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Fujiko Tachibana

"Don't bark, or my bite will be what you'll regret in a matter of seconds."

0 · 267 views · located in World-2600 A.D.

a character in “Rhythm Brawl: Heroes of the Elements”, as played by Jaybt9


Full Name: Fujiko Tachibana
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: Standing at a mature height of 5'9, her curvacious figure confuses people that she is older than her actual age. Some would describe her as "jailbait", or with a "lolita" presence. Her obvious Japanese features show in her face, from her straight slanted dark brown eyes, with violet eye shadow under her eye, to her blush rose lips. Her Charcoal strands of hair flow smoothly down to her waist, but sometimes she keeps it on a sideways ponytail. A purple hair clip keeps the right side of her hair steady, while the other side covers her left eye. Her style of clothing is influenced by the classic street fashion of harajuku, as well as the futuristic fashion, pulling off an edgy trend of her own. A violet skirt with black mesh covering what the dress reveals between the gaps. She wears white thigh-high socks with two black lines on each leg. On her feet are calf-long violet boots. As accessories to her ensemble, she wears violet bracelets and a black belt, where her musical player is placed.
Role: Element-Poison (Successor of the Sokou)
Personality: Fujiko is quite an interesting woman that people have witnessed. Her feminine manners usually come with an edge. Her flirtatious nature sprouts occasionally, depending on her target, which is usually men with a taste for rebellion. Her way of battle can be ruthless, and threatening. A way to satisfy her emotions. Being a feminist, she stands on her own, and is able to handle her own battles.
Likes: Bubble Gum, Garden Snakes, City lights, Raves
Dislikes: Boredom, Men with bad hygiene, Werewolves, Robots
Place of Birth: Tokyo, Japan
Background: In the illuminated ward of Shinjuku, a Chemist and an aspiring ballet dancer gave birth to their second child; a girl with active adrenaline in her veins.

The spring season of her 11th year was when she first witnessed what others glimpsed as well. Metallic planes soaring ahead of the citizens, dropping robots after robots.
Other Information:
Theme Song: Perfume vs Aira Mitsuki-Fushizen Na Touch (Unnatural Touch)
Favorite Musical Artist(optional): Teddyloid, Hana Yori Kichou Na, Galactik Knights, Shinichi Osawa
Genre Preference: French House, Filter House, J-House
Genre Weakness: Country music, Ballads
Personal Playlist:

Hana Yori Kichou Na-Smokin
Knockout Gas: The title speaks for itself, as Fujiko releases fumes of gas from her mouth. To the humans, it is knock-out gas, but to the robots, it's a use of distraction.

Sebastien Leger-Venom
Acid Claws: Her offense song. The loud pumping joy of "Venom" motivates her to imitate those who have venom, such as snakes. Her long nails extend to sharp poisonous claws, as a means of releasing acid to her victims. She can also release acid darts from her hands.

Alexandre Louvré - Help Me
Acid Sadness: Once the song comes in, her eyes change deeply into darkness. Her face weeps in black poisonous tears, crying for help. The acid tears spill to the ground, and anyone or anything that touches it will fall victim to the acid, except the user (Fujiko).

Dimitri Max - Celestial Funk
Sokou Summoning: "Celestial" meaning relating to the heavens, Fujiko's Shinto heritage becomes her influence. Fujiko uses this as a calling to the sky for the mythical creature that her element represents; The Sokou, a four-tailed Rooster / Snake mixture with the ability of poison that resides in the peak of Mount Fuji.

Daft Punk - Fresh (Ingello Conrad a.k.a DJ Koni house remix)
Antidote: Ironically, this is the antidote song of her ability, being able to cure those poisoned from her ability, and they start out "Fresh". This, however, affects Fujiko as her power had been carelessly used. Her battery power decreases more than normal.

So begins...

Fujiko Tachibana's Story