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Rhindeval's Fractured Kingdoms



a part of Rhindeval's Fractured Kingdoms, by Zodia195.

Contenant that holds many kingdoms

Zodia195 holds sovereignty over Rhindeval, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Default Location for Rhindeval's Fractured Kingdoms
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Contenant that holds many kingdoms


Rhindeval is a part of Rhindeval's Fractured Kingdoms.

15 Characters Here

Lilith Evers [38] Good Sorceress who plans to stop her sister and help save the kingdoms
Aurora Givens [37] The Absentminded princess of Traumet who dreams of Rhindeval
Artemisia Evergreen [35] "My persona may be quiet ... But my observations are loud."
Rhea Louverno [35] "A new boba shop just opened, wanna go try it with me?" under repairs.
Oriane Soleil [33] "It's your reaction to adversity, not adversity itself that determines how your life's story will develop." ~Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Meridian O'Donohue [33] Free Spirited Princess of Angalais
Euphemia Aphelion [32] "I'm not interested, so leave me alone."
Apollyon Evergreen [30] "Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings."
Ivelda Evers [28] Evil Enchantress currently in control of Rhindeval
Orion Nox [24] "We are all searching for someone whose demons plays well with ours." ~Uknown

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#, as written by Zodia195
Adrian Wells~Haru Otani~Ivelda Ever


The interviews took up most of the day, which didn't surprise Ivelda in the least since the castle, the castle grounds, and some of the businesses connected to the palace were great in number. Still, the queen was patient. Even after the interviews concluded, she wouldn't relax. This was not the time to take it easy. She worked too hard to get herself into this position to let everything fall apart.

Haru was very efficient in his interviews. While the areas he focused on had no direct ties to the kitchen staff, he wasn't going to be lax when it came to his queen's safety. He only sent 2 down to the dungeons to be interviewed more and both were from the alchemy labs. After he was finished, he reported to the queen.

"You're majesty, I've interviewed everyone from the stables, falconry, and alchemy labs. Is there anything you like for me to do?"

"Yes, go to the kitchens and keep an eye on things since I am having them make us a feast in Ryder and Adrian's honor. I don't want anymore mishaps."

Ivelda smiled at her advisor to see his response. She found that rewarding her subjects from time to time ensure their loyalty.
Plus it didn't hurt to keep up this appearance that she was a benevolent leader. Haru felt a tinge of envy towards the advisor and Adrian, but these were the two to save the queen's life, so it was only fair. Bowing, he soon left to take care of the duty the queen asked of him.

Eventually the interviews were all done and Ryder addressed Ivelda, inquiring what she wanted done next. By this time all of her princes were back, including Haru and Adrian.

Adrian had been busy trying to find out where the assassin got the poison and anything else about him so he took a few dogs from the queen's kennels to track down the places the assassin had been and did end up in the man's quarters inside of the palace where the rest of the kitchen staff staid. He found a hidden compartment under the man's bed and found his diary, which was in the form of a manuscript. The fact that he could read and write spoke of someone who was educated to some extent since most servants couldn't read or write, at least to his knowledge. In it he did get a few leads he wanted to follow. One thing he found invaluable was the fact that none of the kitchen staff had any knowledge of his plans for he didn't want any of his actions traced back to them. He should have known better regardless for he knew a few of those poor souls were getting seen by Alcinder. Wanting to report his findings to the queen, he got up and found her in the courtyard and overheard Ryder ask the queen what to do next.

Looking at those present, Ivelda addressed them all.

"Thank you everyone for your assistance. To know that all of Rhindeval is safe thanks to your efforts helps ease my own burden. Pretty soon the time will come for me to go on my yearly journey through our fair kingdom. For now, I have a feast planned in Sir Ryder and Adrian's honor so please get plenty to eat if you want. Sir Aetherius, you're welcome to join in the feast too, but if not, I have your next assignment right here. I want you back before I leave on my trip two weeks from now."

She held out a scroll for him and waited for him to take it. After he did, Adrian spoke up.

