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Ene Papier

"Who ever said you had to agree with me?" Wip

0 · 500 views · located in Tokyo | Japan

a character in “Rhema Souls”, as played by FuyuHana




❝Here, I'll be the one to make the rules, understand?❞

Normal | Regular || BauklΓΆtze | Paperblossom ||
Fighting | Transformation || Army Go | Sawano, Hiroyuki ||
Emotional | Death || Moments in Life | SoundEpica ||
Possessed | Out of Control || Magic - Dubstep | Unknown ||

❝Strength and intelligence are needed to survive. Lucky for you, I have both.❞

Image∞ Full name ∞ "That's right, I'm no regular in this foreign place!"
Ene Papier

∞ Nickname ∞ "I don't really have any other way to shorten my name, unless you find something."

∞ Alias ∞ "I think it sounds pretty cool."

∞ Race ∞ "I'm normal, unlike you."

∞ Age ∞ "Don't call me an old lady, kid."

∞ Gender ∞ "Are you blind? Tch. Dumb ass."

*∞ Sexuality ∞ "Please explain to me how this concerns you."
Demisexual | Pansexual

∞ Role ∞ "I guess I'm a little disagreeable. Just kidding. I'm very disagreeable."
Holder No. 2

∞ Rhema Soul Color ∞ "It's a color some people don't acknowledge enough."
Unknown | Scarlet

∞ Combine ∞ "I... I don't understand why we can't though..."
Cannot | But if they could

∞ Rhema ∞ "I am German, after all."

*∞ Occupation ∞ "I always got tired of each one though."
She used to work as a worker for a convenience store, and then a delivery girl. Currently, she works as a part time janitor for an elementary school.

∞ Face Claim ∞ "Hah, don't you like my style?"
Prussia | Hetalia

❝I appreciate you trying to help, but its doing no good.❞

ImageImage∞ Side ∞ "Either side... works for me..."
Ene has trouble accepting the fact that she is a holder, and although she continuously says she takes no sides, its obvious she is a Holder because she believes what she is doing to be right, even though she makes no mention of it.

*∞ Height & Weight ∞ "You looking for a fight?"
5'7 | 125 lbs || 5'5 | 102 lbs

∞ Hair color/Length/Quality ∞ "We actually look pretty similar, if you think about it."
White-Grey | Long | Smooth and Thin || White | Long | Smooth and Thick

∞ Eye color/Shape/Quality ∞ "In this case though, I'm a lot better than her!"
Blueish Purple | Thin | 50/50 Vision || Redish Orange | Thin | 25/50 Vision (No Glasses/Contacts)

*∞ Distinguishable Facial Features ∞ "We've got nice faces? Seriously?"
None || None

∞ Birthmarks/Scars/Tattoos/Piercings ∞ "She's flawless, I'm covered in scars."
Ene has a scar on her right cheek, no piercings, a tattoo of wings on her back, and a birthmark on her stomach. There are also many other scars that go over her tattoo on her back and on her legs and arms. || None

∞ Rhema Soul ∞ "She's an annoying little brat, but we're so alike that I can't hate her for that!"
Amarante is Ene's partner. She has long white hair, just like Ene, and wears an open red and orange kimono, only bandages covering her chest. Her eyes are a deep sea blue with a tint of green. She wears no shoes and has a lovely pink flower ornament in her snow colored hair, which is accompanied by little ears. She's often seen with a small white tiger at her side. Her personality is the same was Ene's, far too honest, a little rude, and quite cold, but she, like Ene also, is still a very kind person at heart.

