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Michael Riddick

0 · 248 views · located in World-2600 A.D.

a character in “Rhythm Brawl: Heroes of the Elements”, originally authored by FunnyGuy, as played by RolePlayGateway


Full Name: Michael Riddick
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Appearance: Michael is tall and lean, with toned muscles. He has a light brown skin tone. Short black hair atop a heart shaped head, strong chin, and full cheeks. His eyes are a very dark brown, but sometimes appear lighter at times. He stands up at 6 feet 2 inches. You can clearly see the Hispanic and African heritage in his face and light skin tone. Michael has no scars, except a small one above and parallel to his right eyebrow. Michael usually wears jeans, not really caring for shorts too much. He also wears Nike brand footwear, from sneakers to boots to socks. As for shirts, Michael will put on nearly anything that fits or matches the rest of what he’s wearing.

Role: Spirit/Summoning (Successor of Psyche and Mictlantecuhtli)

Lupe Fiasco - Who Are You Now
Body Insertion: Michael is able to enter another living body as the song plays. Once he enters, he is able to use the body as his own. He can find out things from his target by becoming them. He doesn't have to take control of the body and just lie almost dormant within. When the song ends, Michael is forcefully exited from the body.

Lupe Fiasco - Stereo Sun
Astral Form: With this power, Michael's body becomes an ghostly allowing him to enter the astral plane. His influence to the physical world is very limited, like him having the inability to physically interact with physical objects. He can choose whether to become fully transparent or just partially and can still communicate with others if he tries hard enough. He can get past obstacles and boundaries he couldn't as a normal person. Once the song ends, he shifts back to his physical form.

Eminem - Mosh
Soul Control: With this power, Michael can simply control people (not animals or creatures) and bend them to his will until the end of the song.

Kanye West - Monster (Michael) Kanye - Monster (Alter Ego)
Michael Jackson - Thriller
Nicki Minaj - Romans Revenge Tech N9ne - Boogieman
Santigold - Creator
Summoning: Michael is able to summon whatever he can take out of the songs above. The summons only remain in the physical world as long as the song plays and will do what Michael wills. Sometimes the summons will react on what he wants before he can even say or fully bring his desire forth. (might add more)

Eminem - Lose Yourself (Becomes Alter Ego)
Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood (Becoming Himself)
Alter Ego: When Lose Yourself plays, something takes over Michael. Something dark and powerful. This Alter Ego is capable of many skills and knowledge Michael does not possess. Nothing seems to change about Michael at all except his personality. When Clint Eastwood plays, Michael is free from the mental cage he's been placed in and retakes his own body.

Personality: When first meeting Michael, he can easily come off as cocky and probably selfish as well. If looked upon his manner closely however, Michael is genuinely friendly at times. Though the young man would rather call himself a prideful kid who only thinks about his own desires, he only uses this to cover up the nice guy in him. He’ll always stick up for himself and is almost always reluctant to back down from something. Michael is a clever guy, but he’s often too lazy to let that show. His definition of fun is often not the same as others with his slightly cruel sense of humor, but doesn’t mind if he’s the only person laughing at something he thinks is funny.
Likes: Big cities, beautiful women, being carefree
Dislikes: Boredom, Silence, “Nagging”
Place of Birth: New York City
Background: Born in the streets of Bronx, New York, Michael is son of nameless father and his mother Angela Riddick. Things would have seemed unfortunate for the two, but with the help and support of Angela’s family and friends, she was able to get very good office job in the city and move her and her son out of the projects. Even though Angela made more money with her job, it was still hard being a single parent mother. Michael made her strive though, and recently she had been promoted to an executive in public relations.

How this all affected Michael’s life? Michael never got to see too much struggle in his life. He knew that the rest of his family wasn’t in the best shape when it came to money though. Michael didn’t live in the lower income areas of New York City, but he was there most of the time while his mother was working; being babysat by Angela’s close friends and family. He didn’t see his mother much until his teen years, but it still wasn’t much as he had gotten himself involved with his school’s track team.

Other Information:
Theme Song: Bad Meets Evil by Eminem and Royce Da 5’9

So begins...

Michael's Story