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Emrys Lumina

"Oh, you think you can best me? Go ahead, take your best shot."

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a character in “Right To Rule: Reborn”, as played by Torrentwolf



Name: Emrys Lumina

Age: 25

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Race:Enochian - A race of humans who are more magically infused. They have few differences from normal humans aside from being a taller(Even females) and wider range of eye colors. Due to their relations with the demonic forces they are stronger and faster than the average human. They also age at slower rate once they reach maturity. with some not aging at all.


Neutral for now.


Emrys would be considered handsome by human (And some other race’s) standards. He has a statuesque like body which is well built from combat and training which is complemented by his 6’2” height. Emrys’ has fine facial features framed by a close shaved beard. His dark brown eyes can be mistaken for black and most of the time have an impish glint in them to match the one on his lips, yet they also hold a look that people somehow know there is a seriousness hidden deep within.

Though in a sense royalty Emrys (And his aunt) forgo the tradition of wearing purple and choose what suits them. For Emrys it is tunics and trousers in colors of blue and black with embroidered Enochian symbols on the tunic cuffs. Emrys compliments his attire with a pair of white dress gloves and a Dark blue, ankle length sleeveless coat with an embroidery of the his Enochian Clan crest. On his belt is a series of silver rings which shine like polished silver. These rings are the halo’s Emrys has taken from Angles he has killed. He does not display every halo he has taken, but he does carry thirteen of his favorite halos he has acquired.


As a representative of the Enochian Clans, Emrys is considered serious and professional in his political dealings. Emrys can navigate the political games with a practiced ease despite his distaste to do so. Like a diplomat Emrys is tactful of his words and is intelligent in his presentations and explanations. Even when he is insulted and belittled, Emrys will word his retorte with a wit and tact that would make it sound like a sincere compliment. Yet unlike other aristocrats Emrys is open and honest with his intentions, finding things such as hidden agendas to be a hindrance.

Once his political obligations have been fulfilled the mask fades away and his true personality is revealed. His lips curl into a kittenish smile and his eyes fill with an impish twinkle that match his personality. With a calm confident, nonchalant air he will playfully banter and tease others, be them friend or foe. Make no mistake, Emrys has a serious side to him when the time and need suit him. He is a paragon of his clan and leads by example and wisdom. Though not vain, Emrys has plenty of pride for his Enochian heritage and culture. He speaks with great pride of his people and their accomplishments even if they are shunned.

While he will flirt with the opposite sex, especially during a fight, Emrys does so in a playful, teasing capacity most of the time. As such his comments and those he receives in return are never taken seriously unless he has genuine interest in someone. Despite what people think of Enochians, Emrys and his kind are completely faithful to the one they love. The same can be applied of his loyalty, as once someone has gained his trust Emrys is loyalty is unquestionable. That is, as long as he has reason for it to be so. Like his clan sisters and brothers, Emrys doesn’t trust outsiders or their word easily so once you lose it, you lose his loyalty.

Like many Enochians Emrys has no respect for the church due to their treatment towards Enochians. In his position he will retort with his usual wit but behind their backs and out of earshot he will openly mock them. Emrys even takes to wearing the clothes and robes of the church as a further insult. Given his face is known to very few in the chruch he will walk among them, converse with them and more, all the while mocking them for letting an Enochian infiltrate their ranks.


+ Sweets
+ His people
+ Children
+ The Enochian Arts
+ His family
+ Alchemy
+ Combat
+ Enochian Moonshine


- Spiders
- Sour flavors
- The Church
- Angels
- Slavery
- People touching his things without permission
- Going beyond the Infernal Door


X Creating potions via Alchemy X
X Collecting Angel Halos X
X Making sweets X


X Emrys fears failing his duties in guarding against the horrors of the Abaddon X
X Emrys hold a fear of the destruction of the Enochian people X


X Emrys is the next in line to be the Clan Elder for his clan once his Aunt steps down X

X Though the Clans have yet to take sides, Emrys favors Queen Violete over her sister X

X The Enochians helped the Church in creating the two sister’s weapons in exchange for a promise they never kept. Emrys himself also played a role in their creation, which gives him a close relationship to the swordsX

X Though they deny it, the Church also stole much knowledge from the Enochians which they claim to be their own X


Being more of a close combatant than most Enochains, Emrys carries with him a standard sword of Enochian design. The blade itself is a hardened metal found only in demon realm of Abaddon. With its enchantments the sword never dulls and can withstand combat against the most divine of creatures and weapons.

Emrys also carries an Enochian Crystal Dagger, a gift from his aunt. The blade is made from Enochian Moon Crystals and it’s enchantments keeps the crystal from shattering when used. Typically these blades and more for Ceremonial purposes but can be used for combat. Emrys’ however contains an enchantment allowing it to harm those of even hardest magical resistance.

Above all Emrys is one of seven chosen Enochains known as the Archons, as such he is entrusted with one Infernal Weapons. In his case, Emrys wields Scynogar, a massive scythe weapon forged by one of the Demon Lords of Abaddon. The weapon’s tri-blades and tipped back spike are forged with Demon Silver which is deadly to anything of divine biology. Given its size the weapon is quite heavy for most normal beings, making it near impractical as a weapon. However given Enochians have superior physical capabilities, lifting and wielding Scynogar is near effortless for Emrys.


