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Alterez Silver

"See that behind me? Thats my authority, if you know whats good for you, don't question it."

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a character in “Right To Rule: Reborn”, as played by Torrentwolf



Name: Alterez

Age: 24

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Race: 3/4 Human 1/4 Elf

Affiliation: Loyalist

Appearance: Alterez is exactly what you would expect of a man of his stature, well groomed and looking his best in public. His jet black hair falls just above his neck tied into a ponytail. He has a husky build and is an even six feet tall, towering over others, including his queen. His eyes are a rare grey among humans and have a soft look that puts people at ease but can quickly turn sharp like a predator waiting to strike.

Alterez tends to wear three piece suits as his courtly wear, often in colors of brown and black with some green mixed in. When not required to be presentable in an official capacity he will ear tunics and trousers of black/green. Make no mistake, he has no problem with the color per say but he wouldn’t be caught dead wearing anything purple.


Alterez at appearance is man who follows the proper etiquette and protocol instilled in those of aristocratic and noble birth. Trim, proper, and well educated, Alterez appears to be your typical aristocrat with a comfy position. But while Alterez plays the role many expect to see of a man in his position only those close to him know the truth. Alterez conducts himself in such a manner expected of him, hobnobbing and rubbing elbows with the nobles with a ‘forced’ pleasant smile. Alterez is known for doing his job efficiently and promptly and is described as approaching situations with a calm mindset and logical process. Alterez may be a busy man but he is not above doing things personally should the need call for it. He does not shy away from danger, nor cower in its presence. But is cautious in his approach for fear of the danger it may impose on others and the consequences an impulsive act will deliver.

However while these aspects are true about him, in private and among select friends, Alterez lets his noble upbringing fall and allows himself to act as he would see fit. Talking freely, indulging in activites no aristocrat would dare do so and genuinely smiling and meaning it. This is his true self that Alterez reserves for those close to him, not the facade he wears in the presence of outsiders and nobles. A benevolent, charitable and a passionate man with a desire to see good brought to people, not just those within Purplexia. He is a man whom has a profound sense of justice and morality, asking for forgiveness for a pain he has inflicted and baring his wrath upon an injustice.

Having been friends with Violet and Rosa as children Alterez can’t bring himself to dislike or despise Rosa. Granted he hates what she is doing to the country and it’s people but he can never bring himself to hate her. He pities her for having lost her way and to some extend feels guilt he wasn’t around to help her when she needed him. Though he does not know the full extent of it he does blame the church for the strife between his two friends and does tend to subtly undermine them from time to time.

+ Queen Violet
+ The members of the court
+ Horse riding
+ Winter
+ Bread
+ Pancakes and Syrup
+ Music
+ Elven Culture
+ Princess Rosa


- Heights
- Hot Days
- The Church
- Pears
- The Aristocrats
- Slavery
- Injustice
- Betrayal
- The color Purple :)


“Playing his violin or cello”
“Horseback riding”


“ Failing to protect Purplexia”
“ Failing Queen Violet”
“ Being unable to save Rosa”
“ His niece/aunt being harmed”


“ Alterez hides is blood heritage to avoid social stigma from the aristocrats. - It wouldn’t hurt his standing or authority but make his life that much harder.”
“ Alterez has a closer connection to the Mercenaries he employs than he lets on. - Lets just say family is more than just blood.”
“ Alterez harbors a secret love for a woman of the court. - He won’t say who nor let you find out easily. ”


Alterez may look unimposing but in reality one should not underestimate him. Unlike other aristocrats Alterez uses untraditional fighting styles and weapons and is not as picky as others in how combat should be approached.

Alterez uses an Elven war sword as one of his primary weapons. The sword is of traditional elven craftsmanship, elegant and deadly mixed into one. Despite its appearance the sword is light, durable and very deadly in the hands of an expert. Though the swords size does not make carrying it impractical he prefers not to carry it unless he knows a fight is in the foreseeable future.

As such Alterez carries an Elven saber as his everyday weapon. The weapon is of the same elven craftsmanship and with similar benefits as the war sword. The sword can be used in the same style of an arming sword and saber. The sword’s curved hilt gives the blade a slight angle that allows Alterez to take advantage of better blade control, more precision and unpredictable angle attacks.


