranquil and more calm. With the cup in her hands, she started to pace back and forth.

Sighing lightly, she began to talk to herself, something she always did when she was stressed. "Alright, how am I going to manage to avoid prison, save my daughter, and prevent the slaughter of many strangers I've never met in a matter of two days?..." The woman thought long and hard as her jet-black boots skidded upon the leaves and other things that laid upon the forest floor. There had to have been a way to reverse the curse of the potion. Maybe there was even a way to extend the time it took before the rotten formula killed everyone. However, Babayaga knew it was risky to try spells or formulate new potions. It was dangerous experimentation and could only lead to more accidents. There were chances the woman certainly did not want to take. She thought harder; what did she need to do? What did she absolutely need to obtain in order to solve her problem?

The answer was obvious: help. She needed help. She needed enormous amounts of help. However, for the witch named Babayaga Gothel, help had always been hard to find. She had rejected aid and advice numerous times, and so many assumed that she didn't need it. They thought she just preferred to do things alone. The woman even thought this herself. Furthermore, Babayaga found it hard to trust people these days. If she did manage to find help, manage to find someone worth her time, they would undoubtedly betray her. That's just how life worked for the uptight woman. That's what she always expected every time someone offered assistance. What she wanted was someone honest. Someone who offered advice without telling a single dirty lie...

She gasped when she realized what she so desired. "Of course," she muttered, "The Magic Mirror..." Fortunately, Babayaga was one of the very few who knew of the mirror's existence, and the place where the enchanted item was hidden. Unfortunately, it was located in a treacherous place. No place for a person like herself. The mirror was somewhere in Snow White's kingdom. More specifically, her castle. (Or at least, that's what the rumors always said) With what she had just encountered only a few minutes ago, the witch knew that waltzing into the magic-banned kingdom without a plan was just like suicide. No matter what though, she was going to speak to that mirror. She had to. It was the only way she could formulate some sort of plan to remove the curse.

She sighed. It would be a hard road, but she would take it. She thought on. She wasn't done with her tea yet, and the woman was still thinking ahead. What would happen once she figured out what to do? Once she had done what she needed to, how would she know that she had succeeded? That was a tough question to answer for the woman. She bit her lip in intrigue, and continued to pace back and forth. Once Babayaga took a good look at the man's table her problem instantly resolved. Of course! Why didn't she think of it right away? It was cliché, yes, but it was just tempting enough for other people that it could possibly work...

She conjured a piece of parchment out of thin air, and with the wave of her fingers, had it stick to the nearest tree. With a dark smirk, she stared at the poster with satisfaction.

Outdoor Festival!
Music! Dancing! Excitement!
Join us tonight in the Meadow Forest's clearing in the Hub.
Royalty and commoners alike are welcome!
The festival will run from late afternoon until midnight.
See you there!"

With another wave of her fingers, more copies of the poster began to appear, and fly up high into the sky. The witch watched them intently as they flew off like birds flapping their wings. She knew that soon, they would be posted all across the land for many to see. In silence, Babayaga thought about her ploy to gather everyone together so she could use them as test subjects later on. She had never liked parties and social gatherings, but she knew that it would be essential for clearing up the mess she made. Maybe if she still hadn't reversed the effects of the potion, other people would discuss it amidst the party and figure out solutions themselves. Babayaga kept telling herself that something good was bound to come from it. However, she couldn't help but dread over the fact that she'd have to listen to the sound of loud annoying music later in the day...

Finished with her tea, the still exhausted enchantress placed the empty cup back on the table. All signs of frustration and anger were wiped away from her face, and for a few moments, Babayaga actually looked...happy.
"Tea is always very refreshing," she said to the man with a smile on her face, "Excellent for the brain, as I always say..."


"You mean that you can't change form?" inquired the red-haired lady almost immediately after Alice had asked the man-beast about his transformation. "Huh? Wait, so you mean..." Oh no. Had Alice landed in a world where everyone was a shapeshifter? Obviously the freckled girl had another form other than the one she was currently in. Perhaps she was a fish, as she had appeared on the scene being soaking wet. What about the archer woman? Did she have another form too? Before Alice could descend into madness due to the uncertainty that flooded her head, the lion-like man's voice brought her back to reality.

“Now, that’s something I’d like to know myself.” he said in a strong, firm voice. Before he stood up, towering over the girl, his lip curled to reveal to sharp pointy fangs. "Woah..." she muttered with a smile. By instinct, her arm reached up to touch both of the shiny fangs. However, once she realized what she was doing, she swiftly drew it back to her side where it belonged.

“You are,” said the man with a smooth voice, “very strange.” Alice looked down to find his falcon-like claws twirling her yellow-colored hair. She giggled and met her gaze with his cat-like eyes. "I get that a lot," she said with a warm smile.

Wait, what did she say again? Although she didn't show any sign of in on her face, Alice was confused. What had prompted her to say "I get that a lot"? Looking back on it, she had done it unconsciously. She didn't know what other people thought of her. Maybe her amnesia was wearing off a bit, or she was just making things up...Whatever she had done, it was strange.

