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Jamie "J.J." Locke

Keyboardist of Zerstoren

0 · 268 views · located in Japan

a character in “Rhythm and Love”, as played by akai-pyon


Jamie "J.J." Locke

J.J. || Jay || Jamie || J. Lo





Generally upbeat and happy, J.J. is sometimes rather contradictory. Somewhat forceful, she only listens to people she believes have common sense and tends to go off on her own quite a bit otherwise. An artist at heart, J.J. is also a perfectionist. She does not often settle for anything less than perfect - well, perfect by her standards. Sometimes she expects what people cannot deliver and although she hates hurting people around her, J.J. usually puts it upon herself to do what must be done. Quite intelligent, J.J. is a history geek. She loves Asian history and is absolutely thrilled when other people know what she's talking about. J.J. is usually good at making judgment calls, but sometimes she slips up.

Difficult to bribe or to otherwise influence, J.J. is usually the rock of common sense that keeps the group from falling apart. She tries to love everyone equally and try to help those that she deems less than okay. A strong female, J.J. does not like being looked down upon and will sometimes even resort to violence if it is deemed necessary. She does not like flaunting her skills, but she does know how to play several instruments besides the keyboard.


Candy and exotic treats
Fruit (especially mangoes and plums)
Foreign music
Experimenting on her synthesizer
Looking at instruments
Taking photographs of the band
Trolling on random boards
Watching cartoons
Being with her band
Being with her friends
Bubble tea
Arizona Tea
The smell of new cars/shoes
The beach
Valentine's Day
New York City (M&M World and the giant Toys R Us especially)
Her ferrets Mac (left) and PC (right)


Sad songs
Country music
Justin Bieber
Cigarettes in general
People who don't try
Twilight (the books)
Big trucks
Driving at three in the morning on back roads
Banana flavored candies
Warm beer

Slender, J.J. is not quite as tall as others, but she doesn't care. Standing at 5'5", J.J. believes she is tall enough. Weighing only 125 pounds, she is considered very under-weight, and this has been a chronic problem for her. Although this is better than the 115 she was when she was in high school and attempting to be a cheerleader/'s still rather bad. She is trying to gain weight by eating as much as she can, and so far, it's been working. Nonetheless, J.J. still exercises on a regular basis. If not for weight-loss reasons, than simply for being healthy.

J.J. tries to dress to what is considered fashionable, but she won't wear anything that she feels make her look foolish. Her usual attire is perhaps something chic, but also with a tint of sex appeal in it. Perhaps an over sized shirt slipping tantalizingly off of one shoulder to reveal the strap of a tank top underneath, while her legs are clad simply in a pair of skinny jeans.

J.J. was born into a family of five. The middle child, J.J. was the only girl. Growing up with two brothers forced J.J. to compensate for the lack of estrogen in her family. Determined to stay true to her gender, yet, at the same time, prove she was just as capable as her brothers, J.J. aspired to be a cheerleader. She took gymnastics and excelled at it. She also took up piano and guitar, learning how to play drums and percussion along the way. She was the best at piano.

A tragic accident cut her cheer dreams short. Falling from the middle of the pyramid because one of the girls beneath her tripped, J.J. shattered her shin bone. It took well over a year, after numerous operations, for it to finally heal. But by then, it was too late. She was a senior in high school and no longer as talented as she was before her accident. She was no longer willing to take risks she wouldn't have thought twice about before...

So she focused on music. After graduating from high school, she went to a conservatory for two years, where she studied the piano extensively. However, she dropped out at nineteen, because she did not want to go into classical piano. She heard about Zerstoren through the grapevine and met up with the lead singer after hearing how they needed a keyboardist and an instrumentalist. She scheduled an audition, and played a piece she composed herself. The audition went rather well, and she became Zerstoren's keyboardist at the age of nineteen.

Besides playing the piano, J.J. also knows how to play flute, violin, bass and the drums. She does not know them as well as the keyboard, but she can play them if one of the band members is sick.
A composer and a songwriter, J.J. is also an aspiring poet.
She adopted her two ferrets a year ago.
Mac was named for the fact that she was found around the same time J.J. got her MacBook Air.
PC was named in contrast to Mac. Just because J.J. could. He and Mac get along very well and J.J. wonders when they're going to get together.

So begins...

Jamie "J.J." Locke's Story