"As honored as I am to have you have a feast in mine and Sir Ryder's honor, I have to request that I put your safety first and foremost for I need to find out if this assassin has any outside help. I found his diary hidden under his bed here and it points to the principality of Brimmix, which I know have poisons there. I know I am on break, but I'll find out where he got the poison from within there and anything else that is important to your safety."

Ivelda was very impressed by his actions.

"You're too good, Adrian. Find out as much as you can, but try to get back before my departure. I'll send a message to Overseer Lithera to assist you in any way possible."

Nodding, Adrian left. After his departure, things finally got back to normal.


14 Characters Present

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#, as written by Zodia195
Lilith Evers ~ Aurora Givens ~ Meridian O'Donohue

Codes- #C71585 ~ #5477B9 ~ #46935C

Aurora smiled back at her old friend.

"I hope we get to see it again too," she said quietly.

She knew there was a big chance that anyone of them could get hurt or possibly die when they returned to Rhindeval, but she didn't want to see Ivelda win even more. She remembered how the witch had captured her during Richard's birthday and things went downhill from there. And the Fairy queen said this wasn't the first time her home had seen hard times. So as long as there was a chance, Aurora wanted to take it, but she wouldn't expect it from the others. Like she knew that Effie was only doing this for her brother and not for her kingdom. Looking at the dark hair woman, she wondered what she was thinking this whole time. Out of them, she was a totally different person from when they were kids.

Lilith turned her head as several of the others spoke up, from Rhea's relief to hearing Arhen was alive to Oriane wanting to get ready and leaving.

Eowyn giggled at Oriane's behavior.

"Looks like she's still straightforward. As for the rest of you, I thank all of you for deciding to return, regardless of your reasons."

"And we're thank you for your assistance too, your majesty. One more thing, we are going to need clothes for the girls when we get here. Well I am going to need clothes also. As you can see, the clothes here will not suit us in Lostein."

"I'll be sure to have my followers get your measurements when you arrive. In the meantime, Lilith, let me send you the location of the place I want you to teleport to."

Lilith nodded and prepared herself. But before the queen could send the image, Meridian spoke up.

"Wait! Sorry but I have a question. When we travel back to Rhindeval, won't Ivelda know we're back?" Meridian suddenly asked.

Eowyn nodded.

"When a portal opens between worlds, it causes a bit of a tear between time and space and causes a surge in magical energy. Anyone with enough magical power has the chance of feeling it. I will feel it and Ivelda may also feel it and could investigate it. You girls are nowhere near ready to face her. I will basically masking that surge of magic to protect all of you. It's one thing my kind can get good at, hiding magical energy. So she won't know you'll be back, not right away at least. When you first arrive, I recommend laying low for a bit until you're ready to do the things you plan to do. Now, let's try this again Lilith."

With that, she established a direct connection to Lilith's mind and sent the image. Lilith staggered a bit for the queen's own magical energy was nearly over-powering.

"Image received. Thanks your majesty," Lilith replied.

"I'll will you in a few weeks then."

With that, Lilith closed the spell and the Fairy Queen's image disappeared.

"Whoa, that was intense."

Lilith nodded and to the princesses there, she said, "Thank you, all of you. I wouldn't have been able to reach the Queen if it wasn't for you. Are there any more questions? If not, you are free to go. I can imagine all of you are getting hungry."

No one else had any more questions and they left soon afterwards.

