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If only I remember what it was like

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a character in “Rewritten”, as played by mermaidlegend


If only I remember what it was like


Cindy Watson Abbott

Cindie, Cind, Cinderella, Abby,





  • Novel
  • Dresses
  • Balls
  • Animals
  • Dreams
  • Music
  • Dancing
  • Snow

  • Being Locked Up
  • People Mistreating others
  • Messes
  • Noises
  • Darkness
  • Bad Manner
  • Losing Her Love

  • She Can Talk to Animals
  • Her heart is pure so she can withstand darkness

  • She could be too concentrated on love and forget everything else
  • She dreams too much
  • Perfectionist, could expect too much

Darkness taking over her || Returning to her original identity as a maid || Losing the love of her life || Seeing other people get hurt

"I don't remember anything from before, I can't. Well, maybe if I think hard I remember a blurry picture of one day. I was crying for some reason, but then a fairy showed up and used magic to turn my dirty clothes into a gown... but then it just goes blank.... then the next thing I know, someone slipped a glass slipper on me....but the rest I just can't did I ever end up here?"
Opinion on the War:
Having benefited from magic herself in the past, she would generally support sleeping beauty. Since she doesn't want to see innocent people who tried to help others get locked up for doing nothing wrong, she will take a side. However, she now only hopes for a peaceful solution seen as the war has caused the people of the land suffer, which makes her very emotional and sad.

Cinderella is quite the perfectionist, it is shown when she is cleaning her house while she is still a maid. However, that got worse when she arrived in the castle. She expects everything to be perfect, which is how she ended up being demanding. It occurs to other people that she is very picky towards little details and could get over the top on them. Yet, at the same time she is rather helpful, and assists others on these details. She will often provide tips on how to clean up and is generally rather more of a friendly than demanding.

While she is quite demanding and helpful towards her friends and family, she is alway very quiet and shy towards outsiders who are not in her usual circle. At parties and balls, when she encounters a stranger, she would just keep her responses to the shortest form possible. Especially encountering others of the opposite gender, she would actually blush as if it's a natural habit. Despite her shyness, if she is get comfortable around you, she would actually become playful and often make a lot jokes and strike into a fruitful conversation.

Lastly, her crazy side, that side doesn't really show up often in public, it's only when she is alone. For example, she would talk to herself and ask her a lot of questions and thoughts on things that go on around her. Afterwards she would respond in a different tone almost as if there are two sides of her within. Another would be laughing for no reason she will just remember a moment that is funny and start laughing. She also has great beat to music, whenever she feels that music is something that she can dance to, she will feel that music and begin dancing to it on her own.

Shy || Quiet || Talkative || Energetic || Kind || Demanding || Helpful|| Elegant


Cinderella's mother died when she was only 4 years old, her vague memory of her mother had been taken by the potion's power so she can't remember anything now. She grew up with her father, although they may not be the wealthiest people in the town, but life was good and had to continue on. Her father treated her like a princess, bought her beautiful dresses and dolls. However their lives changed when she reached 10, her father married a beautiful woman, Lady Tremaine, who brought with her two step sisters, Drizella and Anastasia. Although life continued on but it wasn't as usual, she no longer had her father's full attention, everything had to be divided among her and her sisters. But she did not hate him for it, she tried understanding him, and tried fitting in with the family. Everything went smoothly, while her new family members treated her well as if they are her family.

At the age of 17, Cinderella's life had hit a dramatic turning point. Her father had fallen ill and died, leaving her with her stepmother. Her stepmother and her step sister's behavior towards her had changed completely, what they used to do was an act for her father. Their hearts are dark, all they married her father for was his money. Now that he is dead, they can begin treating her like a slave. Drizella and Anastasia took her beautiful dresses and gave her old ugly dresses. Her stepmother treated her like a servant and made her do all their house work. During the night, she gets locked up in the attic with rats and mice, her room is super crowded. However, because of that she had learned to talk to animals at least she understands their gestures.

