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Caroline Teach

"Either you let me go or you run like hell."

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a character in “Rhapsody in Silver”, as played by Cyline



"I'm a bounty hunter without the need for the bounty."

Caroline Teach


Caroline has platinum blonde hair and slate gray eyes. In fact, walking through a crowd, she would be nothing more than another pretty face. She is slightly muscular from years of training and usually avoids wearing a lot of jewelry.

As Caroline Teach, normal office girl, she is a bright a bubbly woman who gets her work done quickly and efficiently. SHe never leaves any job unfinished and acts grateful to those above for giving a girl from the slums a job. Once again, she simply blends in. Of course, that's only at first. When she switches out of her office clothes into a black catsuit and roams the streets at night, she becomes an entirely different person. She is a ruthless killer with no concern for those that step in her path. However, she is shown to be very fair and only harms those who are guilty of crimes. She isn't above holding grudges and exacting her revenge. She has a soft spot for children, especially those living on the streets.

Caroline always carries a gun with her, no matter what. However, she also has pepper spray, her own combat skills, and various other small weapons.

Hand-to-Hand Combat~Superb Aim~Flexible~Fast Reflexes~Street Smarts~Speed~Accounting and Secretarial Skills

Children~Killing~Justice~Large Bodies of Water~Fire~Addicted to Opium~Emotionally Unstable

Caroline lived on the streets with her prostitute mother before the woman passed away from a heroin overdose. Caroline can't even remember her face. For the first eight years of her life, she stole and did underground deliveries to keep food in her stomach and a bed under her small body. She was nine when she was caught stealing by one of the greatest bounty hunters in Argenta. Because there was no bounty and her and she was barely taller than the stall she was stealing from, the man didn't turn her over to the government. Instead, he took her in and raised her. During this time, he also taught her how to fight and defend herself. She was happy with Rudolf Teach.

Only six years after he had taken her under his wing, he was brutally murdered by the man he was trying to capture. Although she received all Rudolf's inheritance, enough to get her through school and college, she could not get over his death. She decided to one day exact her revenge on the man that took him away from her. She left Argenta. Over the next six years, she trained and worked hard in school, graduating from a university early. When she was twenty-three, she finally returned to the city where she had grown up. She got a job in corporate building and blended into the crowd. However, at night she became a bounty hunter with no use for bounty. For the past four years, she been cleaning up the streets and slowly working her way towards the man that killed her surrogate father.

Dialogue is maroon

So begins...

Caroline Teach's Story


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#, as written by Cyline
"Who is he?"

The man whimpered slightly as she pressed the barrel of her gun against his head. Sweat slowly slipped down his temples. She clucked her tongue against the roof of her mouth and placed her finger against the trigger. "I don't know!" he exclaimed. "Please, don't kill me."


She dropped the gun and began walking away. A small click echoed in her mind, causing her to spin around and shoot the man in the head. "Dammit!" she whined, slamming her palm against her forehead. "I wasn't supposed to kill the bastard. Stupid ass reflexes. Now what am I suppo-"

A gunshot cut her off. She felt the woosh of a bullet next to her head. With a pivot of her foot, she shot the man in the head. Her bluetooth rang and she answered it. "Where are you, Caroline?" the voice questioned. "I need you to pick up the notes for tomorrow at the office."

Caroline Teach shot two more men in succession before answering, "Sorry, Kalder. I'm a little held up right now."

Two more shots. "What's that noise?" Kalder questioned.

"Nothing. Just watching some old action movies."

"...I thought you were held up?"

"I am. Look, I'll get them for you. Bye now."


She hung up and continued to shoot the perpetrators, probably some of the man's goons. A bullet whistled past her as she ducked behind an wall. "I want her dead!" someone screamed.

Caroline peered out from behind the wall, knocking two more men out of play. Her eyes scanned for the source of the voice as she shot a man attempting to sneak up behind her. There was a flicker of movement on a fire escape. "Got you," she whispered. After rolling back her shoulders, she raised her single pistol and aimed for the figure. He had stopped, making her job much easier. "Night, night."

His body toppled off of the building before she could pull the trigger. Caroline stood quickly, watching the darkness. Who's there?"