For his more political duties Alterez keeps a wax seal associated with him for stamping documents requiring his approval. His Signet ring also serves as a symbol of his position, representing both his family and royal position. For his more personal effects he also carries a bag of mixed coins on him. Though he has access to the royal stables he prefers the use of his personal horse, a black beauty mare named Luna. Be it for travel or combat, Luna will always be nearby no matter where Alterez goes.

When Alterez is required to face combat he retains the use of his own armor, custom made to his specifications for his style of combat.


Alterez has a set of skills one would expect for a person of his stature and some unexpected aces as well. Like his queen Alterez’s education is broad, though not as frightening as his queen in some areas. Alterez’s is educated in the arts of statecraft to better aid advising Queen Violet or running the kingdom in her absence. His strongest suits are those of economics and law, the former having developed from his family’s holdings. Though skilled with politics he finds it very trying to deal with the aristocrats and their numerous ‘issues’.

As a combative Alterez is a highly skilled swordsman, specializing in elven swordsmanship. The style focuses on economy of motion, finesse and elegant bladework in battle. Alterez also puts an emphasis on agility and speed to maneuver his opponents and controlling their blades. Though not able to hold a candle to his queen in terms of military strategy (Though he can perform well enough) he far surpases her in combative strategy, able to outthink his opponents even in the heat of a duel. Surprisingly Alterez is skilled in hand to hand combat, something that takes many by surprise as they don’t expect a noble to get so hands on. What is more surprising is Alterez’s chosen style of brawling. Many don’t expect Alterez to sucker punch a man or fight dirty, which gives him the advantage of surprise. In short Alterez’s strength is in his unorthodox approach and fighting strategy.

Though it’s usefulness can vary depending on the situation, Alterez knows how to read, write and speak in elvish. It is a skill he doesn’t actively advertise and uses to keep his own secrets with a higher if not complete security. Unrelated skills he possess is a virtuosity in music, specifically the violin and cello. Though the dilution of his bloodline has suppressed much elven heritage there is one aspect which has remained intact with Alterez, his hearing. With concentration Alterez can hear even the most whispered conversations across a room which has aided him in much of his dealings of the court. But it also makes his ears that much more sensitive to sound as well, which is not good when trying to sleep. It is a skill he keeps only to himself and nobody, not even his closest friends know of it.


Alterez is the last male heir to the Silversoul family and their holdings. As one of the more noble and wealthy houses, the House of Silver had been loyal nobles of Purplexia and to the royal family for generations. Some of the members of the family had even served some role in the royal court at one point or another. Alterez’s father was one of those who served the late King as an adviser, and when he still a small boy it was not uncommon for Alterez to accompany his father to court. There he befriended the two princess Rosa Dream and Violet Flame and by proxy the king himself. Alterez enjoyed their company and would spend much of his time with them and even taking his own lessons with them, affording him an insight into subjects he normally wouldn’t have been taught. Alterez enjoyed every minute with the two, especially when it came to watching the two spar as he would often be shouting his support to both when they dueled, never favoring one or the other.

Of course he was often required to attend to matters related to his family’s holdings which took him away from the Violet and Rosa. It was these times he would be taught by his father and mother of the trades of commerce and business they were well known for. Though when it came to his mother she taught him of the family’s more secret subjects revolving around his elven heritage. While House Silver was well respected by the nobles and even loved by many of the common masses, blood purity was highly regarded among the nobility as must and any deviation was unacceptable. It wouldn’t have ruined them per say for this information to be known but the Silvers would have been looked down upon for such mixing of blood. As far as anyone was concerned Alterez’s interest in elven culture was that of a culture enthusiast amongst their ranks and was hardly every given a second glance.

But though they were well liked House Silver had it’s enemies, one of which was House Goldward. The Goldwards were the Silvers most competitive rivals among their enemies. Where as House Silver dealt in sea commerce, ship building, fishing, baking and a few smaller holdings, House Goldward were miners, smiths, jewellers and of course goldsmiths. Both often clashed with each other (More out of instigation from the Goldwards) and didn’t have much respect for the other. The animosity towards the Silvers was very strong and not a day didn’t go by where they didn’t plan some way to usurp them. It would be by chance as when Alterez was sixteen he and his family left the safety of Purplexia on one of their ships to one of the foreign lands for both royal business and as a small vacation. It would be the last time Alteze would see Volet or Rosa for some time. During the journey something happened and the ship was lost with few survivors, Alterez being the only one of his family among the survivors. To this day he does not speak of what happened aboard the ship, only that it was no accident that the ship was lost at sea nor that his family had also been killed.