One day the king announces a ball at the castle to seek a wife for his son. Lady Tremaine quickly begun preparing her daughters for the ball. When Cinderella asks whether she could attend, they all laughed: "A ball is no where for a maid, not to mention what you are going to wear to the ball, stop embarrassing yourself!". Leaving the house without Cinderella, three attended the ball in fancy gowns and beautiful feathers. However, Cinderella was disappointed, and begun crying as she collapsed to the ground, but things turned out to be different.

A fairy godmother (the Blue Fairy) aided her, turning the pumpkin in the yard into a couch and her old dress into a beautiful red gown. She also gave a pair of glass slippers to her as a present. When everything is set, the fairy godmother told her she must return by mid-night or else the magic will disappear and she will turn back to herself as a maid. Cinderella thanked her and left for the ball. At the extraordinary ball, she met a stranger. Unaware of who this stranger is, they danced and talked, but she disappeared at mid-night. She returned the next day again to the ball, it seems as if the stranger had fallen in love with her beauty. Just as the clocked turns to 11:45, a nearby person, had congratulated her about being chosen as the prince's wife. She seemed very confused until she realized the stranger was the prince. Just as he was about to bring her up to the stage, she begun running away. It's almost time, she would turn back to herself when the clock ticks mid-night. However, the prince tried catching her, all he ended up finding was her glass slipper.

The next day, the prince announced that whoever's feet fits into the glass slipper, will marry him and become the princess. He went house by house, family by family, but no one could fit the slippers. Until they arrived at Cinderella's house. Drizella and Anastasia both tried on the slipper, but their feet were too big. Just when the prince was about to leave, cinderella walked into the room to try on the slipper. It fitted perfectly, so the prince brought her to the castle. They were married and lived happily ever after.

Well maybe not ever after.... The potion had caused Cinderella to forget everything...... and now will their love remain?

Theme Song:Dark Paradise- Lana Del Rey
Fun Facts:
  • She has mixed emotions
  • She loves red dresses
  • At the same time she lost her memory, she lost all the information from books that she had read
  • She plays the piano

So begins...

Cinderella's Story

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Slowly opening her eyes, she isn't exactly aware how many days have passed since....well since she has forgotten. For the past few days she had been passing them the exact same way, from waking up to sleeping again. She always encountered strangers in this castle, a castle that might have belonged to her. However, there is always one person that she sees in the corridors that she has to admit is indeed quite charming but he just seemed so strange, but yet so familiar. Now thinking back she hasn't been on a walk in the garden for quite awhile, maybe it is time that she leaves her room and try to find what she once had, but now lost, her memory.

When she entered the garden, the flowers bloomed, the bird tweeted. In a distance, the charming stranger was sitting next to the fountain staring into the distance as if he was trapped in his memories. Unsure of who he is she walks in the opposite direction towards the gate. Surely she could remain within it, but looking outside the deep beautiful forests called out to her. Calling her to go explore the wonders beyond the trees.

She begun by walking down the paths, but trailed off when she see the hummingbirds fly off into the forest carrying something that reflected the shine from the sun, she followed it off the path and into the deep woods.

Soon enough she realized she was lost with no where to turn back. So she decided to walk around and try to find her way back, but it is getting dark. She shivered not only from the cold but also from the fright. The cold wind blew against her face. When she left the castle she didn't bring a coat because she thought she wouldn't be long, but she didn't know this might take her awhile before she returns.

She heard a sound in a nearby berry bush, it might have be a rabbit or a mice, but it might also be wolf, that thought scared her. "Who's there?" she asked quietly, but when a dark figure rose it's head from the bush. She begun running away in the opposite direction until she tripped. She felt the soft fur of something rubbing against her legs, quickly taking a few steps back she looked down. It was wolf covered in blood, it's blood has dyed a giant red splatter on the purple dress. She screamed, in a distance the birds flew up away from the forest. She was truly lost within a dark forest alone with no one around.