The lion-man continued, "Where are you from, girl?” He was propped up on his paws in such a fashion, that only now he didn't seem so tall. He was so entertaining to watch...and his movements reminded her of another cat she knew. Yes, another cat with a great big smile that she had seen in a courtroom of sorts. He had appeared in what seemed like a dream. Suddenly, Alice lost her smile. She was daydreaming, and she had to answer the question. Unfortunately, she couldn't come up with an accurate response to the particular question he had asked.

"I...I do not know..." This gave the girl an empty feeling inside. It was her personality, not the loss of her memories, that craved a place to stay. A place to call home. As the lion-man went over to talk to the redheaded girl (whose life he had saved) Alice slowly sat upon the forest floor, placing her head on top of her knees and gripping her ankles together with her hands. Remembering her knapsack, the golden-haired girl took out her notebook, and began to flip through the pages once more. There were such intricate drawings of other-worldly things...It was almost like trying to read a book written in an entirely different language. Yet again, Alice stopped turning the pages once she reached the picture of the enigmatic mirror. She stared at it for what seemed like many long minutes.

“What are we to do now?” the shapeshifting lion-man asked. “I do hope one of us knows the way out of these woods.” The girl decided to speak up about her "field guide". "Well...before I ran into all of you, I was looking for a mirror...see?" she said while holding up her notebook open to the page with the mirror. "There are lots of other things in here as well...If only I could learn more about them, learn what they are and where they are..." she said, trailing off back into her own mind. Suddenly, she closed her book and stood up.

"Oh! That reminds me, I haven't even introduced myself," she acclaimed while brushing the dirt off of her blue dress. "My name is Alice...Kingsleigh...?" She had forgotten her last name. Had it been Kingsleigh? "Yes, Kingsleigh. If you don't mind, I'd love to learn all of your names."

Softly, Alice's stomach grumbled once again. She sighed and looked down with slight annoyance. "I'm sorry," she started, "but by any chance does anyone have some food I can eat? I'm starving, and I don't think I'm in the particular mood right now to try dead wolf meat..."

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She did not seem to have the same confidence in his words as he did. Though he could tell she believed him, and rightly so. He meant every word. He might not have his memories, but he still had his sense of honor. There was no amount of amnesia that could make him forget that. Before he could think of another brilliant speech that would barely do its job, the carriage slowed to a halt. Before he knew it Aurora was slid into his side and a fairy was in the window. He caught a brief whiff of the queen's dark silky hair before she slid away. It held a very nice floral scent, probably leagues more pleasant than his salt-stained strands. He decided he would bathe as soon as possible, given the chance. Eric shook himself back to reality to notice that the queen was not pleased with her fairy.

"PEABOTTOM!" "Forgive me, you majesty. But look! We have found Babayaga! I would recognize her magical imprint anywhere!" "Well, let me see then." "Oh! Of course! Here you are, my queen! As you can see- it's a party! She's throwing a party! How strange, and yet, how convenient! Don't you think, my queen?" "Thank you, Peabottom. Please, start us on the way." The exchange was short, but direct. Her majesty was not being quite as polite as she could have been with her fairies. Though they werent exactly what you would call 'regal.' Peabottom herself was a little over the top sometimes. Even so, Aurora seemed a little estranged to the job of Queen. Eric assumed that was why she was a bit flippant with the fairies. He supposed as long as the fairies didn't have a problem with it, no harm no foul.

The queen read the paper and slid it to Eric. "Either luck has finally swung our way, or we're walking into a trap, Prince Eric." He nodded quietly as he read over the flyer for himself. It was innocent enough. He didn't know Babayaga at all, so he had no idea what to expect, but he was not one to miss a party. It sounded like a decent enough time, and if they got some answers during, that would be nice as well. Although it could very well be less than inviting. He would have to be prepared. "And something tells me that if I've lost my memory, luck is certainly not going to be with me. Still. This is the only lead we have, so if we are to walk into the trap- best be prepared for it." She was right with him now, as if she finally believed in his earlier promise. "Are you prepared to stand by your words, Prince Eric?" The prince gave a small smirk in response. "Of course Aurora. Like I said, I'll not leave your side."

The carriage began to move again, likely headed for Babayaga's party. Eric would have been content with riding in silence, but something was eating at him, something Aurora had said earlier, about luck. Eric turned his head to see her staring quietly out the window. Her quiet gaze lazily strewn across the trees outside. Her lips were turned, in a thoughtful frown. Something was obviously eating at her too, undoubtedly her missing memory. She was having a tougher time than he. Eric had always been a 'live in the moment' type of person, so that was likely the reason he was having a smoother go of it. "Aurora, you may take this or leave it, but luck is what you make of it. What I mean to say is, this memory loss we share can be looked on as a curse, or we can look on it as a gift of sorts. For me at least, I'm thinking of this as a chance to look at life through a new pair of eyes. A pair of eyes that I might not have had when I could remember my past. I don't mean to lecture you, all I'm saying is... look on the bright side Your Highness." He finished his thought... then brought his head to the window again.

Eric didn't know exactly what compelled him to say what he did. The queen seemed worried, as if she was trying to take the full burden for fixing this problem. Maybe she was just that generous of a person. Regardless, he knew deep down she had not always been quite so stoic. He was just trying to cheer her up... they were headed to a party after all.