Saitou Ryuu

Lead Guitarist and Band Leader of Calico Ghost Town

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Saitou Ryuu

Ryuu // Sai-kun // Ru-kun



Calico Ghost Town.

Lead Guitar // Band Leader

Ryuu is a relatively normal guy. Sometimes. When he's not being normal, he's being as weird as he can possibly be, whether it be in the way that he dresses, or the way he acts around people. Sometimes, he's outgoing, crazy and hyper. Other times, he would rather sit back quietly and watch everything unfold. He's a nice guy, no matter what, though. And he loves laughing, and making people laugh as well. He can be loud, and he can be quiet. He can be in a hugging mood, and he can keep to himself. Things for him can be up and down, though. But its never anything bad; just jumping between being calm and being spazzy.

Thats when he's in "friend mode", though. When its time for the band to work on something for practice, or its time for an interview or photoshoot, or its time to preform, he snaps into this "management" mode, where everything has to get done right. He won't get mean; he'll just become a perfectionist. And if anything is even slightly off, he has to fix it. He's done very well so far, being the bands leader. And he does love it, mostly because of how much the band means to him. And how close they all are.

+ Cherry Refresh drinks
+ Drawing
+ His guitars
+ The band, and anything that has to do with the band
+ America
+ Clothing
+ Bright colors
+ Harajuku - epspecially the 7yen shop, hEAVEN and Hangry&Angry.
+ Small bakeries and cafes
+ Girls~<3
+ Animals
+ Riding trains
+ Fresh veggies
+ the piano
+ Walking around

- Getting hit by falling acorns
- Having his hair get messed up by surprise gusts of wind
- Driving with the windows down
- Sunglasses that don't really help protect your eyes
- His habit of biting his lip when he's in deep thought
- Having stuffy/runny noses
- The FrenchFries at the TGIF in Harajuku
- Gangsters, and the like
- Catching colds
- Rap music
- Yawning
- The smell of sweat
- Being sweaty at all
- Being told to "calm down", and on the other side, having his authority undermined.
- The smell of cigarettes

Ryuu has always found that he likes the way he looks - he stands at about 5'4'', and weighs in at just under 125 lbs. He knows that he's thin, but he's always considered himself to be someone who is on the small side. Its quite often that he can be seen wearing cropped tshirts - especially on stage - that show off his mid-section. He's rather proud of being thin, actually. He keeps his hair either black, completely blonde, or two-toned. Currently, his hair is two toned of blonde and brown, with more brown than blonde. He has a few piercings in his ears, but simply in the cartilage. One prominent tattoo is forever etched into the skin of his back - it is of a dragon, which only felt proper since his name means dragon. His skin is smooth and blemish free; he has always considered himself lucky for that.

When it comes to what he wears, it differs from day to day. Sometimes, he'll be seen in anything that might be considered "flashy", even in Harajuku. The next day, he could be wearing something he saw in an American magazine. The day after that, he could be wearing a sweater and a scarf because he thought they suited him well. And even still, the next day he could be wearing something that doesn't match at all. His taste in clothing has always been... different. But none of his band mates have ever seemed to mind, and his fans seem to love it. He actually thinks that his band mates get a kick out of what he wears for his normal every-day attire. When he goes on stage, though, its a completely different story. He is always well put together on stage, and its usually the opposite of what he had worn for the day - he usually can be found in leather of some sort, or something with chains, studs, or lots of tears and rips. Though there are still times when he'll wear something rainbow or out of the ordinary on stage, just because he feels like it.

Once, when he decided to go on YouTube and read the comments on a video someone had taken during a concert, he saw a comment about what he was wearing. The user who posted the comment had said that he had a very "hipster" appearance sometimes, and that it definitely was a different side of him that came out on stage. There were many comments replying to that, that told the poster to die, and that Ryuu wasn't a hipster. And that only Hitler was a hipster. And that he should stop leaving stupid comments and just enjoy the music.

He's still not quite sure what a "hipster" is, but thats okay, because he doesn't believe himself to be one anyway, especially if Hitler is one... whatever it is.

From the day of Ryuu's seventh birthday, he knew he was going to be a rock star. At 7:56 in the morning, on the day of his 7th birthday, his parents gave him a gift he had been blabbering on about wanting for about a year - a guitar. He was more than thrilled, and went about telling everyone he knew that he had gotten a guitar, and that he was going to rock out with it, and blow people away with his music. He wasted no time practicing, and by the age of fifteen, he had finally reached that point where he just knew he was the best. He knew he could improve a bit, but he didn't see himself getting any better than he already was. He had taught himself everything he could - he could read sheet music, write sheet music, play both traditional sheet music or tabbed music. He knew everything there was to know about guitar. He had, not too long before his fifteenth birthday, purchased a brand new electric guitar for himself. And he was ready to take over the world with his music.

He just needed a band first.

It took him a while to find the right people - two years, actually. And in his senior year of high school, he finally got a group together. They started practicing, and by the end of that very same year, they had already been signed to a major label. His dream was finally starting to become a reality.

A year in, they added a new member, and they continued to take Japan by storm. Soon, they were playing big shows in Europe, and then eventually, they played the West Coast of the United States. Their goal was to be able to go on an All America tour - which would include the west coast, central united states, the east coast, canada, and places in South America. And they are hoping that they will be able to achieve this soon because of their group-up with Zerstoren.

Not only is Ryuu looking forward to the tour itself, but he's also looking forward to the idea of getting to know another band that isn't a part of his label. He likes the fact that they're American as well, because he's been looking to expand his friendships to the United States as well, and this is a perfect opportunity for just that.

Ryuu is an only child.
He wishes he had stuck with piano every so often. He believes it could have come in handy for him and his music career in multiple places.
Ryuu is allergic to fresh cut grass.
Fish are the most fascinating thing to him, and he loves watching them swim around. He wants one as a pet, but he's not sure what kind of fish he wants.

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