Stranded far from home with no easy way back and with none of his family’s resources, Alterez was forced to adapt and survive in a foreign land. Alterez traveled to the nearest city and spent several weeks doing what he could to find a way back to Purplexia. After almost a month of trying to find a way across the hostile lands chance saw fit to set in motion a series of events which would not only help Alterez return home but gain him close allies. Long story short Alterez accidently was caught up in the middle of a mercenary contract which in the end he helped complete, though not without causing some problems. The mercenaries, known as the Bronze Lions, were a small organization lead by a Hilaria Lorica. Hilaria was impressed in the way Alterez helping her mercs and agreed to help, but at a price. Turns out Alterez had cost them quite a bit in colateral when he helped them so he would have to repay them in advance. Since he had little to pay them back, Alterez ended up working with them for almost a year before his debt was full paid up. It wasn’t too bad, Alterez worked most of the time doing logistics, paperwork and helping make improvements and gaining new recruits for the Bronze Lions. Occasionally he would accompany the mercenaries into the field for more hands on work. These field assignments helped proved to them Alterez wasn’t a noble elitist and slowly changed their opinion of him until his was part of their family.

After a year of being presumed dead, Alterez returned to Purplexia a changed person for the best. It came as quite a shock to many to see Alterez alive and well when it was presumed he was dead. His return had been fortunate as his family House had fallen on hard times due to the sudden vacuum left in his parents and his supposed demize. Alterez’s aunt had tried to keep things running in his absence but she had been fighting an uphill battle between inexperience and the Goldwards slowly squeezing the life out of what was left of their holdings. Alterez wasted no time reigning in the Silver’s holdings and reestablishing the Silver family influence which had long since been absence. Alterez needed only three months to have all of their holdings operating in the black. In addition Alterez helped the Bronze Lions establish a presence in Purplexia as well as became a secret partner in their business. Though the last heir to the Silver Family Alterez knew the Goldwards would think twice in challenging him with his new mercenary allies. However much had changed in his change in ways he never thought possible and set the stage for something he likes he never would have thought could happen. In his absence Rosa had been caught up in a scandal with the Church and as a result the King had named Violet to succeed him.

Alterez had one last meeting with the king before he died, in which he expressed his relief that he was alive and well. In his last moments he also asked Alterez to watch over his two daughters and help them in their times of need, something Alterez didn’t hesitate to agree to do. Shortly after the king's death Alterez was quick to take control of making the arrangements for the king’s funeral, Violet’s coronation and all immediate things requiring attention in an effort to help Violet’s transition from princess to monarch. Few questioned his audacious actions of assuming such responsibility and those who did were met with both a sharp look and words, claiming to acting in the manner any friend would do for another. Of course he was not in a position of authority to carry out the tasks he had assumed responsibility for but he had earned the trust of Violet and never pushed his self assumed authority more than he had to. But with a new ruler come changes and Violet was no exception to this. With his father “Dead” the position of adviser had long since been vacant and Violet chose to ask Alterez to fill the role. Alterez, despite having the responsibility of running his House’s holdings, accepted the position due to his promise to the late king, a feeling of obligation because his father had held the position and sense of duty to aid Violet where he could.

The years following were filled with much work and a few adventures for Alterez as he grew into his role of Royal Adviser to Queen Violet. Having assigned his aunt as his proxy for their family holdings (Albeit with proper training first) Alterez poured most of his efforts into doing his job to the greatest extent of his abilities and beyond. It has been an interesting experience, especially with Violets strange inner circle. But when Rosa returned leading an uprising to claim the throne for herself was the most shocking. He had known she was not happy with her father’s decision to declare Violet his successor but never did he thing the girl who loved her sister so much would ever resort to something like this. Since the war began Alterez has found himself assuming more responsibility in an effort to take such stress and burdens from Violet. Though many call for Rosa’s head, both literally and figuratively, Alterez has kept his opinion only to himself and he is steadfast in his efforts to reunite the two sisters, no matter what it takes to do so.

So begins...

Alterez Silver's Story