- Journal
- Blue ink and Raven Quill
- A few healing potions
- Bag of sweets (Mixed flavors)
- Bag of silver coins (Some made from demon silver)
- Flask of Enochian Moonshine
- Travel Alchemy kit
- Church clothing


As an Enchian Emrys’ physical body is above that of a mortal human. He is stronger, faster and more durable than humans. Typically only a handful of humans can stand against him, more so out of skill than physical capability. Naturally beings with enhanced physical capabilities are more likely to be a physical challenge for an Enochian such as Emrys. Emrys’ martial abilities are where his strength lies. Emrys has been trained in the Enochian Weave Arts, a set of martial arts known only to Enochians which takes advantage of their heightened strength and speed. Emrys prefered form is the Moonlight Weave, which places a focus on speed, agility and flexibility in combat. Emrys’ has been described as a deadly dancer as he uses his body and weapons in this deadly combat weave. Among the Enochians he is considered one of the deadliest combatants only surpassed by his aunt. His skills also extends to those of of weapons, most notably swordsmanship and of course a mastery of scythe weapons.

Though Enochian, Emrys prefers a more martial approach and embraces magic in a more utilitarian role than combative. One of these abilities is using his magic to adapt his body to handle the intense power demon weapons and artifacts have stored. The only two magic powers Emrys uses are the Beast Forms, allowing him to shapeshift into of of four animal aspects. For Emrys his forms are the wolf for speed and travel, the Raven for flight, the Ferret for cunning and the dragonfly for evasion. Switching between forms does drain his natural magic reserves and can be quite tiring if not given enough time for recovery. His second is materialization, an ability which lets him take items he has place in a pocket in the demon world and summon them out of thin air. The only limit to this power is any item he counjurse has to have been placed there by him fist. Though technically not magic unless infusion occurs, Emrys has a natural talent for alchemy. While his skill with the art is not on par with greater practitioners, Emrys can create healing potions and remedies as well as items for combative uses (Though most of the time he uses such skills to make sweets and Enochian Moonshine).

Emrys’ upbringing afforded him education at an aristocratic level, which has prepared him for leadership of his clan when the time comes. He is skilled in the art of statecraft and politics. It’s not something he uses on an everyday bases and he does try to avoid it when possible. Where this education has aided him most is strategic knowledge, allowing him to plan and coordinate battles on all scales. He may not be the most brilliant tactician to grace the world but his unorthodox approach should not be taken lightly.


The church would have you believe them to be heretics and agents of chaos. In some respects they would be right, but in the end all lies are built on truth. Hundreds of years ago the Enochians discovered the Infernal Door, a gateway to the demon realm of Abaddon. With it’s discovery came the realization of the horrors awaiting beyond and the disaster it would mean should they come through. Realizing the dangers, the Enochian Clans banded together to keep the horrors of the door on the other side. The Clans made a pact with benevolent Demons (Ok maybe not benevolent so much as a mutual goal) and created the Enochians the world knows today. Though they are the protectors of the known world against the demon world, the church sees them differently and has condemned them as demon worshipers and heretics.

To this day such a view has not changed and the church has made it a mission to wipe them out. It is this same ignorance that brings us to the events twenty-five years ago. One night, under the premise of a tip from an individual, the church sent a garrison to dispatch a coven of Enochians suspected to be living close to the capitol. The tip proved true and among them was Clea Lumina, a powerful Enochian woman and by chance, Emrys’ mother. Clea and her sisters fought valiantly and wiped out much of the garrison but then something happened, an unknown factor was introduced and helped the garrison kill most of the Enochians. In what was called by the church as the “Divine Wrath” incident, which left only two survivors from the massacre, a gravely wounded Enochian woman and a young Emrys.

With his mother dead Emrys was given to his last surviving relative, his aunt, to be raised and trained as an Enochian. For Emrys the loss of his mother was devastating but time heals all wounds, and in time with the help of his aunt he came to let go of the past, mourn his lost mother and forge a new future as she would have wanted. When he came of age at eighteen Emrys underwent his trials, passing through the Infernal Door to Abaddon to survive in the demon world on his own for a fortnight. When he returned Emrys had seen and suffered much, but while he was not broken what he saw during his trials he kept to himself.

From then on Emrys dedicate himself to the goal of protecting the world from the demons and combating the church’s attempts to wipe out the Enochians. The years to come saw Emrys grow in skill and infamy as he became the church’s most wanted person of interest. Emrys also found and single handedly decimated the famous garrison which had killed his mother and her coven sisters. Though the church has made killing him one of their top priorities Emrys proved even more difficult to kill than his aunt. But this did not solve the mystery of the church’s weapon which destroyed nearly an entire Enochian Coven in one battle. This has kept the Enochians and to a small degree Emrys on edge since.

But the rebellion between the two sisters began which has diverted attention away from the Enochians, giving them a bit of breathing room to recover. The war has favored Queen Violet she currys favor with enemy of the Enochians, the church. On the other hand Princess Rosa’s antagonism of the church favors the Enochians, but the infamy of siding with her is not worth the risk. In the end the Enochians have remained neutral in the conflict, but should either side reach out with favorable terms, the Enochians are prepared to negotiate.

So begins...

Emrys Lumina's Story