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Kuze Hibiki

"Shut up and let me think."(WIP)

0 · 569 views · located in Tokyo | Japan

a character in “Rhema Souls”, as played by libidinosus




❝Ahh... I'm sorry.❞

Normal | Regular ||Play The Wind | Robert Blaker
Fighting | Transformation ||Dance of Thorns | Joren "Tensei" de Bruin
Emotional | Death ||Dord Waltz | Elaine "OJ" Wang
Possessed | Out of Control ||Iron Knight | DJ ζœ€γƒ†γƒΌ


[img]Anime%20Picture[/img]∞ Full name ∞ "Nothing worth noting."
Kuze Hibiki

*∞ Nickname ∞ "Hah,""Shut it."

∞ Alias ∞ "Really?""I think it's perfect."

∞ Race ∞ "Thankfully human.""Obviously."

∞ Age ∞ "Yes, I can drive.""Lying is sinful."

∞ Gender ∞ "Uhh... is it not obvious?"

*∞ Sexuality ∞ "Why are you asking this?"

∞ Role ∞ "I never wanted this responsibility.""Neither did I, but here we are."
Rhema Soul Holder 1

∞ Rhema Soul Color ∞ "I'm sorry, but I honestly can't remember.""You're hopeless."
Dark Purple

∞ Combine ∞ "I'm still not used to that."
Yes || Kugin

∞ Rhema ∞ "Character Thought"
Ventus Incorruptione

*∞ Occupation ∞ "I'm probably not going to be there for a while...""Not my fault."

∞ Face Claim ∞
Kuze Hibiki; Devil Survivor 2: The Animaton

❝Please don't anger me.❞

[img]Picture[/img]∞ Side ∞ "I didn't want to be a holder as a child. I wanted to be a librarian and I would have stayed at my goal if...""..."
[size=90]No and Yes. Hibiki does not accept the responsibility of being a holder yet has acknowledged that he is one. Hibiki does not wish to be forced to handle the lives of others and instead wishes to simply stay out of the way, watching from a distance. Everything, to Hibiki, was simpler when he was just the librarian. He'll do his job, but it
ll take some convincing.

*∞ Height & Weight ∞ "This is starting to get a bit too invasive."
5'6" & 163 || 6'1" & 180

∞ Hair color/Length/Quality ∞ "Do you need glasses? You might not survive without them."
Black, slightly tinted blue/Average Length/Curly and well-kept || Black/Waist Length/Straight and well-kept

∞ Eye color/Shape/Quality ∞ "I'd say I have an above-average vision."
Blue/Rhombus-like, sharp/ 20-14 vision || Dark Blue/Slanted/ 20-10 vision

*∞ Distinguishable Facial Features ∞ "I think I might have had a scar before."
N/A || Crystal on forehead

∞ Birthmarks/Scars/Tattoos/Piercings ∞ "I was doomed for this life since the begining, wasn't I?""Someone's depressing."
Tribal birthmark in the palm of his right hand/Random Scratches over his body from being in the wilderness/None/None || Tribal birthmark in the palm of his right hand/None/None/Randomly scattered piercings

∞ Rhema Soul ∞ "Sly and prideful.""That hurts."
Ginjiro. Ginjiro is, from what Hibiki has seen, a sly and prideful soul. Ginjiro seems to be, to Hibiki's dismay, similar to him in many ways. For example, Ginjiro is unable to ask for help as Hibiki is, albeit for different reasons.

∞ Physical Description ∞ "It would be biased of me to give a description"
Hibiki has a slender and muscular build hidden under his jacket. His muscles aren't large but they are defined, as the body of a soldier would be. His eyes are a light blue and his nose is not very defined, giving him a slightly bishounen look. || The combination of the two is very different from Hibiki. For one, the combination has horns growing out of the top of his head and gold around the areas where the horns meet his head. His chin is angular and his ears are pointed, with his hair being a brownish color. There are blue feathers randomly appearing near the sides of his head, meant to represent the blue color in Hibiki's hair.

❝Someone has to lead...❞

*[img]Picture[/img]∞ Habits/Quirks ∞
✦Tapping his fingers on nearby surfaces
✦Reciting random facts about the situation to self
✦Expecting to have to do most things on his own

∞ Likes ∞
β™₯ Literature
β™₯ Music
β™₯ Survival

∞ Dislikes ∞
βœ– Idiocy
βœ– Incompetence
βœ– Responsibility

∞ Talents ∞
βœ” Military-like training
βœ” Remembering nearly everything.
βœ” Quick Reflexes

∞ Hobbies ∞
βœ” Training
βœ” Reading
βœ” Debating

∞ Fears ∞
✘ Religion
✘ Madness
✘ Inability

∞ Flaws ∞
✘ Independant nature
✘ Quick to anger
✘ Shy

∞ Secrets ∞
βŒ› Hibiki killed someone before
βŒ› Capable of using guns
βŒ› Able to kill cold-heartedly

❝There is no good or evil, there is simply us and them.❞

[img]Picture[/img]∞ Weapon ∞ ""
The blue clothing worn by Ginjiro serves as a weapon when Kuze and Gin are combined. The weapon itself is capable of compressing and stretching itself with the will of the user. The weapon is quick to move and has an apparent denseness of diamond. The weapon is quite massive and accelerates at quite a high speed, meaning that it strikes with a powerful force. When Kuze and Ginjiro are not combined however, Kuze uses a very different weapon. Kuze {Weapons are tools that have spiritual powers that give you the ability to see Neirs, Puppeteers, and parasitic butterflies, and grant you the strength and power to destroy them. Those who can't combine with their Rhema are able to use there weapons, but not as effectively as the ones who can combine. Weapons can look like everyday itemsor weapons. Ex: A gun, bat, knife, sword, arrow, ect. Only two.}

∞Powers ∞ "Character Thought"
Answer Here {When the Holder acquires a Rhema Soul, that Soul has the ability to grant the Holder their powers even if they aren't combined, which is only one, if you haven't combined yet you can't use it. Name the ability you posses and what are the limitations of that power. If you're a Half-ling you have one original power, but it isn't anything fancy, just an enchantment in one of your regular everyday abilities. Ex: You have supernatural strength or supernatural speed, etc. All in all, Half-lings have two abilities or zero if you haven't combined with Partner, and Humans have One, or zero if they haven't combined yet.}

∞ Rhema Personality ∞ "Character Thought"
Answer Here {What is your Partner's personality like? Doesn't have to be long.}

∞ Personality ∞ "Character Thought"
Answer Here {Original || When combined with your Rhema}

[color=color choice]❝Quote❞[/color]

[img]Picture[/img]*∞ Romantic Interest ∞ "Character Thought"
Answer Here

∞ Most Precious Person ∞ "I'd tell you not to touch my sister, but I should probably be telling you to run as fast as you can from her."
Sister, Mikasa Hibiki

*∞ Family ∞ "My father is.... gone, my mother never stayed, pretty much only have my sister."

Father; Dead, former soldier
Mother; Presumed dead, former doctor
Sister; Alive, soldier, 24

∞ History ∞ "Not that interesting,"
Answer Here {Include how you met your Rhema Soul}

*∞ Other ∞ "Character Thought"
Answer Here

So begins...

Kuze Hibiki's Story