∞ Physical Description ∞ "What were your eyes linger, idiot."
Ene's description is actually completely average. She is a strong girl, yes, both mentally and physically, but her body doesn't seem to show it. Despite her weight, if someone were to see Ene's stomach, someone would think she's starving herself because her ribs would easily be visible. She looks incredibly skinny and even in some cases, appear to be a little scrawny. She has a pale body, long white hair that originally used to be blonde, and beautiful multicolored eyes, usually being a combination of blue and purple. Since she is not accustomed to Japan's usual outfits, she tends to wear her normal German and foreign looking clothing, sometimes even wearing the silly hat also. || Amarante is similar in appearance to Ene, but she has a bit more of a childish look to her. She only stands at 5 feet and 5 inches and is quite light. She has an average build also, but her weight is normal along with her appearance. Unlike Ene, Amarante tends to wear clothing that most would wear in Edo times, being a reddish orange kimono that goes just below her waist. It's not close fully, so bandages cover her chest, which she finds as a restraint. Her hair is much longer than Ene's, but being the same color, and she has little white ears atop her head.

❝Be greatful if I take a liking to you; I practically hate everyone, honestly.❞

*Image∞ Habits/Quirks ∞
✦ Speaking Without Thought
✦ Bites Her Lower Lip When Frustrated
✦ Smirks Quite Often At People

∞ Likes ∞
β™₯ Messing With People
β™₯ Thrills
β™₯ Classical Music (Belive it or not)

∞ Dislikes ∞
βœ– Cowards
βœ– Blending In
βœ– Crowds

∞ Talents ∞
βœ” Swordsmanship
βœ” Cello
βœ” Artistic

∞ Hobbies ∞
βœ” Listening To Music
βœ” Paint
βœ” Walking Around Places She Hasn't Been

∞ Fears ∞
✘ Losing Her Sister
✘ Dying
✘ Making Big Decisions

∞ Flaws ∞
✘ Short-Fuse
✘ Rude Mouth
✘ Stubborn

∞ Secrets ∞
βŒ› She is very lonely
βŒ› Ene is actually very scared of many things but tries to be the hero anyways
βŒ› Unable to sprint due to lung problems

❝Ha, now you recognize how cool I am?❞

∞ Weapon ∞ "My grandfather was a great man. I really am honored to carry his own weapon with me."
As something passed down onto her from her grandfather, Ene uses the family sword. It actually has a name, being called 'Retter' and translating to 'Savior' in english. Its not her most treasured item, and she's not someone who will sleep with it or anything, but she does always have it near her and usually takes it with her wherever she goes.

∞Powers ∞ "Not too bad, huh? You want a demonstration?"
Answer Here {When the Holder acquires a Rhema Soul, that Soul has the ability to grant the Holder their powers even if they aren't combined, which is only one, if you haven't combined yet you can't use it. Name the ability you posses and what are the limitations of that power. If you're a Half-ling you have one original power, but it isn't anything fancy, just an enchantment in one of your regular everyday abilities. Ex: You have supernatural strength or supernatural speed, etc. All in all, Half-lings have two abilities or zero if you haven't combined with Partner, and Humans have One, or zero if they haven't combined yet.}

∞ Rhema Personality ∞ "Heh, she's a little brat, but I can't deny me enjoying her company!"
Answer Here {What is your Partner's personality like? Doesn't have to be long.}

∞ Personality ∞ "Oh stop your complaining; you'll learn to deal with me over time!"
Answer Here {Original || When combined with your Rhema}

❝Don't remind me about this. I don't want to become weak.❞

Image*∞ Romantic Interest ∞ "One, from before. But he's long gone now, so I guess there's no one else."
She used to love someone named Arata but after he passed away, she's practically given up on romance and takes little interest anymore.

∞ Most Precious Person ∞ "Character Thought"
It would have been Arata, if he was alive, but currently, its her only sibling, her younger sister, Beatrice.

*∞ Family ∞ [color=firebrick"Emi is the most important person in the whole world to me. Lay a hand on her and you'll find yourself without one."[/color]
Taylor Papier - Mother | Deceased (45) | Died While Trying To Rescue People in Hospital | Nurse
Sven Papier - Father | Deceased (47) | Died in Car Crash | Business Man
Emi Papier - Sister | Alive (18) | N/A | College Student

∞ History ∞ "There were good days, and then days of simple devastation."
Answer Here {Include how you met your Rhema Soul}

*∞ Other ∞ "I never knew someone would actually want to know this much about me..."
Answer Here

So begins...

Ene Papier's Story