Two weeks seemed to go by in a flash for Lilith. She managed to sell her house, turn in her resignation, and get everything ready for their trip. Spring semester was over now and graduation happened too the other day. Lilith thought the best course of action was for all the princesses to come to her house. From there, they drive to the location where they were first teleported to Earth, a state park. Lilith still recalled the day they came to Earth. It was dusk and Lilith found herself alone with a group of very scared little girls, with no memories to their name. Lucky for them a park ranger found them, and despite the 'strange clothes' they were wearing, helped them out. Now 13 years later they would be heading back. She had visited the park last weekend to find the exact point where they landed. It was in a heavily wooded area and lucky for Lilith, she felt the remnants of the magic there. Magic always left an imprint of some sort. The girls would have to trek off the beaten path, but it wasn't too deep, but deep enough that no one would be nearby. She just hoped a few of the girls would be okay going through the woods like this. In her last email to all of the girls, she gave the following instructions-

Come to my place by 1 pm. My house is sold so don't be surprised by the Sold Sign out front. We'll be driving to Catherine Creek State Park. I'll be taking the lead. I recommend those who don't have cars put their luggage with someone who does. It'll be a bit of a trek through the woods there. We should get there in an hour or two, depending on how much you packed. I'll give further instructions when we reach the site. Thank you all again for deciding to come back with me. I hope you have had time to say goodbye to and friends or family.

Sincerely, Lilith Evers

Lilith herself had already made several trips to the site. She brought most of her magical gear there ahead of time and hid it magically from anyone who would find it. Only thing she didn't take was her spell book and wand. She was finishing packing when the doorbell rang. Seeing it was 45 minutes early, she went to the door to discover that it was Aurora. Aurora herself was too anxious to get going. She somehow managed to let her adopted family know of her plans. Miraculously, her father allowed her to go somehow, though he had a lot of reservations. Still he had never seen his daughter act that way before and decided to have faith in her to make her own decisions. She did promise them she would come back. Oh, she didn't reveal the whole truth, but she revealed enough to know that she wouldn't be able to contact them for some time.

"Eager to get going I see?" Lilith laughed.

"Yes, but I am scared too. I didn't pack too much either. I don't know how long it'll take for Queen Eowyn's people to make clothes for us, but I packed 8 outfits. I know how to pack efficiently. I know I am going to miss hot showers. I also packed a few . . . other well, more personal items. I did end up bringing a few snacks. I know it won't be no good once we get back to Rhindeval, but I did bring my cell phone, just for the trip to the park, just in case. I brought some stuff I thought I would need in Rhindeval, like a flashlight and paper towels. I know the fairy queen said we'll be staying in a cabin big for all of us, but I brought a pillow and blanket to be safe since I don't know if the cabin is furnished in any way. I did leave my stuff in the car, but I do have enough room in case someone needs it." Aurora rambled, clearly anxious.

"It's fine, dearie. Come and sit down while we wait for the others okay?" Lilith suggested.

Aurora nodded and followed Lilith in.

Meanwhile, Meridian was saying goodbye to her own family. They lived a town away from the college. It was hard saying goodbye to the family she grew to love. She ended up telling them the whole truth since she didn't know how to tell them otherwise. She was horrible at keeping things hidden after all. Surprisingly, her adopted family took it well.

Her father even joked, "At least we know why you have green hair."

The table was abnormally silent at the moment, but her mother spoke up.

"Shouldn't you bet getting going, Cassie dear?" Mrs. Peters said to her daughter, who was finishing her lunch.

She was trying her best to hold back any tears.

"Yes, I am just scared. I might not ever see you again." Meridian said honestly.

"You have to think positive, Cassie. Believe in the impossible. Didn't we always tell you that?" Mr. Peters replied.

Meridian nodded.

"You can do it big sis!" shouted her 10-year-old brother, Michael.

"Kick that mean witch's butt!" added his twin sister, Michelle.

The pair had been a surprise to Cassie's adoptive parents, who were told they would never have kids by birth. It was one of the reasons why they kept telling Meridian to believe in the impossible, because sometimes, it just might happen. Meridian smiled at her brother and sister.

"Thanks you two. I love you all."

Ten minutes later after tearful goodbyes, Meridian was on the road, heading to her destination.

Adrian Wells~Haru Otani~Ivelda Evers


Two weeks later, news of what happened had spread like wildfire. Even the assassin's final words manage to get out due to a few of the cooking staff being there when it happened. People were very careful to not mention Lilith or the princesses out in the public though, for they knew the queen would get word of it. Indeed, Ivelda had made good her word in sending out more "eyes and ears" out into the kingdoms under her rule. People started vanishing too. Still, people once again regained hope that Lilith or any of the princesses would return. Still they worried how Ivelda could be defeated.

The only ones who knew about the Lilith and the princesses returning were the rebel leaders and their followers thanks to the faeries and even they were extremely cautious for they didn't want to risk the princesses or Lilith's safety. Few would send their best spies into Lostein to keep an eye on things. While the faeries did tell them when the princesses would be back, they didn't tell them where, which bothered a few rebel leaders, but they knew it was for the princesses and Lilith's safety.

Adrian, in his own mission to find out about the assassin, did hear these whispers as his journey took him to the principality of Brimmix. The whispers of Lilith and princesses did plague him too. It almost felt like he knew them, but something was preventing him from grasping it. He knew he had no memory prior to the age of 10, so maybe he heard of such things then. That was impossible though since Ivelda had been in rule long before he was born. He came really close to finding the poison's source, but sadly didn't have time since the queen did want him back in two weeks. He was grateful for the Overseer's help though and did reassure him her own people would do their best to track down the source of the poison. He paid a 'friendly visit' to the man's family though and had that entire family arrested after finding things that proved their treachery, sketches of a 'royal family'. The man, who was the assassin's father, apparently had been commissioned to paint this 'royal family' and these were sketches he did for prior to painting them. The couple in these sketches were young looking with a dark hair girl. The image of the little girl struck a chord in him, like he felt he knew her somehow. He had the images burned, although a part of him hurt for some reason, but he couldn't risk these images getting out. Even though this journey wasn't as physically taxing, it was mentally taxing, and he was relieved when his self-appointed job was done. He took his time getting back to Lostein to report.

Meanwhile back in Lostein, Ivelda was busy getting ready for her journey. She always made a point to take this journey to make sure her magical hold over each of these kingdoms was firm. She would also inspect the areas she didn't have access to, like the other palaces. It still frustrates her that she couldn't conquer Traumet, which held ancient magic. As she was getting ready, she received word that Adrian would be arriving back soon. Perfect timing. She had made sure to give her princes double doses of her 'special drink'. Aetherius had arrived yesterday from he latest mission and gotten his 'drink' than. Adrian was the last one she needed to give it to. Within the hour, Adrian found himself bowing before the queen in her throne room. He gave his reporting and Ivelda nodded, keeping a neutral look, when inside, she was seething due to people talking about her sister and the princesses again. She thought she had squashed such hopes of Lilith or the princesses returning awhile ago. Still, she knew she couldn't control everything. She could also see Adrian had been affected by what he found. She couldn't risk him finding out the truth so for now she wouldn't give him another assignment for the foreseeable future.

"You're clearly exhausted, Adrian. Come, I will make you my special drink and it can drain you of your weariness."

Adrian nodded and followed without word. After giving him the drink, she sent him home, saying he deserved a break and ordered him to stay home for a time. Adrian thanked her and left the halls. After he left, Ivelda decided to check on Ryder to see if he had all of her things assembled for her trip. He should be out in the courtyard area. She finds him there inspecting the carriages.

"Is everything ready for my departure, Ryder?"

Adrian was heading out to get something to eat when he ran into Haru, who was also going out to test one of his new inventions. He was hoping see if he could create a device that would take down the seals and wanted to use his blood as the catalyst, but he wanted to test it away from others.

"Good day Haru. Off to test something?" Adrian asked.

"Yes. I see you're back. You look like hell." Haru said bluntly.

"I feel like hell. Her majesty has blessed me with some time off, so I am getting something to eat and head home. You're welcome to join me."

Haru hesitated. He wanted to test his device, but he was also curious to hear about Adrian's trip too to turn him into such a state. Haru would never admit it, but he did feel this connection to the man, even to others who he wasn't found of like Aetherius. It was like an annoying itch though.

His curiosity getting the better of him and knowing he still had to eat himself, Haru replied, "Fine."